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hiding philemon guys we have fun alright dr. B thanks for joining us today thank you so much for inviting me now this is round two we messed up on the first round but I wanted to lead off because we talked a little bit of at Hidden House cafe before we got here about vaccinations and something you said really opened my eyes to some just unique insights into vaccines and what they are into so can you explain a little bit about the couple of the cases you were telling us about well one of them was a nine year old girl and the others about a 55 year old woman and the the nine year old girl's parents started to think that maybe too many vaccines was not going to be good for the kids so she decided to get have all the kid shots in the leg and sure enough right over the leg that had all the shots and they stopped the shots when she was five she started to develop leg pain and then it turned out to be a tumor and it turned out to be a really aggressive type of tumor and so it's which was rare it was rare but now it's become a more pop was this the osteosarcoma I type of osteosarcoma and I typed in you know Google Scholar search and then I put vaccines behind in China vaccines are a causative factor of it not contributing a causative factor really so it's more than just correlation it's it's it's it's a big deal because I mean you're injecting heavy metals you're injecting foreign pathogens you're injecting an inflammatory response all of these things if it's in the same locale and in what's mind-blowing is when kids are going in for multiple shots they'll shoot one one arm here one arm here one leg there and they're not thinking that all the shots are connected to the same body so there's you know would an exponential effect so this is the second patient you've seen that has developed some sort of cancerous tumor at the location of the word they got that yes crazy and the the other gal she's a nurse okay and so you know she was in the whole thing where your since 2010 they were forcing vaccinating these these people to keep their job and she would always get it in her thigh sure enough I mean a few years earlier she had breast cancer and so now she's in that that world where she's categorized as having cancer in the past he's been labeled yeah so anytime you develop anything else they're thinking metastasis or something else and so now she has this leg tumor that it's weird because I x-rayed it and it's asked pretty significant borders where it's not like explained exploded and I think that you know we could solve it conservatively and she doesn't want to do the medical route because they just said hey look you know you're gonna be in a wheelchair for about a year you're probably gonna lose your leg because we're just gonna radiate the heck out of it and burn all the tissue in the area and they don't want to biopsy it because if it is metastasis it's gonna spread it faster and in I mean they're they're theory and idea for this is nuts that's the first time because I always thought I was Tom Kade on the way over here that I just never really put two or two together I don't know why I didn't think about this but you know the the correlation or you say the causation of vaccines to cancer and other diseases like that I always just thought okay well systemically it's spreading throughout the body and eventually it's gonna you know hit an organ and find a weak link somewhere and develop a cancer then maybe like an organ or tissue somewhere but I never really thought about the correlation of it actually developing something at the site of the injection it's a trip would you think the needles going in it's not going in the veins it's not for sure and hopefully it's not gonna pierce an artery you know so it's going into what's called an intramuscular area so it gets in that muscle in the fashion that fashion gets absorbed by macrophages you know the these big eaten cells that eat up pathogens and then it gets put in the lymph system it gets put in the in the venous system it's it's put all through the systems and then it gets into the body where the body recognizes this pathogen and creates antibodies towards it and then that's that's how the gauge of the vaccines effective like when you hear the flu shot was 70% effective this year okay great well what does that mean yeah what does that mean okay 70% of the time it developed antibodies okay and the theory is that if you have a bunch of antibodies you're either protected from being exposed to the wild pathogen or that you can mount a defense quicker so that's so bizarre because effective and their worldview only means that your body was able to develop antibodies but that doesn't even mean anything if the body doesn't have strong antibodies to make or if it doesn't create enough antibodies or the right antibodies I mean this is all just when they say effective and and that effective is tied to just the body making antibodies what does that even mean I don't know in terms of effectiveness we're not gonna have a good conversation if you keep bringing the sciences steer clear the sciences just okay we're talking back in the 60s they had this group of patients and they had a condition called a gamma globulin Nemea okay which means they couldn't form antibodies at all okay okay and they recover from diseases at the same rate what is that okay so these people could not fill up antibodies not at all and how many people were in this group or do we know it's it's consistent it's it's just like you know being born with Down syndrome or it's a congenital anomaly possibly not a defect but knowing that this group couldn't produce antibodies and then so the theory the theory of antibody production that if you have a bunch of antibodies you're protected a few antibodies are more vulnerable the theory doesn't hold true at all so these people couldn't develop any antibodies or create them and then what happened to them did they develop a sickness or flu or what was this sort of study sickness flu anything but in if they got exposure to chickenpox or measles or mumps or in any type of common pathogen they overcame it they overcame it in the same a same timeframe the same so quality the same you know fever response diarrhea vomiting you whatever the immune system response was was common and then within two weeks or so they were all better so like everybody else these people weren't Amish people they're just regular it wasn't some like unique group it was just regular people regular old people with this congenital anomaly okay so my question is why doesn't I mean I I know why because I know what just for the sake of argument why doesn't the medical industry look at something like that and apply it to the vaccines in terms of effective creating antibodies where what what where's the breakdown it's a logical question it really is except they have no other way to measure it because how can you do this let's say you take you know five six people in a room you give them all a shot okay how do you gauge that shots effective do you dump a bucket of virus over each one of them right and I say well the ones that got and/or then you got to expand that Study Group to where half of them are getting the shot half are getting a placebo which isn't supposed to have an effect right and then dump a bucket of virus over each one of them but then you might say well you know what are their sleep patterns like what's their stress levels like how did they all have the same bowel movements that they all had the same you know dives their hands and dietary habits I mean there's so many different factors so was that one saying we were talking about it's difficult for someone to believe something if their income depends on them not believing right right that's so so something on the flip side on the completely opposite side of the spectrum of that I'm sure you guys know about wim HOF the the guy that does the breathing and the ice bath oh yeah well he he did a study where he was actually injected with some sort of viruses I forget what it was but gnarly now yeah there's something really really dangerous he was injected so he has he has this whole breathing technique that he does and I know you talk a lot about that actually you've mentioned that in there in the course but he has this whole breathing technique that it does and I think before that he did his ice bath treatment which is supposed to have an effect on the immune system so I did the ice bath treatment then it is breathing exercises and he sat in a hospital bed and was willingly injected with like these known viruses that were really dangerous no effect on his body no effect so that shows on the opposite side okay so vaccines aren't creating an immune response if if it's not tied to the