Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review


  1. I´ve been waiting for so long to hear a doctor´s sincere opinion about this. Thank you so much, Mike 🙂

  2. Hey! Can you try water fasting?

  3. I now eat only once a Day for about 5 months, And i am Happier than ever. I dont have any cravings And i lost some weight (8kg) with no workouts. i havent gained back. I Hit a plateu And now i started doing some cardio.

  4. I heard it's a candida killer as well

  5. It’s really interesting 👍

  6. I do 16 hr fasting with no issues.

  7. I am not going to try these because of my history with anorexia. I worry it would bring back soke bad habits

  8. ive been doing IF for 8 months now. first feeling way better with it, i now feel downsides. after dropping weight i feel like i miss calories

  9. What’s your opinion of 12:12 intermittent fasting?

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  11. "People have been fasting for millennia."
    "There's not enough long term research."

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  13. Can you review snake diet? Is it safe to be on?

  14. I started IF & went a little keto. Not strict because I add quinoa to my meal preps. But I gave up sugar & carbs. I eat them every now & then. I lost 50lbs & my anxiety is gone. I don’t crash anymore. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

  15. How much weight can I lose if I start this IF diet

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  17. Is fasting a bad idea for anxiety disorder patients?

  18. all the junkies here are like "lol I've doing this for years :D"

  19. Guess I've been inadvertently doing it for a few years now. On days when I'm on my own schedule and not particularly active physically it's a snack around mid-afternoon and a late evening full meal. It's just because that's usually when I'm in the mood to prepare something and eat it, not angling for particular health/weight benefits, both were OK before I started doing it and still are.

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  23. I dont eat at dinner, and for breakfast is 1 peanut butter sandwich and 2 eggs, and lunch is either a piece of Chicken or a Hamburger. I'm still ok after a 3 weeks of doing that.

  24. Can we drink during fasting hours?

  25. 16:8 made me have mad cravings and I ate a lot of sugar, OMAD made me hallucinate, 5:2 is amazing for me. Find what works for you!

  26. I like that video about diet,if I know other people have different style diets

  27. i will say, that for most of my adult life, for at least 30 years, i have only eaten one meal a day– dinner and two cups of coffee in the morning. people used to say i was hurting my body, but i was always healthy,, so i knew it was BS. i ate primarily whole foods, plant based diet (love salads, no cheeze and watch the dressing) with limited amounts of animal protein. and i was always slim 5' 4" between 115 – 120. i'm trying to return to that model so, i think, this is a really great way to eat. the problem comes when you share a house with other people and what's in the pantry works against your will power– which is very real. sometime the craving for something salty, crunchy or sweet can derail your efforts. but i would say that if you can get past them initially, you can get to the point (maybe a few days to a week) where your body will be used to the new way you eat and adapt to it. with any change in diet it's the first 3 days that are maddening. haha. good luck to everyone and be strong. 😉

  28. Dr. Mike, as a female, my experience is that fasting, particularly intermittent fasting wreaked havoc on my hormones. It’s taken me one full year to finally regulate my hormones because I chose to do it naturally. It was a terrible experience, it’s definitely not for everyone, particularly women.!!! Please look into it in depth if you’re a woman.

  29. Could you please tell us where you got this research? There are so many people who claim IF only works because it helps you eat less calories, which is true, but that’s not the only thing.

  30. mom and I do it to keep from the proverbial grazing… I do a 10am – 6pm and mum does 11am – 7pm… she's lost nearly 50 lbs over the last year and no longer has to harpoon insulin. I just started, lost 4 lbs, and my blood glucose is dropping a little. yay.

  31. Well fasting isn't meant to be long term anyway. It wouldn't be fasting if that's how you normally eat.

  32. I m going to start from today

  33. Can I follow egg diet of 900cals during intermittent fasting?

  34. I skip meals so often due to work and study, I'm practically fasting without realising 😅😅

  35. First of all I didn't hear your bee whoop so I feel slited.

  36. Please do a video on keto rash (prurigo pigmentosa). I haven't seen a major YouTuber do a video about it. Please inform people about this because too many start keto wrong and then freak out when they get the rash, like I did.

  37. Man we have data on fasting…
    Just Google engis berbiery who fasted for 380 days straight

  38. Weight watchers, Weight watchers, Weight watchers

  39. Wow! Didn't realize being in college I have been intermittent fasting this entire 2 years! Thanks student loans.

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  42. Ever hear of excess gas while IF? Been trying 16/8 and noticed I'm more flatulent than I was before. Fasting before bed as I would over eat right before sleeping.

