Dorian Yates Looks at His Old Bodybuilding Pictures – The Joe Rogan Experience

hello freak bitches I feel good now if I can get a suit from Hugo Boss a couple of months ago off the rack and this was like so happy I could just buy a suit off the rack you know before I have it made and if we go for a fitting go for another fitting all right I'm sure they looked at the measurement on paper they were like what the flower they get suta for what is this and I was like this wide going down as it was this is wardrobe what is it you know so yeah I look on the other side of it you know young guys coming up maybe they think less strange like and ask me don't you do look at pictures back and think wow look like that I'm like no I don't look at I just look at that and I think wow that was extreme and what I did and that's crazy and it's incredible but because it was my petition for yourself I did a little bit sometimes when I look at those black and white pictures giant picture of during eat and if you got any of those black and white pictures man that's just like a claim there it is look at that E oh that's insane man that's like you couldn't really fit any more muscle on to that frame really you're not really knowing I know I went to places and I did things that other people you know in the gym look at your forearms well there's a thing for arms I never did any training for forearms all that was just from gripping the bar when I was doing back training mainly and and some bicep training and stuff side 19-inch forearms and I didn't do a single exercise for them apart from gripping onto get that it's so ridiculous well that's a good picture but not me I don't know how dare you Jamie he'll open on doing it because so that's what I'm on writing some thread on Google put out wedges keep going to your right no no down where you were yeah go to your right one more that one BAM side tricep Jesus Christ from on stage picture from mr. Olympia so what you can see if you look on the legs you can see the thinness of the skin and the like identity of the muscle underneath like there's no fat there's no water between the skin layer and the muscle layer what a lie but what percent of body fat did you get down – well I don't really know because I had skin fold caliper is used to do round for calipers and you're not accurate they used to get down to like 3.5 probably like a month out but I know I got leaner after that but it didn't really register because they're not that accurate after that point so I don't know maybe three percent but it's you know nobody measures your body fat is what you look like it's a visual thing bro it's really what you look like in a mirror but how did you know like how much water to drink and when to back off and experience I didn't really your legs dude I don't really direct water intake until like every 24 hours before the contests look at your right leg there that's preposterous yeah that's a huge medialis right over the neither so yeah that's a lot of sick work man that's like that's like I used to train legs pretty much once a week and for four or five days of every week I had trouble sitting on the toilet I had trouble moving around I mean if I didn't I wouldn't be happy man I can feel that pain pain in the ass pain in the leg just to sit down ah but hey satisfying because you know you've done some damage right it's like that and the damage repairs itself to get slightly bigger and stronger bodybuilding is just an adaptation to stress you know you put a certain stress your body's going to adapt to it I need to get bigger and stronger so I can handle this stress next time that's basically what it is so continually trying to stress yourself like anything like you want to get better cardio got extra cardio system so it adapts yeah there's no other way right to get that big I mean there's no shortcuts there's nothing you can do there's no easy route well I don't know it looks like guys are looking for the easy route now because I don't see them training that hard but then you don't see the quality of their physique the guys are big now but you look at the quality it's not the same it's not the same not the same Keeney is generally accepted in bodybuilding that the 90s was the peak of competitive physics as far as the standard and the depth of the standard there was like six to eight guys on that stage that were like really like if you're off you know there's places called cherry now you got one guy Phil Phil hey there's mr. olympia and it's pretty like distance between him and the next few guys now what is it though that mean is it doesn't it open the door for a current modern-day Dorian Yates like some super dedicated person me physiologically people can still do the same things that you did yeah but things have changed since the nineties there's a lot more avenues that people could choose to go down as like doing a sport or I mean for instance UFC it didn't exist right in the early 90s I remember watching the first show on it was in New York Hollis on TV the first the very first one you know with the boys Gracie so you got you got em ma you got CrossFit and you've got all these other competitions now in the in the bodybuilding arena that's not bodybuilding it's men's physique whether we're the board shorts and they gotta have a nice physique and abdominals a kind of physically the most rifle aspire to have I guess you've got classic bodybuilding so you've got a lot of different avenues and I think the interest in pure bodybuilding is a lot less than I mean in the 90s everyone wanted to be a bodybuilder it was like hugely popular yeah what's interesting now what is this Jamie will be pulling up here this is a mr. Olympia from 1996 of myself Sean ray in the middle and that's one of Coleman on the end who became an eight-time mr. Olympia games are on Jack also it's so hard to tell see them like I'm looking at this in my kind of like oh the guy on the end is the best that were there well it's also got to be hard for that tiny dude that's next to you you know Oh finally they decided to dude has always been unhappy because it got Ben by me but thing is I had a great physique just like Frank Zane had a great physique right you know if he was the same size as Arnold maybe he would have beaten but he wasn't the same size as Arnold and right and goes through the gentle not there mr. Shawn right he had a great physique but you know house twice as big so a big guy always baits a good little guy right now yeah [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Us short guys : TRIGGERED

  2. That picture he looks juice'd up. Yea that pain is a good feeling.

  3. Loved it when he started ripping Shawn Ray for being the little guy, he's always been salty for losing to Dorian all those years.

  4. Rogans wet dream

  5. How’s that dudes liver n kidneys holding up?

  6. I like how honest and free of ego he is

  7. I did a few shows for 10 years and i could not do it anymore. It's such a sad life. I loved it, but its a 24/7 job. At the natural level, i would say most natural shows are 90% not natural. I got up to 210lbs and i was in terrible health. It's not a healthy sport man.

