DOES THE KETO DIET KILL? Doctor Reviews Low Carb Diets and Mortality

Hey guys, I’m Siobhan a second-year medical resident Today we’re tackling a super controversial issue and that’s The Keto Diet The question is – is the keto diet actually making you live longer? or could it be actually killing you faster? The keto diet is a very low carbohydrate diet. About 75% of calories come from fat 20% from protein and only 5% from carbs It’s become one of the most popular diets online and it’s been praised for weight loss, heart health, diabetes management and some even believe it fights cancer. But others think it’s probably just a fad diet and it’s just gonna come and go. Just this week, there was a groundbreaking article from The Lancet which totally changed the conversation It’s an article that looked at how much carbohydrates people are eating and if that affected life expectancy. By the end of this video you should be able to make an educated decision about what you want to do with your diet And then I’m gonna *urge* you to share this with people you care about because this could actually affect how long they live. *violin intro plays* So those of you who’ve been following my journey in the hospital at the new doctor know that about six weeks ago I started the keto diet. and the reason I did that is because Overnight I find they’re just so many chips and snacks and candy and … I- This whole year I just feel like I have strayed from my normal habits and so I kind of just needed like a reset and I figured that keto would do that. And it did. like I lost a couple of pounds I put on last year and I haven’t been having sugar cravings It was great. So this week when I was flipping through my computer I saw this article And I figured it was gonna tell me that the lower the carbs you eat the longer you live But that’s not exactly what it says. So the study started about thirty years ago, when they recruited a whole bunch of adults from four different communities in the US They recruited about 15,000 adults and then had them do surveys and they kept track of their health and they tracked them over about 30 years. *okay, that’s deep* So let’s pretend these skittles represent the people in the study First let’s divide them into the amount of carbs they eat in a day. The yellow ones the low-carb group. And so these people about less than 40% of their calories from carbs. The green ones of the moderate carb group. So these guys bought about half of the calories from carbs. And the red ones are the high carb group where they got over 70% of their calories from carbs. Of course this is a simplified model and in the study they worked with really fancy statistical models to get lots of accurate information. So looking at mortality within these groups. It turned out the low-carb (yellow) group and the high-carb (red) group actually died faster than that middle green group. So it looked like Goldilocks and the three bears. The middle 50% carb group actually lived the longest. And you can see that it has this U-shape, and we actually call that a U-shaped relationship. They’re estimating that in this in the low-carb group and the medium-carb group, That was almost a four-year difference in their life expectancy. That’s like high school. That’s university. That’s so many life experiences That’s huge. I mean, we can’t ignore that. Definitely not what I expected. Definitely a huge shock to hear. Question 2* So then the next logical question is if you have lower carbs you’re eating more fats and proteins Does it matter what types of fats and proteins you’re actually eating? So they went back to the database and they looked at all the people and they wanted to see the group that eats mostly animal products. So they’re eating meats and cheese, lamb pork, beef, chicken all of that compared to the people who are eating plant-based proteins and fats. So they’re eating nuts and peanut butters and seeds and they’re having lots of vegetables. And unfortunately all those meat lovers out there, it was very clear that people eating plant-based proteins and fats were living longer than those who ate the animal proteins and fats. And that’s tough for me. I actually really love a good steak. *pleasure* Ooo boiii


  1. Thank you for your advice I will change to some plant base products

  2. Thank you for this video! I have recently started a kind of keto diet. Why? Because I am type 2 diabetic, I survived 2 types of cancer with surgeries, endometrial (2016) and kidney (2017), and because I have been overweight all my life. My intention is not to live longer, I am 66 and to get to 100 is not in my expectations, really. Just want to have a better healthy life. Better days that I will live, no matter how many.
    I have been on a "moderate" keto or better yet, low carbs diet, for a few months 3 or 4. The doctor already removed the AM pill for diabetes! But I have concerns about keto diet because of my kidneys. I understand that this diet puts a lot of pressure on them and I do not need to damage what is left.
    Violin MD, any comments would be appreciated.

