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Don culprit and his wife Mary showed you the most effective way to burn fat balance hormones and lose weight by getting into the keto zone so it starts shutting off the appetite but not only that the mind thinks clear the energy level increased this sleepin truly and then something amazing happens all of a sudden the people say hey I don't feel like I used to I used to have aches and pains it's anti-inflammatory [Applause] I'm happy and normally I'm James Robison Betty and I we have someone come on and talk about eating and diet no one likes you the word diet we diet and diet and die dieting it looks like I'm sick of dieting and I've had a lot of great teachers and and I believe what they say and I've tried every kind of program but I had a problem I had an appetite problem that seemed to be bigger than my will Betty said to me one day just in passing said you know you have to make a choice you got to choose and we were talking about even physical exercise just keep moving it doesn't mean you go to the gym bed gym rat I didn't already didn't do it but just just keep moving and and Betty said just make up your mind but we both went through I don't know I guess you know I'm 75 she never wants me to tell you how thing with both of us we're not we're not planning to go anywhere and we're going to the best places in the whole whole universe and that's eternity in the presence of God and be there with a lot of people who said goodbye to including our daughter but you see I'm so full of life and joy that I know what happened to me was so that I can be here as long as he wants me here and be effective and Betty feels the same way well we know that my appetite control me that's why everybody came here would direct most of their council to me and I'll always be a good listener every little and I would take some shots at things but it was only when I got this book from our executive television director vice president of all of our media his wife gave this book to Betty now we have dr. Coburn oh he'd come on he was with our son Randy and with with with the Sheila and we know we would have enjoyed it we just happened to be out where they did the show this changed our it's both of us it is it's a way to eat it's called the keto zone diet dr. Kovac publish this book I've never enjoyed anything so much I feel better I have energy it's just changed everything well let's talk about it dr. kovac says he's just changing their lives has changed their lives and lots of lives change his wife side married wants to tell you would you welcome dr. Kohlberg and his wife Mary and here's the deal you know you know we don't vainglory I don't believe I'm I don't believe I'm gonna have a problem with my appetite that God gave us to appreciate something good controlling me and hurting me and he was hurting me and I knew that it was Mary you said you believe people need a wake-up moment we had that wake-up moment when we just kept realizing that it looks like old James is never gonna be able to control his eating and I'm never gonna look like mr. America okay I'm never gonna be the big food great guys I understand all that okay but boy you lose you know you lose 25 pounds and you do it over a steady period of time which probably took me documents a couple of months and maybe maybe I've wavered a little bit not because of changing anything but just kinda up and down but I feel like a new person is that typical of what that is typical this book should have been named the keto zone lifestyle because it is a lifestyle and people can follow this the rest of their life absolutely and see I got into this over ten years ago when I had advanced cancer patients and I'd put them on this keto Zone diet years ago and many had stage four cancer and this was the only thing that I knew odd that could prolong their life and for some they overcame their cancer Wow but then I took notice that cancer patients with diabetes type 2 diabetes to start reversing their type 2 diabetes I have no sign of it I've had it you know and there's no sign it never measures not in any kind of tests not the long blood it's an amazing thing and see they hit the highs and the lows you can just almost pass out Brian I mean and when I found out it could damage my eyes yes and I had my doctor explain to me what's going on and why is he checking so carefully because of what starts talking to your eye and he case happened pretty quick right so this this is an amazing thing it is but then the one of the biggest things I saw was what it did for the weight and what it does you have a when you enter the keto zone you have a metabolic shift where your body shifts from burning sugar as its fuel now sugar includes carbohydrates such as grains wheat pasta rice corn potatoes and carbs and your neck because you're already telling them right there you know that's not healthy know that you say I cannot live without those that's my personal I don't miss any of it you understand and this is bread do you know that's you know sourdough bread is you have all the buddy the deal is this that none of that do I miss can you imagine cauliflower yeah with the real butter it tastes as good as any Patel you what's happened because people say you know the mind goes tilt how can this happen well what happens when you go from burning sugar to burning fat as your fuel your body undergoes a metabolic shift where you start burning fat as fuel now when this happens you enter what I call the keto zone absolutely the keto zone is a state in which your appetite is pretty my almost gone because you're 70 percent healthy fat yeah you don't eat as much but you don't get hungry no that's the thing I noticed pretty quickly I wasn't getting hungry and you know so many other – you just feel like you're starving yes absolutely you're getting you're using the good kind of fat there are some good fans yes but what it does when you eat this fat it controls these appetite hormones the ghrelin