Does Cardio Kill Your Gains? (Doing Cardio and Weight Training Together)

one of the more broad type questions of life is should we do cardio now any true bro won't even know what cardio is but really there has been cause for concern from the fitness community about cardio potentially hurting our muscle gains a notion born from a simple understanding of muscle physiology to build muscle we need resistance training to create a muscle growing stimulus and we need more nutrients to feed said muscles with cardio we're trying to burn calories in order to burn more fats so on one hand you're trying to lose mass and burn more calories on the other hand you're trying to gain mass and consume more calories not exactly complementary goals and there's also the matter of competing muscle fiber adaptations cardio specifically steady-state cardio stimulates type 1 endurance muscle fibers resistance training leans more into type ii fibers trying to stimulate both simultaneously supposedly hinders maximal adaptation for both now these potential gains killing excuses to not do your cardio sounds fine and dandy but do the results actually reflect these issues a quick dive into the scientific literature would suggest maybe but not as bad as some pros would think some studies to show that concurrence aerobic and resistance training has slightly worse muscle and strength adaptations when compared to resistance training alone however other studies show that concurrent training didn't impact muscle adaptation as much at all so why the difference in findings the findings deferred depending on how and what type of cardio is used in the study and what measures were observed when we see cardio getting in the way of gains it often applies to the gains of the lower body this makes sense since most of the implements of cardio in studies involve leg based exercises like jogging and sprinting in cycling strength and hypertrophy measures for the upper body were largely unaffected another varying factor is time resting between sessions a very clear trend shows that the more time you can rest between sessions the less it will hurt muscle and strength adaptations 24 hours seem to be the best outcome cardio intensity also plays a role pairing resistance training with low intensity steady-state cardio usually hurt muscle and Gamze interestingly enough pairing resistance training with short duration high-intensity cardio like hits had little to no impact on strength and muscle gains this actually matches the competing adaptations Theory mentioned earlier steady-state cardio is type 1 fiber dominance which competes with resistance trainings type ii fibers stimulation hits on the other hand stimulates more type ii fibers sharing similar adaptations to resistance training other things to notes cycling versus running we're running specifically high-intensity running seems to be a slightly better option cardio duration matters as well were the longer the cardio session the more we see it hurt strength and muscle adaptations and lastly cardio frequency where the more cardio sessions performed the more it might hurt adaptations this might very likely be a matter of overreaching creating a constant stress level that is difficult for the body to overcome now it's clearer as to why cardio mites but not necessarily will hurt your gains and even if it did when you think about the benefits of cardio it's clear you should do it regardless it is cardio that improves our heart health and aerobic capacity things we sorely need for overall health and fitness just lifting weights won't get you that also when paired together fat loss is much higher compared to either cardio or resistance training alone so if you want to burn fat and build muscle at the same time concurrent training is the best option these cardio pros in my opinion heavily outweighed the cons and now with all this information we can be smart about it to avoid the cons all together best practice is to do higher intensity cardio for a short duration maybe no more than 20 minutes try to take at least a full day between your lifting and cardio sessions if possible avoid doing your cardio close to your leg days and make sure you gauge how your body is responding to the additional cardio work load and adjust when needed to avoid overreaching and overtraining so let's strap on your running shoes as you would your lifting belts let's get your cardio going let me know what you think about cardio and gains in the comments below and a quick reminder I'm currently giving away a set of liebert equalizer bars come check out the giveaway in the link in the description if you enjoyed this video please give it a cardio thumbs up and share it with your gains loving friends as always thank you for watching and get your protein


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  2. I've done both and it does affect gains

  3. If I do cardio and it effects my gains by let’s say 1%, that’s still too much. Over the course of years that 1% adds up and means I’ll be smaller than my bro who doesn’t do cardio.

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  5. Do Gains Kill Your Cardio?

  6. Cardio doent kill your gains, it more likely helps them…most people dont train enough, are not intense enough, dont push herself hard enough,and eat like shit

  7. Can I breath ?

  8. The only way cardio kill gains is doing it BEFORE weight training, because at that point your body will burn the glycogen reserves of the muscle , but if you do cardio AFTER the weight workourt the glycogen reserves of the muscle will be fresh to do weights and after cardio without problem.

  9. Great video, I agree with this message.

  10. Rugby players, boxers and mixed martial artists are a few examples of muscular athletes who do a lot of cardio. So long as you rest and eat well you have nothing to worry about.

