Does Intermittent Fasting KILL MUSCLE? (Diet Confusion)


  1. So… Does Intermittent Fasting KILL MUSCLE?

  2. I love you and your knowledge is immense but intermittent fasting is not a diet it’s a lifestyle

  3. Intermitting fast. I tried it. I dont know if it works but it actually is easy to do. Just dont eat past 8 and skip break breakfast. Thats pretty easy to sustain.

  4. Try intermitted fasting for a week, if its sustaibable for you, continue it. If you can't, dont do it

  5. Intermittent fasting is good if you want to keep healthy pancreas and avoid diabetes.

  6. I love your videos and now came across this. With this being a 5 year old video, you should definitely do a remake of your thoughts and research of this "diet". I'd have to disagree with you on this one.

  7. I just can't stay away from the chocolate….I keep on trying but fall back to it…

  8. I'm a 44 years old woman whose never has had any over weight issues, I'm not diabateic either and I've been doing intermittent fasting for the past 5 years now and I'm at my best shape ever, both psysically and mentally. I used to be skinny fat and with strength training in a fasted state (using dumbbells or resistance bands or using my own bodyweight) five days a week (three days of strength training and 2 days of HIIT) along with 18/6 of intermittent fasting, my body is stronger, with lean bigger muscles and my 'muffing top' it's gone now. So yes, doing a low carb diet with no supplements of any kind and using intermittent fasting as a tool to help me out to reach my goals, has been highly beneficial for me and I couldn't be healthier, happier and more proud of my lifestyle now. Greetings from Mexico.

  9. Mate, you just answered the question without researching the topic.

  10. And how do you throw a money scam on fasting, it's just eating less of what you already eat, big thumbs down, this guy is complicating everything, our ancestors didn't drink supplements, they ate what they had or what they found and hunted, Harden up, eat less, train hard, and of course dont rely on empty junk food calories, keep it simple, and no "athlean x" food plans. This guy reminds me of a friend of mine always figuring out when his next meal is. These people cannot survive in a harsh environment. Like I said, harden up

  11. Lier

  12. This is the first time I sincerly feel youre talking jibberish, Jeff.
    Heres some food for thought;

    Ask regular people over 50 f breakfast seems unatural to them and if they usually skip it. Then ask them if they knew they were following a diet for 30 years.
    And if that doesnt speak for itself. The word ”BreakFast”. How did that come about?

    Thanks for your other videos though, theyve helped me a bunch!

  13. When junk food, fast food, msg, processed food, and lack of time became factors in what we eat for decades, things became complicated. When we let our hands get tied, we were spoon fed addictive junk along with ideas of entitlement to overeating.

    Eating healthy shouldn't be a struggle, yet it feels like being in rehab with withdrawals.

    I need cheese on everything I eat. If there's already cheese on it, add extra cheese.

    When I fast and cleanse, I break the craving for cheese. But it doesn't always stick. I fall off the wagon and eat a whole pizza. Lol

  14. Usually agree with Jeff, but IF is not a diet, it is a lifestyle (long term).

  15. I am 40, have had a broken back, doctors gave up on my condition and I recovered by sheer will. I suffer from severe hypothyroidism and the shittiest possible genetics. What I have is conviction, I have been living an OMAD keto warrior lifestyle and have been doing so for two years. I don't give a shit about any any useless food that is not giving me optimal nutrition. I work out 6 days a week without fail and now I am at 10% body fat which should be impossible for a person like me but I am dedicated and don't make any excuses. It took me several years to clean my diet, got rid of cheat meals and all those cravings and now they don't matter. Bring anything and I won't give a shit. I can do anything. Nothing is impossible and nothing is easy. So, any of these diets can be a lifestyle if you choose to make it so.

  16. I was down to 155 lb from 220lb in like 6 months, IF works but l have to say l was exercising 4 to 5 days a week also, IF and exercises are a good combo.

  17. George St. Pierre chokes Jeff out while fasted.

  18. I don't eat my 1st meal until 3 o'clock everyday. I do however drink a protein shake after morning caffeine. I'm literally a hangry maniac until 3 p.m., or later, if I don't get a chance to eat. I started solid food "fasting" because breakfast and lunch makes me tired and sick to my stomach. I don't advise it if you have a short fuse. I am strong as an ox, but I lose my temper quite often.

  19. 6 hour eating window? I eat only high fat meat once a day at night. I have only worked out 5 times in the last two months and my arms have gone from 14" up to 15". Simple way of eating, never hungry and have more energy than ever in my 52 years on this Earth.

  20. Guys this video was made 5 years ago when If wasnt that popular . I hope jeff made a new video with all d new research found i hopw we will be surprise

  21. Thought this was about the 5:2 diet (600 calories for two days); oh well.

  22. IF is a easy life style to live… But I dont think its the best to be athletic and strong. You can only have so much protein a day which I dont think can add any mass to a guy whos built.

