Dog Diseases: Prevention & Treatment : How to Detect & Prevent Bloating & Torsion in Dogs

my name is dr. ender Josh and I will tell you how to detect and prevent bloating and torsion in dogs first of all you must remember that this condition can be fertile in dogs and the condition itself means usually after the heavy meal the stomach is full with the air and food and it can turn around itself first it bloats and then it turns around itself and this is a very very dangerous situation to prevent it the best way to give food twice a day for the dogs and you also must remember that this condition mainly occurs in large or giant breeds a much rarer condition in smaller breeds the other possibility to prevent this phenomenon to avoid the exercise one hour before and one hour after the meal it mostly occurs after the evening meal so watch carefully your dog and the other most important thing that the frequency occurs or more frequently occurs this condition with the age if your dog is getting older how to recognize this condition first of all you have to watch an excellent carefully your dog you can see very often the bloating itself the stomach area the ghost guerrero is bigger but if you just recognize any kind of salvation ranching restlessness in your dog consult immediately your veterinarian the time factor is very important if you see your veterinarian as early as possible you have a better chance and your dog has a better chance for surviving this very very dangerous situation


  1. bloating plss help me my dog is suffering from diss no gud hospital r here sooo plss wat should i doo which medicine plss help me plssss

  2. What is the cause?  Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. @autigervet Thank you for your advice, sir. It's appreciated!

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