antibody production on the fonda on that side on the other side he's able to develop an immune response and kick this virus that he was injected with simply through breeding so on both sides you have cracks in the armor but no one's talking about it it's it's kind of cool because if you correlate it with the technology of the Human Genome Project uh-huh okay you know planned in 84 you know start in 93 you know all of this and it's really an exciting time because you we're gonna map out the blueprint of the human body and then monetize it okay right away you make money from hundred thousand proteins a body produces about there should be about a hundred thousand genes you identify the protein that causes cancer or diabetes see you can give a drug that will interrupt that protein production Oh brilliant brilliant brilliant except okay turns out we've got about as many you know genes as a mouse or a fruit fly okay so about 20,000 and so so there's a control above the genes uh-huh so now there's an epigenetic control so so what controls that gene expression what controls that suppression radically altered that thought thought process well the same things happen in in immunology well you can't measure anybody's because that's not accurate except that's what's entrenched in the dogmatic view of this being proven to be effective or not effective I mean you know we're not well we're it's kind of a controlled media similar to North Korea but you know we're not living in North Korea where we have no access to any Internet right and you can go through and see you know what years the CDC says we nailed it we got exactly the right viruses circulating the environment in our shot and then well we missed it completely there's absolutely no correlation between the shot and what's circulating right there's no difference in hospitalizations illness or progression in the years they get it in the years they don't say oh yeah there's no difference think of this if you're if you're doing a shot okay that's supposed to protect the American public from hospitalizations or or you know deaths from influenza mm-hmm and you have a year that you absolutely nail the shot you got exactly the pathogens circulating in the environment and then the next year you don't or the next two years you don't there's no differences in hospitalizations occurrences or anything I send the flu there's there's there's no correlation there so because in theory if you're if the antibodies were actually really protective then you should see a very low rate of hospitalizations and deaths when they do nail it and a very high rate of hospitalizations and deaths right well they don't need right now you should see that you should know there's no correlation like that this is why it doesn't make any sense that means 2010 on they're forcing health care workers to get the shot and I'm talking not just healthcare workers I'm talking people at an accountant in the basement of a hospital having get a flu shot you know afford or you know a Hep B shot or a DPT shot I mean all of these things are no amount of money would know oh gosh I'd be out of it I mean it's easier said than done because people's you know they're paying for their children and all the example what we're talking about yes the speech pathology office I work at they were a little slow you know and they're like we need more it was coming through what can we do to stir up some business so the owner god bless her I love her I'm good friends with her she says I wonder if we could start contracting out with Kaiser because they're a whole other umbrella that we haven't really been under and there's a bunch of kids they could send our way so she contacted Kaiser they said yes we'd love to send you guys people but if you do like we need to know that your whole office has been vaccinated for the flu you know flu shot to work with these kids as well as everyone needs to get the the TB test and I said well and so she basically went and asked the therapist how do you guys feel about this and immediately most people were like I'm not getting that you can't force it on me to work with kids they've been therapists for what some of them 10 years they've never had this happened before it's a little wiser big Kaiser can come and just say hey if in order to work with you guys we need to require these this isn't this well went a step further so we were pretty impressed that most people are like no so she said okay pulled the plug was like yeah I'm not gonna force my employees to get anything I was talking with one of the other girls up front and I said yeah you know even getting that TB test isn't good she goes really and I go yeah have you looked what's in that because when I started a job cutting hair at a mentally disabled facility in Garden Grove last January they required the TB test and I'd already had some issues going on so I thought I'm not going to yeah no way my body I had it when I worked to the YMCA I never thought about it years ago so look it up it's full of like polysorbate 80 all kinds of you know stuff in a bubble slip under your skin it goes away what where is it going you know first of all like you know um what do you call that evaporating going somewhere so anyway what I had talked to my doctor about it I said I wasn't willing to take that job if I had to get the TB test and he goes no there's a blood test you can get your blood and I go they can actually draw your blood and do it outside of your body to test for TB he goes oh absolutely it was like four hundred dollars out of my pocket but I'm like to me it was so worth it so I got the four hundred dollar blood test versus them shooting that thing but I thought the average person isn't going to do that you know they'd say yeah yeah do the TB test and it's all good but that's the state of like wow everything's becoming so intertwined and so dark so muddled so murky and weird yeah you know I mean there's hoping at all but it was just this like it felt so oppressive to have somebody like Kaiser say yeah will totally work with you we'll send you a bunch of money you know but it comes down to income like you were saying that quote at the the coffee shop it's like when it starts to affect people's incomes you know it's a whole different animal what do people really stand for and that's the cool part because the income the money you you would think that health and science would drive this yeah uh health science logic outcome you know that it that'd be where health is going you know we'd see oh yeah we're doing these procedures to our kids or to our seniors or to you know the average workforce and we're seeing they're getting more productive and healthy and better now Abbey is a good sign that would be a good sign one and two kids today of a chronic illness or disease 50% of our population we're going to one into one and two children have a chronic illness or disease and we're talking about asthma allergies bronchitis and in a hundred percent of kids if they're getting vaccinated I tell the the parents okay which one do they have think of three B's and an S behavioral bow breathing or skin oh okay I mean what do they got oh well they do have a eczema but it's is night isn't that normal isn't that nice cradle cap but that's being a baby candy on top of their head that's just normal totally normal you know asthma inhaler drugs you know one in four kids is doing that I mean it's it's mind blowing yeah so yeah this is but it's that that's why we're right on the crux this is we are in the dark ages yeah and and that's what we keep on talking about in our in our videos because the the things that are being required and forced on our population they're not based in science the doctor's recommendation I mean there's a big argument now on blood pressure hmm you know when you ask the average person they say well what's normal blood pressure 120 over 80 really who came up with it and it just got changed to get will it got changed kinda I thought they rolled it out and it was like this is these are the new numbers yeah well the 120 over 80 was joint National Committee six they meet about every 10 years and this was in 1994 nineteen I'm in its hospital organizations it's its doctors it's pharmaceutical reps you know it's and they get together and decide out what your physiology should be okay so joint Nash always good it's sitting around an office deciding what my so good they look at your physiology yeah there's complete strangers get to tell me how it incident so that lasted till 2004 ok 2004 they said no 115 over 75 and then they said look for every 20 millimeters of mercury your risk of cardiovascular disease increases such a percent I'm thinking damn that looks really official it's looked like they actually studied it well 115 over 75 was a new norm