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this segment is sponsored by Texas integrative medicine and cardiology welcome back to take you time I'm Amy Lee SEDOL here with Lada Allen thought of Texas integrity of medicine and cardiology thank you so much for coming back you know thank you for having us just kind of recapping and what we started off last time is we're an integrative medicine clinic of course our main focus is cardiology and it's the only difference is the way we do cardiology we really focus on prevention so it's important for us to start before disease actually chronic disease actually sets in or maybe even after it has it really there really is a lot of lifestyle modifications you can do to help and get help patients can become healthier Laura tell me how it is that you guys focus on wellness and just everyone that's there to help get all of their patients just on the right track so we started off just dr. Aguilera and I which was really focused on diet and exercise and as we start delving more into this myth with this world of integrity of medicine we've incorporated nutritionists and we've incorporated acupuncturists we bring in trainers have that helped us guide patients towards exercise but in reality it's all geared towards lifestyle modifications and anything we can do any specialist we can bring in to help patients achieve health is what our focus is that's really cool it's kind of like a one-stop shop to kind of figure out your wellness so Lauren tell me a little bit about the programs that you guys offer at T IMC so one of the a huge programs that we're really really proud of is the boot camp during those normal traditional clinic day when we see patients we are always encouraging them and teaching them how to eat better or how to exercise but there's nothing like a hands-on approach when we're there with them cooking with them so we lovely in our clinic we have a teaching kitchen that was a big part of our clinic because we felt that you know patients actually needed to see an experience what it was like to cook different and so what we do is we bring in we have a menu of the day and they come in and they cook with us you know we've cooked hamburger buns because buns obviously are terrible and so now that the summer is coming that's great because we have cookouts but we taught him how to do buns and we did burgers and the office burgers and sweet potato fries and so they got their hands dirty they cooked after that while the meals were cooking week trainer he exercised with him he taught him how to do type of exercise and stretching after they were done with that they came back wash their hands and they all had lunch it was a great place for them to network and really talk to other women or men that are trying to get healthier and so it's a great networking approach so they can you know get some source of support from each other well thank you so much for always sharing a good good guidance to health and wellness and if you want to know more about what Lauda I can thud and TI MC can do for you reach out to them today if you give them a call at nine one five six zero zero two nine zero five or just visit them at two one one bartlett drive

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