Douglas Laboratories – High Quality Nutritional Supplements

Douglas Laboratories for over 60 years Douglas Laboratories his research developed and formulated innovative science-based nutritional supplements designed to support healthy aging and overall wellness to ensure the highest quality all raw materials are third-party tested for identity and potency so popular products from Douglas laboratories includes a score plex 1000 this formula provides pure vitamin C as ascorbic acid specifically buffered with calcium magnesium and potassium ascorbate s' as well as a proprietary citrus pectin and bioflavonoids cal-mag this product provides 500 milligrams of Elemental calcium and 500 milligrams of Elemental magnesium in a one-to-one ratio additional nutrients include boron glutamic acid and vitamins C and d3 in support of the maintenance of healthy bone structure ultra preventive X this carefully formulated comprehensive synergistic complex provides bioavailable multi vitamins and minerals as well as carotenoids enzymes and an organic fruit and vegetable blend in support of overall health and wellness if you have any questions please call visit or email the professional supplement center and one of our knowledgeable supplement specialists will be happy to assist you

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