the ghrelin goes off and makes you cause this ravenous appetite that you have to have food every three to four hours it shuts that down and also the leptin so many people resist a leptin causes us to shut off the appetite but so many people are left and resistance that it doesn't work so it resynthesized the left and so it works again so it starts shutting off the appetite but not only that the mind thinks clear the energy level increased the sleeping early and then something amazing happens all of a sudden the people say hey I don't feel like I used to I used to have aches and pains it's anti-inflammatory yeah inflammation starts system side the way the belly fat literally is being burned as fuel and people are excited because what has happened is this your body has shifted from burning sugar to burning fat similar to shifting from a diesel burning engine to an electric engine all of a sudden everything just runs better inflammation you're not producing all those inflammatory mediators that are damaging your mitochondria that's affecting your energy affecting your brain the brain fog clears all of a sudden the cobwebs start to go mental speech on electrical transportation so this is not pushing for everybody to get him a golf cart he's trying to give you an example now Mary you had what you'd call a spiritual confrontation where you saw reality and I need to do something live with a guy that's talking about it all the time you know probably got what what shifted your mind like you say and did it did it work did it change something oh it definitely changed something and it was my what I call my aha moment I saw myself on another television program and you know I just didn't see myself reality as to what how far I had just let myself go I'm busy and I just kind of put Mary on the back burner and I thought I'll get to her eventually because I have everything else I've got to do and take care of and I saw myself on a television program and I just went that is not me and he goes yes it is I just at that moment I said that's it I'm gonna take care of me I've got to take care of me cuz if I don't take care of me nobody will and that was my own thing you know we're here and I know how you feel I know how much you have people praying for our country you don't just love your family and your friends or your church group you love everybody you want everybody to have life and you know this man is helping people have and so area is helping you doc this is amazing thing you don't want to eat most the time bill during the week at night I eat berries yes there's certain very low healthy it's actually working and I lose weight eating bad and I'm not hungry and I rest well and I have energy right I mean this is the most amazing thing is this typical aura Betty and I just saw people that have this wonderful experience or is this actually if they'll take it seriously what happened it's absolutely true and I've heard this thousands of times and again you can make the most wonderful whipped cream with nice glass bed cream add some stevia to it and clip it up and then dip those berries in it as great appetite right started on the program he says now Mary Cassatt coffee drink in the morning I'm a coffee drinker and he says I want you to put the heavy whipping cream in and I looked at him and I thought are you trying to blow me off it's gonna kill your appetite you're not going to be hungry so probably one or two in the afternoon and I thought [Laughter] tell us what's going on we got about five minutes here for you to kind of really take it so I want everybody to get the book that's one thing about get the book and you've got a lot of good recipes in here right and and on some day just when we have time to talk I want to tell you what Betty and I've earned it we can go to any fast food place and you tell me we can go by name maybe one example for instance let's just take Whataburger which is birthplace you go there and get there apple cranberry salad with balsamic vinaigrette and their balsamic is really good hey they may have I may have them in the apples the right kind of dressing on it five dose just fabulous so but see you know the burger without the bun bond in with no spread that's one thing I have found real quick is how it doesn't take long to fit six my goodness option doesn't I mean not long at all not as long as some of the other stuff I used to fix it was so good fun you have real heavy bacon you fatty bacon you describe what it is uncured nitrite for in with the eggs and you have to pick some several different ways yes fabulous me yes and what also tell patients if people have high cholesterol if you've read the chapter on cholesterol this will lower your pattern B LDL bad cholesterol for doctors who want to put patients on statin drugs I have a section appendix D that shows you how to get your cholesterol down using the keto Zone diet yeah I want to say something right here first of all thanks both of you thank you thank you and we're gonna talk again you've got another very important message we're gonna talk about this a little bit but you're gonna talk about what happens with natural hormones and what happens when our hormones change you don't want to miss this here's what I want to say to you now please listen up we didn't do this program try to talk about body size and there's somebody overweight because the worst thing you've happened any one of us is to feel like we're unqualified or we're failing or we had we don't feel good about ourselves that's not God putting that on us what I found that this is what really brought me to conviction well okay James a little bit bigger you know he's got you know got about bigger pants every time you go to the store and all that and where you don't look but didn't I didn't feel that main thing was inside I knew something was controlling me other than God and other my ability to say let's take care of the temple of God and when the Lord really got a hold of my heart this is one thing I