Do you NEED strong legs to backflip? – JUJIMUFU #166

okay maybe he's lacking a little confidence and going backwards but I I'm not lacking confidence in my ability just throw the dude over and land on this right right alright you wanna yeah that's two days after you first almost forgot your backflip yeah it's two days and you're learning a back before he do a guest on American Ninja Warrior is that a good idea magnets not a great idea no but you're gonna do it it's the second session I believe in you how you do it yeah because you want to you're the one that was like I don't want to go get my back foot fine right if you want it you're gonna get it we did not force him to come here before American Ninja Warrior he wanted to do this on his own I did so I think you got five 9s now you see me flex on you and your channel that's how to do a back foot boat junior average is saying like the first back foot you just kind of tweak it you can get it better and better so my second one was a lot better you know that the reps after the first few of the day or always a hundred percent would be better I mean unless you hurt yourself but first rep but yeah it's so satisfying just to work on them so that's my first one of the day very good and it's gonna be my worst one of the day okay max you gotta get on your so this is this is my first backflip of the day it's only gonna get better from here oh that's a good start that's good all right one of the day but now we want to practice a couple drills with you that I think you'll nail it okay this helps you jump up in the air instead of straight back so you're gonna jump up and you're gonna land on your back on this all right here right that's up to the shoulders so pretty high good few more time all right Magnus so they can jump higher than that you jump way higher than that yeah yeah good jump up higher and not so far back onto the mat yeah you don't need to go yeah you don't need to yes something like that yeah yeah yeah yeah throw your arms up the consistory I was perfect next one this ever make it higher okay now it's really high you got to jump up to that you son of a gun man I have a jump higher you got to jump higher yeah yeah yeah come on there you go again again again yeah okay wait like it said another back yeah we'll add another map so we're gonna progressively make you jump higher and higher yeah and then you're gonna do a back load okay hey let's compare yeah you're right that's pretty high nice again again all right I got one more thing one more thing to add to that now when you get up there you try to get so high that you can't play your knees up and they're all just a bit before you let me see if I can do it yeah yeah that's high well man here here you hold it yeah you hold it hold it hold it for him was that the problem yeah I think so you're worried I can't even jump that yeah let me try now should be able to backflip if he I can't even jump Magnus you hold that Magnus take this oh wow yeah it's pretty Hyneman you're doing that Magnussen that's good do this and then we're going straight to a back look good idea yeah there you go okay over here over here just one just one okay this is yours Magnus he's the greatest rock climber in the world I think it's almost I almost feel better when I don't take a break like just being in the game after a long break I feel stiff again I feel out of take shorter break yeah maybe shorter yeah still in your brain yeah just take 30 seconds right now yeah all right man is big jump okay I good your speed is good but you're going straight your chest is going straight down all right Magnus yeah here's your back foot okay that's yours right yeah that's just going straight down yeah down those down as I could get it when I know how to do them right and then watch for my chest and shoulders go really really staying up there right yeah you're just going right back which is good for the second part of the movement but you need to jump first you need jump it jump big jump that was so much better oh my gosh yeah Bella that felt much more in control yeah I was like expecting the ground earlier but then it was I had more time in there to like that's good if you're expecting the ground and knowing where it's gonna be yeah that's good yeah I think the biggest part about this is getting out of the beer where are you on that no I'm not scared I'm not scared it's a lot because I have a new spotting I think without dive I'd be scared this is a named after an insect I thought you're gonna do your a cart rat poll or whatever thing and I was like that's not what bug is you referring I wasn't inside that was that was butterfly to list yeah for the folks on Magnus's channel that is from Chinese wushu and Jiu Gina I do a thing called tricking for dr. gymnastics we didn't learn in a nice place we just learned in our backyards yeah because nice places like this didn't really exist when we started say how to start in your backyard they're a lot harder for me I mean they existed but they wouldn't let us in there pretty much we learned in our backyards I learned on a futon mattress actually math Magnus I had a wrestling match yeah we do it every week now yeah we making for the last two months yeah it's been really nice yeah when you're just getting into it and if you've been out of it for a while one day a week is all you need yeah but I was out of Juji was consistent with it he the few months up to that he hadn't been but I hadn't tricked I tricked maybe eight ten times in the last six years I broke my ankle and wrists in succession so I just stopped so it's pretty cool in a few months I got all my stuff back oh that's right yeah we've been teaching everybody to back you're whipping their arms really good you're going back really well it's just just more up up go yeah do one jump before you do your back foot okay I would try that yeah do it jump up as high as you can get those arms up all right right okay that's huge now that well that was worse was better than the one he did before the jungle yeah yeah you're you're not using a jump whatsoever if you landed it without using your jump yeah man you got you got a lot of space to do good okay yeah yeah there's a lot of breaks in this yes do you do something okay well as Tomas saying we do tricking it involves kicks as well so here's a kick yeah yeah show me your ropes nice you're incredible incredible if someone tells you do you think about philosophy you think about teenage movies well right now I'm trying to actually focus off the backflip you're