  3. That study, measures only eating behaviour and not bio chemical impact of low carb diet on cells and mitochondria .

  4. It kills the person in front you that you are talking too, due to keto breath



  7. Well the cancer thing has to be true since most all wheats had the same chemical as Monsanto weed killer found in kids cereals then found it was in most all of the wheat made mass produced food items

  8. Too young and eager that she actually didn’t do her research right. She’s cute, though.

  9. Doc, I see the low carb diet as a tool to lose weight, that’s all. Thanks! 👍


  11. If I wanted to show proof that my opinion is correct, I would design a study just like the study she is talking about.

  12. What's harder than changing your habits? Changing your mind must come first!

  13. Just eat an organic, balanced diet, with intermittent fasting. Simple!

  14. Time to update your video with Sep'2019 research ( ! … i wouldn't be surprised that research was biased and prepared by vegans pushing the vegan/vegetaris propaganda!

  15. My Aunt a strick vegan had been sick most of her life. She died young of a heart attack

  16. Any exteme diet seems to me dangerous, keto is an extreme diet, maybe the most safe diet between these crazy diets is vegetarian … But as doctor I recommend for sure well balanced diet with trying to reduce sugar and BMR as much healthy as possible , unless you need to reduce carbs(diabetic for example), fats ( cholelithiasis/choledecolithiasis) , or proteins ( kidney disease patients except high end patients) … Just live a normal life , eat moderately , reduce sugar, keep healthy BMI and reduce BMR , abstain from alcohol and porc meat.

  17. Dr Atkins’ frustration

  18. The red skittles should have been low carb 😄

  19. A survey study ??? Really , it sounds like the low carb group was not keto

  20. Then I’ll be sticking with Dr Bergs Healthy Keto. He has this sussed 👍🏾

  21. This kid wants people to be on medicine lining her pocket. I keto most of the time and feel great. Do what works for you. I think it's funny how she try's to shame you for eating bacon.

  22. So, I'm 54. I have five friends that are already gone. Some vegan, some Meat eaters. They are dead, I'm not. You know we are all going to die. It's OK to die fat, or thin or young or old. It's not how you die, it's how you live. It's all choices. Personally, I have yet to find a group, or culture in antiquity that did well on plant only diet, the mongolians on the other hand had a nearly 100% meat diet (shit does not grow on the side of mountain well I guess). I don't buy the, "we got b12 from bacteria in the dirt." What is disconcerting to me about her is this. I have a doctor; he was feeding me drugs; he was feeding me BS from studies like this one, in the meantime, doing everything these experts told me, my diabetes got worse, I got sicker. She sounds just like him. I asked and asked how my body works. No one seemed to know. They were literally no better than googling. Until I said enough and did fasting and switched to higher fat, lower carb diet. We evolved on meat and veg, not keto so much, but keto's not new, atkins anyone?
    She should go read the Obesity Code from Dr. Fung before she spends 30 years killing people with glorious vegan studies like this. Want to shorten peoples lives, feed them carbs several times a day until you feed them oral diabetic meds and then insulin. I'm not an exception, I'm off drugs and near normal BS after 5 months. Study Dr. Fung.

  23. I switched over to Ken Berry for an actual doctor’s perspective.

  24. YAAAAAS love

  25. I went on keto and combined it with intermittent fasting. As a result I cured my fatty liver and dramatically reduced my acid reflux symptoms. I think I'll listen to my body over a recent med school grad.

  26. Keto is not a fad just because one just heard about it last year. It’s been around for a long time but the gen pop is just catching up now. It’s been around.

  27. I’m not a Dr. but I think this study missed the fact that the majority of people that start on Keto are obese,morbidly obese. Those people are going to die sooner than everyone in this whole study…so I’m pretty sure you’ll be better off doing keto and losing weight for health reasons as opposed to doing nothing and staying overweight….

  28. Its an important distinction Keto is not Atkins. Healthy Keto as Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube teaches is a huge amount of Leafy Greens, and moderate grass/pasture fed meats/eggs.

  29. So your saying or this study is saying people that eat high processed foods, bad fats(vegetable oils), and most are over weight and living with diabetes or pre diabetes live longer than people on keto which cuts out highly processed foods, eat healthy fats, lots of low carb green veggies which in turn lowers and stabilizes blood sugar, lose weight and maintain weight, and lowers blood pressure due to decreased fluid retention therefore less load on the heart in all ways.
    Oh yeah that makes sense. I'm in the medical field and actually work in heart surgery. Open heart surgery to clarify. Which makes me no expert on what we should eat but I surely dont agree with AHA and ADA platforms. What most have been taught related to diet and cholesterol is false. Root of the problem of many health problems is related to bad diet in which fake foods, vegetable oils, sugar, carbs etc. However Keto done right is one of the healthiest diets one can follow.

