Discussion with Suzin Green, a Kali Worshipper & Yoga-based Life Coach


  1. Great interview! Good to know there are Western Sanatani folks like Suzin who truly embrace Dharma for the essence of it and not ashamed of it. Great talk by Rajivji. Rajiv never fails! Points of disagreement = Yes, the current Trump admin, has been pushing its Christian agenda, renewing colonization efforts through the NGOs, sepoys & secularists in Bharat. But any alternative would have made no difference (think of Hillary being the POTUS!) America is a country with a selfish ideology. They only care about themselves & pretend they're helping the world. I don't really blame them though for being that self-centered. As far as Bharat is concerned, it does not matter who comes to power, Republican or Democrat. The American policy towards Bharat would not change much any time soon (unless Bharat becomes stronger, rooted in its true itihaas). Even if there are changes, it would be superficially cosmetic, something akin to Indian techies getting loads of H1-B visas. As with Suzin's disapproval of Trump & what's happening in the U. S. political arena, I must say, she is either deeply ignorant of the political scenario, the corrupt Clinton/Obama cabal, the lies they have been propagating to undermine the security of their own country in favor of personal/financial gain, the deep state involving the likes of billionaires such as George Soros who want to run America from the shadows or she has buried her head in the sand & is happy being naive.

  2. Sir, you must watch India Upfront on Times Now today; John Dayal just popped his pants when he heard your name 😁

  3. why are your subscribers not increasing rajiv ji..

  4. west cant understand both shiva and kali maa…

  5. Rajiv malhotra forgot to give her to give the most important book breaking india which would help her understand the activities of ngo types & foreign funded organization

  6. great i really like your channel sir please make a video on indian martial arts connection with south east asian martials arts like kali, askrima, arnis, muya thai boran , etc

  7. Jai maha kali

  8. It's amazingly strange that how a westerner can understand Rajivji's points far more easily than Hindu Gurus or Intellectuals may agree or not…

  9. Wonderful live example of how to interact with others, study their positions, get them to identify it by their words/actions and also close the exercise on the next step. IKs watch and learn.

  10. शुरू के १ मिनट की संगीत बहुत सुन्दर है

  11. She believes in Karma , but not in Re – incarnation .That's interesting .
    By the same token, a One – pointed focus and Equipoise "STHITAPRAGYATA",HAS BOTH POLES INHERENT IN ITSELF. ie., a walking talking yogic poison pill is ALSO A JYOTI KALASH OF AMRUTA TATTWA . OJAS & TEJUS,THAT CAN burn a well as Enlighten our being by dissolving the ego every time it raises it's head like a cobra.

  12. Wonderful lady . Nice discussion .

  13. MMM HMM

  14. Lord McCauley in his speech of Feb 2, 1835, British
    Parliament have said:- "I have travelled across the length and breadth of
    India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such
    wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such
    calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we
    break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural
    heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient
    education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is
    foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their
    self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them,
    a truly dominated nation".

    Indians are not slave of these whites anymore .It is over NOW!

  15. #Aarambh the TV series by the makers of Bahubali, Let's see how it goes, whether it bridges the fictional Aryan Dravidian divide or cashes on the fault lines.

  16. excellent and knowledgeable discussion.

  17. true

  18. Instead of wasting time arguing with people like John Matthews, we can invest time to understand our tradition with facts, history and correct information. This way, we don't get emotional but actually engage in debate with facts and reason. For my part, this is what I've learned in the recent times about caste discrimination in India.

