Discussing the Digestion of Yoga with a White Hindu


  1. The verbal root of Yoga is yuj which means to join. Yoga is the process of joining, the atman (self) आत्मन to the brahman(supreme) ब्रह्मण

  2. Bravo for such brave woman coming out when Bhaarat is suffering from anti Hindu inferiority complex. Thanks Mrs Louise. Thanks Mr Malhotra for uncovering the malicious things going on in america and in west.

  3. my prayers for her

  4. thank you . This is very useful

  5. Non white people understand that white people are master in digesting the cultures of others. Ask Egyptians they will tell you how west has distorted its history through its movies and tv shows. Animalistic traits like surviving and dominating others are strong in white people that explains why white people were very uncivilized very recently. Good honest white people are exception not the rule. Most of them want to dominate others. They are so fixated on outside world they think they can conquer the whole universe that's why they never get any satisfaction and keep on wanting more and more at the expense of others.

  6. I really thank you to both, given such good information.

  7. All respect to Sri Lousie. Aapka bahut bahut dhanyevaad

  8. Rajiv ji ka bhee bahut bahut dhanyevaad to bring this up at such a high level of analysis, explanation and to our understanding. Rajiv ji has also got the term 'digestion' for our understanding which is spot on. It fits right in.

  9. Beer yoga hot yoga chair yoga ……what on earth is going on

  10. My Hinduism..
    my Hindustan…The greatest.

  11. Rig Veda mantras generate vibratory frequencies similar to sub-atomic particles (Bosons and fermions)

  12. A true yogi or saint cannot be digested. What is the problem ? True yoga can't be digested. Some Indians also falsified yoga. The West fools itself. These pop Gurus are also fools.

  13. You are a brilliant advocate Rajivji. I thank you for the long and tedious battle you have waged. We appreciate you. However, Hindus still have a non-committal attitude.

  14. Malhotra sir is rightly concern because it is a matter of few years that westerners will claim even Vedas to be theirs' and we Indians will happily keep messing with imitating western culture.

  15. I am not blaming anyone but don't believe on white people they are crypto enemy or enemy in disguise of friends.

  16. The debate and clarifications that our Gurus should give are being given by RM. our Global Gurus go about aiding the digestion. More than the foreigners, our Gurus should be taught about the dangers of digestion…!!

  17. What does he even divine as positive or negative? Personally I feel its a subjective answer and cannot be empirically concluded.

  18. The distinction that she is White Hindu is important or else the process of digestion begins with identity once again.

  19. This is a great addition to his earlier works. Thank you Rajivji for bringing out the essential differences between how Christianity relates to mantra – and the inherent conflicts that come up. I was very impressed with Sri Louise and her understanding of Hinduism – the training received from Swami Dayananda clearly has helped her along. I am envious…I wish I had such training myself – my own vedic practice and training is quite shallow by comparison.

    There is one note I would like to make in reference to Rajivji's comments on the game of tennis and christianity. In my many years of playing the game and teaching it, I have come across many Christian tennis players, who do say prayers to reinforce their beliefs before starting out for a match as it helps them perform better "in service of the Lord" so to speak. In my own journey to improve my performance, I have practiced saying the Gayatri Japam for example, at least 101 times before heading out to a match and found that the inner calm allowed me to approach the match with the correct mental perspective, and allowed me to reach maximum potential rather quickly as the match progressed. I was not surprised to hear that Swami Chinmayananda had also made similar connections earlier in his speeches – in fact I am told he was an ardent fan of the game of tennis himself!

    One of my goals is to develop a tennis teaching program that incorporates vedic chanting along with the practice of yoga to help budding young tennis players get over their match jitters and get to their maximum potential as a result. The Maharshi University in Iowa has trained a number of tennis players and the local High School has an enviable tennis record as a result!

