– Hi, Dr. Joel Kahn at the Kahn Center For Cardiac Longevity, a cardiologist in suburban Detroit. I’m pleased to talk to you
for a couple of minutes about the topic, can a
meat heavy ketogenic diet be healthy long term? Very concerning, but
let’s talk about terms because a few years ago, you
didn’t open every website and every magazine and
read about ketogenic diet, particularly with
Hollywood stars and such. You can go back decades and find some important medical
data that if you’re dealing with a child that has refractory epilepsy, before there was medication or even after when there wasn’t a good response, that putting a child on
a water fast sometimes improved their seizures, but
it wasn’t very well tolerated, obviously, by growing children. Then people tried a low-carb,
high-fat diet to induce the creation of chemicals in
the body called ketone bodies that can be an alternative
fuel to the brain in addition to glucose. There was a response in
30 to 40% of children, but these medical reports indicated many, many potential side effects
including some scary reports of death during ketogenic diets, cardiac issues during
ketogenic diets and such. But somehow, in the last five to 10 years, this medical therapy
with an unnatural diet that has no really long term
use in any healthy community in the world has become the
darling of Silicone Valley, become the darling of Hollywood, become the darling of
athletes; Lebron James, Halle Barry, the Kardashians,
Hugh Jackman all come to mind. Well, we have an independent
way to asses this that’s outside of my own opinions which is the US News and World Report
put together a list every year of the top diets for
health and other conditions that you’re trying to strive for, reversal of heart disease
and diabetes and such. And the ketogenic friendly
diets like Whole 30, Paleo and the Ketogenic
diet itself are always at the very bottom of the
list of recommended diets, with one exception. US News and Word Report
considers the Ketogenic Diet to be a rapid weight loss diet. There are many other
rapid weight loss diets, some unhealthy like
influenza and chemotherapy, but there are some healthy
versions like a whole food, plant based, no salt, oil, sugar diet. You can use various kinds
of fasting mimicking diets. There’s many ways to induce
a more rapid weight loss, but Ketogenic is one. What about long term? We’re gonna bring the carbohydrates down, so there go whole
grains, there go legumes, good bye dairy, which is
fine by me, of course. We’re gonna get rid of most fruits, maybe leave some leafy greens in, and we’re gonna bring the
fat content very high. That might be with meats and cheeses, might be with butters and such, and that’s gonna induce
ketosis or ketogenic diet. Well, the data is
concerning that long term, this may be a very unhealthy program. And this is a topic
that’s not being addressed by proponents in the medical
community, dietician community, and certainly the lay community
about the Ketogenic diet. There are, as I count now,
nearly 10 published studies, these are scientific studies. These are not just on
a blog on the internet that are in what we call
peer review journals. In total, these studies involve more than one million subjects
who answered information on their diet and if their
diet fit into a low-carb, high-fat program, LCHF,
they were followed. And there was an important
finding in the studies and these are what are
called association studies, but a low-carb, high-fat
diet was associated with an increase risk of early mortality. Let’s say that again, early
mortality, early death. In following people that
describe their diet, and these were healthy
people at the beginning, increase risk of death. There’s one study from the
Harvard School of Public Health that particularly concerns
me as a cardiologist. Over 4,000 people have had a heart attack. They answer food questionnaires. Their diet is described as
a low-carb, high-fat diet, and they follow these people and there’s an increased risk of
dying, post heart attack, compared to people that describe
their diet as high-carb, whole-food, plant based diets, the right diet to eat for a heart patient. Then we get into some data,
finally, from Dr. Valter Longo. If you don’t know Dr. Valter L-O-N-G-O of the University of Southern California, one of the world’s leading
scientists, biochemist, nutritionist, an incredible guy
who’s been pumping out data, he calls any diet that
jacks up animal protein and animal fat, it will
trigger aging pathways. Many of these pathways he
was involved in elucidating a pathway called the IGF-1
pathway, the mTOR pathway. It’s not just guess work. There actually is basic
biochemistry, epidemiology, not many randomized clinical studies. There’s also data from what
we call Centenarian Studies. Show me in the blue zones
if you know what that is and if you don’t, please read about it, where people are following
long term ketogenic diets other than in periods of
famine and starvation. Overall, do you wanna do a
meat heavy ketogenic diet? Everybody respond with me, N-O, no. It’s associated with an increased
risk of early mortality. We presume it’s associated with an increased risk of heart disease. There isn’t enough data to declare that, except in these post heart attack groups. And it’s bad for the environment and it’s certainly bad for the animals. Stick with whole food, plant diets. My favorite for 42 years of my life. Bye, bye.


