Dog Diarrhea Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment (dog health tips)

diarrhea and dogs when to worry when not to worry when to worry or dog owners diarrhea can be a relatively frequent occurrence and knowing when to worry when to treat a bomb and what to look for can be important we run through what you need to know for many diseases diarrhea may be the only warning sign and some early intervention can save your pet discomfort and save you from a complete smelly mess you in these cases early treatment can actually save you money on the other hand rushing your pet to the vet every time you see some salt pieces is not practical or necessary the types of diarrhea that do need a visit to the vet Oh diarrhea that is very watery that has been going on more than 48 hours to meet the dehydration Dyer here with vomiting lethargy and loss of appetite bloated or obviously distended abdomen abdominal pain sitting in the praying position with abdomen stretched out panting excessively vocalizing when touched or pacing black feces can indicate digested blood large amounts of fresh blood a small amount just once is okay when not to worry if your dog is bright and happy the diarrhea has been going on for less than 48 hours and none of the above has occurred you probably don't need to worry dot yet it is quite likely your dog has just eaten something that has upset his glass store when Dustin retract whether it be a rich food something fatty or perhaps something a bit stinky at the park what to do at home avoid giving any human medications to your pet without veterinary advice many medications have a different effect on dogs compared to humans so it is best to err on the side of caution for dogs that are well and not very old or very young the best thing you can do is fast your dog for 24 hours do not feed anything at all just water if your dog is vomiting is old and debilitated or is a young toy breed perhaps ask for veterinary advice first before doing the fast after the 24-hour fast hopefully your dog has stopped defecating quite so much and things are settling down at this point it is likely the intestines need some recovery time feeding a bland diet of cook lean chicken and white rice in a 50 hours 50 minutes freo is easy to digest and gentlemen feed this for five days then gradually introduce your dog's normal food over a further seven days sudden diet changes are usually not great for dogs your dog may also need some probiotics to repopulate the gut flora appropriately avoid the use of yoghurt in pets as the good bacteria would not survive the trip from the stomach anyway you are better off with a proper dog formulation love your dog please do subscribe our Channel and stay with us thank you for watching this video bye bye


  1. My dog just starting pooping and it looked loose just today

  2. My pupper got his shots 2 days ago and since then he has being pooping alot like diarrhoea , vomitting and has lost his appetite. I can see worms in his poop and he is not as active as usual . Can anyone help?

  3. Music is too loud and distracting

  4. Diarrhoea??? And diarrohea???

  5. my puppy not going potty and it was sick

  6. I took all the excitement away the kids with the high pitched voices. This seem to help my new 3 months puppy shih tzu..It allowed him to stay calm keeping emotions in tack seem to really help. Also no water during the fast..the water triggered more episodes. The kids were willing to be quiet for the puppy to get better. I kept them upstairs and whenever they ate they were very quiet. I hope this helps you all because I was ready to give up..

  7. im 15 i cant pay 4 the vet and my dog has black feces,loss of apatite , diarrhea, and vomiting i know i need to go to vet but how someone help me

  8. Can this video get any more boring

  9. I hate to criticize this video, but there are a whole lot of typos on your slides . Diarrhea is mispelled over a dozen times, and in about 4 different ways. I think the information might be more trustworthy without the spelling and gramatical errors.I mean no offense by this, but its hard to trust that someone is knowledgable about something if they cannot even spell it correctly.

  10. Thanks alot I have to go to the vet☺☺

  11. thanks..

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