  20. vibrant and thought provoking discussion……thanks Rajivji & Sri Louiseji……..by now we have tons and tons of original & authentic data in every form….it's time for correction action and set the process to implement ………THANK YOU

  21. Thank you Rajiv for exposing hidden agenda of anti Hindu forces within India as well outside.

  22. Sir, I attend these yoga classes here in US, for past fifteen years now. The focus is on postures primarily. Nobody is in that class to become a yogi, to go deeper in the philosophy. Everyone seems to be doing yoga for stretching & flexibility.
    The only mantra that is uttered if it can be called mantra, is the word Om. The teacher does at times mention the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you to the students, but these are empty words, they mean nothing, at least looking at the students, it seems that way, and might be applicable to the teacher too. As you mentioned our own gurus & leaders propogate it as mere exercise, ensuring it’s commoditization & removing it further from its roots. This was a very urgently required and informative conversation. Your Facebook talk series are the need of the hour. Dhanyavad & pranaam.

  23. What I also find very irritating (and somewhat amusing) is westerners will learn to do some physical asanas and grandly declare themselves "yogis" and "yoginis", all the while being blissfully & profoundly ignorant of both what yoga means and what makes a yogi.

  24. please put video links for the referred videos please.

  25. I believe any beneficial practice such as Yoga, once mastered, can be improved! However dis-associate it from it's origin of 'Hinduism' calling Hinduism inferior, old and outdated is a crime. It is similar to Roman Catholic trained person "improves" the religious practice and forms his own version (e.g. Methodist Christen) and call Roman Catholic as old, outdated and inferior !!

  26. Rajiv ji you are doing marvelous work. western ideology of Vedas will only make sense to them when they only  look at this from the sacred Vedic  perspective.

  27. Thank u and ur guest! I must tell you that she knows lot about Hinduism than Indian living in India. Thank you again!


  29. insightful

  30. Amazing amount info packed in short time. Every time l listen to SRM it aches that most of the viewers will be the spectators in the popcorn stands cheering the gladiator. This we MUST change. More of us must get into the arena and work together in a more concerted way. Let us learn more from giants like SRM, but start acting at our level. Step into the uncomfort zone, that is where the growth is – be it spiritual or IK.

  31. I worked in behavioral health for 10 years and got disillusioned by the ineffectiveness of the symptom management approaches of CBT, I turned to mindfulness and hatha yoga and subsequently switched careers to preventative health where mindfulness, meditation and hatha yoga (RYT) were much more effective, my heart couldn't bear that this sacred knowledge should be cut off from its root, so I embraced Hinduism as the source of this knowledge. Rajiv Malhotra's work empowered me to acknowledge this; even though the guru who says "Yoga isn't Indian" is precious to me, I agree with Shri Malhotra Ji, Yoga is Hindu :-); I'm proud to say when I did my ancestry DNA test I was 97% Indian and I get to honor my ancestors for the centuries of hard work that should be acknowledged, remembered and celebrated.

  32. Does Mantra violate Hindu orthodoxy and vice versa?

  33. This problem is not with westerners but also with Indians too..

  34. Yogaschittvritinirodhah…

  35. Christians stole our ved, compiled them n derived inventions..Hindus were sleeping
    Christians propogating adharm through Leftists/communists in India..Hindus are sleeping
    Christians are imbibing every possible narrative of our culture and customs…Hindus are sleeping
    Hindus are copying the Western culture n their customs(girlfriend​ boyfriend​ custom, Xtra marital affair, rape, homosexuality, corruotion)…Christians are very happy​

  36. Please watch the movie "History of Yoga" by Vishuddhi Films. We hindus need to understand what Yoga really is.
    It is much more than body contortion.

  37. I agree with greater part of the discussion but why Shri Rajiv Malhotra Sir reducing DHARMA to Advaita Vedanta. Dharma is only based on VEDAS all other things are just different ways/school of thoughts. Restricting Hinduism to Advaita is wrong.
    Ved certainly and very clearly states that Ishwar/AUM, Aatma, Prakriti all are separate. ISHWAR/AUM being the subtlest of all pervades all(animate and inanimate) including Aatman but Aatman is not ISHWAR as it is less subtle than Ishwar and so both are separate.
    All souls are distinct. Had there been only one soul pervading them all, wakeful state, slumber, deep sleep, birth and death, union and disunion (with the body and the senses) could never take place; the nature of the soul, therefore, is finite, and so is its knowledge; it is also subtle, whilst God is still more subtle, Infinite, Omnipresent, Omniscient by nature. Hence God and the human soul stand in the relation of the pervader to the pervaded.