  1. wow!

  2. Am I really the second comment!?
    This video has been uploaded for 7 minutes already! I mean, this channel deserves more subscribers!

    By the way, great animations!


  3. So great! People need to hear this.

  4. This is great info! Thank you

  5. Very insightful – thanks Dr Kahn!

  6. Learning about keto crotch was enough for me. WFPB only thanks 👀

  7. Thank you!!! No ket o and why in a nutshell!!! Deserves 10 thumbs up !!!

  8. Ok so this doctor is pushing a vegan lifestyle and mentions nothing about the true way of doing Keto which is not all animal fats. There's plenty of good fats that come from non animal sources. Why do people think that Keto is all meats, bacon and cheese? Get educated on a healthy Keto lifestyle.

  9. Oafra Whenfeed's Doctor Debunks anything but Weight Watchers because she Owns it.

  10. Kahn is a quack. period. #KahnArtist

  11. He said it's not good long term…There is vegan versions. Search Dr Eric Berg videos

  12. COMPLETE BULLSHIT. This man owns vegan restaurants! He has written vegan books! Why would anyone trust a word about meat-based diets from a "doctor" who is so financially tied to plant based diets? I eat carnivore diet (which is basically extreme keto) and my health has never been better. Type 2 diabetes, GONE. Fatty liver, GONE. Cholesterol, PERFECT. Joint pain, GONE. All eating PURE meat based diet.

    Kahn is a VEGAN QUACK. Don't be deterred

  13. Hahaha, what a bunch of biased bs. Dropped from 330 lb to 250 in 7 months doing keto ( with vegetables and meat ) trust me, it works!

  14. Why does the video imply keto was made popular by hollywood celebs? Why does the video imply there are no vegetables at all involved in the keto diet? :p This video is biased as fuck.

  15. Hah, look at the dozens of supplements on his shelf. I guess to be healthy on a vegan/plant-based diet you need to slug down bottles of manmade pills and powders…

  16. My bit of anecdotal evidence: years ago before I was Vegan and was still unknowledgeable about human nutrition, my mum convinced me to go on the Atkins diet; her and my step father were doing it for a while and had some intriguing weight loss results so, I decided to cave and give it a shot. Two days in, following the DIEt to the T, doing everything Atkins advises in his book and plans, I started having some rather frightening heart palpitations and arrhythmias… I had never experienced anything like it in my life before that point, despite being very heavy my entire life.

    I couldn’t catch my breath at all unless I forced myself to yawn overly deeply, it felt like my lungs could not fill with air properly, my heart was pounding so hard and fast you could feel it through my chest, then it would just stop for what felt like minutes but was only a few torturous seconds and then it would pound once really hard and start beating rapidly again. It was painful and scary, to be honest. For lack of a better way of explaining it, I was getting bizarre tingling almost electric/crawly sensations in my head and chest area, down my arms and into my abdomen..I’ve no idea what this was about but it was uncomfortable as all get out. I remember telling my mother about these side effects I was having and she just brushed it off and made it seem as though everything was fine, so I too ignored it for an additional day.

    On that third day however, I was at work and completely passed out. There was no warning, it happened out of nowhere shortly after I had eaten lunch. One moment I was speaking to my mother about a work issue and the next my heart started having the extreme palpitations, I couldn’t breath and my vision went black. I woke up six minutes later to my mum squatting next to me with an Atkins-approved plate of chicken breasts, the “allowed” tiny portion of greens, and some “pork chops”. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted two bananas on a coworkers desk. I pushed aside the plate of “food” my mother was assuming would “fix” the issue and put all my effort and might into performing what is usually a bearable task of getting off the floor to a standing position; something which felt monumental and nearly impossible at that moment. I crawled over to the coworkers desk, said to her, “I’m taking your bananas, thank you”, peeled one and ate it as fast as possible. Within two minutes everything stopped. I couldn’t feel my heart palpitating anymore, the pounding in my ears stopped, the tingling/electric sensations in my head stopped, I could breath normally, and my eyesight became more focused and the cloudiness left my vision. The second banana only improved things further.