    The original Indian tradition had jaati and varna. Jaati was a community of people engaged in certain professions like the Smiths of the western world. For example, the steel making people were a jaati and there were several thousand jaatis like this. There was competition among them but no Conflict or Hierarchy. When steel- making flourished, the corresponding jaatis
    flourished and when the steel industry went down, the associated jaatis went down. The varna system consisted of the Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya and the Brahmana. There was inter- mobility within the varnas and no one was stuck in one because of birth. For example, Sage Valmiki was born a Shudra but gained knowledge and became a Brahmana and of course, wrote the epic Ramayana. Ravana was born a Brahmana but chose to be a Kshatriya and thus the powerful ruler of Lanka. There are several examples of powerful Shudra kings in ancient India. Also, for Yagnas to be conducted in accordance with the Vedas, all 4 varnas were involved in terms of providing support/labor (Shudra), protection (Kshatriya), money/materials (Vaishya) and knowledge/implementation (Brahmana) and therefore, there was no question of untouchability. Throughout the 5th to 15th CE, all four varnas fought shoulder-to-shoulder protecting the country and its civilization from the Muslim invaders (there’s inscriptional evidence for all of this). Caste comes from the Portuguese word Casta (meaning race) and does not even have a Hindu/Indian origin. Nor is the discriminatory caste system described anywhere in the Hindu scriptures including the Purusha Sukhtam. Like in every other society, discrimination is a social human-centric evil. This happened with Hindus and in India as well when our original varnashrama degenerated and rigidity creeped in (well aided along by the British census machines). It is similar to the caste system of Europe where people involved in blue collar jobs and in menial jobs lived in terrible conditions with strong discrimination until even the 20th century, so even Christians enlightened by Jesus resorted to this social evil and what more, racial discrimination is still very much a part of the Western society which is majority Christian). Read these stories below:

    Contrary to what is told to us in history, the 1800s (when the British were just beginning their activities in India) India was very
    different from what we’ve been led to believe. Please read Dharampal’s works one of which is this book titled Beautiful Tree (link below) which sources information from the Britishers’ own records of India’s decentralized education system. For example, there was no caste discrimination in schools and in fact, Shudra children outnumbered Brahman children in the Madras Presidency. There are many more facts and statistics in this book that are an eye-opener and totally shocking! https://archive.org/stream/TheBeautifulTree-Dharampal/beautifultree#page/n5/mode/2up

  19. With Suzin everything related to Hindu Eco System is in tandem with Dharmic lense. Certainly Rajiv ji pushes her to next step for discussing with her followers and render some sort of return to the source ( Hinduism) which would be an eye opener to many, a large piece of challenge to others and shows how truthful she is with her acceptance.

  20. Though Rajiv Malhotra is holding fort of Hinduism firmly and admirably in US, this interview is totally a wasted opportunity. Suzan Green is a Jewish lady practicing Bhakthi Yoga and Kali worship and found her own Moksha in that particular spiritual facet of Hinduism. But Rajivji talked more and Suzan was not allowed to explain her beginings of spiritual journey and experiences. The interview was totally one-sided with Rajiv Malhotra expressing his own unwarranted fears on Hindu Phobia. The interview did more injustice to our Hinduism as Rajivji was asking questions of Christian Hindu Phobia to a Jewish lady and was seeking her support to neutralize the Hindu Phobia of West. This was asking too much from the lady. Rajivji need not be so aggressive and concerned about Hindu Phobia from West or Other Religions as Hinduism, as a culture and tradition, would continue to flourish in spite of such imaginary threats as it did throughout 1000 years of invasion by foreigners. As long as the core principles of Hinduism – Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha- are practiced through four Ashramas-Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa-, the Sanatana Dharma, as Hinduism is now called, would continue to flourish in India irrespective of Western onslaughts or their misunderstood propaganda. World, particularly West, has come to a stage where they cannot ignore any longer these spiritual traditions, practices and strengths of India and Sanatan Dharma and would source and assimilate this spiritual knowledge of India for betterment of world. It would happen certainly in future sooner than later. So Rajivji, please continue your great work in US, but not in panic-stricken and reactionary way. Sanatana Dharma or Vedic Civilization survived on the strengths of its own Truths for thousands of years and it doesn't require crutches from any one, here in India or outside.

  21. Just a highlight: India is the supplier of carabeef – Buffalo meat not cow meat, which is called as actual beef in the west.
    BTW I am a vegetarian.

  22. This is the real thing. We can see that, regardless of his nationality, when an individual subscribes, surrenders and loves the Vedic Wisdom and Hindu Culture, sheer wisdom and intelligent understanding outflows from him/her. What an impeccable insight: SANSKRIT IS NOT A MEANING BASED LANGUAGE; IT IS ENERGY BASED LANGUAGE… Only a Devotee of MAA MAHATRIPURSUNDARI can say that…

  23. BABA MUKTANANDA or MAHARISHI MUKTANANDA… I spent parts of my childhood in His Meditation practices conduced by His Shishyas in Green Park, New Delhi. We still crave for that earnestly… Incredibly Divine…

  24. Good interview. Always great to listen and learn. But her answers are very vague, "covering up – oh I don't know " and non informative. She seems nervous as well.

  25. i wish i can have all this books!
    great Rajivji , thank you very very much for such a profound work.