    God and the soul can't be in the relation of close union but not in that of the pervader to the pervaded.
    ISHWAR/God and Aatma are different thing things
    The logic that "One thing cannot contain another at the same time; therefore, God and the soul can only be in the relation of close union but not in that of the pervader to the pervaded." holds true only in the case of things of the same condition but not in that of different conditions; just as iron is gross while electricity is subtle, the latter pervades the former and resides in the same space with itl Similarly, the human soul less subtle than God, whist the latter more subtle than the former, therefore it is that God pervades the human soul while the latter is pervaded by the former.

    Just as God and the soul stand to each other in the relation of the pervader and the pervaded, so do they do in the relations of one who is served and the servitor, the supporter and the supported, the Master and the servant, the Ruler and the ruled, the Father and the son.

  38. what does RM says here at 12:04? tenese? (muscle?)

  39. Excellent analyses.

  40. Rajiv Malhotra are you doing video edit on your own or you have employed someone as your recent episodic videos look good

  41. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/may/14/is-this-the-year-advertisers-wake-up-to-perils-of-cultural-appropriation

    When Hindus protest about cultural appropriation of yoga among other things, do many care?

  42. Shame no Deva Premal and Miten for appropriating Gayatrimantra…. and then claiming that Hinduism appropriated primodial sounds, rather than giving appropriate giving credits / links to Hinduism.


  43. Are donations to Infinity Foundation in US going to other foundation with same name? (link: http://infinityfoundation.org/support-us.aspx) infinityfoundation.org/support-us.aspx(link: http://rajivmalhotra.com/get-involved/donate/) rajivmalhotra.com/get-involved/d…

  44. why are you ascribing the nomenclature "hindu" to vaidika dharma etc – hindu is a term brought and given by invaders. The vedic sanskrit/brahman based culture, once intelligently redefined, has such dramatic world-wide implications, that I dont see anything else more important now. Calling this "hindu" can be counter-productive to establishing an effective identity which is free of adulteration.

  45. Very inspiring story told in the first person.

  46. This is a deeply coherant, clear and precise understanding of what is happening with Dharmic knowledge systems. Every Hindu and ondeed every person wishing to be sane and whole MUST watch this – Thank you Rajivji for this superb revelation and thank you Sri Louise ji for your dedication to Satya.

  47. Namaskaaram
    Sampradaaya & all those pronunciations are so good (from someone from West..) 🙂

  48. Right sir Its annoying to hear "all religions are same" from Hindu Guru, he is not saying the truth.

  49. Nothing perks the indian psyche up like a white woman liking it.


  51. sir, I would recommend u to interview farhan quresi.he also knows much abt sanatan culture.And most importantly"BAWA & DINESH".they can give u very innovative ideas.

  52. Does she have a Twitter account?
    Pls follow Rajiv ji on all social media platforms.

  53. This is so incredibly tiresome… So many generalizations and biases.

  54. CAN SOMEONE AUTHENTICATE THIS VIDEO ABOUT SATYUG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Di1BJZH8ck

  55. Hinduegm really good

  56. love from south Africa sri Louise

  57. She begins to recite a sanskrit sloka at 3:42 – 3:45 , which goes something like sat asatyanam anir vachanam… Anybody knows what sloka this is?

  58. I am a hindu indian. and i finally feel some sense of clarify about openly claiming my heritage. I am so happy to find Rajivji. I feel real indian hindus, carry the struggles of colonialism in their dna. they carried the light of of dharma through the past and even today. and i dont think hinduism is an open door. you are either a brown indian or not. the dharma is in your dna and not a transferable philosophy. not a religion that anyone can convert into and i feel strongly about this. i think its refreshing to have westerns that that support indian identity. i would like to get more involved in this movement.