    I told my mom that this DIEt literally almost killed me and I’d be looking into why as soon as we got home and could research further. Back then there wasn’t talk about Veganism, there was barely mention about vegetarianism, but I still found countless medical and scientific journals proving the human body runs off of carbohydrates and are required by every system and function of our body. After that, I never restricted carbohydrates again and have never experienced the same scary side effects as I did in those three days. I begged my mother to get off of that unhealthy diet, she refused because she “felt great”. One month later, she had a massive stroke. Miraculously she survived, thanks mainly to an experimental drug that had either a 50% chance of killing her or saving her life. The effects of the stroke she will suffer are life long, but she is fortunate to be alive. Eating the flesh and secretions of Animals are not what humans are meant to subsist on, especially not exclusively so. I hope every one of these “keto” followers realizes this before it is too late.

  17. been doing Keto and IF for over a year, very healthy, no issues.

  18. This is really bad information from this Doctor. Totally false. He mentions a bunch of useless observational studies as proof. I really encourage everyone to do more research on the subject. This Doctor's video post is old incorrect news.

  19. The healthiest populations in the world, especially the longest lived peoples, eat most of the calories from plants. Only fringe populations, in either landmass is not desired by other competing tribes, or small tribal groups, that never were seen as the dominant tribe in the area, were eating mostly animal fats.

  20. The keto diet is so bizarre to me, partly because I got seriously into weightlifting around 20 years ago, and while all the diet advice was about high protein and lots of meat, every one stressed that you had to eat enough carbs to avoid ketosis because it was considered too dangerous. That's what keto sticks were for back then.

  21. Sorry to say but this is talking bullshit. I removed all medication on Keto and my diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol is gone.

  22. Can you show Dr Davis horizontal/landscape camera mode? Great great video btw. Love you guys! Why aren’t more doctors so smart?

  23. Keto is a scam that will absolutely kill you. Adkins v2 or v3 or v4, etc. why people? Eat plants, save the animals, save the planet, save yourself and your loved ones!

  24. Haha this doc got totally wreaked on jre. Hes arguements crumbled when challenged

  25. Whole plant foods all the way.

  26. Please name the studies. Did these people smoke, how much exercise, etc. Where's the science here?

  27. Stupid Kardashians…

  28. People eat crazy diets. WFPB is the way to go.

  29. Well explained!

  30. I think I'll risk it. Obese to healthy BMI, excellent bloodwork, no more back pain. You can have my share of corn.

  31. Terrible video, no citations, if you’re going to quote study’s proved links, it’s 2019 I can read a paper myself.
    First hand experience though, being in a start of nutrition ketosis for the last 8 months have done more to improve my resting heart rate, my blood pressure is finally under 120/80, my blood work is the best it’s been ever !

  32. WFPB reverses heart disease

  33. "Bad for the environment"…. LOL

  34. I'm not keto. Just want to remind people that there are vegan keto diets available. 100 percent vegan – 100 percent keto. Best diet though is a whole plant based diet; beans, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

  35. Dairy is actually more unhealthy than meat. Both are really unhealthy though.

  36. This Dr is an idiot! Your study is a bull shit survey. These are proven to be false. The other thing is you don't even know what your talking about. Your describing Atkins and calling it keto. Keto is low in protein, HI in vegetable based fats moron. Your supposed to be a Dr and you don't even know the difference. And I'm not an advocate of keto either. But know your facts before making a video. You just got schooled by a pedestrian.

  37. Do your research and draw your own conclusions. For me the Ketogenic diet has meant significant weight-loss, increased energy, inhibition of cancer development. In my opinion after 5 months of following it and reading a great deal of doctor-generated opinions, I am convinced that sugar and refined carbs are tantamount to poison.

  38. Very interesting how we specified meet heavy when keto is anything but

  39. Can a meat heavy ketogenic diet, what? This video is absolutely pushing a false narrative about keto. For starters, if you are looking you be in nutritional ketosis, you will not be eating a diet "heavy" in meat. It will be heavy in healthy fats and and protein is supposed to be your second priority. Real keto diets will recommend you to watch how much protein you consume while in ketosis because if you eat too much, your body will convert it to glucose via a method called gluconeogenesis. PLEASE seriously do real research and don't listen to this liar trying to sell some fake product that doesn't actually help you. I lost 40 pounds over 6 months on keto and I never once felt like it might be dangerous.

  40. Well balanced Keto or other Low Carb diets are not meat heavy. Meet with some of the scientists at Virta Health, or dive deep into the hundreds of clinical studies and report on a well balanced low carb diet.