  30. This video fools only stupid people , where is the data about the quality of carbs or fats they eat?

  31. but animals are so delicious

  32. Who cares? God is sovereign. I won’t die until He wills it. Meanwhile I am living a healthier, happier life. Keto diet is not my god. It’s just a way of eating that is doing all the things the standard American diet has failed for me.

  33. Wow education but stupid

  34. Most American dont eat high plant based diet. If we did we wouldnt have so much of an obesity issue in America. We eat lots of high sugar simple carbs. Does the study specify the type of carbs each group was eating?

  35. I like keto but I never was ok with eating so much fat I can just eat low carb and protein instead of so much fat it scares me

  36. Don't blog from the hospital . You will become the biggest pain in the butt for your co-workers

  37. Correlation <> Causation
    Questionnaires are inaccurate, people lie & have poor memory.

  38. Keto is much the same as the Atkins diet. I continue to eat meat, cheese, butter but also greens. There are too many conflicting reports out there

  39. you can be a vegan and on a keto diet. of course you can. not all carbohydrates are the same and nature offers excellent sources of non animal fat. Anyway all the sugary carbs you eat, except for immediate use, are converted fat in your body and stored as fat in your fat cells, available for times of famine in our evolutionary past. So: bottom line is: if you go on a crash diet you will in effect be eating 100% fat diet. See how that works?

  40. Its common sense that everyone's body reacts differently and if you can find a diet that makes you feel good, lose weight, have more energy, less inflamation and sustainability thats what you should go with. For me…. its the keto diet. Feel better than I ever had . I had reactive hypoglycemia before along with candida and plantars warts, athletes foot, sinus problems and ache joints. Its all gone. Along the way I was inspired by Dr berry, Dr Berg, Thomas Delauler and Dr Z. ..Subscribe to them and you can learn alot. Make the decision your self and see if you feel better. Good luck!

  41. So one day this girl decided to go to the store to purchase some vegetables..and ended uP^ getting into a car accident and needles to say well…..—-> RIP.
    At the end of the day,…."Eat, Drink, and be Merry for Tomorrow We Shall Die" -IMHOTEP.

  42. Ketogenic diet The best

  43. Most of this is well KNOWN to anyone that studies health
    Your a doctor and didn't know

  44. You lost all credibility with me(not that it matters) . You should have studied the study beforehand and not just excepted the conclusion.

  45. You are an idiot just keep investigating and maybe aim to something else career wise
    One more thing read studies that are not paid by the big food and pharmaceutical companies


  47. How about no carbs at all? 40 to 70% still ignores a large chunk (two thirds) out of the whole range of the diet spectrum. Not sure how anyone can draw meaningful conclusions out of such insufficient data…

  48. Just wow. This is an incredibly weak analysis. Healthy user bias? Having been told for decades that eating less meat is healthier, one would expect heavy meat eaters to also ignore advice on exercise, smoking, drinking, etc. Efforts to adjust data to compensate for this is also subject to bias. Difference between <40% vs <5%? carbohydrates? Check out Phinney and Volek, two doctors who've been studying this issue for decades. This is an incredibly naive and superficial "analysis" of an area of research fraught with poor quality data, research biases, and ideological influences. So just for a tidbit of contrary evidence, Hong Kong Chinese are just about the biggest meat eaters in the world and one of the longest lived populations. And one more… the heavy meat eating Mormons are long lived, as are the vegetarian 7th Day Adventists, both sharing an aversion to smoking, booze, etc. Its just not as simple as you think. If it were this easy, there wouldn't be a decades long controversy.

  49. After this video i need to go on toilet!

  50. You are wrong young doc

  51. You may know how wrong you were ten years later…

  52. I got a very diferent impression from reading the results amd data from that study than you did or the conclusion on that report.

