in the early 1970s Canada quickly became a world leader in tobacco control but it was late to the game as the true pioneers in Britain had been fighting the evils of smoking as far back as 1962 when the Royal College of Physicians released a groundbreaking report that concluded a 35 year old smoker is twice as likely to die before reaching retirement age than a nonsmoker fast-forward 54 years to another report the RCP released called nicotine without smoke which could be characterized as a ringing endorsement for e-cigarettes joining us today in studio is Linda Bald deputy director of the UK Centre for tobacco and alcohol policy and co-author of the report nicotine without smoke and she's also chair in behavioural research for cancer prevention at cancer research UK the world's largest independent cancer charity Linda thanks for coming on the show first off tell us how was the our CDP's position towards nicotine change since 1962 I think has gradually changed the RCPS priority was always to reduce the harm from smoking and it starts to look at nicotine in around 2005 and published its first report in harm reduction in 2007 and then since then of course Yee cigarettes have been on the market they look carefully at the evidence and they've certainly concluded now that e-cigarettes are far safer than smoking when you review back it seemed at the RCP had really kind of hung its hat on addiction for tobacco and I know that that actually is a problem for you cigarette supporters because it seems to be an albatross that's hung around their neck when it comes to nicotine I think um there's misunderstanding though I think professor Michael Russell who many of us worked with over the years said that smokers smoke for the nicotine but they died from the tar and I think we've equated nicotine with tobacco and I think in this day and age what we need to do is try and separate the two and there's quite a task ahead to do that we have failed adult smokers in many ways we still have high smoking rates in the u.s. in Canada and the UK and and we need alternatives for smokers so they can shift to safer products so we have to balance it protect children but also give smokers access to things that will help them and that's why I think some of the US and the Canadian debate doesn't strike that balance is it a moralist an absolutist kind of a position I think there is something in that I mean I prefer to use the term values and I think there are values around addiction that people shouldn't be using addictive substances they shouldn't be spending their money on it that is irresponsible and they put nicotine in the same bracket as things like alcohol or illegal drugs for example I think there's a lot of demonization of nicotine and the main reason for that of course is that nicotine has been extra Cobley inextricably linked with tobacco and the tobacco industry and I think that that connection which we made for many years basically telling people nicotine was bad when what we meant was that smoked tobacco was harmful sure it's good to look at it that way now but back then 40 50 years ago did it really matter just the message was all of it was bad I think that it was a simple message to give and it was very successfully done but of course times have really changed and for me in the work I do the priority is for fewer people to smoke and if they can use nicotine safely and stop smoking tobacco that's good so you've got a prominent role at UK Cancer Research yes yes we research UK what is that role so I'm responsible for advising the charity on their cancer prevention activities it's a bit like a prevention officer role and that covers not just tobacco which of course is the leading preventable cause of cancer but all the things like diet physical activity alcohol etc we know that in the UK and is quite similar in Canada around four in ten cases of cancer are preventable so my role with the charity is to invest in research and policy work to prioritize that so it's prevention rather than cure so for smokers and longtime smokers you smoke every day the reality is that heart attack is a second away the monster though is the cancer mm-hmm and you would think that you know switching to e-cigarettes would offer some hope against both is that not the case it's so cancer research UK in the research I do we think cigarettes are very promising a few years ago councillor Serge came was really cautious about electronic cigarettes very concerned about the evidence what we've decided to do organizations take a proactive approach we're commissioning research talking to researchers speaking to policymakers and trying to figure out what is the right balance and from all the evidence I've looked at so far I believe that e-cigarettes are more attractive and more appealing than some of the other products that we offer to smokers to stop so they're real promises in their appeal in their reach and if they're less harmful than if we can connect the two people want to use them and they're a less risky product then actually I believe we could help reduce smoking related cancers by people switching to e-cigarettes public health fought this war against smoking why are public health the very people and organizations that you would think that would be behind these cigarettes so anti e-cigarette I think there's a couple of reasons I think the nicotine issue has confused people and a lot of people who work in generic public health who don't understand the science around nicotine still equate nicotine with tobacco so that's the first thing the second thing is this as I said issue around values and addiction being a bad thing but probably the crucial one is the involvement of the tobacco industry now we spent decades dealing with the product the tobacco industry manufacturers which kills one in two of its regular users public health is very committed to working against that industry and of course the industry is not being trustworthy in the past and so I think that people are very fearful or not trusting of e-cigarettes because some of them are manufactured by the tobacco industry we've got two videos that the Canadian Cancer Society has released commercials in conjunction with the government of British Columbia or home province here let's just take a look at that Hey Dude check this out whoa is that stuff safe yeah I mean so far so good just check out my globe le awesome hey what you doing you know just chillin yeah that doesn't seem like a good idea why not it's fine it's kind of warm actually really okay let me see oh yeah so impacts of vaping on youth or unknown Canadian Cancer Society good message well with the OHS and the eggs involved yeah I think I'm I mean the Canadian Cancer Society has has done some fantastic work and has a really valuable role to play in tackling cancer in Canada I think I would prefer our fellow Cancer Society's in terms of information campaigns to be focusing on evidence-based campaigns that send clear messages to the public I don't think that statement is is entirely correct so the impacts of vaping on youth are unknown the impacts of vaping on adult smokers certainly in the short term are known we also know the impacts of nicotine use in young people and the longer term impacts we might not know but I I would be concerned that money is being invested on a campaign and which may not necessarily be evidence-based and also and might confuse people it may make adult smokers think that vaping is bad and that's the wrong message to send so the ads that we just looked at they're misleading they're they're potentially going to confuse people they're going to confuse people in two ways they're going to mix up the message about protecting children with the other message which is that e-cigarettes are dangerous and so therefore adult smokers shouldn't use them and we have to get we have to distinguish between those two messages that's where we're doing people a disservice so is it on purpose I don't think so I think this is a really well-meaning organization that's done some fantastic work I think e cigarettes have confused professionals as well as the public and I'd like to see the Canadian councilor society working with us and with others to look at the evidence on e-cigarettes and just send evidence-based messages to the public in the context of the battle against smoking with the same organizations now in their battle against a vaping can you please describe to our viewers the term Swarm effect well the Swarm effect is where you have like a swarm of bees many people coalescing on the same issue and trying to attack and whatever they see as a threat and this is what Public Health was trained to do against smoking and they do and we yes absolutely in terms of tackling smoking huge progress has been made yes I am concerned that we are treating East cigarettes like tobacco including my public health colleagues in a number of countries and e-cigarettes are not tobacco we need a different frame a cigarettes our premier about tobacco harm reduction the Royal College of Physicians report is about tobacco harm reduction it's a new frame I know it's difficult for people to accept we've never really done harm reduction in tobacco control so that probably explains some of the resistance but we need to do it now you