  41. Still waiting for him to get to an actual debunk … but the video is over. All I heard was a recital of 'data' 'which has already been shown to be misleading, and weak to non-existent in predictive value coming from sources which are well-known for bias.

  42. You can do a vegan keto. As long as your vegan I don't care. Go vegan!💖

  43. Hmmmm…Oprah's doctor, huh?

    Oprah owns a huge share of Weight Watchers…you know that "everything in moderation" diet plan with a 95% failure rate…the one she supposedly follows and is still overweight…

    Oprah also owns (pardon the pun) OWNtv…a television network that generates revenue from advertising…

    If you watch at least an hour of television a day and pay close attention, you'll notice the vast majority of broadcast advertising comes from two industries: pharmaceuticals/healthcare and food!

    Keto can reverse many chronic conditions and prevent others: no medications = no money!

    Coincidence that this guy, whose patient is in the television industry is demonizing Keto? Nah!

  44. Sorry Doc, it's a high Fat diet, not high meat diet. Human precedents for it's success? Just look to the natural fat diet as adapted by the Inuit. The modern high fat diet works, I've been using it nearly a year. Lost weight (you retain 3 times as much water for every ounce of carb you consume, drop the carbs the water weight comes off fast), feel much less arthritis symptoms (a constant flow of Insulin in our blood stream from high carb sugary diets causes massive inflammation in our organs and especially our joints & Brains), and have a nice steady energy level ( I eventually got to where I only eat 1 meal a day and snack in the evening, no big rises or falls in energy, just steady and clear).
    The fats you need to consume are primarily sourced from plants and fish; Coconut oils, Olive oils, Avocado oils, Fish oils. Meat is certainly allowed but too much meat can be turned in to Glucose easily by our bodies and so becomes just another source of carb. Keto is 75% Good Fats, 20% Protein, 5% Carbs. The hard part is craving Chocolate and Bread. You'll have to learn new recipes and read labels in the store carefully. Try it! It may change your life for the better. Sugar is NOT your friend. Check out Sten Ekberg's videos, he can explain why the Keto diet works.

  45. It makes complete sense I always wondered what happened to all that fat that people on keto diet sir eating they had to increase their triglycerides level and also there blood should be affected with so much fat floating around yes I know that the fat is used as energy but not all fat will be used so it makes a lot of sense and in the long term. It's common sense that eating such high amounts of animal fat is is bad for health then there is also the animal protein that is too bad in my opinion I feel k e t o is good for diabetics they can instantly lower their blood sugar levels and slowly transition to you whole food plant based diet and if you are doing low carb high fat diet it should preferably be vegan

  46. This craze scares me for enviornmental reasons. You think factory farming is bad for the enviornment now? Imagine if the bulk of the population eats 95% meat and cheese for a couple decades. Not to mention the animal welfare aspect which will get worse and worse in factory farms. And the majority of people on these diets will be using normal supermarket products. Most Americans cant afford stuff like grass fed beef

  47. Ok Doc, so how do I get rid of my Type 2 diabetes…..?

  48. Association study. Metrics and performance Joel. Bring it on. If you want to be vegan, go for it. Don't fearmonger meat/animal protein and fat, and keto.

  49. Please link in the the description all those studies

  50. Food Questionnaires, LoL! That's some great scientific research right there.

  51. 1. You use the term meat heavy (high protein) keto, keto is high fat moderate protein low carb. For instance my protein intake is 90 g or less per day.

    I have been living this lifestyle for one year. I've lost 44" on my body including 7" around my waist, my HGA 1C went from a 7.32 a 5.4. My blood pressure went from borderline high to an average of 100 / 50. My fasting blood glucose went from an average of 127 to an average of 91.

    1st, I'm a heart patient with a pacemaker and a chronic Arrhythmia called sick sinus syndrome.

    Since starting keto By arrhythmia and events of atrial fibrillation Have decreased by 33%.

    2nd My HDL is up to 71

    3rd My HDL to LDL ratio is 3.5

    4th Before I started this lifestyle I was living as a vegetarian eating a very clean mediterranean style diet. My blood pressure continued to rise, my weight continued to rise, my medications were doubled and my HGA 1C went from 5.9 to 7.1 in a matter of 2 years following a primarily fruit, vegetable and grain based diet.

    I'm not hungry anymore, I've got complete control of binge eating, I don't crave sweets anymore, I have more energy, I don't suffer from the 2 o'clock a Fatigue, and I get much deeper sleep.

