Don'ts of the gym

you're about to witness the Dozen Jim no no's rule number one do you ever go to the gym and you see those men and women dressed as if they were going to the club let's walk to the gym see you later monday chest it is my bench there you know stock up the g35 the detail shop but I thought you better got them set yeah you know the rims on their chest I'm a super sale I'll talk to you later that's up with it too yeah kind of friend taught you that again rule number two sitting a bench or station for a ridiculously long period of time there are other people in the gym that would like to use that equipment you just happen to be sitting at yeah yeah have any more set you have have any more cetera excuse me how many more sets you have don't have done dude I just wanted to know how many said to it here for like 10 minutes all right rule number three what about those people and at the gym well number four could you explain to me why people feel the need to pack on the weights complete only one full repetition and scream one more while having to rely entirely on their spotter so yeah I'll get surf and I went too far away then I went to DJ's let me give you a photo x5 stop right there what whoa it's too light put these on Tuesday yes well I'll talk to you later man all right can you lift off yeah I'm going for seventeen seventeen all right oh maybe 2000 Hey okay lift up on on three okay one two I think I'm gonna drop come on see 35 push it up for sure but Lord are you sure these are norms here you guys come on come on get up get up one Lord ah yeah oh well number five people who watch others work out it's not only weird but it's creepy yeah you're right okay wouldn't work in today's Chester all right well okay well number six people who put way too much weight on it and have absolutely terrible form I'm at Surf Club I'm David brutto we're taking shoppers shop is going at agile it's Tuesday for Daisy Oh Thursday some day look roll number seven staring to the mirror with your shirt either up or completely off it's not confident its cocky you are not mr. fantastic nice alright bamboo this weekend baby rule number eight going to the gym to hit on women if you want to hit on women go to the bar negative Auto workplace stuff gonna do it yeah babe yeah no no no listen I'm gonna give you a call tonight I'm gonna give you for the night all right yeah but your comment I I take care hey what's up can I get a protein shake please there you go that does it actually you know what why don't you just give me your number yeah yeah rule number nine being that guy who is always at the gym talks to everyone but never really seems to work out what's going on then let's go all right yeah all right so my boy yeah I'm all we can say we were at bar way you got him Stuart to come on here we're at barber Rev all right you type all right now you want to quick Belmar which is empowering and I'm confused I have mig-35 rule number 10 have those people who work three different body parts on three different machines and then claim that they are circuit training come on all right sorry I'll buy that too dude how many machines are you working I'm circuitry hey shoot yeah alright okay rule number 11 how about those people who go around critiquing everyone else's work out for him no no no no no what are you doing but do it again what do it again not low enough go lower lower dude what's your problem ah lower where's your problem dude do you want to help or not not for me I am a personal trainer obviously I can tell by your appearance and finally rule number 12 please do not add your own stench to the equipment and others around you it's disgusting now you know how not to behave you're ready to workout g35 baby way


  1. What's wrong with club clothes..

  2. The indian guy was funny

  3. omg there's this new guy moaning so loud at my gym. I wish I had 6-10 volunteers we could all fake orgasms together while he's doing his sets.

  4. who gives a fuck about gym no no.

  5. ?

  6. damn this old asf

  7. 2:03 i told my mom i was watching porn. Its easier to explain

  8. 2019?

  9. Number 7 8 9 10 are kind of something That everybody does

  10. Follow these rules or get dropped by the bodybuilder in the gym

  11. 6:28
    I am the exact opposite off this guy!

  12. sitting at the bench for 10 minutes (as long as youโ€™re doing it) and grunting a little bit at the gym isnโ€™t even bad at all. Also, when you do one extra rep and even if itโ€™s mostly your spotter it does help you get stronger and build muscle.

  13. Nice half rep 0:52

  14. Good good

  15. Was doing great until the last rule, goddammit

  16. got plenty of posers at my gym who spend more time playing with their phones or flirting than actually getting anything done, go to the pub if you want to do that!. there's also this one guy who drops the weights as hard as he can, sheesh you must be a big hit with the ladies!

  17. Don't change the radio unless everyone who got there before you has left

  18. The most distinctive noise I ever heard in a gym was when a guy was loading 20kg weights onto a seated calf-raise machine. He was dropping the plates onto the vertical bar, with each plate making a metallic "clunk" sound as it landed. When the plates got to about crotch level he leaned in a little too close with his hips and the sound changed from "clunk" to "thunk" as a plate landed on the front of his shorts. He let out a sorted of strangulated yelp before hobbling off towards the changing rooms. Poor guy was in a world of pain.

  19. TY guys for that . I hadnt laughed so hard in a while, great info……

  20. Another is for fit guy myself id like people watching my fat friend in the gym๐Ÿ˜ค

  21. 2019 still can relate ๐Ÿ˜‚

  22. Bro u need to smoke a chill stick

  23. Saying gauzuntight when there's a silent but deadly

  24. Forgot road rage guy

  25. I hate those fuckers thats scream like a girl

  26. Number ten gets on my tits pick one dick

  27. 5:42 wee woooo weeee woooo ๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. This is like the Clerks of gym videos.

  29. for gym staff: stop with the stupid 'mumbling nigga hood music'

  30. How about those motherfuckers that don't return the dumbbell to its place

  31. Some of the worst is when people hog the equipment to use it on something different than what its meant for.. Like using the bench press bench for training their abs..

  32. There's no way I will ever go to a gym, !

  33. Almost none one of those advices sounded sensible or reasonable.

  34. There's this group of underage total douche bags at my gym who will take up an entire room just loitering and taking pictures of themselves, then when I get on a machine, they have the audacity to ask me how many sets I have left.

  35. It's so funny OMG ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  36. If you need a liftoff, why are you tryna go for 17 or 20 reps?

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