Does your DNA determine what you can and cannot eat?

sir Emma tell us about this utility to symmetry okay so most of us at some stage have realized that when it comes to diet and lifestyle advice one size does not fit all in other words a diet that work wonders for a friend isn't necessarily doing the same for you now studies have proven that your genes actually determine the level of impact that your diet and lifestyle choices have on not only weight management but also your health and disease risks so with the knowledge of your DNA we can actually personalize a meal plan for you and gives you dive style and supplementation advice based on your genetic priority areas okay and for example if I have family history of diabetes or cancer or something like that is this taste going to tell me being if I'm going to get it not exactly so we get different types of genetic tests one being finding out who your ancestors were based on your genes and another tastes looking at genetic mutations and yeah which did take cases of cancer and things like Down syndrome in this case unfortunately diet and lifestyle cannot change these specific mutations and in the genetic testing that we're talking about is genetic variants testing so this can determine your risk of things like obesity or other chronic diseases like diabetes heart disease cancer even osteoporosis but luckily in this case your diet and lifestyle can actually alter your risk for these certain diseases in other words your genes load the gun and your lifestyle intact pulls the trigger okay so in terms of disease prevention and weight management which tastes should I be going for me okay so in this case definitely the genetic vary tasting but Jack purely depends on what your nutrition and health goals are when choosing a specific genetic tastes meaning is obesity and weight management a concern for you do you have a family history of the diseases that I mentioned or do you want to know what supplementation or even chronic medication will actually be effective for you yeah and we can I get these two standing I would recommend that you get these tests done with a registered dietitian or practitioner you can actually interpret your complex genetic results and when it comes to health your genes only form part of the puzzle so it's important for you to get a holistic picture when managing and treating Seleucid health and disease issues yeah in summary your genes do determine what you can and cannot eat

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