  23. I am just starting 16/8 IF …I am reading people saying they simply skip breakfast. I love breakfast but have no issue putting it off a few hours to fit into the eating window. Is this a bad idea ?

  24. awesome video…. so down to earth.

  25. I been 7 days doing IF and lost 7lbs and 1% body fat so far, why waste a ton of money and time worrying about what to eat?

  26. Every time I hear Jeff go on an anti IF or anti Keto etc rant his key point is always long term sustainability the problem is I find that eating 6x per day in smaller portions is the most unsustainable diet of all. IF is the easiest and cheapest and it has become a easy to maintain lifestyle that has given both me and my wife results we both never thought possible . I’ve reversed my pre diabetes and lost 60lbs my wife has lost 40 lbs after having her thyroid removed .
    Jeff is a great trainer and his workouts are as good as it gets but this one thing I must strongly disagree with him on .

  27. The only video I disagree with Jeff

  28. I'm next to two years doing intermittent fasting, it has teaches me to eat properly. I feel better I've lost weight and I enjoy food a lot more now. Intermittent fasting is not a joke. And you are not speaking about insulin and the troubles it makes. Besides, intermittent fasting is not a religion, is a TOOL that you can use normally and make you skip it with conscience if you feel like doing it. I don't agree here, Jeff, not one bit.

  29. I think it all depends on what time you exercise as well, in correlation with your nutrition plan.

  30. IF is the easiest and best way to set up a lifestyle without failure or feeling its hard, and for me it was the only thing that really worked, dropped 15kg by IF and gained muscle and then started to follow a normal nutritionplan when i eat 5-6 times per day with good food and lots of protein and as always i keep workout the AX programs. And the thing is, im now back on IF cuz i feel much more relaxed and focused and by the way i didnt drop a single kilo by eating in a normal eatingwindow even if it was really good food. So now to strip of the last % of bodyfat im back on IF, the AX mealplan or my wifes mealplan only works for staying in the same weight..

  31. Ketogenic and intermittent can be a lifestyle and isnt hard to do…

  32. I have been in OMAD for 10 years. I first lost 28% of my body weight, went from obese to normal, the continued with HIIT and have gained muscle all along. I was 52 when I started One meal a day and now I am 62 and feel better and athletic than when I was 30. I have the photos to show it Now I am in OMAD for the rest of my life. The benefits (SCIENCE) are innumerable. To say the contrary shows ignorance of the subject.

  33. What would I do without Jeff's advice

  34. Awful lot of comments disagreeing with Jeff on this one. Although as per usual not a single one of them provides a single citation. As far as I am aware calories in V calories out is the only thing which will lead to weight loss. At the end of the day if IF works for you to control your calories then it works for you. But it's because you are eating less calories not because you didn't eat Monday (or a variation thereof).

  35. What an idiot. IF is a lifestyle. U get to eat out more and live your life to the max.
    Those typical oats, chicken breast, bla Bla Bla.
    Meal plans are a waste of time.
    Fucking moron

  36. Intermittent is very big word . Use it .

  37. This is an old video. I think we've learned allot since then about IF.

  38. 48 years old and been eating what is now called intermediate fasting for well over 30 years.

  39. I been doing fasting for 2 years feels good

  40. I think it really depends on your body's metabolic rate. I tried IF for about 4 months 2 years back and yes I did lose a significant amount of weight (17KG). However I was still unhappy with the end results; my skin was loose in certain areas like the arms, thighs and belly. My chest looked terrible, somehow pointier than before and really puffy around the nipple area (I'm male so this aint good lol).
    3 months ago I started working with a personal trainer/nutritionist to work on my body recomposition and I've made more progress on my body than I could have ever dreamed of, and I just changed one very simple thing; an increase on the amount of times I eat a day. I was advised to eat high protein meals every 3 hours. This doesn't mean I ate a full meal every 3 hours, just 3 full meals plus snacks in between. I wouldn't even think of it as a diet cause I'm now eating more food per day than I've ever eaten before. That plus an increase in resistance training (weight lifting) and HIIT (High intensity interval training) should get anyone struggling to get fit pretty far. I'm 3 months in and my arms and legs have gotten significantly toned, quads are popping, biceps and triceps finally showing plus abs are very clear (on an empty stomach XD). My back changed the most, looks ripped af tho got a long way to go on my chest, but at this rate I see it happening in less than a year. Please note, I started out pretty fat, the kinda fat that turned eyes in my direction the moment I stepped into a room. I feel like IF works best for someone that's nearly there in terms of having a fit body, but i wouldn't recommend it for anyone really big unless ur pairing the diet with intense exercise. Hope this helps/motivate! (Not a professional by any means, speaking from experience)

  41. IF only kills muscle if you dont weight train and eat protein

  42. Probably the only time I disagree with you.

  43. After this video I’m starting to question all the advice this bloke has given as he’s completely wrong about IF

  44. he should redo a video

  45. I absolutely love Jeff and feel he's legit compared to many others out there. However, women shouldn't have 5-10% body fat. I wish he spoke more on women specifically. I know there's athlean xx but there aren't any nutrition specific videos there and he does not run those. I understand a lot of nutrition is geared towards both genders and "guys" is slang some times for both genders. But I hope he can speak to some more specific female information especially on nutrition.