BAM that lasted to 2014 okay where now was if you're over 60 it was 150 over 90 and they have a more relaxed guideline so that was a 2014 and so now the American Heart Association of the American College of Cardiology okay decided no we don't want 150 over 94 people over 60 we're gonna want 130 over 80 for everyone so it's not the new guidelines that sees people broke away from the joint national offending you so now one in two americans qualify to be diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medications now I've read that a lot of these these guidelines and recommendations are actually put together by the pharmaceutical industries and then given to these committees and people like that and the AMA is that true oh yeah yeah well I mean good look at the medical colleges where do they get their funding for the research it's it's all you know pharmaceutical industry funded so the way they're saying it is that these that this is just new research that we're more enlightened now we know how the body works now better and this is just new research that you need to be healthy right is that kind of how they're spinning it it is human oh my god okay I got this 75 year old guy okay patient he's been with me for I think 15 years but the guy is like a rock I mean works out every day just chiseled yeah well like 15 years earlier okay he had his prostate removed he had a high PSA blood test or prostate specific antigen they said look man this could be cancer we had to remove it do the courageous thing inhabit room so when you have that that prostate gland removed it's the size of a walnut but that's in a really sensitive area erectile dysfunction balint bladder control issues everything ten years goes by and as PSA starts derives prostate specific antigen as it starts to rise okay what do you have your prostate yeah little problem the ecologist says well we know a lot more now than we knew back then all the way back then all the way back and and it's like now it you know even in medical colleges they're seeing 50% of what we teach you is wrong we just don't know what half wait are they they're not are they saying that the smart ones are it's like like Lucien Lucien Lee okay who says that medical in in he's he's working just on stats who is max Lucien leap doctor and medical doctor okay he says that the medical system is the third leading cause of death in America behind heart disease and cancer except a lot of the therapies are causing heart disease yeah but you know it's equivalent of three jumbo jets crashing every two days okay and that's the number of people being killed by the medical procedures were utilizing three let me get that from my elbow Jets crashing every two days every two days oh my god yes yes you're talking 180 thousand people a year dying from well I mean a hundred and six thousand people a year dying from the right drug at the right time in the right dosage yeah one hundred six thousand six when is that average two per day I wonder it's gotta be a lot Oh a hundred six thousand that's like an epidemic that's happening that no one's really talking about that's the dead we're not talking about the wound right okay and then and that's what that's why we are on the 290 people and that's just an American just in America great yeah so that's that's just on the drug that's the right drug that's not malpractice or anything else so the costs are are too much you would think health would drive the change but it's just the money isn't there okay I mean you know you're paying hundreds of the the leading cause of bankruptcies now in America is medical cost and this these are people with insurance with insurance so the health insurance and the whole Obamacare psychosis when you know they're trying to get young people who aren't going to utilize the services to pay in a totally dysfunctional system I have to keep the dysfunctional system alive now do we know okay now we're talking about this the other day and the last I read the average excuse me the average cancer patient I think is worth somewhere around seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars for all their treatments and things like that right so there's this huge industry if you if you look at it like that but we're talking about the amount of people that are going to be diagnosed and who are diagnosed with autism so now you have a population right that a cancer patient whether they live or die it's it's around the five-year mark is when they get the most of their treatment so you have a five year window there of earning that's a quarter of a million dollars or three-quarters of a million dollars but with an autism patient they're diagnosed at five years old and they live till 75 or 85 whatever their age that they live – so now you have this cost is spread out through lack of production in the workforce and also treatment so I wonder what and your research have you looked at anything in terms of what the cost will be on the economy it's gotta be just dwarfed cancer I would imagine well to hit the it's it's called the autistic tsunami because when they're under 21 years old they're under their parent's insurance and then when they're hit 21 they're going to be drawn on Social Security if they have that option okay because it is so by 2025 it will be one trillion dollars a year and increasing exponentially just for autism yet because between and it depends on the statistics that you're looking at between 2025 and 2030 that's when one and two kids will be diagnosed on that odd test room spectrum disorder scale one in two kids wanted to get so so think of this okay you've seen you've seen like not Night of the Living Dead what's the TV show now with all the zombies while walking yeah so solo so imagine this ok these are people that don't qualify for Social Security 40 year-old autistic people nonverbal walking around looking in trash cans and everything else you can't communicate to them or anything else this we're we're at that stage now where we can look into the future and say my god there's some massive neurologic damage that's affecting us and then this is it's not just affecting our economy I mean they're trying to you got economic crisis in Saudi Arabia and that's where we tired our dollar – back in the 70s right to the petro dollar so the economic crisis of even non communicable diseases now this is a cordon of the World Health Organization this is part of autism mental disorders cardiovascular diseases all these cancers all these diseases that you can't catch right you've got to actually earn through a toxic deficient lifestyle or what the medical world says bad luck or bad genes just look at the draw luck of the draw you know except the luck of the draw people are drawn the bad cards now only 150 years ago so you have one side of that of the one trillion dollar epidemic that's going to be the autism side but then that's just the that's just a drain on the economy that it's gonna be on one on one side of the coin the other side of the coin is lack of production and lack of productive work that they could be doing either starting their own businesses or working for a corporation and working for a business that's going to be helping the world see of it guys what's that cause that the thing we had that that was a good idea in theory but the working out in practice is that when you're young you pay into a system when you're when you're young and productive and when you're older and less productive you can draw on that system and then you know they're kids you know become young and productive and pay into a system than the older people draw on that system and and theory it sounds good yeah sounds great except so many people started with draw in that system and it wasn't just for old people now it was for handicapped people or people that death benefits like my dad died when I was really young uh-huh so I actually got a little bit of his Social Security till I was 18 so it's that kind of thing as yeah so what what is the state of our economy and nation gonna be when you have one and two is that one and two boys or just one and two kids who are gonna have autism um it's it's it's one and two children big but it's the boys are affected at a higher rate so yeah I mean like what's that gonna cost in terms of our economy our military you know productive work and society it we're gonna be doing a talk in January on on the the debt at the end of the world and in its it sounds dramatic but it's not really it really is the end of the the concepts that you think are the world now okay and what the world is coming to and and I mean it's there's gonna be a lot of people clinging to their belief systems which are not effective right you know like like mono crops okay we got nothing but massive corn mm-hmm it's depleting the soil