knew nobody made me feel like boy you're getting big you're sure big they're sure big he's big she's big if you have anything happened to you to get you down on yourself you won't ever find the hope that God's offering in the help all the Lord wants to do is help us take care of the body that he made that is the dwelling place of his holy period jesus said I'm singing someone just like me me just like me not kind of like me just like me to live in here in this body and the Lord really began to make it clear as I'm not 70s hidden the sudden if his birthday James I'm not through these maybe last days but you're gonna be what I want you to be until that day I come or you go to be with me and you're gonna be doing what I designed you to do not feeling bad pull down wishing you didn't feel so bad and not able to do what I want you to do and I mean I'm more alive right now but I feel like I was when I was in my 20s and my 30s you say you mean it happen because of this diet know what happened because I said Lord I'm gonna take care of this house and somebody handed me some help to think that I have the fuel in my own body fat to give me the energy I don't have to eat all this stuff the substance for it and shuts down what God made and when I saw this from from a gift of God point of view I changed everything and babe said there's no way no way I won't just keep I'm gonna be just be a grandma I'm just and boy honey you define it I mean you know a great grandma you're a great you don't know for the girl that scales with some kind of an attack system for her to be able to walk ahead say I wait and she knew I'm burning my own fat something's happened this doctor told us the truth because he loved us well I think too it's funny because I started feeling better you know I could tell a difference and even I can tell a difference with my blood pressure sure about eating the right kind of nuts sure it's really good walnuts are good right for another other nuts and stuff and just just feeling like I was treating my body I mean like God created me to be able to do he's mainly living food see but they're God's living foods and his living oils olive oil avocado and the book is really you know no not we're not doctors like you're but the book is really easy to read and to follow for the layperson you know that just it you you can read it real fast like that but you'll find yourself and marking places in it folded back so you can go back to a recipe or something you know because it really makes a really good guide if we find people responding and say I'm trying this on what we'll do is I'm gonna pass them back by you by Matisse some of the things we've learned to do on the go because you know we busy people and and I'm telling you it's amazing and what I think are you when you will watch your habits and the wait maintains the same does that mean you're likely not going back and picking up bad habits you don't start putting on the entries nobody is that a pretty good measure that can least give you a quick test yes that's good if your if your weights stabilized because once you get to a healthy weight and you stabilize it that weight your that's good for most people know if they're if they go back to eating sugars carbs starches the weight will creep back up and they'll go out of the zone this is to show you something though it's all wrong right so again it's good to weigh you know some people like to weight daily some people once a week and that way if they go straight too far then get right back on the program but I encourage people it's not a diet it's a lifestyle and start following the lifestyle and then I think this is what's gonna help so many Christians prevent disease reverse disease and live to be a ripe old healthy age what I found when something pegs the wrong way then I've got to adjust something or probably I haven't been moving right I've been reading on the phone I've been too much in the recliner I've rubber found a workout recliner now listen please what we've shared is to help you find God's will for you in your life you are so special if I thought for one second your feelings were hurt I would literally get on this floor and weep I would look you straight in the eye and say please forgive me we're not talking about body size we're talking about the temple of God and I love you and he loves you and I want you to be healthy and I want you to have the joy that I believe is available to you and for you to spread that jar would you say thanks to Mary and tada you helped us give somebody water for life no one we're going to tell them about the water of life and we'll send you this book but here's what I want you to do I want you to look right now with that other person like Jesus living in you and I want you to look and then I want you to listen to what that person Jesus his spirit in you tells you to do because you're going to find great joy when you do it and it's gonna totally change everything not just for a few people it's gonna change things for many people you watch the first time we came to Burundi we brought you a story from what used to be a tiny little Church right here in this village Julie honey nfk she can't even take a hookah vomits go go see Colin Ivana Rockefeller akira watanabe one who could say self-serving in her avatar yours forced to rely solely on unclean water for survival this community suffered a severe cholera outbreak that took the lives of many nearly destroying their legacy since then your support has allowed us to drill them a well and with every new drop of clean healthy water life began to return hope began to bloom there were no technically I have crateros oh sorry I'm at Tsukuba what I don't love my imagine I call it but what of morality and what Isis stands with it's astonishing what transpires when new life is breathed into a community not only are the existing families healthier stronger and able to focus on more than just survival clean water attracts new people and as a village grows so do