  1. I've been vaping for over a year now. I was allergic to cigerette smoke. I can breath considerably better, my teeth have been so white (I smoked for 12 years). The government makes so much money on cigarettes, you think the people that make so much money off of something that is literally killing people has any accountability when they say vaping is harmful? Ha! Screw the government.

  2. My government in South Australia is trying to rid us of the opportunity to quit cigarettes with the aid of vaping for who knows what agenda, public health is certainly not a priority here, sadly

  3. If the average person wasn't so fuckin stupid and gullible none of these scare tactics and false info campaigns would be taken seriously. Wake up Americans!! The fact that the government is so against vaping means we're definitely on to something. Anyone who believes the FDA, fraud and death administration has your best Interests at heart is delusional!

  4. vaping is not completely safe. however there are risks to everything. driving is not safe, many people die in car accidents. electricity is not safe, There are many electrical fires that kill people. If we try to get rid of everything that is not safe where does it end?

  5. In California, the state gets a large amount of tax revenue from tobacco sales because of a lawsuit settlement with the cigarette companies. The state of California has an anti-vaping campaign called “still blowing smoke” because they are losing a lot of tax revenue to smokers quitting with vaping. Quitting smoking is bad for their business. 😡

  6. And a rise in cancer since vaping started. .. paid for research by companies.

  7. i am new to vaping

  8. Governments can intervene to make cigarettes more expensive to keep them out of reach of the average populous! Also COPD, cancer diagnosis, or any other lung ailment should be attached to your ID and therefore when sold requiring scanning your ID, cigarettes would not be dispensed to the ill. Smokers are naturally addicted and cannot make that decision to quit themselves.