it's causing toxification of the water system of the soils of the air I mean we're getting people in from the Midwest Iowa and Kansas with weird skin disorders with bowel disorders with with everything and you can see you know how far away do you guys live from the farm field so like you know a mile you know what do you have water filters on well kinda not really you know I mean we live off well water and I'm going oh good god yeah it's it's mind boggling but you can see everything is coming to a head and this is why they're forcing people to get vaccinated for their work or their Forsett they've got one now oh my gosh they better medication with an electronic tracker I saw that to make sure that you're taking it it wasn't FDA approved yet mm-hmm but it's the the the theory is it's for people with dementia that might forget to take their pills right and I can't even believe that I read that article I'm like you gotta be so what is it a little tiny pill it looks like it does it sting you tur this is basically a tracker yeah it sends some near bluetooth to say yeah you take took us so it's it's under it's got to stay in your skin or something right no no pill it hits the stomach it has a reaction to being processed by your digestive tract and it sends a signal to your phone or local Big Brother monitor and they say yes you dear Amazon echo and I could just see some some guys that you know already planning good I can I can make some stomach acid and put it on the counter think you're in New York when you're in second that's because look at this it is madness I mean the the the people that are protecting us okay the people that are that are that are health authorities they're they're working off a dogmatic skewed non-scientific non non vitalistic approach to health I mean it's it's not it's not conducive to how the body works and if when you present logic okay that like is the population getting healthier or sicker well it's sicker but we're living longer yeah really really what are the data points on that if you factor out infant mortality rate you're gonna see that the human lifespan hasn't really changed in two thousand years yeah you know you're talking just our founding fathers John Adams ninety you know Franklin eighty four these guys we're talking productive yeah yeah that's a big thing to factor in the infant mortality rate because all of a sudden you got one person who dies at a hundred then you have a kid that dies at Birth all of a sudden that's 5050 so I mean infant mortality is a huge thing to to factor in or not factor in when you're considering that but this is what they're teaching the doctors in in school they're saying look the reason that we have diseases or because people are living longer and they used to die at 35 and that's why we're we're the the godsend because we can give them enough drugs to keep their physiology controlled so they can live longer that's so crazy that's so nice it's it's insane but the you know luckily the economy is gonna drive the change because there's not gonna be enough money the dollar isn't gonna be worth hardly anything okay you know it's like think back in Russia you know people bring in wheelbarrows full of money to buy bread mm-hmm you know and so we're coming up to that status where people are gonna have to totally rethink their lifestyle you can't abdicate authority over your health and expect somebody else to run it and it had a great discussion with with a doctor who came to our cholesterol talk okay last week and he's saying well you know you you have to lower their cholesterol or though as a clogs arteries and I'll say well doc why doesn't clog the capillaries which is the smallest thing why why is it going underneath the epithelial the the lining of the artery right you know and that's where it deposits so it's not obviously not clogging it there's why is it hard right you know why doesn't clog the veins you know so his logic was so skewed and – well no we have to drug people and and the the new economy is going to be appreciation for this vitalistic force that your body mm-hmm in in you have to do certain things you have to sleep correctly you have to it think of what goes in your food how far away your food comes from okay what's your metabolism like you know that's why like the the extreme health Academy is so vital I mean this is going to be a resource for people that are gonna utilize to maintain optimal health throughout their entire life if you get a virus by gosh I want you to get a fever okay if you have a toxic deficient lifestyle where you're dehydrated and poisoned goodness gracious we got to raise your blood pressure because your blood isn't healthy hmm that's a protective mechanism it's a protective mechanism so a lot of these things that that the the medical community now is viewing as disease processes it's an intelligent response of the body to a toxic deficient environment yeah it's a completely different world view like we're talking about at the cafe of just understanding that the body is smart intelligent that's that's your whole thing and that's so true because that idea is not perpetuated talked about or taught and in medical schools because it's it's our bodies are broken and we need these drugs to fix them and that's that's the theory but it's it's just it's not true that that's threat that's a conversation ahead with this this doctor attended the class and then you know I said the body is self-healing self-regulating intelligence he said yeah well what if somebody has pericardial effusion okay that means the SAC around the heart starts to you know fill up with a few is just trying to confuse you with big words and you you know know those words I like the big things they were really cool he was trying you know give him credit and he says you know if we don't give them a diuretic okay you know the water pill yeah okay or we don't train the fluid that that the body isn't intelligent it's stupid okay in cases like that and I said you know doc why don't you do I do some approach that case a little different okay brannad if the fluid around the heart is slowing down the heart you got to drain the fluid but what led to that what was the person obviously they're not breaking the proteins two amino acids they have a problem with digestion because the integrity of their tissue of their lung tissue of the the blood vessels okay it's not there so is it long-term protein deficiency okay you can't have protein deficiency in America that's frickin crazy okay there's protein a wheatgrass you know for goodness sake but so what was the the medications he was on what was his lifestyle like when he was on how do we change that what was his response it was weird because he says now the body isn't smart yes I said that he said that word-for-word body isn't smart it does stupid things and the bot people are living longer so they developed these diseases I mean it's such a skewed non based in science or fact or anything no how old was he if you I'm 50 60 is something like that yeah interested because I'm curious about like the in the next generation I'm wondering if this is if there this theory I have is is is accurate in any way do you think that like you talked about we're in the our cages of health right now and if we continue where we're going it's not gonna be good for us but don'tdon't yeah so my question is like I wonder if there's if we need to wait for that generation of people to sort of go away and this younger generation of up-and-coming medical doctors if they're going to be as indoctrinated because these younger kids that are coming through the medical school now are exposed to I mean as stupid as it sounds Facebook memes and photos and and little short videos and they're exposed to this type of information that might make them go do some research on their own and so I'm wondering if the younger generation coming up is going to be way more part of the Renaissance I would think we don't have the time you're talking 20 years for a generation and in that they're already lower in the SAT scores because the kids are not getting smarter these are kids getting a ton of toxic food and you know it's our yeah they are sicker and we only have you know maybe five to ten years left I mean 2025 that's eight years from now okay and that's when one and two kids will be diagnosed with autism that's the one trillion dollar a year mark when the autistic tsunami hits and so we don't have that much time the economy is gonna indulge banks gonna fall what next year the year after yeah yeah so I mean that there's every other country in the world is experiencing the economic collapse and since the system is run on the economics I mean you know the clogged artery theory of cardiovascular disease you know where's the economics there you