Dr. Becker and Bill Bookout Talk About Pet Health Supplements

hi my name is Bill Bookout I'm the president and one of the founding members of the national animal supplement Council and I know what nasc is and I want you to tell our listeners and readers more about that but before we get to that talk to me about how and why you started this organization that's a good question so my story is I grew up in Wyoming and all I ever wanted in my life was a bird dog and so um it's emotional for me tell the story yeah so Oliver was a bird dog and I finally got a black lab his name was Lancelot and he was great dog I finally graduated from college I was in the medical device and drug business I had a house and a yard got my dog and he was the greatest dog and he was so great I decided to need another one so I got cinder who was a female well I heard that large dogs could have hip problems and so man I made an appointment two years old took my dog to the vet Lancelot was fine he was named dis lab so he was stocky heavy bodied dog took cinder in four months later and she has bilateral hip dysplasia and it's severe right so I say what can I do you know my daughter pony help my dog nothing so I don't do anything finally you know she got to where was she when she was seven years old she could hardly walk and so I took her in I had to total hip replacement stuff and it was a great procedure I'm glad I did it but that led me to a career change I was in the medical device and drug business and I accepted a position at the third largest specialty companion animal referral center in the United States so in the course of that experience my my dog Lancelot was diagnosed with cancer so I work with leading oncologists we do surgery it did radiation therapy and he's cured right but when he was seven when he was 11 years old the tumor came back and I was given a three month prognosis with my own dog so I'm looking for help at that point so I meet dr. hor Basco who's a great friend brilliant tremendous clinician yeah brilliant healer and he helped me with my his products and so my dog through diet changes and supplements leave two and a half years good quality of life and it wasn't long enough but I was very Thanks through that experience we started a company and so we started the company Genesis Resources and I was in the business and I made some bad assumption I made the assumption that these products were regulated just like human dietary supplements they're not and so there were public announcements made in 2001 that a lot of these products we're gonna be removed from the marketplace and so we found it NESC with 18 companies at that point in an attempt to try to engage the regulatory agencies meaning FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine and the state regulatory agencies to identify and implement a system of responsible conduct because I didn't want to be viewed as selling snake oil absolutely and people don't know what products to pick there's so many out there they found the keyboard on the internet yes they're educated by dr. Google yep and we didn't want to leave that to chance and I didn't want to be viewed in that rut in that category right and so the national animal supplement council over the last 13 years we have good manufacturing practice standards we have a database with over a hundred billion bytes of data we track 20 131 ingredients over 7,000 products real time we have labeling claims that are truthful and you know nobody's out there curing everything from parvo to cancer we have an on-site audit program similar to an FDA on it where we conduct an on-site inspection to verify these things have been implemented the requirements for continuing education so that when veterinarians or pet owners or horse owners you know see products with this nasc seal that means that we've checked them out quality wise we have you independent product testing so we buy products from the marketplace we test to make sure they meet label claim and so that's a little bit about my story and how I got into the business and really it's what you're doing is is I don't say forcing transparency but for companies that are interested in and proud of the products that they have so more colas products we're very proud we want to be transparent but it's also if we're telling you hey we've got great products that are human grade it doesn't really count the great thing about what your independent organization doing is you're basically offering a transparency program that's right and you also are doing the validation to make sure that that what we say is in the products really in the product and I think that's so important because you and I both know we've been in this industry long enough that there are a ton of products out there not only are there two to pick from regardless of how pretty the label is yeah the quality of those ingredients may not be what you think they are especially with Anna products with animal supplements you know feed grade and food grade many people don't know the difference but but it's there could be huge quality issues and really your organization strives to to demonstrate that there's a Independent System that will validate quality and I think that's really important yeah how many how many companies are members of nasc 135 companies we represent about 90 percent of the industry okay we're the leading trade association certainly in North America probably the world yes we're very narrowly focused so we only do supplements that are similar to human dietary supplements for dogs cats and horses and one of the new programs that we've introduced is we try to have total supply chain management so we have a preferred supplier program and it seems intuitive right you have to start with a quality raw material or a quality ingredient of known potency purity and concentration to formulate the products properly and then put that together in by a system that's repeatable and that's called process control and that allows you to have a consistent outcome and that seems simple but you really have a written policy procedure so you do the same thing the same way every time starting with one of materials exactly you don't start with quality raw materials yeah you're not gonna have a quality outcome yep so we have a complete program and the other thing that we've done is we have engaged the regulatory agencies meaning FDA and state regulatory agencies have been totally transparent great in fact FDA I just came from FDA and we meet with them every six months they come to our annual meeting so everything that we have done or plan to do we run by FDA and we work very constructively and I have a very very good team of FDA and a good relationship it's great with with the Food Drug Administration's so do you have supplement companies that that come to you and quite honestly fail and then you work with them to get them up to standard yes yeah so that's a very good question I'm not to say that everything we've done in our organization on our systems and processes are perfect because they're not let me give you an example no system no matter how rigorously defined is perfect right if it were everybody would agree that the drug approval process is already rigorous right right yet we have drug recall terrible or we have revised reasons that's because you know people can make one of the things that we know tomorrow that we don't know today so we have a responsible system that gives a high degree of confidence but what we really do is engage in a process of continuous improvement so as we know more things and identify more things we are continuously improving what we do yeah well and really for really for me what what this what you're providing to the industry is a seal of really kind of a stamp of purity and transparency that that you can trust those supplements they've been through a voluntary process that is allowing them to be documented and verified and and that should put for people that say I'm nervous about animal supplements I only use human supplements it's your it's your organization that actually allows people to feel comfortable feeding animal supplements because the standards at which your organization have said are high enough that we can all feel confident using supplements that have been approved by NSF and the industry has really voluntarily embraced this program because if we don't are not proactive yes then we are destined to be reactive then the government will dictate it yeah boss and those might not be the best things for the industry it might be standards that aren't the best or the veterinarian's so I'd like to also say you know some people think how do you join any ASC yep it's in our bylaws that you have to have a direct interview with me for a company to join so I asked them about the products I try to ask about the quality philosophy of the company make sure they're willing to adhere to our standards because they sign a written contract there's a code of conduct document that they have to sign so they can't just join nasc they just take the money and everybody and and everyone set the label on yeah it isn't a crazy and I can attest to that you have incredibly rigorous standards and we appreciate you for that yeah and you can't buy the seat right you have to go through even once you join you have to go through an on-site audit process and demonstrate that you have implemented these programs in your company yeah in order to be able to display the seal and pass the on and that's required every two years and it's wonderful so you're really holding you're holding the animal supplement industry to a very high standard which I appreciate and I appreciate that you set it up I appreciate that it came out of your desire to improve the industry and I certainly appreciate what you're doing thank you for spending a few minutes you very welcome together and I'm not certainly take worthy of total credit together I think it's summary we've made a tremendous difference together along with clinicians and the companies in making a difference in the lives of millions of animals in the United States and worldwide yeah you have thank you thank you

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