  52. You lost me at “heavy meat” diet; that’s a lie. Keto is a moderate protein diet and you can get that protein from salmon, eggs, cheese, etc. I don’t think most people would consider 4 oz of protein a “heavy meat” diet. I did catch your reference to the environment. That’s the real agenda here.

  53. I love Keto! Down 125 pounds, no more heart disease, no more type 2 diabetes, or the other 25 health issues I use to have. I feel 16 at 40 yrs old! I'm keto for life.

  54. The first 15 seconds of your opening lines are a complete fallacy. You asked if a meat heavy ketogenic diet be healthy in the long-term?

    From there I knew how this video was going to go. First let me say, that KETO is not a meat heavy diet. In fact, keto can also be a plant based diet. What Keto focuses on are the macro-nutrients 70-75% fat, 20-25% Protein, & 5-10% carbs.

    I must stress that Keto counts the NET carbs and not the total carbs. So from confused listeners that trust your advice, you’re already giving them incorrect information. Let me say this again.
    IT’s not meat heavy and it’s not even protein heavy. There are options to do Keto by substituting animal foods with plant foods. Then you make another fallacy by comparing weight loss with also influenza and chemo.
    The fallacy is that influenza and chemo are not diets. There’s a difference when trying to compare a keto with a sickness or treatment.

    From that illogical statement, I knew there was nothing rational that you could really present, but I still continued to listen.

    You stated reports from the U.S. News and World Reports which ranked Keto friendly diets are at the very bottom as if there was any merit to the claim. I also read a time when Doctors stated that smoking cigarettes were good for your health (1950’s). Then your tone changes when you stated about giving up most fruits. On KETO, you’re actually eating some of the highest anti-oxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc…

    The 10 published studies you stated is based off people doing a questionnaire. Any study that is based on (fill in the circle which best describes how you feel), has no merit in my opinion. More questions needs to be asked, such as, were they smokers, were they eating trans-fat, or unhealthy processed foods, etc.. Keto is based on quality of foods and not the quantity. So I consider this video: Debunked

  55. What about nuts and seeds. I thought that if you examine our teeth you find that we are built for chewing down nuts and seeds. Plants and trees make so much abundance of these as well maybe there’s a rhyme hear. Definitely stay plant based no matter.

  56. veggie keto diet or fish keto diet is also possible, you don't need to eat fat steaks and greasy pork. thats wrong too.. high amount of protein in keto diet is not acceptable. After keto adaptation you lower fat in your keto diet, women have to start keto diet differently and slowly as well. Also training is effective on keto diet, it doesn't take your muscles, as if you be on another diet. It take your fat. Thats what Tim ferris said, only 10% succeed on keto diet, you have to be ocd to maintain it properly. Low carb diet is easier and also effective plus +16 fasting.
    I am on my week 2 keto diet as a person who doesn't eat meat, coconut oil and paste, tahini, hummus, butter, spinach and fat coffee. Had some fish in the beginning. I lost 4 kg already and feel good, i don't eat often, but i feel good and no sugar really helps to loose weight. Was a bit loose in the beginning with energy, but than it went up. I wouldn't keep it forever, but i ll stick with min sugar, carbs and healthy fat. If you eat shitty vegan processed food, it is the same for your body if you eat shitty meat oil food.

  57. Yeah Dr. Kahn all the people who no longer need medication for diabetes on the Keto diet should eat carbs so that they can get back on blood sugar lowering meds? Are you kidding me? As a doctor you should be encouraging healing rather than pushing your vegan agenda.

  58. This video lacks credibility and there is no science.
    Obviously complete lack of "hard" data.
    When people quote the US News and World report as a piece of evidence, it shows no depth in their research.
    The vegans are looking to negate the Low carb diets with epidemiology study because Low carb is more balanced.
    Just eating real food; no processed, no sugar and no omega6 oils, very simple

    Have a look at the Virta study that was recently published that shows how they can reverse T2DM.
    I see more videos on youtube about ex-vegans than ex-keto

    I have been a low carb for years and my medical reports every year seems to be getting better even at 63 yrs old.
    I am still looking for a vegan cyclist friend that can beat me on the hills
    Plant based diet lack b12, vitamin a, omega3, iron and so many more.

  59. It is weird I am healthier and happier than I have ever been since I’ve been on keto. Been on four months now intend to stay with it, it is fantastic.