gonna jump high jump high okay the backflip is gonna happen that was super good almost too much so I was like just going back yeah you want it to be too much honestly yeah okay I'd rather have too much than too little yeah yeah too good for this flip show her who's boss yeah yeah you got it you spotted a little bit there right yeah yeah little yeah yeah there's I'm not spotting you nearly as much as I did when I read a you did this yeah like if that was like 50% that's nearly 10% yeah it's all you man okay now this is yours you okay we're gonna fix I got an idea I've had this problem before actually you're doing a small jump before you backflip okay okay instead of going straight off of here yeah right you're going like this right okay you need to stop doing that because that is going making you go like this right it's going like this – okay okay and that's it you're going sideways you're not going back you don't do the little jump all right I'll do it fast that yep yeah that was better you're using this this the shoulder whipped back really well you're just not getting me up from the jump and then using it you know you just have to just give yourself time to jump up in the air we usually wouldn't tell this to people but just give yourself some time and then do the backflip motion this is your second session I think that tip is better for you I mean lot watch what I really stallin but I keep off my hands in the air for a really long time and then I'll still make it over I'm not actually jumping really high right now really you can wait up there forever right and then rotate yeah but you're not doing that you're rotating right off the ground yeah I think I can say this I think my counterintuitive you just need some some big air yes uh-huh that's program focused on like going straight up yep then that's it yeah man when you jump up and you get arms up there like calm says we're gonna get to this point where there's no return and everything just has to catch up yeah right you just touch it all and roll over at the top you know if you don't if you try to yeah like you've been doing exactly yeah yeah I would do that judy is still spotting you so you have a huge advantage yeah enormous but you have that you can try the jump and jump higher I know because he's gonna get your back yeah man come on brah looks like you're out on the web ripping at I did I know that's you have to think of it like this okay John is there to spot you he's not gonna give you any height okay but he can rotate you as much as you want so you give the amount of height and the amount a vertical jump that you can and he's gonna help you over if you need to then you learn the right way so now you can learn the right way you can actually jump as high as you can good another one use them use the big man's muscles yeah that's much better man okay all right I'll try it off okay big jump Magnus okay you know what we're gonna fix this head see that little pink wedge yeah I want you to focus your eyes on that before you jump and as you're jumping and complete the movement it'll keep you straight good good really good at doing one six at a time yeah I think you should do one more one more fix and there's just one more flip same fix eyes in front of you gigantic vertical jump and you're gonna flip over because you know how to well not that one okay here what do you tell people what you're feeling right now it's going through your head it's like there's so many things to think about it once it's like yeah looking at that thing jumping straight up not doing the DoubleTap jump thing mm-hmm I'm trying not to overwhelm you but there's so many errors that I see that I'm kinda I'm trying to figure out which one works best for you actually I'm not trying to I don't want you to institute them all at the same time yeah I think just try to find the one that works best because yep the same problem keeps happening that's why I'm bringing out different brands yeah I think jumping up ISM that's the best solution just okay jump as high yeah yeah focusing on that all right let's do one without Judy all right Matt I'm a yes you're doing a free ascent right now okay you're the Alex Honnold of gymnastics first time backflips okay you did it well now we're gonna go back to Judy swatting here that was not very encouraging I felt terrible the ground came so much faster yeah yeah I'm not doing anything half the time I'm standing here okay and you know I know you like me and all but I just wanted you to try it yeah yeah it's menthol it's a lot yeah Kate with all your rock climbing superpowers that you've used to solve from the hardest routes yeah and apply to this ya know wrestler you say there yeah you only have 25 minutes in this gym Magnus oh yeah you got this I hope so Oh son that moves I did guys I haven't done it in six years because that's what I broke my ankle on a double back is what roundoff double backflip but yeah so I broke my ankle on it was really sad I went up did the roundoff that's the move beforehand did the double backflip landed like this and everyone started see her he cuz I landed and I got up and just collapsed and I was I couldn't do anything for months and I stopped tricking and doing anything there's got I hate I drink eggnog all day got freaking huge dude I was just like I was just I had a girlfriend the time I just be go get me eggnog I need to drink it for health okay – come on okay make it nice that was a good break good break oh thank y'all maybe I get tired and my legs get tired or something yeah lemme I'm the second one I don't have like they're getting tired I mean they don't have much land mass over there too and right out and we did deadlifting yesterday's you did and we did the American Ninja Warrior and we're about to go to the show all right – you got this your first back way yeah you didn't touch him no go all right know that she knows it Yeah right okay I'll do another one no he does he does actually we're gonna make him do it again I try to but yeah two in a row is good how's this working Magnus are we all in there I think are we all a shot yeah so we're about to do ninja Wars now Thomas yeah mom holding their running ass I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up also check out Yugi Muto and Tom Boyden here and yeah we'll see you in the next video my arms longer than you are okay that let me see oh yeah you guys are perfect in the frame now yeah Magnus I'm a frickin professional machine I'm a professional

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