so I want to make this video because I feel like it's necessary this video won't be about who is natural and who is not it's just not my type I just generally want to enlighten the industry which we're all in at first I want you to realize that the supplement industry is worth thirty three billion dollars in the United States alone let that sink in for a while and when there's so much money to be made in an industry people will do whatever they can play dirty games to get the money as fast as possible during my research I stumbled about the funny thing it's a statement on the official website on the US Food and Drug Administration short FDA wait wait here it comes it is the company's responsibility to make sure its products are safe okay wait wait even better dietary supplement firms do not need FDA approval prior to marketing their products okay okay this will be funny well good thing the supplement industry is known for its ethical behavior for example putting a bodybuilder in front of a camera that is obviously on steroids telling you that he got these muscles using this useless supplement or using transformation pictures of a guy again on steroids building up huge amount of muscles while losing body fat within two weeks and I even stumbled across a marketing instrument that I didn't think of before they fake studies seriously it's pretty hard to find a study about supplements that are not founded by the industry but why does the supplement company place like that the people that sit behind the company getting their big cash flow in our damn smart they know exactly what people are searching for if you tell people that are severely overweight that it will probably take several years to get rid of that excess body fat even though it's the truth they will ask you if you're dumped they want to lose the fat as far as as possible meaning in one month maximum people are impatient and lazy when it comes to seeing results they still believe in the Wonder pill that one pill that will take away all the hard work and make them look like Arnold in one day the supplement industry also plays with fear best example multivitamins they say eat a spill so you're not deficient because otherwise you might soon be dead now it's just kidding buddy you get a point this perfectly works for the industry because there's a big lack of knowledge in our population but I don't blame you guys I'm just telling you to inform yourself before buying some powders because most of the guys especially the teens don't and spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements and by the way it isn't just the supplement industry the pharmaceutical industry plays with this lack of knowledge like a professional poker player don't take me wrong here some supplements do work yes but they never work as good as the supplement industry wants you to believe and there we already get to the big problem and the reason why I made this video guys seeing these big guys in the commercial often get desperate why can't I look like this I'm training for five months already and I don't see a six-pack big shoulders or 20-inch arms the first thing they do is spend even more cash on supplements feeding the industry even more buying crazy workout plans from guys in checking steroids that don't know what they're talking about and if that doesn't work well they may use steroids too and that's the point where it all went wrong

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