    Also, back in 2003, I had a radioablation procedure done on my heart for paroxismal afib. My LDL cholesterol has always been in the 200s. They checked for plaques vua echo cardiogram in 2003. No plaques at age 32. Cardio ordered low fat diet. RD puts me on SAD diet first. Cholesterol doesn't change. Can't tske statins due to liver enzymes. Then RD puts me on macrobiotic diet. Followed diets well. By 2005, I was 60 lbs heavier. Borderline hypertension. And I developed full blown Type 2 DM. Fired RD and went very low carb. No processed meats. High MUFA oils for cooking. Zero PUFA oils. By 2006, lost 70 lbs (165 lbs at 5' 11"), normal BP 100s/60s, and totally put T2DM into remission.

    In 2013, cardio did a CT scan with contrast on heart and neck. Still no plaques.

  53. Correlation? Maybe. Causality? Gone missing?

  54. This Meta-Analysis you are presenting does not measure an actual low-carb or keto diet. For it to be low carb, it has to be less than 30% of Cals coming from carbs. For Keto, carbs have to be to lower than 15% of macros. Essentially, low carb or Keto diets were not measured in this study. The article does not separate eating processed meats, barbecued meats, burnt meats, etc. vs. whole meats (not been adulterated). It also indicated in the discussion that the meat eating people were eating less vegetables and fruit than the plant-based groups. It also did not take into account whether the carbs eaten were refined or not and if the meat group was consuming more refined carbs than the plant group.

  55. The thing about studies they can be manipulated and cherry picked we humans are omnivores therefore meats and veggies I havnt meta vegan that looked healthy and there are studies that say vegan isn't sustainable diet so yeah studies ain't worth shit

  56. Not enough research. She didn't say weather the meats, eggs or cheese was grass fed or not or if anything was organic or non GMO. There IS a big difference. There's healthy keto and there's dirty keto. Just saying.

  57. I am 68 years young and have been on a largely plant based diet with no hard fast rules. My doctor gave me a booklet from the Boston Heart Health folks along with the results of my blood test. I like the food profiles in that plan. Nothing too radical. Don't rule anything out, but minimal sweets, carbs and saturated fats. Lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, olive oil, etc. Sticking to those general parameters and with daily exercise my BP is 122 over 80, without meds and my weight is OK. I am really glad I watched this video because it lets me know that my diet is OK. I have looked at the Keto plan, just don't think it is for me. I do like the idea of low carbs though. Love the violin playing!

  58. I wonder How much the sugar companies payed you for this.

  59. Jesus ate meat so will I . I will eat vegetables and meat. But the purest form of both, organically and grass fed.peace

  60. What sticks out in many of these videos are the lack of personal response in the comments , as it will just go away by it self attitude.

  61. Interesting video!! Thank you for the info

  62. Metadata equals bias…..

  63. Oh for Christ’s sake just eat an actually varied and balanced diet and don’t eat processed shit. There. Enough with not eating any carbs or not eating any fat. Just eat foods universally regarded as healthy and you’ll be fine.

    And probably don’t eat dairy either because apparently everyone agrees that’s bad.

  64. Lost 30 lbs over 4 months on Keto. 194 to 164. Keto's legit if you follow the basic general concepts. Low carb, high fat and moderate protein. From an outsiders perspective Keto's seems insane, but it seriously works and in my opinion is easily sustainable once in Ketosis. In addition to weight loss, my cholesterol and blood pressure are in the "normal" range for the first time since I can remember.

  65. The study does not take into account other lifestyle factors such that in general people that a plant based diet generally take care of themselves better than people who don't. I.e. they exercise more, don't smoke, and don't drink as much. Vegetarians are generally more health conscious overall.

  66. Type 2 Diabetics can not consume a lot of carbs. As soon as I reduced my daily intake of carbs to less than 20 grams a day, I could also reduce the daily amount of insulin I was injecting. This helps in weight loss. Since I have been on a low carb diet, I have lost 20 pounds and skin discoloration on my lower legs is receding. Oh yeah…I eat meat (beef, chicken, fish) and eggs every day. Included in my diet are also vegetables, small amount of low carb fruits and certain types of nuts.

  67. Great video, Siobhan, thank you! I have a lot of respect for The Lancet, and appreciate your video which brought this article to my attention. Just goes to show: "all things in moderation" is a good plan for our lives. Have a good one!

