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hello my superbabies welcome back to my channel and today I'm going to be showing you an hard core remedy for your hair like a hardcore oiling no it's not oiling a hard core treatment with neem leaves suddenly I requested me to do a hardcore oiling on the hair video but to be frank I never owned my hair like Chickoo Chickoo types like fully drenched in oh I never got because I see that there's no use doing that so I never drench my hair in oh I never so today's video is on hardcore juicing yeah yeah that's what like I can say now if you've been seeing my previous videos you've been noticing that I've been doing a lot with neem leaves and rosemary leaves so today's video is just on neem leaves now babies need leaves has lots of benefits for the hair for the skin for everything as today's videos on hair we'll be talking a little bit of the benefits of neem leaves I am loving it and that's why I'm sharing with you babies yeah whatever I love I share with you and my phone is ringing and I have to go on top and take it because you never would get any urgent back anything related with neem is amazing for the hair say the neem oil neem leaves the Jews the back you boil it or whatever have so many videos on neem leaves not so many right to videos can check it out if you use it religiously I'm telling you won't regret using my remedies and know why I'm so excited today okay let me just go back neem leaves actually in the long run prevents premature graying of the hair like seriously I have experienced it I had like one gray or somewhere yeah which is not visible anymore because I'm religiously using this remedy it actually darkens the hair in the long run you have to use any remedy for that matter religiously you're I'm gonna regret seeing the benefits has the juice which I'm really showing you today it actually heals your scalp probably it here's all the infections the redness the rashes it actually heals it it has antifungal and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so that way it just keeps your scalps super healthy so has it leaves your scalp your dandruff is also reduced a lot and then what else you gonna experience you know more experience any help or for that matter a hair fall reduces so much with this remedy and this pack what do I call it back remedy Jews whatever you feel you can call it but this remedies amazing it strengthens your hair – it literally keeps it like without breaking all these After Effects you will see it only if you use it religiously but for hair fall and healing of the scalp sometimes it just rectifies in one application like serious I just washed off my pack you can see how amazing it looks and I love it I see this real of big-time okay let me just tell you once you apply the pack the juice you just have to apply first of this app and massage very gently don't worry you will be seeing a demo as to how I use it how I make it everything but I'm just telling you as of now you just have to apply it on the scalp very gently and massage it massage is the key see that your scalp is covered with the juice your head should be drenched in juice I don't believe in drenching my hair in oil and whatever is left you can apply the remaining hair I tie it up and I just pull it up and in the end before I wash it off completely I poured the namely juice again and I keep it for another 10 minutes I kinda love this remedy it works superbly on my hair and I'm shirts and I have other babies also now how I do it I just wash it off simply with plain water and I don't apply a shampoo and conditioner but if you want you can I like to do this remedy on a Sunday when I'm not going out especially or if I'm not going out on any day I like to do it on that day so after you wash off your hair I like to wash it off nicely with water ok but still some residue will be there on your hair some urine there you will see just don't get paranoid you don't get scared just leave it alone let it completely dry and once it's dry you just have to shake it like this and it falls off eventually I believe it will be wearing your hair but then just think about the benefits and you won't be paranoid next day you can wash it off with a shampoo and conditioner but then let the beneficials remain in your hair after you wash it off completely see that you rinse it off also with that magical rinse check in the description box use that rinse also the whole procedure is amazing like I just want to say it's really good try to do it at least once a week or you can do it every alternate day also for super benefit but lay out most of us don't have so much time but if you have nothing like it if you don't have at least once a week I don't know why I'm feeling I am being a little crazy in this video I don't know why like maybe the lunch was a little bit on the exciting part okay so so go now and watch how I make it how I apply it and the goodness of my hair you can see how beautiful shiny it is I love it I love this remedy okay seriously neem leaves benefits is make me go crazy because I'm actually experiencing it and I'm like going mad with it I'm like why did I lose this year's back so let's begin we need two handfuls of neem leaves wash it nicely and drain out all the water they put it in the blender with a little bit of water and blend it super well it looks like this and now it's time to strain it strain it in a fine strainer till the last drop don't waste anything just keep on squeezing and keep on straining keep on squeezing till the last drop the waste which is not actually a waste can be add in the plants to waterway insects or if you're adding it into your organic compost which is very good for the plants you can do that look at the beautiful juice let's begin with the application get rid of all the knots and start applying the juice on your scalp very gently and massage massage massage because massage is the key so he has drench your scalp with the juice and then tie it up and once you tied it up just take more choose and apply it again on top like you're trenching your hair with the juice and then pour a little bit whatever is remaining keep a little bit for later use keep it for 1r and after 1r go to the bathroom let loose your hair and pour in the remaining juice into your hair and let it be there for 10 minutes again let's just soak into it like after you wash off your hair you will feel your hair like you know so thick so voluminous it feels so soft and then you look at it it's amazingly shiny also so you can feel the difference immediately also if you are lucky and gradually if you can't be using it it's could be super duper for your hair I'm all about taking care of my hair like soup ugly right now because after the bonding my hair kind of scared and I want to take care of my hair more and more so see loads of remedies coming your way you have fish I actually take and bouncy and in the hub it works but it works superbly so my super babies I hope you found this video useful and I'm sure you found it useful is super useful and if you found it super useful yes you are going to find it super useful don't forget to give a thumbs up because it will mean a lot to me so yes all my social media links will be in the description box you can follow me there you can see my other super dooper videos also it will be in the description box and you can even subscribe to my channel for more useful videos because I think like super useful videos after trying and testing it several times like I'm the Bhakra guinea pig I try so much and then I share with your rumor of you when I see that super dukkha feedback when I see that super cool effect I'm like I have to share this with my babies so don't forget to subscribe to my channel and if you did thank you super much and yes see ya later in another video very soon buh bye oh yeah one more day next week I'm coming with this amazing hair spa do it at home with home remedies it's going to be an amazing hair spa which again I want to share with you babies if you're interested don't forget to hit another thumbs up like just once you have to hit okay because I'm so excited to share with you baby so this motivate me by even commenting below don't forget to like if you interested in this hair spa because this hair sparse amazing what you have to do is before the hair sponge is telling you that keep all the ingredients ready keep the rinse ready keep this remedy ready keep the oil ready the neem and rosemary oil keep all of them ready because next week you have to spend it with me doing an amazing hair stuff for your hair


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