  43. Is it ok for doing intermittent fasting 16:8 while trying to conceive?

  44. I never eat after 9 pm and I don't eat breakfast before school (I'm eating again at 2 pm) but if I don't eat at 2 pm, then my blood sugar is rushing down and I'm forced to eat/drink (diabetic type 1). I'm on a diet since 4 months and I already lost 5 kg (I'm not overweight, I just want to take down some weight, eat healthy and build up some muscles after that) but I'm so stressed out, because I often have school in the afternoon and I don't eat in school. Eating the right meals is so hard, so I am looking for a way that I don't have to eat during the day. Is anyone a type 1 diabetic and has some experience with fasting?

  45. Muslim did it first

  46. I never eat breakfast but I’m still a chub lord

  47. I always fasting 20 hours a day

  48. I eat twice a day , no snacks full meal only , no sugar no salt, only Himalayas pink salt , home made food lotsssss of fruits lotsssss veggies fish , organic chicken and red meat

  49. How does this affect muscle growth? Im shipping out to basic training for the Army in January and I’m trying to loose fat while also gaining muscle. I’m working out daily and eating around 900 to 1000 calories a day but I’m doing the eating every 3 hours diet and I’ve lost about 7 pounds in the past month. Should I keep with this or try fasting?

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  52. Is this safe for someone with a history of ulcer? Lol

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  54. They say breakfast is very important.

  55. We do know the long term effects – look at the Indian culture – I spend a month in India each year for work & quickly adapt to only eating at 3PM & again at 10PM – sleeping from 2am -10am because this is how the family I stay with eats everyday & I always feel amazing after the first 3 days – then after I come home, I try to stay on it but lose it after a week or so

  56. actually the mental clarity im getting on the day 2 and 3 of not eating is insane. i feel like i have reflexes of spiderman (when i track my progress in this game called osu! most of my best scoreswere set on months where i did several 2-3 day fasts in a row). my head is also much clearer and i can focus on maths and programming much more easily. the fact that it makes you lose weight is just a bonus for me at this point. it also makes you enjoy your meals way more when you do actually eat

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  58. Can you help me if so I’m in school and I have to eat at 6:40 am and around 11:30 am and I get out of school at 4:00 pm, so I can focus. What time should I eat after school. I need to lose weight and I am 13 so don’t give me some extreme answers like 20/4 hours. I want to start intermittent fasting. If someone can help me out please answer I want to get skinny and I am gonna try my hardest.

  59. it's called breakfast because you break fasting

  60. I retired 31 December, 2015. I weighed 270 pounds, give or take (6' tall). Since then, I significantly reduced crappy carb intake. I began time-restricted eating. Breakfast consists of half-a-pot of coffee, neat. I can usually count on one hand the number of sugared soft drinks I drink in a year. Water, unsweetened tea and neat coffee are my drinks of choice. I'm down to 230 pounds and have every intent to continue losing weight. My perfect weight is 165 pounds but I think that unlikely at 62 years of age. I'd be overjoyed to attain 190 pounds. Three more years and I should be there. My diet isn't the best and I don't exercise nearly enough but I hope I can get off of diabetes and blood pressure control meds.

  61. Intermittent fasting isnt eating less calories. Its eating your required calories for whatever goals you have in a fixed window.

  62. I just skip 1 meal a day…pick a meal and skip.

  63. Eat for 8 hours and starve for 16?

  64. The stresses of editing…been there…

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  67. Can you talk about Snake Diet?

  68. Thanks for a really SOUND review of this idea.

  69. hi does IF decreases Metabolism?

  70. I'd like to see Dr. Fung debate this clown on the subject.

  71. Too much talk no info

  72. I am doing if and Whenever I eat at 6pm then I start next day at 10 am
    And whenever I eat at 6.30 or 7.0 pm then next day I take 3 at 10.30 or 11.0AM.
    Is this ok to being flexible with fasting 16 hours too?

  73. Very good

  74. I love fasting best thing ever. Amazing feeling. and keep me in good shape.

  75. In the beginning of the video you stated that IF isn’t a new thing and has been a reality since the beginning of ages, then at 4 minutes you went on to say we don’t know of any long term side effects or effectiveness in the diet. That kind of threw me off.

    The way I see it is since the literal beginning of time humans bodies were only meant for IF, we are meant to be hunter gatherers going days between meals, our bodies have not been in their prime because of the ease of access and convenience of food being everywhere. I can’t see IF ever being detrimental to our bodies. Correct me if I’m wrong… I’m sure certain health problems like diabetes can’t sustain an IF diet, but if we were on IF since birth I doubt diabetes would even exist unless there was some form of pancreatic damage.