  26. "We don't need money, money can be arranged later. We need their intellect, heart" Only a Maha Yogi can say this… Saashtaang Pranams to Shri Rajivji…

  27. Here in Bangalore, many NGO volunteers come on weekends and seek funds in very sophisticated, modern and white-collar way. Its downright revealing about the rot of NGOs that runs deep…

  28. Rajivji nailed it by terming it so accurately..Wah! what an appropriate term "Digestion of Cultures"…
    "Digestion is passed of as Assimilation"… Exactly Sir… Digesting mother goddesses of India into Fatima of Velankanni, Sahaya Matha etc is only one instance to prove what Rajivji is saying… Not only in those countries you mentioned… Even in India, Christians are erecting the Pataka Dwaja Stambas (the flag staffs representing the spine and the awakening of the soul force) in front of all their churches in Kerala, where less than 20 yrs ago there were only four or so churches which had this very Vedic/Hindu concept; because the converts were basically Brahmins who voluntarily did so due to their conviction that St Thomas (Jesus's disciple) who reached the shores of Kerala around 53~56 AD according to legend, was indeed a Rishi propagating the Vedic religion in a renewed modern form (modern compared to the original Vedic period). When the Dutch came to Kerala they were astonished to find Christians in Kerala… Later when the Portuguese and the British came they tried to remove the flag staffs, stone lamp steads and Tulsi altars which were obvious signs of Hindu/ Pagan roots of these Christians, but felt with severe resistance by these people who had actually became Christians much before Europe took to Christianity. But after that, till less than 20 yrs back these were considered the odd ones by the majority of the Christians in Kerala. Of course, No one among Christians hated or opposed this symbols but neither did they accept it as an essential feature of their churches. But now they are making it a common feature and also spreading this notion that the Hindus copied it from them. They even say that the Hindus were so poor and miserable that the practice of putting a tilak with sandal paste (which was a common practice in almost entire South India, thanks to the vast sandal forests of Mysore) was something they (Christians) introduced because, only they could afford to use such an expensive commodity… whose value was known only to people across the Arabian Sea who imported shiploads of it and the locals just were mere onlookers… for thousands of years… To prove this they have started wearing tilaks in the shape of crosses using sandal paste… It is reaching heights of hypocrisy but nobody among Hindus are bothered about these…

  29. Fantastic sir, good interview. Hope more people come forth and fight for the Hinduism

  30. Mmmm Hmmm Mmmm Hmmm….you know what i mean☺

  31. Beautiful demonstration of the non- negotiables.

  32. Capitalism and commercialism have corrupted yoga in west.




  36. Unless n untill one doesn't come to the process of Bhakti or wordship of Lord Krsna reincurnation will always remain a mystery
    Hari Bol 😊😊

  37. why believing in reincarnation is difficult if you can believe in vibrations.

  38. This video deserves more than million views.

  39. Great respect to you Suzin

  40. Good questions by Rajeev Malhotra.

  41. I Understand… From Which Phase Sir Rajiv is going through. But The Lady Suzin.. jee is very humble. And Understands Feelings of Bharatiya Music and Dhwani quite a bit. Rajiv Sir… Is in a mode of Arjuna who is Standing in a deep Khashatriya… And Can See Very Clearly…. With Large And Wide Vision… In which Our Country Bharat and Hindu .. is going through. Yes…. It is Absolutely True. We Bhaartiya are Suffering from a Deep" Identity Crisis".

  42. Aur Rajiv Ji kee Chinta Gehan Chinta.. ekdum jaayaz hai. You can see in most of his talks and interesting others. Sir Rajiv is Transmitting Verryyyyyy Muchhh Significant… To all of Us Youths. Aur Unka transmission of light kae karm Ko samajhkar hum sab yuvaa Ko vaisa hee Naya Bharat Nirman mein bahutttt karnae mein Sahayak hai. To Understand Rajiv Sir.. One has to Understands himself as a. ArJUN.who is prepared . Already. Now We Youths have To become Arjun.

  43. Mainae Mahasant Osho hee SAE Sunaa hai.. his jagh jiskae His Desh kae Chitt mind mein. Arjun paida honae lagta hai… Vahan kae Chitth mind or being mein… Krishna bhee Apnae aao Prasfutitt ho jaate hain. So . . Yes. . A Gehan Dhanyavaadam VA Pranaam Karti huun aisae Sir Rajiv!!. Actually And Truly Rajiv ji Sir Crossed and played the part of Arjun already. I feel and SEE Sir Rajiv is in mid of Krishna Arjun. Dhanyavaadam. Pranaam.