get an angiogram you get you know a chemical stress test you get you know the balloon stent at the balloon angioplasty then the stents and then the bypass I mean that's in when in reality you can clean the arteries by doing juicing and blending and in the clogged artery theory was you know blown out of the water in the 70s when they did on autopsy they found out that clogged arteries aren't associated with 80% of the time somebody has a heart attack yeah we've had heart doctors on the show say the same thing and Sardi ologists say the same thing natural ones yes so those those dicing those dogmatic approaches don't work you know that that gastrointestinal problems have nothing to do with diet you know irritable bowel all sort of colitis no he doesn't we just had a patient that that came out from us from the Bahamas and she had a pain in her tummy and I went in and there's a thing that you do you test for rebound tenderness there was no sign of any appendix or any impending doom or problem so I said look put a moist hot pack in your tummy you know drink a little bit more water and get some bacteria containing foods and your body's just adapting because you're in the Bahamas last week and you're in America this week and right something you know it's a change of bacteria she goes to the hospital oh it's probably appendix okay it's really bad and then they do an ultrasound and they couldn't find anything wrong with the appendix that you know and so they put her in the hospital and they said looks like your intestines are inflamed so we're gonna put you on a diet of jell-o and white bread because we want the intestinal tract to not work really hard jello and white bread you know so it's glyphosate white bread and jello is gonna be genetically modified high fructose corn syrup below from cows that have been hormonal II injected with all kinds of stuff both have natural antibiotic properties I want you to kill the normal gut flora and Kylie so it's so what's the solution education June is the key understanding how the body works and the radical shift between the mechanistic view that that's now that parts of your body are broken so we drug you or cut Erica out the part okay that that there's a vitalistic force that every system is interconnected with each one and they call it holistic oh boy that's a buzzword now now Jesus you've got a doctor that isn't holistic there's a specialist in one area how could he possibly fix your cardiovascular system without looking at digestive or sleep or emotional status how can anyone fix the pulmonary system without looking at the interdependencies of your spleen kidneys or I mean it's impossible so part of it on one side is education and learning how the body actually works and then on the other side I think it's really important to look at studies and look at things and see like okay this society that we have now this current culture that we have now is it getting healthier or is it getting sicker like you were saying poor so people have to start realizing what we're doing now is not working and so having little cracks in the armor like that and realizing wow like this whole medical procedure of treating pregnancy like a medical condition and they have to go to a hospital and all this stuff that's only been going on for 120 years people and women have been giving birth you know naturally at home or somewhere else for thousands of years right so realizing that the current system is not working I think the problem is a lot of people just are buying hook line and sinker into the current medical paradigm without looking at the big picture and saying where Wow one in two kids are having autism all of these diseases and are on the rise and we've got to start looking at what the current model isn't isn't working and then also get the education on the other side you know it will think of like you drive a car right mm-hmm are you really good with your transmission no okay so now if you had a problem with the transmission you put it in drive and I wouldn't go forward you'd take it to the expert and the expert would they all-seeing all-knowing transmission expert would say look you know you're just low on fluid or you know you need a major overhaul that the blinker fluid is wrong right blink your fluid there's like non-existent hitches it's just like you're right there okay so you don't know and that people don't know about their health right okay so they go into the authority and they say you know I feel great but I want to make sure because my uncle died of cancer it might you know my mom and dad they're in a rest home I don't want to be like that so what test do I do that teach me you old great expert right oh please use some Latin terms so I know that you're smart throw big words at me weird week a polarizing week my grandparents live next door to us because we moved and he's 95 she's an 83 going through brain cancer and you know what her age they're like we can operate and get you a year you cannot do anything and have months so they operate they get out a big chunk of it but it's all you know tentacles and stuff so they follow up with chemo so here we are living next door to her we've seen her decline within a matter of six months now on a walker lost all her hair did radiation now she's on chemo and I find it so interesting talking to her it's like not only is she not just and second gets all those things along with the chemo and vomiting and stuff but like every other night a Papa John's Pizza truck you know comes to the thing and they have a 24-hour caregiver and they're eating pizza you know they're eating all this you know regular stuff well I was talking with my dad and he goes yeah it's so weird they go to the doctor once a week whether they want to and have a need for it or not that's what they do that's just their modus operandi is this he knew today they've been doing this for a few years they go to the doctor whether they need to literally once a week just because that makes them feel like they're being looked after somebody's got this master plan of where they're going with their health like and it's just so funny yeah my dad goes I sit there and I wait and they go on and talk to them and come out and you know everything's covered by medical or whatever it is and they go because they can and it doesn't cost him anything and they just like to make sure and then it was like so I'm struggling to like understand that paradigm and they're old you know and that's kind of the shift you were saying this older generation right and then I saw on Facebook a YouTube video or something I don't know if it was in Poland or Siberia but it was a school of little tiny elementary kids it's you probably thought – and their teachers take them into a giant wood sauna and they sit in the sauna for like 30 minutes group all in their little towel like no clothes on there's no embarrassment by the way which i think is so cool and they're all naked in there and they get out into the snow for ten minutes and they go and they run around in the snow freezing barefoot and they take these giant buckets of ice water freezing cold water and pour it over their head and then they run around and they go back in and get the sauna and it's like that's what they do for immune you're like the healthiest kids you guys should look up that video but it's super intense and I'm like this was all within three days I saw that video and then I looked next door and see this like that's it that khana me but I'm like gosh like in one way it was like okay like they're going back to the roots of they know how to treat themselves they know how to like not get flu shots and stay healthy and stuff so that was exciting but you're right I also agree with Justin where I was like this whole old paradigm is like going away I was so excited and oddly disturbed I come from the line of people I'm like no this is where it stops it has to stop we're the ones that are lucky to know the the stupid horror crazy stuff and see the brilliance imagine this okay the the school system first grade there's where your lungs are this is where your brain is this is how your brain talks to your body okay this is what happens when you sleep second grade okay we've got blood and the blood is fantastic and amazing and this is what you build this is why we pray before our meals or if the religious people get you know or the non-religious people would freak out okay this is why we we look at our food with great you know awareness and then in fifth grade they rolled around okay there's your musculoskeletal system you know this is your sexual system this is how the whole body works okay you know I mean each year you're taught this so that you have an education by the time you're a full-grown adult of how to take care of yourself yeah man