  8. Maybe you got out at the right time , Coleman can't hardly walk anymore

  9. He was on steroids folks

  10. Best back in bodybuilding ever IMO

  11. Thank you Dorian for mentioning Frank Zane.
    to me he had a much better body then Arny and me loves Arny

  12. 5:48 ronnie coleman's back! 😱

  13. Dorian quit while he still had his health. Smart man.

  14. İt's all steroids, bodybuilding is shitshow

  15. Dorian Yates seems like a good guy to get a drink with at a bar. I think if he had been able to do interviews like this at his bodybuilding peak, he would have been massively more popular.

  16. Back then pharmaceutical drugs better!
    Not ugl shit!!!!
    Better quality food
    Less distraction from social media ect
    Your girl playing head fuck games
    Everything has changed…

  17. I've met Dorian twice. Such a down to earth honest guy. One of the greats for me.

  18. That’s a great picture but it’s not me.. and that’s the thumbnail they use for this video. Fuckin tards

  19. To the people saying steroids, yes they play a part, only like 10%. Anybody can inject themselves with something, but you still gotta eat clean and work your ass off day in and day out

  20. "The tiny dude"…Shawn Ray must have loved watching this!

  21. hes right about the 90s being the peak of bodybuilding. its began to lose its way about 15 years ago, thay all look stupid now. bloated stomarks, beachball woddly legs etc

  22. Guys like Dorian, Arnold, Levrone, Zane, etc. were all guys that did it the right way. I think so many bodybuilders have a reverse body dysmorphia, and can't deal with being smaller, and at times can't deal with being the size they are, and want to keep getting bigger. As soon as these guys were out of competing, they clearly dropped the gear completely, or down to smaller levels to maintain healthy test, and trimmed up. Levrone would always go in the opposite direction and shrink in the off season even when he was competing. These guys did it for the job of being a bodybuilding competitor. But once they were off stage for good, they had enough self confidence that they didn't need to be 280lbs to be confident in themselves. It's a shame more pros don't take a page from that book. Seeing Markus Ruhl, still all geared up, and 270lbs, when he has nothing to compete for is sad. He's not going to make it to 55.



  25. I trained in the Temple Gym in 99, Dorian was a true gentleman. All the people at the gym made me feel at home.

  26. No, the forearms and legs are from truckloads of GH, insulin, IGF-1, steroids, uppers, downers, diuretics and veterinary drugs. Let’s tell the truth now shall we?

  27. He looks like he can be brons dad from game of thrones

  28. 100% natural

  29. Not so freaky looking anymore wow he was huge where did it all go man

  30. This was my VERY 1st Joe Rogan podcast I listened to✊ Dorian ALWAYS has my respect🙏🙌

  31. The pic in the thubnail is not even Dorian. It’s Jeff Long.

  32. the first sentence Dorian said in this clip reminded me Korg

  33. Screw this guy. 19 inch forearms???!!!???

  34. 2:06. Might be the infamous Captain America picture "inspiration".

  35. i was never impressed with dorian yates. i always thought his torn bicep looked awful and that there were other bodybuilders who had better physiques. i do give him props for going out in the world and being a champion though.

  36. No mention of steroids?

  37. Best ever

  38. I know this is late but, fuck you JAIME… learn to pull up the right photos. Don’t embarrass Joe like that you Judas Preist

  39. Yates was awesome, and held the best of company! Just like Arnold, there will never be another one!


  41. Muscle dysmorphia

  42. I like Yates.

  43. Dorian was the best MR O, aside from Arnold, to ever grace the stage. He ushered in the freak look but with class and symmetry. After him it got way distorted. There will never be another Dorian.

  44. Can either one say a sentence without dropping an F bomb? Show some class.

  45. Thanks Joe. Thanks Dorian. Peace out

  46. ALL STEROIDS… even vince mcmahon put alot of muscle on… levrone put it on, took it off, put it on again… Look at yates now…. every gain…. NOTHING…. The druggies are not what they look like at all…. All of these guys, arnold included, are nothing… Natural is the true indicator of muscle… The true trainers… yates didnt even train forearms because of his drugs….. The entire sport or art or drug use is a total laugh.. along with powerlifting.. or these other guys who have ytbe.. You're on drugs, it's not you… you become like yates here, nothing….

  47. But Frank Zane did take the Olympia 3 times!!!

  48. I get freaked out by my old pictures too.. For other reasons though, Lol 🙂

  49. Dorian you're a personal hero of mine and from 91-93(94 arguably you were truly in the top 5 bodybuilders of all time)but complaining about modern bod building doesn't sit right with me. You LITERALLY created the "mass monster" trend that evolved into what we see in the sport today. Sure; you didn't have quite as crazy a physique as the modern day competitor, but you inspired them to become that way in the first place!

    My personal top 5 is: 5 – Arnold, he literally brought bodybuilding into the mainstream, and became a cutural icon; 4 – Paul Dillet, his posing was probably the one of the worst ever but GOD DAMN did he have some of the best genetics I've ever seen; 3 – Either Jay Cutler or Dorian Yates, I almost feel bad for Jay, he lived in the shadow of Ronnie despite being unbelievable himself, and Yates ushered in a new era, 2 – Ronnie, he defines the term 'mass monster' and is the most lovable body builder ever, 1 – Lee Haney – This guy had one of the most aesthetic physiques in the history of BB, and for some reason isn't celebrated as much as much as the others in the list (bar Paul Dillet))

  50. Dorian and Mentzer. ….best.

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