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Hi I'm Dr. Daniel Ghiyam board certified in family medicine My name is Dr. Arthur Gazaryants and I practice oriental medicine, I am an OMD, and I practice naturopathic medicine I have a need for my patients to take a comprehensive product that has most everything For the past 17 years, patients always ask me What kind of vitamins do you recommend? Which multivitamin should I use? and we realized that the perfect all encompassing multi-supplement didn't exist so we knew that what we wanted was out there, but in different dosages so we said "Lets just make our own!" and we thought it would take maximum of 6 months to do but you know, after all was said and done, it took about 6 years The main reason for that is, when you start doing something yourself, you're going to put your name behind it you want it done perfect. You want all the ingredients right. You want the best possible ingredients If I'm going to take it my self, and my family, I don't want to be cutting any corners anywhere We don't want to include something just for the sake of including it We want to make sure its doing something in your body thats been studied and designed to do So i'm very happy that we have that, and we didn't settle for anything less DNA LIFE was produced from a collaboration of two different medicines: more Western medical practice and also Eastern medicine, that combined together brought the best of both worlds together to create a more comprehensive product Every ingredient is there for a reason The type of ingredient we choose is done for a reason They compliment each other They are very synergestic together We made the closet Bio-Identical formulation to naturally occurring vitamins that your body can absorb thats there on the market I feel like I created something that I can give and I can take myself and give to my patients and give to my family Everybody in my family takes this and i am very happy about what we came up with in the end You're right. I feel better when i take it If i miss it for a few days, if i went somewhere and forgot to take some, i can feel the difference Where, i don't think i ever felt that with other vitamins


  1. These products are a scam. Hist off is bullshit. You really think a herbal supplement would
    Be more more effective at treating allergies than a pharmaceutical drug? Lol. What a joke.

  2. what are the ingredients? ?

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