Don't Buy Another Piece Of Cheap Meat Until You Watch This

buying cheap meat sounds like a good deal at first but it comes with a cost some disturbing studies have found cheap meat is not always made up of what you think you're buying so when it comes to meat buying the expensive cut is always the best choice so why is meat so cheap how is it possible for a fast food chain to sell to hamburgers or drinks and sides for $5.00 Americans spend the least amount of money on food compared to other countries so we expect our food to be cheap the average American spends just 9.5 percent of his or her disposable income on food it seems the answer to cheap food lies in how the animals are kept and treated the rise of large factory farms has kept me cheap but at what cost former US Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman told PBS we tend to take our food for granted and don't pay much attention to how it ends up on our plates large factory farms are efficient but have their own problems such as animal waste and water quality because the cows and other animals must be kept in close quarters they can easily pass bacteria to one another the World Cancer Research Fund has made a startling declaration often beloved meats like sausage bacon ham and hot dogs can cause certain types of cancer in addition the International Agency for research on cancer better known as the IAR C concluded that cheap processed meat is now officially a carcinogen which means it causes cancer the agency also labeled all red meat as a probable carcinogen processed meat is a cheap alternative to more expensive cuts and include hotdogs deli meat bacon sausage and ham in the UK 54 percent of bowel cancer cases are linked to lifestyle factors and half of those are from processed meat eating these meats every day can increase risk for colorectal cancer by as much as 18 percent factory farms don't sound like humane places to live let alone be slaughtered research has shown how cows are slaughtered actually affects the quality of the meat produced from them according to the slaughtering guidelines posted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations the animals mussels contain glycogen which is converted to lactic acid after slaughter having that lactic acid produces tender flavorful meat when the animal become stressed before slaughter the use of other glycogen stores which means less lactic acid of course this means tough bland meat but it also raises some serious questions about how we're treating these animals when you buy local grass-fed beef you're supporting farmers who care about the quality and environment of their animals and meats because these farmers raised fewer animals and spend more to take care of them they must charge more for their meat putting in the time to find responsible and ethical farmers in your area is worth it because it would be nearly impossible to keep a massive factory farm perfectly clean there are going to be infections floating around to prevent these infections factory farmers feed the livestock small doses of antibiotics to promote growth and keep infections at bay actually feeding animals antibiotics can cause them to grow as much as three percent more which means more money when you sell that meat because this level of antibiotic use isn't enough to actually kill off bacteria these farms are creating antibiotic resistant bacteria this means that the antibiotics we've always relied on to cure our infections are now less effective according to microbiologist dr. Glenn Morris these tiny doses of antibiotics can lead to big health problems if you were to eat meat that was contaminated with this antibiotic resistant bacteria and become ill your body might not respond to traditional antibiotics like it should according to u.s. News & World Report traces of the antibiotics administered to animals can be found in the meat we buy and consume a danger that especially affects younger children a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports every year more than two million people in the United States get infections resistant to antibiotics designed to fight them this can be partially blamed on the decreasing effectiveness of the antibiotics given to livestock and overprescribe to people by doctors a majority of those infections directly affect children under the age of five cheap meat doesn't just mean a cruel environment for the animals everyone's environment will suffer on traditional farms animal waste can be used to fertilize crops in a large factory farm there aren't enough crops to use up all that waste so it has to go somewhere the waste is shipped away and can end up leaking into waterways and lagoons in Iowa alone the Department of Natural Resources found that 99 waterways were contaminated enough to kill the fish according to science magazine the increasing demands for huge quantities of cheap meat is a phenomenon that greatly affects the Earth's biodiversity the Green is say raising beef contributes to global warming a 2014 Guardian report notes that while many people believe transportation vehicles contribute most to pollution the meat industry actually creates more greenhouse gas emissions than all automobiles planes trains and ships combined the cited study shows that fifteen percent of emissions come from livestock and most of that is traced back to the beef and dairy industries the folks at PETA the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were pleased with the findings this report confirmed what PETA has been saying for years that we are headed towards environmental catastrophe if we don't change the way we eat so buying more expensive meats may be harder on your wallet but it'll benefit you and just about every other way imaginable check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more mass videos about your favorite foods are coming soon subscribe to our YouTube channel and at the belt so you don't miss a single one


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  2. This is just scare tactics to make people become vegetarians.

  3. Ok but even if the animals were treated well there is no way to kill animals nicely

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  5. Could you please site your sources.

  6. Meat is expensive in South Africa hehe

  7. 2:36 is that even real

  8. They said "all red meat" is dangerous but the list they referenced included only pork products. Beef is good for you.

  9. So Costco hot dog bad?

  10. Thank You for entertaining us and keeping us healthy Mashed.

  11. #Vegetarianism

    Good thing I am . For life.

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  13. Serious vegan vibes

  14. And they said red meat is bad for you so what meat should we eat just chicken and I'll be damned if if I eat pork

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  16. Halal meat its great alawys fresh and taste much better

  17. Peta also believes that owning dogs and taking good care of them should be illegal because they are 'wild' animals

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  19. Mashed: Stop buying cheap meat
    People living paycheck to paycheck: thanks for the advice

  20. do I gotta cure my own bacon now

  21. Let them tell it we shouldn't eat shit all we should do is drink water and depending on where you are that isnt safe either 🙍‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  22. Well let’s see-you reference PETA, The United Nations, the climate change hoaxers, And large commercial farms who’s benefits far outweigh any of the negatives. Any other left-wing progressive lunatic ideas you want to post? Post things like these are becoming more and more propaganda and lesser facts

  23. Add fresh herbs to your meats will kill all that..for ex..thyme..oregano…rosemary

  24. For all the body positive fat people out there who can't stop eating meat…The fatter you get the more we can see that you don't give a fuck about the animals or yourself.

  25. the cows and pigs are so cute i feel so bad for them 🥺🥺

  26. At this point we’ve been told everything causes cancer. We don’t actually know what causes cancer or how to treat it. These companies attack each other to make money. This year fish is unhealthy, next year beef is the devil.

  27. But then you go to a business buy the "expensive food" and the give you the "cheap food"….

  28. Peta kidnapps and kills animals, and methane does not stick around nearly as long as co2

  29. Come to India, and you will love your BAD meat as well 😂🤣😂

  30. I am a member of PETA!!! People eating tasty animals!!!!!

  31. Simple happy cows = better tasting steaks

  32. Hahhah.. you read fake news and make a video.. lol dislike

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  34. I wonder what conglomerate sponsored this video.

  35. What is cheap meat? When i go to the supermarket all that meat is expensive.

  36. Sarcastically: Cheap meat is made cheaply? Oh 💩 who would've ever guessed…

  37. Imagining the animal you’re eating right now and it’s life will probably end up being a slightly effective way to reduce your appetite.

  38. who likes mashed?

  39. Factory farming is repulsive and truly sickening.

  40. Well, time to go foraging then.

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