Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review


  1. Love this! Very educational and would love more diet review videos. It’ll help keep everyone informed and debunk a lot of those myths. Safe to say I will probably never do the keto diet, I love pasta too much 😂😋

  2. Hey doc, I'm from southeast asia, where rice is staple food, and I'd love to try keto, but once i tried to substitute rice with other carbs and i can feel my body temp drops and I'm start having tremors, what's with that? Is that normal?

  3. “No to alcohol”

    Keto has never said no to alcohol. No to high carb beers and mixed drinks with sodas and juices.

    Jameson has no carbs. Fuckin drink Jameson.

  4. You left out a few things this diet causes: (1) Kidney stones, (2) Colon cancer, (3) Diarrhea, (4) Constipation, (5) Dehydration, (6) Kidney cancer. But you covered yourself by saying that you DO NOT recommend it. You DID mention malnutrition, but you didn't say that this "new" way of eating has been around for 50 years. It's not new. You're right mainly though, it's great for the short-term, weddings, graduations, but then you put all the weight back on. It's impossible to use this Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution to lose weight and keep it off, absolutely impossible. I don't care how much you lost either or how long you say you've been on it, you'll put it all back on, sooner or later.

  5. I could never do this, I hate fats and anything greasy stuff. I much prefer a low fat diet

  6. I've been Keto for 2 years now.
    The only thing that makes the Keto diet "drastic" is that people are forced to recognize the crap they've been consuming for years. Once you're fat adapted, the lifestyle is VERY forgiving.

  7. Mike, you should do a video on calorie counting .

  8. First, you have to find a nutrition program you can stick to. For some this is it. I tried it for a few months and lost a couple pounds. My energy levels were super stable. But it was hard to maintain…for me. After the first 10 days some lose 10lbs. The real work begins after the initial water loss rand many hit a wall. Why? Because you now have to cut back your fat in order reduce your calorie intake so that you're at a deficit (now body fat is the fuel vs your food). Any weight loss diet only works because someone is in a calorie deficit.

  9. No Bee-Woop. I'm disappointed…

  10. Thank, this video will be helpful for me.

  11. Why is it called the KETO FLU and not CARB WITHDRAWLS ? Maybe it just isn't as catchy?

  12. Good to hear from a real a doctor on this subject.

  13. I think it keto can be really healthy if you do it right. I get loads of veggies, my carbs are higher than 5% because of that but hospital lab tests still confirmed ketosis. Also never had the keto flu. A number of health problems improved. You should do some research first before starting first to make sure you are doing it properly and in a healthy way, there are so many misconceptions about keto everywhere.I’ve been eating like this for months and I can eat like this forever, don’t really feel restricted, who wants to eat the processed crap anyways…

  14. Lack of willpower and sugar addiction for individuals does not make a diet unsustainable.
    A diet is unsustainable if it would cause serious health problems. Not to say I believe the keto diet to be sustainable or not, just generally bothers me when anything is called unsustainable simply because most people lack sufficient force of will unless it is a life or death situation.

  15. You stupid idiot would you give up on your health just because you don't want to miss a cookie on a party!

  16. Lack of research? Hard to maintain? Bad cholesterol? Nutrient deficiency? Can't recommend? Which food mega-corporation is subsidizing you?

  17. I went from 27 stone to 10 stone doing keto and maintain with paleo type diet. Saved my life x

  18. I hate keto. Ray peat does not approve

  19. I love Keto! For me this is the best healthy lifestyle. I have a terrible addiction to carbs. The keto stops my carb cravings. I train a lot. I play multiple sports (netball, basketball, gridiron) every night of the week and I gym every day. I find the diet very easy to stick to as well. I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone but it's a winner for me 🤙

  20. Keto is super easy to adhere to if you make it past week 4, you will not wont sugar and cards ever again. Your going to feel super good and sharp. 2 years in ketosis and my cholesterol is great !

  21. ☕️ prn lol

  22. Doctor you need keto diet look at your boops

  23. Another doctor that doesn't know any cholesterol basics.

  24. Cookies and cream milkshakes

  25. Hye Dr Mike. How are you ? I know its super late for me to leave a comment on this video. However I have some curiosities.

    1. Is there high chances for acidosis in performing ketogenic diet ?
    2. Source of energy is changed to ketone bodies from glucose. So, can you please give a little bit more detail on how it affects DM type 2 in relation to DKA ?

    If you ever see and comment on this, thank you very much !