  46. Last time I check, starvation isn't healthy

  47. intermittent fasting is not a diet.

  48. The problem with athlean is that he believes only his protocol is legit and all the rest is fad . Specially when he has not even tried any of them .

  49. To me each of these protocols except for Juice Diets, can be sustained for many many years, and it really comes down to individual and personal preference.

    Interment Fasting – 16/8 protocol is easy to do for the rest of your life. But some people want to do OMAD cause they want their big one meal. That is how they like it.
    IIFYM – this is is literally a middle finger to all diets out there, so what can be hard about IIFYM is unclear to me.
    No Fat – there are people who dont like fat, like myself. Who could not care less about fats in their meals.
    Keto – there are people who like fats unlike myself, who can eat 70 % fat and feel very happy.

    Healthy balanced eating without these protocols maybe the optimal and "normal" way of eating for most people. But there are many many other people who dont feel that way.

  50. Hello Jeff . With the I.F how much I can wait before to take my first meal in the morning after my fasted workout? 30-45 minutes or close to 2 hours ? I'd like to complete my 16/8 protocol after my workout but I don't want to take my last meal at 4 p.m so I can eat at thank you

  51. If intermittent fasting works for you, it works for you. But I don’t believe in fasted workouts. How can you maintain the same energy levels that you otherwise would have were you not fasting?

  52. You need to educate yourself more and face the fact that the things you're putting down work. You just told on yourself. You've asked 1000 people to do food diaries and a handful did. That's old school and has not solved any problems for decades. Best wishes

  53. IF helped me a lot when im working out and building muscles. And so are a lot people even in this comment section


  54. Intermittent fasting a fad? The long term practicality of it? Heres the answer. autophagy. Growth hormone. Reduction of inflammatory cytokine expression and oxidative damage

  55. This video doesn’t hold up!

  56. What's up Jeff, would you revisit intermittent fasting in a new video? Have you your views changed at all?

  57. No fad been around thousands of years

  58. what are enemens? XD that cracked me up. But yes M&ms used to be my guilty pleasure too haha love your videos Jeff!

  59. I eat one meal a day and will continue to eat one meal a day. For me it’s a lifestyle not a diet. I work out, cardio or heavy lifting, I do physically demanding jobs, what ever I do I eat one meal day and feel amazing. Give me my protein, veggies, and fats and I feel great and have energy

  60. Love this guy man, but I just don't agree with this one. I've lost 35 pounds and have fell into a very rewarding, comfortable and easily sustainable lifestyle concerning eating habits. I've also cured my heart burn, skin problems and sleep apnea. Following his workouts and IF has literally changed my entire life.

  61. Yea, people back in the day when had a meal once every few days lost lots of muscle just because they didn't eat every few hours :))) That's not how it works.

  62. Everyone in disagreement looks nothing like him and doesn't have the credentials or trains professional athletes lol. Let's listen to you guys

  63. The reason people see such great results with IF is because instead of Hardee's biscuits and Bojangles you're now skipping breakfast. Obviously you're losing weight

  64. IF is a fantastic style of eating. And it is really helping me

  65. Use it to "cleanse" than eat right later. It's much easier to eat 2 meals a day than 5 small ones. But I've done the 5 small ones, and that also worked. Idk, just do you.

  66. Fuckin awesome

  67. You say 8-9% is “more human” to maintain. Are you implying that your not of this planet? 😆

  68. You say 8-9% is “more human” to maintain. Are you implying that your not of this planet? 😆

  69. If and long fasts have been my lifestyle for the past 2 years. Totally sustainable and the benefits are outstanding. Truly life changing

  70. IF has taken me from 193.0 to 171.6 and I've easily sustained it for the last 7 months.

  71. I strongly disagree. Intermittent fasting isn't great and easy lifestyle choice

  72. I believe that intermittent fasting would not work for a person who is shape like Jeff is but it would for someone who is obease. IF is a good way to mobilize fat as energy but if you you have a low fat percentage then I can see IF as counter productive for muscle.

  73. Jeff – do you still feel the same way about intermittent fasting? Do you feel this way about all of the different types of IF? Like the 16/8, 20/4, 5:2, etc. I hope you do a follow-up video on this.

