Douglas Laboratories Innovative, Nutritional Supplements

for over 60 years Douglas laboratories has developed and manufactured innovative science backed nutritional supplements designed for long-term health healthy aging in the maintenance of an active lifestyle some popular products from Douglas laboratories includes multi probiotic 40-billion multi probiotic 40-billion this symbiotic blend of 16 potent strands of beneficial micro flora plus fos provides 40 billion CFU per vegetarian capsule vitamin d five thousand one capsule provides 5,000 IU of natural IO available vitamin d3 B complex with meta Folan this product provides a comprehensive blend of highly bioavailable essential B vitamins along with intrinsic factor a necessary nutrient for efficient and optimal b12 absorption beauty box skin support this kit includes one bottle of skin protect and one bottle of skin nourish skin protect delivers a clinically studied blend of antioxidants to promote smooth healthy skin from the inside out while helping to defend against harmful effects of UV sunlight exposure and environmental stresses if you have any questions about this brand or any other brand the professional supplement Center carries please call visit or email us and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you

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