  9. You want people to stop smoking, then ban cigarretes not vaping. Shutdown all tobacco productions and open e-juice and e-cigarette manufacturing. Laws don't stop the youth from smoking cigarretes, only from purchasing them. And the same will be for vaping for sure. Tobacco is a drug, vaping is a safer alternative. It's been in research for over 10 years. Instead of asking how dangerous and/or harmful vaping is, how does vaping relate to smoking cigarettes. I can guarantee you that the results will be as expected with the relation of vaping being a miniscule of smoking a cigarette. The more we allow tobacco companies to keep producing their drugs the longer they're going to stick around making it all much more easier for you to get their hands on tobacco products. Tobacco is a drug and it needs to be dealt with as does methamphetamine , heroine, cocain, and all the other drugs in the world. Vaping is not a drug, it's an alternative. May not be the best, but it's definitely better than smoking. I can finally run a mile with out cough up a lung because of vaping. The citizens find a way to quit smoking cigarretes and these regulations are pushing them to go back to smoking cigarretes and killing themselves by half their lifespan. Before I didn't see my self living pass 50-60. But now I have much more confidence that I can add another 20-30 years onto that. Hell, I've even had the energy to eat better and actually start going to the gym.

  10. Somebody out there needs to slap the World Health Organization and tell them to stop advising countries to ban vaping.

  11. Nicotine is Harmless
    No worse or better than your morning cup of joe

  12. ohhhhhh nooo we cant ban the shit that makes us loads of money and kills you right before your due to collect your pention can we no fucking way because the world dont work that way we need you all to die about 60 years old ……. brilliant no pention pay out no care home and with a bit of luck youl bloody die of a heart atack while at work

  13. just fucking ban tobacco its that easy like they ban smoking in bars or ban a tv program …… for hells sake is it realy thet hard

  14. This might explain why that my aunt who is a smoker for as long as I knew her didn't change. I heard many stories of smokers turning into vapors and they all say that it improved their lifestyle.

    Nicotine =/= tobacco

  15. Why dont any of these fucking studies compare frequency of use ? Ridiculous

  16. I hate that commercial… I’m from Indonesia, and i think every smoker here needs to convert to vapor instead.

  17. I don't believe smokers smoke for the nicotine. Nicotine is no more addictive than caffeine. Smokers smoke for the enjoyment of smoking. THAT is why vaping is the only thing that works!

  18. If the people advocating against teens vaping took a different tact, their message would work better. Those ads make vaping seem dangerous. The risk is half the reason young people start smoking cigarettes. It's the "people will think I'm a badass" effect. They need to go in the opposite direction. Instead of showing kids messing with dangerous chemicals and hanging out in condor nests (something that a lot of teens would happily do on a dare) they should depict something kids will actually perceive as a negative.

    Kid 1: Hey, check it out man!

    Kid 2: What is that, a band-aid? Did you get a tattoo?

    Kid 1: Nah, man. It's a nicotine patch! Pretty cool, huh?

    Kid 2: I didn't know you smoked. It's cool you're quitting.

    Kid 1: I don't smoke. It's just for fun.

    Kid 2: Um, sure. Fun. Like homework and visiting the dentist. Moron. [walks away]

    Fade-out Message: Vaping to be edgy is like studying hard to be a drop-out.

  19. A petition for vaping products ban in karnataka. plz help it reach the goal

  20. Great Channel. Just please turn off this monotone background music off, at least while you're speaking to people. I know its used in many channels, but not the entire video. It is really annoying when its extremly overused. Its used in news channels for instance to prepare something or in parts.

  21. With all these studies and reports from allegedly credible people and organizations that say vaping is so much safer than smoking, where was the fight to keep the FDA from placing all these limits and regulations on vaping? The whole FDA shit is to stop the loss of taxes and big $$$ paid for tobacco products by the population switching to vaping, where it was never taxed previously. If you want to keep kids from vaping, smoking, drinking, and all the other bad nasties, be a responsible parent and know what your kids are doing.

  22. Excellent video, this needs to be shown more widely

  23. Finally! Someone with brains and truthful as well. Hot too!

  24. I use between 1.5-3mg of nicotine in my juice and I'm basically not addicted, i can vape all day one day and put it down for a week and not feel a single craving, because nicotine itself in REASONABLE DOSES is NOT addictive, if you use 24mg liquid, of course you're gonna get addicted, why? because your body has to adjust to absorb all that nicotine and regulate it, and so you become dependant on it, the same thing can happen with another mild stimulant we haven't demonized, caffeine, if you drink several cups of coffee a day and consistently keep high amounts of caffeine in your blood, your body will adjust to having that much in your body and learn to regulate it, and you'll become dependant, so when you stop drinking caffeine you're gonna be tired and irritable and crave more caffeine because your body isn't used to being without it, but if you drink a cup of coffee or two in the morning and one soda in the afternoon, you can just stop with the caffeine all together for a while and not feel sleepy because your body won't become dependant on it for energy.