  26. He goes over the most important points.
    Here's a few others:
    Of the 2 most important groups that use Keto medically, epileptic children and diabetics:
    The longest study was 6 years, of which only 8% still kept to the diet.
    A significant minority had bone issues and stunted growth.

    The 2nd longest studies are only 1 year long, where it hasn't been damaging.

    You also do not need to be in Ketosis to burn more fat.
    Simply lowering your carb % will do this. Lowering your insulin production (or increasing insulin resistance) always have this effect. Lowering leptin levels also helps (if you can resist how hungry it will make you). This is called "starvation mode", and the easiest way to attain it is to not eat anything for 1-2 days.

    These hormonal effects are also why diabetics are technically fat-burning machines.

  27. So, Cookies And Cream milkshakes are bad? 🤣

  28. @DoctorMike: is keto diet helpful for type 1 diabetic… I have seen articles both ways… some say it increases risk for kidney damage and some that says they hav e managed to reduce insulin intake drastically by going on keto diet… I’m trying to reduce hba1c below 7 and would really appreciate ur take on this

  29. Bruh I've lost 80lbs off not only keto but intermittent fasting. Went down 4 pants sizes. Never felt better. As far as missing out on certain nutrients and vitamins that's what wheatgrass is for. I Implement that along with antiviral supplements such as black seed oil and olive leaf extract. Also there are keto alcoholic beverage recipes. Hard liquors alone are keto friendly its what you Chase it with is the issue. I use carb and sugar free red bull with my whiskey 🥃 and I only drink on the weekends. Keto and intermittent fasting is definitely the way to go. Dr Berg. Look him up. Also check out the documentary The Magic Pill. It helps many illnesses and chronic diseases.

  30. What about vegetables

  31. No BEEEWOOP!!! 😥😥😥

  32. You should be advising viewers to seek medical nutrition therapy and counseling from a registered dietitian when considering the ketogenic diet. Very disappointed in this video.

  33. I’m following the father diet of Keto, the Dukan Diet. Can you please try it? I’m finding it really energising, as it limits you to only protein for a maximum of 7 days, and slowly reintroduces other food groups to take your metabolism back to day zero. I find that instead of craving unhealthy fast food, I started to crave tomatoes and cucumbers and fruit after not having any of that for a whole week. It really makes you think differently about food. Highly recommend.

  34. Cyclical Keto diet for the win!!!

  35. If anyone is interested in someone that has been on a Keto diet for 10 years –

  36. Fuck this idiot

  37. I was searching who could play the next Superman and the algorithms took me to Dr. Mike. I think I found him.

  38. Stupid doc

  39. Where the fvck is my bee woo

  40. doesn't Ketones in the blood cause kidney problems for Type2 diabetics?

  41. I am happy i doing Keto.

  42. everyone looking for 1 thing. going to keep failing. best diet is one that changes. if you can put a diet on a pie chart.. its incomplete.

  43. Hi Dr Mike. Thanks a lot for your wonderful from kerala

  44. With the extra ketones, wouldn't a diabetic be in danger of ketoacidosis?

  45. What about the Raw Diet?

  46. I needed this, i'm lucky keto diet hasnt caught on here in Africa. Ketosis happens naturally here half the people can't even afford food here so we don't play like that. But hey to each their own.

  47. Hey doc I lost 140 pounds and reversed type 2 diabeties. I avoid sugar soda carbs anything g processed i recomend thos for diabetics 😊

  48. If I am taking allergy med can I start keto?

  49. This is one product granted to show you results in no time

  50. This guy is a doctor he won't support Keto because profits will be lost. On Keto for few months feel awesome I had high insulin and IF and keto has corrected it and I'm still in progress my energy levels are great and I feel more at peace emotionally its amazing healthy fats are the way to go plenty of veggies and mid protein very low carb will lose your weight swap out Sugar for Natural stevia also water and Himalayan salt great for electrolytes. for your body and a little excersize doesn't hurt either ..(:

  51. Good video. I don't find it hard to stick with. It's good food! 🙂

  52. Sorry, but the Keto diet is the ONLY healthy diet. Eating carbs is like eating poison. Pratically 99% of diseases comes from carbs.

  53. OMG, I NEED THAT SHIRT 🤣🤣 Always as needed #coffeelife

  54. Prurigo pigmentosa

  55. Could you comment on the keto rash (prurigo pigmentosa) and inform people about it? I haven't seen any of the more influential YouTubers, like you, do a video a video on it.

  56. Why has diabetes quadrupled in the last 30 years does it have anything to do with sugar in our diet?

  57. He’s so cute my goodness

  58. Keto is short term survival mechanism that is good from an evolutionary standpoint when there was no other food source around organism can shift for a short time. If Carbs were so bad than why most longest cultures eat mostly carbs.