I'm gonna develop a fever when I get a virus I'm gonna eat right I mean if I get you know I have to stay up late at night studying in college I know I'm probably gonna get sick so I better do some more omega-3s and some vitamin C I'm gonna go to get my nervous system checked on a regular basis maybe you know colonic once a year to get my bowels working correctly I'm going to eat healthy amounts of bacteria they're just gonna be responsible for themselves and they're not gonna need to go to the transmission mechanic yeah and they're not gonna look at people as being the authority that's one of the things that gets me today is like everything is like the fire authority the police authority best authority that yeah but they're gonna realize that they are the authority themselves I gotta know this this one patient it's kind of cool too because I say the same thing to everybody mm-hmm look your body's smart okay it's responding to the environment correctly this is why you have high blood pressure this is why you have poor sleep patterns your body's in a stress state and this one one old guy says doc no one's ever told me my body is smart is it and I say yeah you know I was just kidding because you see this this awareness yeah and then you break it down to say man you ever cut yourself yeah ever never heal yeah all the time you know and because there is a wisdom there's a vital force energy when people start looking in the mirror and smiling and they realize that there that there's there's more than just a collection of parts that rises all one vibrant whole yeah and that's why it's holistic woman fighting to protect that like we were saying at the coffee shop yesterday came out an article David Wolfe and Erin Elizabeth from health health nut News posted on their sites a 50 health care professionals working at a hospital in the Midwest all got fired yesterday because they refused to get the the flu shot so that's 50 people who probably like we were saying ten years ago what it's been like stuck out their arm and just taken it because they need the income or they are worried about what they're gonna do or their families and it's like 50 people yesterday walked away and then think too it's a trickle down to because those people are all gone and they'll probably try to go to other hospitals and get work too but you figure that hospital where those 50 people left there's going to be a need for 50 more people and those people are going to be like why are there 50 people that call of a sudden you know how come you're hiring 50 new nurses all of a sudden and it might get them the star thing is it's it's trickle-down simple it would be neat to do like a crowd funding source for anyone that wants to refuse the shot you know Deline well by I'm calm ask if you get fired you know you're gonna have a fun that you can have available yeah yeah that would be really cool I'll contribute to that yeah yeah anybody listening to this started call all the in tribute yeah yeah so it is a good I mean it there's hope you've know the end of the world is coming it's that there's hope and at all you know like know for sure the world go on yeah I mean in the people go on but the end of this world both the end of this paradigm in which thank God because you know we're losing too many kids you know you're gonna start looking at your community looking at be more responsible for your own health you know a Pizza Hut you know by God if they switch to organic dough and ethically raised animals and organic produce BAM yeah hub you Pizza fan yeah so this is sort of what why we're doing what we're doing behind the extreme health Academy is is realizing I just you know for me I'm just I'm just so tired and source is just sick and tired of seeing all these people that are sick specially like people that are younger you know in their 30s 40s you know going through these cancers or these kids and I think that that's one of the reasons why we started extreme health Academy and it's not launched yet it's gotta be launched pretty soon I think mid-january is when we're gonna launch it but it's to educate people to take care of their own health and to realize health is really simple it's really simple I mean there's some great tools like we sell a sauna there's a rebounder there's a vibration plate at your clinic and but there's that you know there's all kinds of tools that can help speed up the process of getting healthy and there's nothing wrong with that there's a great tools but it's really simple and I think we need to educate people and and tell people there are options if you want to go the medical route that's great but try some natural things first and most likely I would say in most every instance you're gonna get some resolve to that oh and then you you've got on on the site you've got what does the health tracker I have a health tracker on there yeah to track your progress over time and then then we can go through and we're get the webinars monthly then podcast and and we're gonna actually show how to do certain tests what mean how to monitor your physiology I mean if you've gotten scare tactics on a blood test we're gonna show what the reference ranges are what the how to take them how to check them how to monitor your progress that's gonna be so good it's gonna be so good cuz we're talking before about the reference ranges for the you know current medical paradigm and how different that is from actual health and so that's going to be really helpful for people because you said you have people coming in your clinic and they have a reference range of you know 0.2 to 1.7 or 1.6 and someone comes in with a 1.7 on their thyroid or something and they're freaked out that they're not healthy that's because some outside force is telling them that they're not healthy when in fact like you're saying how do you feel how do you operate and and maybe if you got that test five minutes later it would be a 1.5 and so there's this education and this stripping down of the fear tactics that I think is so necessary for Utah you know it's gonna be so much fun but less like when you get conditions that are ridiculously popular like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes those have an objective analysis and so it you know you're checking pricking your finger to check your blood or you know checking your blood pressure by gosh within a week of following some of the advice that's on that site they're gonna see a change in blood sugar and blood pressure mm-hm and then they've got to develop a conversation with the the person that gave in the medications to control that condition okay I and they're gonna find out that oh my god they're the ones in charge of their own health that that they don't need to abdicate authority over their own health that my god through this site they're gonna learn how everything works mmm that's so cool oh I'm so excited and I'm just I'm mostly excited about how people's health is gonna turn around you know cuz this is it's it's there'd be so many tools because there's you know I've been in this for a few years and I've been into natural health since 2003 so not nearly as long as you but a long time and this is something that I sort of wanted for myself you know something where I could attract certain things over time and and look at different numbers over time and get a gauge and say okay is this going up or down or or you know different ways of looking your health and having a community we have so many cool people in our community I'm sure you guys do too we're Matt what we've you know can I talk about all the time this person should meet this person this person is really really cool this person would get you know hit it off with this person and a community would help do that you know like a private community and that's that extreme health Academy yeah you've got the the forum they think beyond the health tracker the webinar is the podcast I mean this is gonna be such an amazing source I actually get comments on some of our videos mm-hmm that they'll send me links that I didn't even know about they'll send me this like well this was back a few years the big slam on double-blind controlled placebo controlled trial right yeah and it was from the British Medical Journal talking about how parachutes have never been tested that way oh yeah animai is double-blind code okay all four of us go in on the airplane why this doesn't have a parachute it's full of bricks okay it's so so you know those kind of links that that you can't get unless you're in a community right it's like a real cohesive source and implies to people that have gone through health challenges depression anxiety poor sleep that you know they were on a CPAP machine they had a rectal dysfunction I mean what you know all of this stuff what did you do oh my