  25. I vape! my e-juice does NOT contain nicotine. I wish more people would acknowledge vapers  are not all alike. Some put 3, 6 maybe more gm. per ml but at least we do not use tabacco!

  26. Could you please cover the DEA's plan to classify an herbal remedy used by millions of people in the USA, kratom, as a Schedule 1 narcotic, with no science or public comment? Thank you.

  27. good stuff

  28. I have smoked for 22 years ,I gave up smoking 6 months ago and started sub omh vaping and i haven`t looked back .The only problem i have is when i smoke it people often come up and tell me vaping is worse than smoking when i ask where did you hear that they tell me oh someone told me or whatever?So if vaping is better why are`nt they promoting these products or if there not they should say stop.

  29. I notice everyone seems to refrain from pointing out the financial gain that all these organizations, and yes even government stand to loose if the vaping industry is left alone to grow as it is and has been, they push for regulation on a product that has no proof of harm in over a decade. As far as I am concerned this war is based on lies of concern over public health, but in reality it is all about the billions of dollars smokers spend on tobacco and they know vaping could end smoking and they are not going to give up the tax dollar, donation money and research funds created by the war on smoking, so in reality they do not want smoking to stop due to the money and careers that would be lost on a global scale!

  30. It is said that the inhalation of E Cigarette ingredients is a valid point. Inhalation of the ingredients in E Cigarettes is a moot point as people have been inhaling glue and household cleaners for years, yet there are still many glue products and household cleaners sold unhindered with no one waging war against their production or sale. Then you have the nicotine debate. Foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers just to name a few naturally contain nicotine. Are we going to ban these foods from the public? Why isn't anyone arguing about kids eating potatoes or the possibility of exposure to nicotine from the water vapor rising from a pot of boiling potatoes? Then there is the debate over young people and cloud chasing. Cloud Chasers who perform in competitions use pure Vegetable Glycerin which has no added flavor and no nicotine. As far as kids using E Cigs, most of the labeling says 18 + and it can be found posted in most shops. Many shops also currently card customers. A lot of what is being attacked is labeling. There are now and always have been kids smoking tobacco, but no one in the FDA is bringing that up. There is nicotine in tobacco cigarettes, but no one in the FDA is saying that the makers of Tobacco cigarettes can only sell what was already on the market before August 8th and that they have to spend millions for each sku in order to continue selling them. However, the biggest act of stupidity is calling E Cigarettes a tobacco product when there is no tobacco present. Even the parts, such as a plastic drip tip is now a tobacco product. It's a piece of plastic. What moron in the FDA came up with this crap and what was he smoking at the time, cause someone was obviously high of their ass when they came up with this. Although, I do have to compliment the FDA on their balls because they certainly have a huge set in order to want to wage war with millions of people over some strawberry vanilla flavoring. IDIOTS!!!

  31. This was very well put together and very much a lot of common sense as well and that is what gets me the most…how a lot of the non vapors won't even look at the common sense of things…thank u very much for putting this together…👍👍💯😀✌💙🍀

  32. You can see that Linda Bauld has a psychological block about criticising the Canadian Cancer Society and starts making excuses for them.
    The reality is that cigarettes are partly made out of paper and nobody assumes that paper causes cancer. Therefore the idea that nicotine is not itself a carcinogen is not difficult to understand.

  33. More people in the last year now believe vaping is as bad as smoking.. Go figure with ads like that.

  34. Are you kidding me!? Those commercials were worse than Reefer Madness. Holy god!

  35. Spray tan your neck also next time! 😉

  36. Great work

  37. So she wouldn't go as far to say that this ad campaign was way out of line as it is. Teenagers will either smoke cigarettes or they will vape. I'll go as far to say that most of the teens vaping are doing so to quit smoking.

    No mention if the studies that show the benefits of nicotine which I wasn't addicted to. What my body became addicted to was the other chemicals that were added to the tobacco to speed the delivery of nicotine to my system.

    I made this determination based on how my body reacted after I started vaping. I would vape like I smoked for the first two weeks, I took vitamins and drank lots water. One morning I woke and the need to grab for my vaporizer wasn't there. I wasn't fiending for a nic fix. In fact that day I went half the day without using it.

    I now vape because I like vaping. I use zero nicotine and sometimes liquids at 3mg nicotine. Would you rather teens smoke tobacco or use vaping products. I am not saying market to kids but they will find a way to get them just like they do cigarettes.
    vaping saves lives.

  38. Great information, we need to get this out there now! Thank you for your channel, thank you for standing in the front line.

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