  59. Can you talk about Mediterranean diet?

  60. I am sure you can learn more on WooPep web page. Best diet e-books on the net.

  61. Half of the idiots are commenting on looks .. apart from that this is bullshit… I'm unsubing

  62. There you go…. BAD Cholesterol. Thanks Doc!

  63. why do i love this guy

  64. Your lack of knowledge in this area, tied with laziness in researching the studies in regards to metabolic health is concerning. Enjoy your blissful fluff.

  65. wtf is this? so what diet allows cookies and milkshakes on graduation day?

  66. CUTE GUY!!

  67. The Keto flu is very mild, Keto is not good for weight loss it’s fucking amazing for weight loss and you don’t lose water on Keto and if you have brain fog you are not doing it right please get your facts straight!!!

  68. Google Dr. Darren Schmidt and Dr. Eric Berg, don’t listen to this brain fog numb nuts!!!

  69. These potential issues seem related to a high protein keto diet.

  70. My mom lost weight really fast using some Keto diet she randomly stumbled upon. This is the link if you're curious because it freakin' worked somehow lol
    Just thought some other people may like it

  71. 3:10 HUH? excuse me? NO ICE CREAM FOR ME! NO!

  72. Sir I started keto last month 4th October. But still.. . 5gm weight losed. What I do..

  73. Doctor Mike binge 2019 ❤️

  74. Where’d you get that shirt from omg I need it

  75. This doctor is an addict to carbs so it might be a bit biased. LOL

  76. He needs to do more research and update his information

  77. I tried it at and I almost had a heart attack but then again I am anemic very anemic any advice as to how an anemic person can keep a keto diet and not die

  78. A year later and it’s still sad in the things he says

  79. Keto is amazing and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  80. #2 The Ketogenic Diet is good for the brain. I'm going to agree with that one. My mental health was at it's best while I was eating Keto. I'm not Keto anymore, but I am trying to eat less carbs (Pasta and bread are my weakness) and I have remained sugar free for the most part.

  81. Which diets work best with less harmful effects?

  82. I ❤️ your T- shirt. Your statements about Keto diet? not so much. Look up Dr Ken Berry or Ivor Cummins , or Dave Feldman

  83. I was told keto will work for my pcos I hope that’s true 🤦🏾‍♀️

  84. A friend of mine that is doing the keto diet said I shouldn’t eat carrots 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol 😂 Keto makes you crazy!

  85. Marry me Dr. Mike 😂

  86. VIOLIN MD says KETO diet is killing you

  87. It is ok on Keto diet while taking vitamins?

  88. Keto Keto Keto, we made salad bowls all day.

    Seriously though, this keto diet is going viral quite a bit. We did a review breakdown on our channel of a trending 28-day keto diet challenge. Not sure how many people can take it on though.

  89. Yes it’s very strict, but you can definitely have a cheat day every now and then. For example, my dad eats keto and one night he ate a whole pizza and a couple beers. Not only did he not enjoy them as much as he did before keto(meaning he had fewer cravings for it), but in the morning he felt fine and he was still in ketosis

  90. Seems like those people experiencing the “keto flu” in extension haven’t fully done their research. Reasons can include lack of electrolytes, not watching the ingredients snuck in foods, not enough fats, etc… ALWAYS do enough research before adapting to a different lifestyle

  91. A study showed that the keto diet leads to alzheimers

  92. I'm finna do a keto diet next month to help my legs for horse riding

  93. Make sure if you drink alcohol you know the 5 rules you must follow…

  94. I've been on many diets over the decades and the ketogenic way of eating is the absolute easiest to maintain (for 18 months) and the most fun with all the delicious foods that keep me satiated. I've had no problems socially and have {miraculously} lost my cravings for breads/sweets. Oh, and down 40 pounds to my goal weight.

  95. Mimosas are keto friendly 🥂

  96. Two week ago I was waking up with blood glucose levels of 250. Its only been 2 weeks and now I'm waking up with BG levels of 115.

  97. So you said you don't recommend this diet to us because there is no long term studies at the moment, but you also mentioned it's a viable diet for Type 2 diabetics. Do you still recommend this diet for Type 2 Diabetics then? Thank you doctor.

  98. You are GORGEOUS doctor! Thanks for sharing this video with us. Cheers =)

  99. Keto diet is how we ate growing up. It was just the norm back then. It does't seem strange to me at all

  100. think il stick with intimate fasting easier

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