    Thank you,

    -Kris Kilpatrick
    MS in Applied Exercise Science

  74. Jeez. This was the most painful Athlean vid I've ever watched. Title is completely wrong. Doesn't even talk about IF and implications for muscle growth. Then he says IF/atkins/fad diets are only invented to make people money and shortly follows that up with "I don't need IF due to being busy. I just [SHAMELESS PLUG] drink some Athlean x Protein powder." Paraphrase. Totally fine with plugs, but not right after shitting on various nutrition plans because they only exist to make money for others.

    I love ya Jeff, but this was the worst Athlean video I've seen. Out of, I dunno, 200, 250.

  75. Mate you are on the its easy for you but there are people like my self who has tried every diet for 30 years .nothing work to loose the last 5 pounds of stubborn fat. Finally with intermittent fasting i m seeing result. There is the fact.

  76. Intermittent fasting is not too hard to take as a lifestyle. This may be the only time I disagree with you, Jeff!

  77. Yo.. stop saying shit. Eggs are in no fucking way a health food. Educate yourself. Nothing healthy about eating animal products.

  78. "where is the protein"… are you fucking stupid.

  79. Intermittent fasting does NOT kill muscle.

  80. Im doing 16-8 for a month now with no cheat days. Will keep u updated 😀 Also avarage fast 17h and have lost 3kg while gained some muscle (from working out ofc)

  81. Honestly why do we listen to him about building muscle or getting big, cause this dude isn’t even big himself

  82. Not eating is so easy. 😀

  83. I think you are getting push back on “IF” because it’s not a diet…it’s a eating pattern that has very well documented health benefits. For example, I have suffered with IBS my whole life. I also have been weight lifting for many years (I’m 46) Bloating and gas have been a problem most of my life. I then realized that I was never really giving my body a break from eating. Doing the 5-6 meals a day thing most of the years training. I then started taking a 16 hour break from eating and still getting my 3000 calories. IF is not a diet fad. I do it with intention of GAINING weight, but more importantly saying healthy

  84. how does this idiot have 8.4 million subs? dear lord clown.

  85. Going on my third year IF and Keto . I feel so good I will never stop. Dont knock it till you try it. Jeff you are not a nutritionist, you are greeat at Physical therapy and Training but you are clueless when it comes to Nutrition.

  86. Another video that was ahead of its time. There are many videos a couple months to a year old but this is from 2014 and still at the top of the search results.

  87. EN-i-mens. 😂😂😂

  88. The comments… the irony and arrogance it takes to actually question or even attempt to condescendingly educate someone who supposedly is far more knowledgeable, lol.

  89. Fuck intermittent fasting…I do meth and work out hard and don't eat shit

  90. I disagree with what you said, Jeff. Tons of research and people experiences have shown that IF actually reduce hunger and by reducing hunger, those who tried IF have a better time sticking to their nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle.

  91. Intermittent fasting is not diet. It's simply not eating for a a certain time frame.

  92. lol wind up in 8 – 9% body fat range by letting your hair down. I would kill to be 12-15%

  93. What if you go on a diet to get where you want then start branching out to good nutrition?

  94. Love Jeff however……you didn't answer the question "does intermittent fasting kill muscles" I would say no but would have liked your take on it. It seems to be the most natural thing to do and free.

  95. You really didn't talk about whether intermittent fasting causes muscle loss.

  96. Stick to lifting weights buddy, you're not a doctor, you're not a Nutrition Specialist. Every legit study on this proves that it INCREASES muscle growth.
    Also Fasting isn't a "Diet" Lmao. This is the way Humans have eaten for thousands of years. IF is simply not eating for 16 hours, meaning you simply don't eat after Dinner, and wait a few hours after waking up before eating…… That's it, that's all there is to it. Our ancestors never had constant access to food 24/7, it took time for them to acquire that food. We've specifically evolved to eat this way. The fucking word "BREAK-FAST", literally means to stop your Fasting. It's something so natural that it's built into our very language.

  97. I found the video that makes me question Jeff. Soley with regards to IF… I hope you've educated yourself the years that followed this video. If not, start with Dr. Fung and expand your knowledge. IF is literally a life saver… not only short term… for life.

  98. I think at the end of the day, we all have different genetic predispositions. Listen to YOUR body, and don't do off someone else's predetermined schedule! Your body has its own processing rate.

    It's as simple as this — if you're not hungry, don't eat! Don't eat because some clock has reached a certain hour, eat because your body is telling you it's time. After that, pay attention to the quantity and ensure it's following the scientific principles in order to arrive at desired outcome. But don't worry about when!

  99. THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!

  100. So do you think that intermittent fasting is OK for bodybuilding?

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