  44. She doesn't understand Dharma if she doesn't believe in reincarnation. Karma, reincarnation and Dharma are linked.

  45. Suzin does not believe in reincarnation, how is she a Hindu then. Is she one of those westerner where they cherry pick some concepts of Hinduism so that their Biblical touches are not endangered.

  46. Why can't Suzan Green be seen as an oriental instead of western? After all her origin is Jewish!

  47. A perfect conversation, one keeps on talking and the other uninterruptedly goes hmm, hmm 😂
    Jokes apart, I am a big fan of Rajivji and watch all his videos without fail. Proud to be a follower of sanatan dharma

  48. India is the spiritual centre of the world – Parama Purusha / the Supreme Being will not allow dharma to be destroyed in India. On the contrary – dharma will grow and will spread to the rest of the world. No conqueror has ever been able to destroy the great Indian civilisation – because it has the spirit of tantra behind it. Capitalism is what will be destroyed – and that day will be a day of liberation for the whole world from the stranglehold of greed and power. All the matter-centred philosophies and those that are based on dogma will fall and only truly god-centred philosophy will remain on this earth. So India has nothing to fear from the desperate and feeble attempts of the capitalists and the religious missionaries. Dharma is great and indestructible and those who try to destroy it will themselves be destroyed. I am born in the west but think in terms of dharma. There are many others who are the same. Indians need to wake up to their great cultural heritage and to uphold dharma, not to ape the west in its mad rush to materialism, which is ultimately empty and which is destroying the planet. The western capitalist interests have infused inferiority complex in Indians by design – this needs to be shaken off. Pseudo-culture is spread through degenerate films and media from the west and overtakes local Indian culture. Indians now speak and dress and act like westerners and aspire to materialism. This is not western culture either – this is capitalist pseduo-culture that has overtaken genuine culture in the west and is designed to turn the whole world into a uniform market for its products. Read the works of Shri Shri Anandamurtiji, guru of Ananda Marga, particularly his Progressive Utilisation Theory – PROUT – a new socio-ecomonic system based on dharma. Know your own glorious culture and don't blindly follow the west!

  49. Hm hm..hmhm..hmhm..!!!😃

  50. As always awesome conversation 🙏

  51. He, Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is doing what adi Shankar acharya has done in India, is doing globally, perticulatrly in USA. Great job, arise awake utisha jagrat pryapya varan nibodhitah, surasya dhara dugam path tat kaviyoh vadanti.

  52. Westenise Indian are doing great harm to india, perticulatrly marxists& communists. They infiltrated our universities, this communists controls them, adultrate the young intelligent young minds, then use them to attack our ancient traditions& culture. So unite hindus, perticulatrly highly educated Indians. Chinmaya groups, swaminarayan groups, vivekananda& ram Krishna missions have such young swami who have profound knowledge of vedas, true meanings, so they can destroy these greedy Christian judisem supported by chuchurs, even a list, foundations, even fbi& Greenpeace like many ngos who are continuously systematically destroying roots of our knowledge &'converting them, another group is Muslim wahabi middle eastern groups. Our Indian leaders&!some big business houses also supports them knowingly or unknowingly. They must tell them the reality.

  53. Women is not supposed to chant gayathri mantra. That will give you negative results to you.

  54. Just asking did she help,she looked hesitant

  55. I auto-like all of the Rajiv's vids and did this one as well – but once she started her anti-Trump rant, I HAD TO unlike – my first ever!

  56. sir,we Hindus who do not preach evergreen Hinduism are ashamed.

  57. Sri Rajiv ji is a maharishi reborn.

  58. The day I saw this video I translated the essence in kannada and shared it in comments box…. I still look forward to the joint effort of indo-american dharmik society in stopping go-hatya and promotion of vegetarianism in bharat.

    Here in link for my translated pdf…..

  59. Rajiv Malhotra is the reincarnation of Hindu Rishi.

  60. felling kali ( energy / mother of living and non living ) in chanting ……. supreme felling by any human. by any non living

  61. Rajiv Malhotra is great and he deserves great respect for protecting Hinduism from leftist, cultural marxists and evangelicals.

  62. I like your uhu uhu, please don't mind

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