do vapors eat their young it may be an old cliche to describe when a community turns on itself cannibalizing its own members at the expense of shared goals but it seems appropriate to describe what's happening today in the vaping advocacy movement as reality of harsh new regulations sink in a wave of acrimony and infighting has swept across the movement to both Canada and the US what dangers does this pose and is it exclusive to vaping advocacy or is it endemic to all activist movements over the past month read watch put these questions to other kits stakeholders and some of the most well-known names in baking media a lot of people right now are really riled up aggression levels are off the scale and instead of focusing on the actual opponent's enemy and the things at hand they go for the easy target which is pretty much ourselves you see that a lot when when when chaos breaks out and tensions start brewing and especially if you trow a lot of fear into the mix and let's face it FDA regulations coming down definitely gets a lot of people and a lot of business owners fearful vaping activists eat their young yeah you know there's too much infighting and people aren't getting along but really the message has to be clear and we need to have a unified front or else we're just going to tear ourselves apart and governments just going to sit back and let us do the work for them why is there so much infighting it's a good question I think we just need some strong characters to kind of step up call make a call for people to just drop it you know drop the drama and get working together again because we do need the numbers right now we got some of the most powerful people lobbying against us you know pharmaceutical industries tobacco industry we can't we can't afford to not be unified against them the amount of splintering the amount of kind of backbiting you now to kind of what we call you know taper is eating there it seems to us that have been covering regulation well for me 25 years it seems to be that this movement can't really win if people within the advocacy papers and stuff don't come together it's very simple we're a lot stronger together that we are separate right if we were one voice one organized coordinated voice we would have a lot more power you know not only here in Canada but in the United States in the UK you know everywhere you don't only see this with vapors but you see with the advocacy groups too right I mean how many advocacy groups are there out there and they don't always get along and that's a big part of the moment things after the FDA came out a week ago with with the rules a lot of our viewers that are in the US and get a little have a lot of viewers down there we're responding back and we're very upset with the industry industry with the industry I feel the industry has let them down why aren't you suing yet how come it took so long how come you didn't make this happen with the FDA why did the ball get dropped by the advocates in the industry the retailer's that device manufacturers and EE juice makers there's a certain extent saying what the heck happened we have the advocacy meanest at events like this okay the problem is at the advocacy meetings you have 10 to 20 people who show up but if you're throwing out you liquid hats and t-shirts you have ten you know you have thousand people that show up and that's a problem and I said what's going to happen is you guys are going to think this advocacy thing is a joke and then they're going to try to take this away from us and you're going to stop their feet on the ground and you're going to say what do I have to do to fight it it's not too late okay we stole I mean this going to be litigation is going to be lawsuits is gonna be a lot going on right so this is not the end of the world hopefully it's not the end of the world but I I think there have been people fighting for advocacy this whole time I mean you know they go to the meetings they go to Washington they attend the conferences there are people out there fighting for this industry you know so I don't I don't know if all of the industry has led us down but I think some of the industry certainly has and some keepers have to well in about the vapors do they not need to adjust their expectations in terms of what life will look like after regulation so you know I think everybody has been kind of sitting around you know like fat and happy and everybody's like enjoying having a great time with this and nobody realizes how important this is that this stays around so yeah I think you know with regulation the industry is going to be regular okay and what vaping will look like maybe three or four years from now may not be exactly what it looks like today for the united states a country that suffers from tobacco-related illnesses not to look at this as a way to protect their their their citizens and create its own category under the FDA we want regulations it's not like we don't want any regulations we just want fair and reasonable in fighting and all the splintering groups and all the papers either young kind of attitude because does that help or does that hurt and for the last four or five years we've been shooting our foot as an industry but the truth is it's a cutthroat business look there's there's 60 70 liquid companies inside there they're all selling strawberry milk or whatever the hottest flavor is so obviously there's a lot of competition it's a lot of young people so yeah you do have that infighting between the companies you can't get them to come together because that competition factor is there my juice is better than your juice you know I saw more you sell more I try to get into shops but even from the advocacy groups need money just like the vendors so obviously there's a competition there they want to be like oh I'm from Sparta and we led this fight so follow us so we can get more money or we're from cassava or from the vta so just like we have competing liquids we have competing advocacy groups as well to the problem always in the United States has been there hasn't been one federal brother to come out say we're gonna lead follow our lead you have to be able to fund that you have to be able to continue to push money into it to have a positive influence money the activism that's around a thing is that they eat their young oh yeah that happens all the time though every movement you know I've seen this happen repeatedly where you have these Palace coos within organizations and the executive director gets thrown out the window for for good reasons or bad it's happened in the AIDS movement it's happened in disability rights movement there's no king of vaping you know there's no no one is the pope of the vaping association there's no central control you've got a bunch of people who have an entrepreneurial spirit who have a passion about what they're doing and an activist outlook well then it becomes like herding cats when you're trying to get people to all pull in the same direction and you know you inevitably you're going to get some splintering you're going to get some differences about strategy and tactics and what the priorities ought to be that's perfectly normal in fact I think it's healthy it shows that you've got a robust movement whether when there's that kind of passionate informed debate about how to go about things so but it's still yet important with all that with the splintering to get together though isn't it absolutely and you can do it you can do it when people agree on what is critical well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for regulator watch calm I'm bread staffers you


  1. Support Your Community. Support Vapor Unity.

  2. There is too much infighting and finger pointing…and it's the cloud chasers' fault.

    I'm just kidding guys. Respect to the fog!

  3. We as individual citizens should be suing the federal government for trying to control our decisions about our health. I'm tired of the greedy politicians always trying to grab money to justify their overspending on well a lot of worthless crap. I wrote my reps and I quickly found out that they don't represent me or most of us. They are in it for themselves period and how rich that they can get while in office. It's going to be unite or die soon.

  4. Wtf what type of drugs are you guys smoking. Stop bullshitting.

  5. well said! Vapers of the world unite!

  6. The clock is ticking down to 8/08/2016. 'Unity and team building' must be at the top of minds going forward and get behind a leader. The days of eating our young are over. The next steps moving forward must be clear and consice goals & objectives within an action plan(s). In the very near future, we must nomonate and elect a body with an intuitive vision to represent the interests of the industry as a whole. Vape United!!

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