  11. AthleanX wants to know your location

  12. No. Not att people do cardio to lose fat.

  13. I run a mile on the treadmill before all my workout sessions, does that hinder my gains? 😱

  14. Well not really, but it sucks

  15. cardio + weight = lean .

  16. Great video!

    QUESTION: if they stimulate different types of muscles… Wouldnt that mean that there must be an optimal way of doing both and getting as much of both types stimulated without affecting the other muscletype? If that is true… Finding that "sweet spot" would mean a slower pace to reach your max, but a potential max of gains bigger than if you used other methods, right?

  17. i literally start doing cardio after workout basically i take 5 minutes break before it and perform it for 15 minutes at higher intensity it kind of flattens you muscle but not in huge number and if you consume some protein after workout-cardio then it you wont lose a lot of muscle just a bit which you can grow slowly by been consistent in the gym

  18. Starting a fast tomorrow. Any tips on how to prevent overeating and being able to suppress hunger for a 16/8 fast?

  19. Run every weekday morning for one hour, weight train in the evening 3 days a week for one hour, do yoga twice a week, about 30-45 minutes….balance and results but it took a number of years before I hit this trifecta.

  20. But… LEG DAY EVERYDAY bro

  21. Size, so I look good.
    Strength, so I'm strong.
    Cardio, so I last longer.

    Why else are we working out and exercise if that's not the real goal?

  22. Judo for 2 hours twice a week and weights 3 nights. Thoughts?

  23. I do 10 mins sprint, 10 mins jump rope and 15 mins of heavy bag. Alternate days I do calisthenics. I don't really do any leg workouts as cardio days leave my leg sore.

  24. I do 10 mins sprint, 10 mins jump rope and 15 mins of heavy bag. Alternate days I do calisthenics. I don't really do any leg workouts as cardio days leave my leg sore.

  25. Steady state cardio helps recovery time because it helps with blood flow. I havent had any better gains in my life when I was doing steady state cardio 2 to sometimes 3 times a week. The key is to not over train. HIIT always stalled gains on my legs.

  26. Dr. Rhonda Patrick brought me here

  27. When you say 24h do you mean like 1 day weights and cardio on the next or do you mean 1 day weights, 1 day pause and cardio on the next? I know that it may sound like a dumb question but some people have a really broad use of time.

  28. HEY! please can you do a video about Growth Hormone Cycle (GH)? is it good to take and whats its benefits and side effects for short and long term.. PS : i like your channel a lot and specially 60 seconds videos!

  29. In a short answer “yes”

  30. No cardio does not hurt gains as long as you follow the correct routine. Cardio is important for your overall health

  31. Cardio is good for you. That is, if you do it right. (Not for gains, but for health.)

  32. You said, "With cardio we're trying to burn calories." Which isn't always true. I use cardio to increase my work capacity.

  33. According to "The Bioneer", doing steady state cardio helps open your left ventricule in your heart, which helps create more blood flow and move nutrients throughout the body and could help with some muscle building.

  34. I’ve been running a mile everyday I workout except on legs days. I’ve gone from 200 lbs to 185lbs which isn’t much. But my body fat percentage went from 32% to 18% !

  35. What about swimming as the cardio part? What parts does it affect more, and when should it be done?

  36. Anything over 3 reps is cardio

  37. How about a video on the possible cardio benefits of lower body exercises like squats? I mean seriously, I feel a few sets of squats, or other compound leg movements, is almost like a HIIT session. I do full body workouts, and they all start with 3-4 leg exercises. This gets my heart rate up to a high level. This has to count for something right?

  38. Please reply boss😥😥😥
    I'm doing 1600 m race 10 m after 30 m doing weight training at morning,,,,,,,,,
    At evening time doing Hiit 50m race as fast as 10 times
    Do you think it's effect on gain muscles ??

  39. F*¢k cardio

  40. I ran 5 miles, crashed out, than woke up and did leg day. I felt pretty good until I woke up the next day.
    Will this affect my leg gains. Cardio than strength training?

  41. I do 3 day lifting and 3 day HIIT workouts and I’m leaned tf out bruh

  42. Does cardio fm sex hurt my gains?

  43. 40 min weight train 10 min core workout and 30 min hiit…. I got great results with these

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