  68. You know what's unhealty? Being obese!

  69. She forgot to mention that the group that ate meat also smoke cigs and drank alcohol in moderation. Smh.

  70. Uh… you need to lister to the YouTube rebuttal by Ken D Berry, MD. He totally eviscerates this entire study- terribly flawed methodology, conformation bias, and on and on. Maybe you should have read the entire study before making a video…

  71. Just a thought. I would like to have heard something mentioned about other factors, like… smoking and exercise? I mean, as a general trend im thinking that vegetarians and others health conscious people might chose to eat more veg out of health reasons and thus likely also do other activities that are health promoting like, not smoking and do more exercise ? hmm i think i would like to read the whole study or…mayby this will be mentioned as i listen to the rest of this video 🙂

  72. Its universal- balanced diet is the key(tons of dumb people making millions by keto/carni astroid-come and go diets fooling around on youtube). Your video is great.

  73. So many controversial and half baked research studies and there is kempner from duke cured malignant hypertension,diabetes simply by white rice, fruits and his results stun the world even today.

  74. Whole foods plant based is my plan.

  75. Low Carb Higher Fat style of eating

    My dad came off 9 meds over the course of 2 years. Both parents lost close to 80 lbs. We have even stopped the statins. When we stopped the statins his crippling depression and insomnia went away. My moms doctor reluctantly had to reduce the insulin till she came off it completely.

    I've lost 60 lbs and kept it off over 3 years. My labs are fine every years. 0 CAC score at 40 years so far.

    I have a healthy relationship with food no longer feeling guilty after meals. Feeling full and watching my body composition improve.

    Sharing these studies and neglecting ALL the evidence Weston Price did (nutrition and physical degeneration).

    Please continue to remain silent about the actual causes of modern disease and put doubt about returning to eat a more animal based nutrition. (Appropriate human diet)

    Your like the typical doctor that rather a patient stop keto even with normal labs and weight lose to get fat again. It's happened 5 times with coworker or friends. They go to the doctor and doctor says stop keto

    Typically Wrong advice .

    Exercise more
    Eat less.
    Healthy whole grains that are devoid of nutrients and need fortification.

    Ruminant animals eat carbs (cellulose) however it's the bacteria in the stomach chambers that eat the cellulose not the cow. The bacteria feed the cow fatty acids. The cow INGESTS a fatty acids made by the bacteria. The cow actual have a 70% to 80% high fat diet.

    Carnivore like us cannot supply body with fatty acids made by bacteria. So lion, tigers and bears went for the fatty abdominal cavtity. Carnivores eat 70% to 80% fat diet.

    Gorillas same thing and ends in about 65% fat diet.

    So may I ask why humans are any different in fat needs.

    To blame an ancient food on modern disease is ridiculous. This just proves how disconnected we are from nature.

  76. Yes keto diet does kill

  77. If you talk to all the 100 year olds i bet not one of them follow any fad diet.

  78. Dirty Keto or Healthy Keto? Eat healthy, cut out processed foods..Sugar is bad..It is in just about all processed food..Fresh vegetables, Grass fed Meat &Dairy, Wild caught fish? Shell fish, Pistachios are the best nuts…Lots of carbs unless they have a nominal amount of fibre are no good..Get healthy..Lose weight..Energy to burn..Intermittent fasting..It works

  79. makes sense. when it comes to a whole life time 4 years really isnt that much. say a person lives until the age of 80. what difference will another 4 years make? itll probably be just another 4 years that they sit around in a care home waiting to die as their family just doesnt come around to visit anymore.

  80. It all about people this is so brod base and it like throw a dart at a board and wrote a books there is no evidence

  81. She’s HOT!!!!!

  82. 40 % carbs is not keto

  83. That a KETO diet may be therapeutically useful and necessary cannot be overstated. The instant discussion centres around longevity. The KETO diet premises on say, cancer, as a product of metabolic mutation as opposed to the often held medical science view of genetic mutation. My take on this: whether it is a high carb diet or keto diet, a middle ground is necessary to mutate the effects of dysfunctional effects of ineffectual or poor metabolism. On a "needs-basis", particularly from a therapeutic point-of-view, and in the absence of a definitive cure (as in the case of cancer or diabetes) and for a limited period, KETO may be the right option. The "metabolic approach" as in starving the cancer cells of their staple diet (or in the case of insulin resistance), going on KETO diet and subscribing to an "intermittent fasting" programme may prove to be a "life-saver". Having said that, and as how our beloved Violin MD had found out, a balanced carb diet (is it 50%?) and avoiding a heavy dose of protein/animal fat diet may prove to be a "metabolic" solution. Fat in the form of coconut oil, for instance, (cold-pressed/organic) could be added and with a fair amount of protein would do the trick. The odd confusion as to which diet is definitive and applicable stems from the dogmatic pursuance of an all-befitting diet for almost any patient. I have been helping my patients to understand the basics of such an approach and it has worked well enough. Cheers