gosh this is the pathway this is what what they followed I mean it's this is gonna be cool is really and one of the things that we've talked about is allowing we're gonna have it so that the members can vote on so we'll give like five or six or seven options or something and the members will be able to vote on what course they want next so that's really cool too because then you're creating content that people want you know and then then the the one the webinars they're gonna have interactions to where they can call in their questions and yeah so there'll be a you know access yeah you and I are always saying like it's a thousand times we've been to your office there's always somebody that just flew in from New Zealand or the Bahamas or people come worldwide to see you but not everyone can so its access to you to you know it's like these questions they're dying to ask you that you know this is just a really good thing for people who can't get on a plane and spend time in a hotel or a clinic and they get to feel like they're making progress with healing yeah at the clinic sites thing yeah I was just texting some one of our patients from Saudi Arabia and it's like well I can't come out there until March what do I do now yeah you know and it's it's like there's so many little things you can do to get get your body healthy I mean it's it's like you say it's a health is really easy it's really simple yeah it's just cutting out most of everything that we're doing in our modern culture like sitting under these blue lights and everything that we're doing sitting for long periods of time I mean it's really simple stuff but there's so many things people can do in the mean time to radically improve their health and not be so fearful of these numbers because you get these numbers that like you said every 10 years they're changing the different reference points and a lot of these blood tests and the biomarkers and people get so freaked out and they get so scared that those numbers are actually getting worse because of the fear now that there are somehow damaged and they're not healthy and they need to go to a doctor to tell them what their current state of health is so taking control of all of that and adopting principles aren't gonna help us to live a long time healthy disease-free lots of energy because really kind of what I think about is when I first got into this I was really into studying all the different aspects of health and I still am but it's become sort of a lifestyle for me now so I don't really think about it as much I just kind of I go throughout my day and do the things I love to do like you'd like to do archery and things like that and I just focus on that kind of stuff and you know I'll make us green smoothie I'll go make a green juice we'll go have paleo stuff and food combined correctly and all these things it just becomes sort of the way we live and it's not really a focus of ours but so that's where I want everyone to get to is where it's just comes the default platform that your life sits on and then you can actually have the energy instead of focusing all your time trying to heal which is one of the things we want to do and get people to a level of vibrant health then they can actually go do the things they're supposed to do you know instead of focusing ya live life instead of focusing on their health have it be the foundation that they base their life on and then they're going to have the energy to go do the things they want to do and help affect some sort of change that's the idea that's weird you know what no wait you're describing it I never really thought about it but it's it's true it becomes so natural and secondary like you would you would if you're hungry you're driving down the road you see a McDonald's and a Carl's jr. and you think boy that those commercials were cool but that's not really food that's yeah and and it's it's just a totally different lifestyle with Thanksgiving yesterday or a day before yesterday one of my nephew's girlfriend okay was bitten by a dog and I mean bitten pretty nasty they did actually a bit part of her thumb up well through the antibiotics and they gave her an incorrect one and they sewed the wound up too tight so that required a second round of antibiotics and then that caused the secondary infection that then she had to spend two days in the hospital so from an initial dog bite and they almost killed her with the antibiotics and she says what do I do so I go to the refrigerator I grabbed this little you know a fermented beverage it's called a gut shot okay oh yeah that's really good oh it's fantastic super spicy right because it's nice and they gave her a bottle of it she says but wait a second this is bacteria and so in her mind she's been fighting bacteria right then hun it's not the bacteria that's getting you I said this is where your immune system is you got to take it you know take a quarter this bottle tonight you know take it you kill it knock it out and yeah but that's that's like in the refrigerator yeah yeah yeah my body healthy ya know just for normal in an emergency situation this is what you need yeah it's the same thing you give it you give a sick deficient body the appropriate nutrients bacteria and stuff it appropriate sleep appropriate your thought patterns and everything else because you can change how your brain thinks it you give the same thing to a healthy person healthy yeah it makes total sense and one of the things too is like we talk a lot about you know the cascading effects of going into getting up some sort of procedure done right so like you know if someone has you know if they have let's say osteoporosis their their hip bone breaks and they fall people think they fall because of osteoporotic bone broke but and then they go and do surgery on the hip bone or do a hip replacement they realize that all these heavy metals and chemicals are inside the bone and get released into the body of a patient who's older who might already have dementia and then you put them on medication for all that and then so all of that started by a lifestyle a toxic lifestyle that's contributing to the bone and mineral matrix of the body not working correctly so then they go into for simple procedure or surgery on their bone and then they have all these cascading effects from that and you've seen it so many times and so by adopting simple lifestyle habits you can prevent all of that from happening yeah all of it you know it's like when people say you die of a broken you know they she broke her hip and she died she went downhill yeah so the story that goes preventable was she taking Thomas or antacids yeah up a little bit of reflux or indigestion you know did you have poor sleep I mean all of this stuff did she twists her ankle or was she taking blood pressure medications and she was too dizzy to walk you know it's human beings don't have thinning a Buon unless there's a toxic or deficient aspect of their life they don't remember species doesn't I would like to look at have you done a lot of the research and the Western a price and all of his stuff oh yeah did he talk about were there any ancient cultures that had osteoporosis none I can't think of none there weren't it's a modern thing the cultures that that they allowed him to unearth the skulls he couldn't find any cavities in the skulls because because you're talking did enamel can regenerate if you have healthy blood so it was it was just never they don't forget these diseases and stuff this is all modern life style style modern life style and you know if there were cancers you know in because that's where it came from there was some type of toxic exposure because they did they had these lead pipes in the Roman times there was you know some water sources that weren't you know clear I mean that's that's why you know you don't dig a hole poop in the hole and dig a well next to that right is where all the cholera epidemic coming from yeah you know but thank God we got a vaccine now for diarrhea that's crazy it's insane one of the one of the things that I've learned over over the years was from Daniel Vitalis and he has a really cool way of describing this and he was saying that the human body needs medicine it just needs medicine it needs the alkaloids to be able to create its immune system and so what happens is he says that we become so disconnected from nature that we end up not using nature's medicine like reishi mushrooms chaga mushroom and all these immune adaptive herbs oregano and all these types of things we've become so disconnected from that that your body will needs medicine and it will get it at some point so you either take that stuff as a lifestyle and that's your medicine or the pharmaceutical companies come in extract you know a couple different alkaloids from