Disease Prevention Speaker – lung cancer – breast lumps – parasite cleanse

Guu coming out of me we have a huge parasite from here to here it keeps twitching but looks like about 10 inches long and I am in the process of killing this beast that has plagued my body for god knows how long and caused all manner of evil gonna see that twitching as it's dying right around here a little topical ointment it works but it burns both me and the parasite I'm just twitching real good I should record it sooner but I wasn't a big hurry to get the job done go watch some comedy and fun move out of my life but this little beast didn't want to go it was like nerve gas and they're coming out blowing up inside of you not a pretty sight to behold torturing him just trying to get near my throat right such opportunists probably usually see his body you see where they're hiding because the skin gets kind of yellowish kind of like pasty white yellow pale like you'd see when somebody's getting near death growing up and seeing Davi it's been a long journey it's time to party

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