  76. Thank you!!! I was waiting for someone professional enough to discuss this topic!!!!

  77. What if your skinny?

  78. thank you for the info! this video helped me plan my own. watch my week long IF experience and tell me how I did!

  79. I do circadian fasting, which kinda reversed from common IF, since I just skip dinner. I don't really aim for weight loss, but more of a better balance on hormones and insulin, as well as fixing my insomnia. So far, it's a wonder . I don't feel midday fatigue anymore, and I could sleep normally — albeit a lil bit earlier, and it has been undisturbed at all. I stop my craving, which usually happen in late afternoon, by drinking coffee and a lot of water, and stop seeing any foodporn.

    It's not for everyone, I understand. There has been some people that also do extreme fasting for a couple days in a week, like 24 or even 72 hours of no meal. Imo, I won't try it, since it's a bit bordering to eating disorder, and being someone with body dysmorphia, it could do more harm for me.

    Eat healthy doesn't mean you have to punish yourself.

  80. No need to review anything where ever I watch things about IF I keep saying ,Fasting is present since thousands years and one of the basic rules of ISLAM is to fast from dawn to dusk and then you free to eat and drink

  81. Done 16/8 and lost 2 kilos in the first 4 days! I've been on keto and it made me "hangry" I just yo-yo back and forth to my weight, I was 75kg now 70.5kg in 2 weeks. I feel good, not sluggish. Planning to do a 24-hr every other day, for a week. ❤️

  82. Lol…. In Hinduism we do fasting from thousand of years… No doubt out saints n sages got the knowledge of this concept millenials before the doctors these days..

  83. Bruh we muslims been doing this for a month each year lmao but for us we aren’t allowed to drink as well

  84. 3:36:Side Effects: Yes you will experience side effects, that’s just within the first couple weeks of fasting though. That’s your body cleansing, actually fully detoxing and that’s why people will experience those symptoms. Because of all the bullshit we have put into our bodies and how frequently we have been eating over the last how ever many years. Your body when fasting is changing into a whole new mechanism. From using glucose for fuel to using ketones for fuel, a much healthier fuel source that provides more energy than glucose. Once you become fast adapted you will only experience those same symptoms if you consume junk again. What you put in is what you’ll get out.

  85. What's wrong with all these Thots in the comment section, it's pretty disrespectful when someone is trying hard to give you some great information and all you can concentrate on is his shirt or glasses !

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  87. Man. Really honest. Loved it.

  88. I've been doing IF since February and I've lost alot of weight like 60 pounds in 8 months. I also work out 6 days a week during that period of time as well. This diet is one of the hardest to maintain in the beginning stages because as someone who has always been obese and has had struggles with my diet this puts a shock on your body. Kind of makes you feel as though you are a drug addict. But the benefits are amazing I feel better less cloudy thoughts and overall more energy. Some of the downfalls he speaks of are true I do have headaches from time to time. Also have some really bad cravings that I give into sometimes as well. Also forgot to mention that I dont just throw food in my mouth for 8 hour window either I eat one big meal ranging from 1000-1700 calories then call it an evening. So if you are eating more then three meals worth of calories in the 8 hour window might give you different results.


  90. yes especially in the west we have all of these medical problems from overeating and bad diet, skipping breakfast here and there definitely won't hurt!

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  93. I wish I could give you 1million dislikes. This video is misleading. IF is based on a research for which Dr. Ohsumi won a Nobel prize in physiology, it's is not a trend. You are doing a disservice to all those people who are in urgent need of becoming more responsible with their health and way of life (not a diet.)

  94. Intermittent fasting is not just a trend but a life changing experience.

  95. I never ate breakfeast so… first meal everyday was after 1 pm

  96. Valery Mamonov has been experimenting with fasting for over 40 years now. He is into '70s but has the energy of a 30-year old man. He has written the book " Control for Life Extension: A Personalized Holistic Approach" . Available at i first got a copy of this book in 2002 and I must say this is my health encyclopedia.

  97. I trust you with my life

  98. Love the outtakes 🤣

  99. can i do this in a way where i fast in the night and eat during daytime since i have school at 8am to 4pm

  100. Really happy thanks for this video i appreciate it and your channel really helps a lot of people so thank you

    P.S. i don’t know if you know about this subject but what causes rib flare, and how do you get rid of it

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