those things and I pray and it's a hijacking and sell it back to you for thousands of dollars because you need it now you need your medicine when in actuality if you just got on a on a lifestyle of making bone broth with reishi mushroom or making your coffee with reishi mushroom er are using these herbs as medicine as part of your daily life you never need the pharmaceutical synthesized stuff because your lifestyle has this medicine and he was saying like yeah we need medicine but it just depends like what kind and your body you will take it at some point and I thought that was a really interesting approach it really is I mean what why do you put the oregano in well it's antimicrobial you know it's strengthens the immune system or it tastes good you know what right now the garlic in there yeah well garlic is antimicrobial and you know I'm anti fungal it's phenomenally beneficial it can kill pathogenic bacteria and it tastes good yeah and we don't know why we don't as medicine right so we're really excited about this Academy we're starting mic man it's gonna be so cool we've been working on this thing like crazy and I know you've created your first course in there so exciting they how to get a healthy course it's just phenomenal to refer every one of my patients to it it's gonna be so clear so nice and then to have that sense of community and everything and it's gonna be cool too because we'll do the the monthly member masterminds where we're going to be able to ask you questions about different disease processes and people can get your insights on that and it's just gonna be such a cool place then on those mastermind things are they gonna be recorded – yeah they'll be recorded and I think we might do them live can we do those live so they could have I've recorded so they can always have access to it yeah as I've been told sometimes I talk a little fast and so it was great yeah we'll record all of that stuff and it'll be available as new content every month and so we're going to be doing courses every month too and it's just going to be a phenomenal place for people I think it's gonna be like you called it the Renaissance people who are not just one overcome their you know health condition and that that's it's gonna be an amazing place for that but once you get that then you're going to be like taking your health to new levels and actually saying like how long can I live how much energy can I actually have and start I add to the world looking at what am I here for yeah yeah yeah because you you will we're gonna be infecting people with health and they're gonna make it an epidemic mm-hmm because when you find out that that oh my gosh you know it if I'm a very sick deficient person I'm a paraplegic in a wheelchair you know what do I do to get my health back and you've had some tips some great tips on in your first course for people like that oh yeah yeah it was really cool yeah and or you know you get to triathlete yeah this is gonna be for all of those people to whatever state health they're in they're gonna actually get benefit from it and and find out oh my god we all have the same body the same nutrient requirements just you know how do we bring it in how do you add it to our personal lifestyle to make a difference yeah this is a hub of hope yeah we should have called it that do you feel like that's lacking in this world it's it's a place where people have this haven of you know cuz a quadriplegic I mean who's gonna find much hope and I got to tell you this is what I told in my patients because you know people come in with just bizarre conditions but but you know health stuff that they've been doing and that they're going well I I hope this will work I always say forget hope no this stuff's guaranteed health is your natural state yeah this is guaranteed I absolutely you're gonna get better and you can say that mm-hmm if someone's had four rounds of chemotherapy they're missing multiple parts they're saying I hope it gets better I'm saying I hope so too you know but if they got most of the parts health is from natural state it's easy to fix it's our birthright yeah is freedom our territory this stuff's guaranteed yeah you don't like you said using algae to cut your hand and hope it gets better it does you know it give it the right conditions it's like the stuff that Bruce Lipton talks about you know you and the actual cells begin to grow into whatever they need to be for that environment so you clean up the environment the cell becomes healthy you know you give the body the right conditions and it will get done a huge part of the cleanup is starts up here yeah that's like when we start believing like you said when you stop hoping and you start believing yeah believing with hope here this stuff is guaranteed yeah awesome good stuff I'm excited so people want to sign up right now it is not launched yet we're recording what are we at November right now and then mid-november yeah it should be the launch we're gonna launch I think mid January is is there a test lunch or um I'm not sure what we're gonna do we got to talk about that how about a test launch is that what you said yeah yeah cuz to see what buttons don't worry what's do cuz now I actually do hit the screen if it's not a touch screen yeah that's a good idea so we'll get a group of people in there to test it out and you know tell us that yeah button for sure hey that's a good idea yeah for sure um but we're actually actually gonna be doing a challenge at the beginning of January so you know we realized last January is when we recorded a podcast it was almost right in line with your first course that we did oh cool yeah it was in here and we recorded I think mid January about how to keep the momentum going with your health and so we're gonna do a challenge starting January 1st it's gonna be a 21-day challenge it's gonna be free for people to sign up for giving them daily tasks to do that are simple that are easy and most likely won't require I think there's a couple things that people may need to buy but it's not like you have to go buy you know a $2,500 juicer you know it's simple things people can do every day and that's gonna be part of a free challenge leading up to a webinar and then we're going to open the doors to the Academy so oh really yeah oh I love those challenges cuz man you get you get definitive goals and where whatever aspect you're starting on it's so helpful huh yeah and you're sharing it with other people it becomes motivating because other people are doing it too and until it launches where can they sign up for the email to stay put um extreme health Academy comm is where and sign up with an email yeah right now it's just a video and I'm just talking a little bit about what we're going to be doing there and people can you know press the button buddy sure to work and they can sign up for that so I'm really excited for this is gonna be cool it's gonna be cool yeah really really cool a lot of people are gonna be helped hi doc we gotta get you home yep I gotta get off to the boat I actually got two consoles oh oh you do okay okay so no boating today or no yeah yeah I'm gonna do them on the boat that's right yeah that's how I am that's like seven days a week but it's good I like it it's good work alright doc thanks for being on thanks man thanks for inviting me yeah really looking forward to this we'll have to do once a month and I like meeting at the coffee house too yeah man really really yeah yeah legit coffee that's good stuff cool all right thanks


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  23. I LOVE you guys 😀 Homeschooling three beautiful bright eyed, vax-free, naturally born, breast fed kiddos 🙂 They watch these videos with my partner and I — my 4 year old can tell me where his skull, spine, and pelvis are, our 8 year old can tell you all about meditation and how it works and how he meditates 10 mins a day — it's so exciting because there is going to be a difference when these kids grow up. It'll be an exciting trip, I'm just glad to see them through it!

  24. I love your lectures. I so wish more chiropractors would take your approach to health and healing. It’s a shame you’re three thousand miles away from where I live. I would love to see you and have you treat me.

  25. Dr. Bergman……. I love all the Health Truth you are sharing…. Keep up the good work. …. Can I ask a BIG FAVOR ?……. Please quit saying JESUS's name as a Curse Word or Trash Word….. How about you replace it with something like " OH BUDDAH " or how about " OH MUHHAMMED " or " OH OBAMA " ………. I would greatly Appreciate that……. And oh yeah…… I pray for you Homeopathic Doctors to have GOD-JESUS Protection from the Evil Big Pharma Killers out there………. GOD-JESUS Bless, Greg in Ohio 🙂

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