  84. She better find a different career she might wanna try being a journalist she'd be great at fake news

  85. Quite by chance 🙂 I'm from Europe, I was born and raised in a mountain village where the industry arrived only a few decades ago, my ancestors are all from the same place, and most lived over 90 years … They were shepherds, lived in nature and nature … Although they kept the sheep, because the shepherds live, they ate a lot of plants, mostly leafy vegetables, some rootstock, and something grainy, like cereals and legumes … From cereals it was, for the most part, the last couple centuries, corn, and some oats and rye … And from the leafy, there were lots of wild wild vegetables, such as nettles and many others … Also, during the winter, many acorns were eaten, like oak acorns, beech acorns, and tree seeds … Sheep were kept for the sake of dairy products that they ate sparingly, because it was not easily available in the pre-industry to produce a lot of animal food, and they ate meat periodically, or rarely …

    So is it in Sardinia, Ikaria, and now I'm reading, and Okinawa and some other places on the planet …

    I personally have no information about people who ate mostly meat and were long-lived …

    What is interesting is that the people who ate the meat always looked bigger and stronger, and those on plant foods were leaner and leaner … But the look was cheating …

    The bottom line is that all our ancestors ate fewer calories, moved a lot because they did everything with their hands, not machines (because the machines didn't exist), and they ate everything naturally, simply because they only had it …

    HE emphasis the analysis that were put forth In longer age expectency ,large centenaries,lower life expectancy countries and their LIFE STYLES.A RELIABLE ONE.
    Even though it is a meta analysis(usually perfect) ,I have a doubt in their analytic techniques.

  87. Add another misinformed Dr. On the pile. Another person trying to get their face/name out there. One study and relied on "people" and studies. How is 40% considered low carb? Read more studies!!

  88. 40%carbs is high carbs not keto. No conclusion can be made on keto based on this study.

  89. You need to take a look at Dr Ken Berry's video to get some perspective, and remember that a lot of what you learn in med school is BS and will naturally be debunked when people manage to break through the political consensus.

  90. Epidemiological studies are the absolute worst way to study something.

  91. The study you're reporting on is based on self-reported data, making it EXTREMELY unreliably. I don't know about the animal-protein vs vegetable study you looked at, but some studies of this type have had serious confounds in what they called meat. Things such as pepperoni pizza being categorized as meats.

  92. Was this study applied to obese or people with serious health problems to begin with? I think studies are with certain types of people and not a variety….take home message is listen to your body period.

  93. The only problem I had with keto was that they took studies done on the Inuits and Eskimos diet that consisted of what we would call wild game and fish/seafood and tried to convert it to our factory farm produced meats so I decided to move out the city and took up hunting, foraging and fishing with a small 25×25 garden patch and never felt better in my life

  94. I do like to disagree only because I heard of some Indians in Alaska that their life spand was 70 to 80 years and they lived on a keto diet.
    At the same time I also believe that a plant based diet is just as healthy and it may also be healthier to go plant-based Keto.

  95. steak and green beans or spinach…go for both

  96. minimize for 4 years..the last worst….i agree to live longer though

  97. Diets aren't a one-size fits all. Also correlation doesn't equal causation.

  98. There is a big difference between healthy Keto (lots of veggies and good plant based fats) and dirty Keto (animal fats and processed meats). A lot of people generalise the dirty Keto as Keto. That's not correct Healthy Keto is the way to go. In fact, upto 50 grams of carbs is good.

  99. What a BS video. This video proves absolutely nothing. It's late I could point a lot of the flaws but I am tired of listening to dumb vegan and vegetarian BS for a day.

  100. This whole conclusion ignores the reality that most people eating low carb will eat a combination of meats and vegetables, not one or the other. Therefore it proves nothing for the majority. Real life always lives somewhere in the middle of these types of study results.

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