Doctors’ Org Doesn’t Want You To Have Health Care

hundreds of nurses doctors and medical students marched this weekend for what I thought was an extra effort to get this week steps in but apparently they were protesting the American Medical Association the AMA which is the professional association for doctors and other medical providers the American Medical Association is leading an assault on Medicare for all legislation it's AMA versus the phone you gotta know their acronyms in this fight actually I need to work on my steps to while these angry nurses marched outside the AMA held their annual meeting to pat themselves on the back for the work they didn't do here's the AMAs president delivering a riveting speech about equitable care and here are the members checking WebMD to see if she's correct no it seems the president was blowing a lot of hot air which is clinically speaking gingivitis it seems the AMA has been historically opposed to considering health care as a human right so much so that now the medical professionals have stood up and said that the AMA does not stand for them and you know you fucked up when a drum circle appears outside your door unscheduled drum circles only happen on solstices to ward off evil spirits or to give the seniors of Asheville something else to watch because they couldn't figure out how to operate the Smart TV the rhythm is gonna get you I mean it already got them it's definitely too late for them many say that the AMA doesn't serve the patients or even the doctors rather they work as PR for the insurance industry and it's very difficult for the AMA to deny those claims since they just joined the partnership for America's health care future which is spending millions of dollars to fight the MFA and is backed by the Blue Cross Blue Shield's Association and Cigna Anthem Centene and other health insurance giants in other news tomorrow the American plumbers Association is announcing a partnership with giant Tufts of hair many activists believe that the AMAs policies have led the u.s. to have the lowest health outcomes in the industrialized world we have the highest number of avoidable deaths even though we spend the most of any country on healthcare Americans also borrowed a whopping eighty eight billion dollars last year simply to pay for medical expenses and there's been several reports of people spending their lottery winnings on medical expenses now that sounds depressing but fortune cookies could along with numbers offer referrals while Americans pray away their medical debt the AMA spends more than four hundred million dollars a year lobbying it's the third highest spender of lobbying on Capitol Hill the majority of its funding comes not from the members of which only 25% are doctors but a monopoly on managing health care data and pricing with the help of government contracts so it profits from the entire health care system as it is so doctors if I caught your attention with this segment do you think you could tell me what this is it itches now the majority of Americans want universal health care under Medicare for all 70% of Democrat voters and 52% of Republican voters wanted yeah but who believes the people I think we need a second opinion from someone who's clearly not for people Democrats aren't just running on good old ideas like a higher minimum wage they're running on good new ideas like Medicare for all maybe the AMA should listen to him he's mainstream but isn't he unemployed right now do not affect his credibility steps this is Naomi Keeravani reporting from Washington redacted tonight


  1. The AMA is backed by top lobby powered health insurance giants…and nobody can figure out why health insurance is unaffordable for millions. 😂


  3. NAOMI 👏❤️

  4. Oddly enough the medical community is trying to actively kill their own patients. Which seems more than a bit anti productive. No more opioids for your pain. Not even prescribing basic medications properly. Healthcare is a right. Not a priveledge. And should be a responsibility of government to provide and oversee. But the politicians whose job it is to do that are more concerned with their own bottom line than the welfare of the citizens they are supposed to serve.

  5. Capitalism at its best. Capitalising even on life.

  6. The AMA saved our United States of America from the godless spectre of Fabian Socialism inspired Universal Health Insurance in 1948.
    Yes, we were set to adopt Universal Health Care provided by a national health insurance system in 1948. The AMA rallied and defeated that. After all, we did not have to settle for what the European nations had to provide their citizens, we won the war with our economy and society left intact. No need to weaken the work ethic of our citizenry.

  7. Everytime I have to go to the dr without insurance they look at me like I'm crazy for buying shelter and food instead and then at the end of their 6 hr day they get in their BMW and drive to their 500000$ home.

  8. As this would pertain to a fourth amendment infringement.

  9. Constitution of the United States does not grant the federal govt. any authority to be providing health care.

  10. Its a lot of addicts and drug dealers. Should we let them steal grannies too?

  11. The Solution to America's problem is clear — END CAPITALISM!! There is no place for such bullshit in a civilized society.

  12. What is wrong! with Health Care — starts right there, with Medical School Education, an overpriced, sub-standard, system of education (call it business) — that most medical students can do without. Average class attendance in US Medical school is 10~15%, meaning, Medical students stay at home and study. The professors too happy to simply DUMP the electronic files of lessons to be memorized! That's it — that pretty much sums up Medical Education for yrs 1 and 2. The clinical rotations and internship — well, that's the 'ragging' in hospitals, that's all there is to it. And that my friend, is the where the corruption in Health Care begins.

  13. Love yah 😍😍

  14. dont do comedy or whatever the fuck u call that, just do news.

  15. You are so gorgeous.

  16. 3:06 It isn't really a funny joke that people use their lottery money on medical expenses. It's written right into the lottery rules that people lose their Medicaid if they win anything.

  17. If more than half the people want Medicare for all and don't get it there is no democracy. Your government sold you out long ago.

  18. No Medicare for all no socialism.

  19. As a child I used to think people wanted to be doctors so they could save lives and find cures. I was so innocent then.

  20. When you use the otherside's language you've already lost the argument. Democratic voters, not Democrat voters, you say Republican voters not Republic voters, right?

  21. Wowza.
    Just read all of the comments, and the ignorance is mind boggling.
    'Free' medical care is not free: it's paid for by your taxes.
    Obviously, the USA prefers to have bigger & better bombs than to have decent medical care.
    You folks should get out more: Travel the world & see how shit works.
    Your time is over – it's done – gone.
    Not with a bang, but with a fizzle.
    Just got out of hospital for the 4th time in 5 years: Cost? zero. nada. nuttink. And I'm not even European, but my Health Card covers everything, and a 90% reduction on prescription prices.
    Not even Canada does that.

  22. Like the doctors oath says " first do insurance check" ffs. By the people for the people except if your broke. Time for you to rise like lions America. God bless from the UK.

  23. Don't be surprised. Doctors in Canada fought medicare for all by going on strike.

  24. Doctors in America don't care a rat's ass about their patients, their only concern is money and greed and this is why they don't want universal healthcare. Medicare for all means the scam is over and charging 100K+ for fake operations which kills more ppl than curing them is over. They make 10s of thousands on pres med which dont work but only makes you feel better for a short period of time but end up shorting your life span and ultimately killing you

  25. If the Doctors wish to be treated as Sheep through their Associations so be it.. Current Healthcare is Managed & Run by Administrators not Doctors as it should be. Profit is their main Goal at the expense of Patients & Service of Humanity.

  26. I'm uninsured, chronically ill, and a father. These fine folks would be happy to have me die and watch my family suffer for their own monitary gain.

  27. You and the A.M.M.A. U.S.A, Who is telling who what to do, The nurse's have something to say about that.

  28. Of course the gig would-be over.

  29. Naomi makes even vegans think about eating her crabs… lol

  30. Doctors just use google but get paid ridiculous salaries because they sign your prescriptions. Basically they are drug dealers

  31. Let's end capitalism before it ends us, freeing the medical profession to go back to putting helping others before greed for wealth.

  32. Have you ever seen a $215,000 hospital bill marked down $198,000 for Medicare?

    If you're middle class under Obamacare, you would pay $43,000 of the bill yourself, insurance doesn't pay any of it…

  33. "Lobbying".. It's what We The People called "Bribery"..which in Our against the Law..
    Self Serving Corporate Gov.. Never for the People..!!!

  34. Mental health for all ⚘

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