Disneyland Healthy Food Hacks! Bonus flashback to Amanda eating a dill pickle.

hi everyone I'm Amanda and I'm thumbnail days and today we are showing you the best healthy food options here 7lt because most of our graphics are promos Park cats but he actually runs his very own YouTube channel all about healthy eating that's why we have him on this video yeah so it's called AZ life cooking I do it with my wife we do the plant paradox diet and right now we're also doing a keto version of that so Amanda wanted me to come with her today to help keep her off her favorite food which is sugar I love sugar right the David's gonna keep me on track and we are going to show you all of the healthy options and if you're on a strict diet all the foods you can eat here at the park yeah gonna be a fun day let's go eat if you want to fast easy grab on-the-go snack that's not churros or ice cream or fudge marshmallow fresh fruit carts located all throughout the park at these cards it's a great way to get that little sugar craving fixed because you have those natural sugars from the fruit you're on a diet like me where it's really low sugar low carb they also sell pickles here and Amanda how do you like I don't I'm gonna have that taste in my mouth all day now now we're gonna find out if Amanda knows how to peel bananas these are located and pretty much every single land here in the park but keep in mind that they're open and closed times vary if you want a late-night snack come to the one in Adventureland or the one on Main Street they're open the latest one of the best options for healthy food here in the park is located right here in Adventureland ad thank you it's one of my favorite places and you can get a wide variety of healthy options like it's mostly proteins and vegetables so they're all steward and they're super delicious you can make them a snack that's really what they are or if you're like me trying to eat super healthy you get several of them and make a whole meal out of it and keep in mind you can always get the sauce on the side so you don't have to have sugars or other things that are in those sauces or maybe just a little bit this is the vegetable skewer the veggie skewer there's no sauce on this one it just comes with the light oil the beep skewer which looks amazing as well beep skewer and this is Jules and she is the girl from the passport tattoo she's a travel expert she just came in to Disneyland I'm gonna try this beer absolutely I'm really good even with no sauce on it if you want more of a sit-down mill restaurant one of our favorites is Rancho del Sol Kelo don't worry if you get her and you don't see the fish tacos on the big menu just like over here to the small menu so let's say I want to eat the fish tacos in like flour okay could I get swap the meat for chicken so you can make it that way for me awesome right into a joke lol it's a great place to find this shady little spot that you can fit and rest and relax and enjoy your healthy bitterness all right what did we eliminate the fish tacos without any bitch but I liked the ingredients of the fish tacos better than the other taco selections and you saw they customized it for me so that was great and I can also customize this salad they had a salad that was pretty close to what I wanted to do and I just told him to customize it and they were more than happy to do that custom made and I used a little splash of lime on top instead of using nothing I've never tried a pickled onion before never I don't like pickle unless you're not Scott but we love to K is the Royal Street veranda in Peter you can get a vegetarian option the vegetarians fo veteran gumbo may not be completely like you or low-carb because has rice and I'm not entirely sure of everything in it but yeah you can always just eat around it engineering above it is a tomato based soup that has rice oat grass cajun spices in it butternut squash and onions and bell peppers and it is also completely vegan and it does coming up red foam if you're going a little bit healthier if you can get it without the red phone right or don't eat the Red Bull exactly if you want healthy food that has the natural sweetness kick to it get the salad and jolly holiday Cafe spinach berry salad with a basil or raspberry vinaigrette so this is a pretty good healthy option even for my diet or for keto you know if there's anything in here that you don't want to eat obviously the salads you can pick them out super easy got a lot of people think of jolly holiday Cafe as for all their desserts and treats but you can get this to a delicious sweet summery solid it does come with Fred sticks but you don't have to choose the breadsticks if you don't want they also offer a gluten free chips option some of the easiest places to get healthy healthy foods is that the sit-down restaurants but you do need to make a reservation and you can do that right on the Disney app some of the sit-down restaurants are some of the easiest places to get keto the other thing you want to know about Disneyland is they will bend over backwards to try and make a meal that's compliant for you because they know there are a lot of people on special diets so it doesn't hurt to ask keep in mind while you're at Disneyland you can find healthy options at pretty much every single land here in the park even at Pizza port all the way in Tomorrowland you have salads we know that you're coming to the happiest place on earth and you are going to want to try maybe one of the trees go ahead treat yourself with now the good thing about them is 21 grams of carbs in this it is non-dairy but that's 20 grams of sugar as far as like churros go there are 51 grams so this is much better so if you are going to indulge you can eat this and you don't have to eat it all by yourself we could share this already to get my own Disneyland food and scare you off there are many many healthy options and ways to modify your food so you can still eat healthy here at the park and keep in mind that when you're here if you're on a super strict diet like I am if you don't eat 100% it's not that bad because it's a lot of people get here and they just throw in the towel and say I'm not going to even try it's better to eat 80% than 0% I want to give a warm shout out to all of our patreon members you guys are the ones that keep our tunnel going thank you so much if you want to become a patron member and support our Channel it's patreon.com slash provost Park pass if you want behind-the-scenes photos and more videos check us out on Instagram and on Facebook

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