  60. So much false information here.

  61. What are all of the supplements in the background?

  62. Coming from the doc with 100 bottles of pills to pop on his bookshelf. Good luck with that. Food is my medicine. #KetoChampion

  63. Vegan since 2017.


  65. no refrences just links to his social medias. suppliments he shills in the background. but hey, if the media makes a list whats healthy and what not thats to be belived since they dont write what they get paid for and the food pyramid is not a joke. get outside your bubble you fucks.

  66. This doctor is obviously a quack

  67. tell it to the thousands of Americans who've lost 80 pounds or more on Keto.

  68. "Meat heavy ketogenic diet" is an oxymoron. By definition a ketogenic diet is not meat heavy. I wonder how much value can there be in a video where such words popped up in the first 15 seconds. A ketogenic diet has a medium amount of protein overall, protein which comes from both, animal and plant sources (red meats, white meat, seafood, dairy, nuts, seeds and a big amount and wide variety of leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and other vegetables.

  69. Si sí. Y e s Yes

  70. On Keto for over a year and my numbers haven’t been this good in years. Eat that meat, saturated fats and ditch the carbs and processed oils!

  71. I was 49 my blood pressure was creeping up as my weight over the years. I had chronic pain caused by inflammation. I ate what I believed to be a healthy low fat diet with lots of plants and grains. I worked out 4 days a week religiously. I was in pain. I am almost 51 now. Blood pressure is low normal and I have lost 35 lbs and am getting stronger and leaner. I am also pain free and can work out longer and harder. I eat a very meat heavy high fat high salt keto diet. I am ripped for 51 and feel a decade younger. I am not just working out I am training very hard my recovery is amazing. Keto is dangerous. What BS.

  72. Top vegan athlete here, just go vegan, even if it is keto vegan. Do not eat toxic animal products. Save the kids and your future, save the planet and oceans and save the poor animals. We are right now running out of oxygen and people in cities around the world are wearing a mask to go outside. Animal production industries are right now zapping our oxygen and responsible for 65 percent of world methane gasses. Buy, grow and eat plants only!!!

  73. My boyfriend and I are on a vagen/keto diet. He's half the size he used to be, we have less hunger, more energy, love our food, and overall feel pretty magicall. Watch Dr Berg and Thomas DeLauer. Just replace some things with vegan substitutes and keep it well rounded. 🤟

  74. Uhhhh… There are multiple groups/tribes out there who mainly live/thrive off of a carnivore diet. Also, and this is important, any nutritional study doesn't have to adhere to any scientific method or guideline (as do medicinal studies). So any study that anyone points out, you really have to question and look closely at. All in all though it's just sad that this doc and many others bash a diet that is helping so many people. If a keto diet makes you feel good and healthy, do it. If a vegan diet makes you feel good and healthy, do it. Let's please acknowledge that there is very little credible info out there, and the best we can do is to figure out what works best for our own body.

  75. Proponents of plant-based diets for weight loss don’t seem
    to understand the power and scope of food addiction, which generally equates to
    carbohydrate addiction for most compulsive overeaters and obese people.   A diet built around “healthy carbs”, which
    may be considered to include fruits, starchy vegetables, whole grains, beans
    and legumes, only perpetuates and exacerbates cravings for more and more carbs
    which inevitably triggers binge-eating of the unhealthy sweet and savory
    processed and refined foods that caused the individual’s weight issues in the
    first place.

    Just like the alcoholic, drug addict, or smoker, food
    addicts need to abstain from virtually all forms of carbohydrate in order to
    control their obsession.  This is why so
    many overweight people are turning to and enjoying so much success with ketogenic
    diets. You can try and debunk the benefits of ketogenic diets from now until
    doomsday, but you won’t convince all the people losing hundreds of pounds and
    keeping it off 5 to 10 years or more that they doing anything counterintuitive
    to their health and well-being, especially among those who have reversed their
    life-threatening medical issues, such as  Type 2 diabetes, systemic inflammation,
    hypertension, cancer aggression, seizures and a myriad of other deadly

    There is probably nothing more alarming than the
    consequences of morbid obesity itself.  So
    at the end of the day let’s respect the fact that everyone’s needs are
    different, and we all need to find the eating protocol that is most sustainable
    for us as individuals and most conducive to our own specific needs based on
    age, gender, bio-chemical markers, medical and family history,  genetics, and socio-cultural backgrounds.  We cannot save the planet until we reclaim
    our own optimal health and well-being.

  76. Love this man! Vegan diets reduce morbidity and mortality from almost all causes.

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