the available resources today this community is full of hope and flourishing in ways they never thought possible and this is their church now just two short years later mana famil got that word in mine and I'm so grateful to come into a place like this and see the impact of our giving and how it has changed everything something so simple louder water that has given them life well machine way now you like to have the weight by a machine with value but to run view it and send you to you the ones who have given to make this possible Tozawa doboj monica bargain Bob we got a numerical second Ohama Des Moines Guevara Honda Trotsky varma garage easy to do for Ashima charlie Warrick woods oh Lord I just wanna thank you for all the people okay I want that to be the typical site oh man thank all of you I'm Betty and I ask God when the wells were $3,600 and at that time years ago it was a push on us at the time that started we said we want to drill him every time the missionaries bring us the need have another emphasis and we did it and then II went to 4800 we've been doing it so well we've we've helped contribute to a lot of places like that but the deal is 6,000 places like that you've just turned everything around I mean there's so many places it was just total death nothing but burial grounds paid in there that church it looks like doubled in size I'd love to have a picture of them when they're all out Sunday our mission team keeps moving and they were there during the week but isn't that just beautiful to see that this is the part I love the smiles on the children's faces they're jumping up and down like it's Christmastime you know just because they have fresh clean water because it's saving their lives and the and the mothers are so grateful that we have come to help their children to live thank you so much for everything that you do to contribute and to bring life to these children well I just want to ask you right now would you would you dial that number that's there is a prayer line you have a broken heart and here's the thing we could be facing an unbelievable crisis and asking for help and 80 percent of the calls at least eighty percent of them would still be people call that number say would you pray for me I've got a problem health problem maybe I've got a family problem a child a grandchild would you pray and you better believe it because we know God answers prayer and we know God comforts you but right now I want you to look at that number and think of it this way it's always a prayer line right now it's literally a lifeline it's a water line we're gonna give them water for life and you can rest assured we'll be pointing them to the water of life would you please right now just go and dial that number please do it and see it as a helpline a lifeline and take your bank card use it like a check would you do it right now and say I want to give a well I want to give tarter well most of the gifts that come or $48 that gives 10 people water the rest of their life 144 give 30 people water for the rest their life the welds are forty eight hundred could you give one could you give twelve hundred toward it or 2,400 and pray others join you would you please right now dial that number take that card it becomes a life card we have some gifts to send you to say thank you for giving the great gift of God's love you know absolutely undeniable expression thank you for doing it today a mother living in extreme poverty will do the unthinkable give her children dirty diseased filled water that she knows could kill them with no other choice what some mother to do with your help clean water is on the way mission water for Life provides a way for parents to save the lives of their children to offer them a bright future free from the fear of death with your gift today you can help drill and establish the first 200 water wells of the year your gift of $24 will help provide clean water for five children a gift of $48 will help provide for ten seventy two dollars will provide for 15 and one hundred forty-four dollars will help provide life-giving water for thirty people for a lifetime with your gift will send you the praying grace fifty five day devotional this new devotional will help you renew your mind to the realities of God's grace and help you pray powerful grace based prayers for each day with your gift of $100 or more request the praying grace tumbler this reusable 16-ounce container is constructed with insulated stainless steel perfect for hot or cold beverages finally please consider a gift of $1,200 to help provide water for 250 people or a gift of $4,800 to help sponsor a complete well and you may request the beautiful new commemorative bronze sculpture safe in the Sheppard's arms please call write or make your gift online help us give a drink of water give a well of water gift card it dr. coverts book you can get it online into the book stores you help us give someone water and you want this book just ask fault we'll send it to you dr. Cobras going to be back and he's going to talk to us about something he thinks in many ways is just as important actually in a way they flow hand-in-hand and especially we'll be talking about hormones and in a very positive and powerful he says life enriching way would you join Betty and me saying thanks to dr. donna kholer his wife Mary [Applause] thank you for watching thanks to help on a share life Daniel brings out the whole it'll be here the next show when we optimize these hormones it's amazing how people are able to come off medications get into the hormone zone tomorrow life today is made possible by the supporters of Life outreach international your gift will be used exclusively for the exempt purposes of life the ministry features specific outreaches as examples of the programs it supports and conducts gifts are considered to be without restriction as to use unless explicitly stipulated by the donor the ministry is a member of the EC FA

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