  59. Yes. Digestion. Word bahot Behtareen Discover Kiya hai aapnae. Rajiv Sir!!:)

  60. In the second clip with the two men and the woman who was saying that "mantra is a primordial sound that transcend all religions, and that Hinduism later appropriated it". While it is true that the Mantra or OM is a primordial sound, but it was Hindu mystics or yogis who discovered it, and therefore it is rightfully an inherent part of Hindu Tradition. Hindus are not taking credit for Newton' s discovery of "gravity". Hindus are not labeling "gravity" as "Hindu Gravity". Likewise, Christians should not label "Yoga" as "Christian Yoga".

    I think all Hindu Organizations or World Hindu Council need to file some form of protest and petition to the UNO or World Court to stop any religion or anyone from putting the stamp of their ego (their name) on Yoga.

  61. Islam is the truth!

  62. Respect

  63. omg, she is so sweet and genuine

  64. Good jobs,i yoga practicener who were in past a depression patients but feeling shy to share becoz other people make fun on me but Pranayam dhyan yoga,chanting yoga change my meaningful life.unimeginable gift given by India's guru.thank u

  65. "White Hindu"….thats seems improper.

  66. Namaskar Loes

  67. RAJIV MALHOTRA-JI: We have to prove that the Aryan Invasion did not take place in order to first dismiss that yoga was not imported to what is now called India. We also have to prove that the word "Hindu" itself is not a Macedonian mispronunciation of Sindhū coined when Alexander the Great referenced the Sindhū River. If we can do this we have to explain why there is no root in any of the official languages of what is now called India for the word "Hindu"and even "India". From my research the word "yoga" is much older than the word "Hindu" and "India". Would we also not have to consider what aspects of yoga derived from what is now Pakistan and see if such methods were developed before or after 1947. If they were developed after 1947 are these methods Moslem? There are good yoga teachers and practitioners and there are bad yoga teachers and practitioners everywhere- yes even in the Bharath Varsha. Since I have never met an Indian who actually does yoga making this claim about yoga appropriation, I surmise you too have no daily yoga practice- and thus only prove that yoga is not something belonging to all "Hindus" or "Indians", but to those who do it…correctly. 🙂 It may be possible RAJIV-JI that you are the only one appropriating anything. Also maybe it is useful to inquire whether the use of eyeglasses, youtube, the internet and your PC is also thus appropriation by your very own definition. It would be interesting to also know if the energy you used to make this video is from 100% Indian made food, made 100% from Indian ingredients…:)

  68. Please keep up the good work Malhotra. You put into context what drive me nuts about "being spiritual". People who call themselves "Bujew" (Buddhist-Jewish) etc. There seems to be no philosophical context. A little of this, and a little of that. No study (or even reading)of the Vedas or Sutras. I turned away from Christianity because of such things as the Nicene Creed. Yoga and mantras are not a mere past time. They are a way to connect to Atman and should be taken very seriously.

  69. Very good .

  70. Hinduism is atleast 8000 years old. Can anyone prove mantras being in existence before that? It is so sad and pathetic what the missionaries are doing. BIBLE IS MAN MADE CRAP.

  71. Judeo Christianity is dangerous as it digests cultures

  72. Namaste Sir. The Hath Yoga Project under James Mallinson looks worrying. As always, Indians are at the periphery of the study.

  73. just before seeing this video it played a ad of Mormon .org about how am an oriental Asian scientist or a doctor turned towards gospel and mormon church….Huh… piss poor salesmanship but a nice production btw and storyline….everything was ok except there is only one saviour…

  74. Malhotra ji that was an exception analogy between thief hating the victim and delegitimizing after digestion..!!

  75. Thanks sir , for all the good work you do to reclaim our pride as Hindus /sanatan dharma , it is not just good work but lot of sacrifice , since you May face lot of abuse & barriers in your work 🙏

  76. 'Dhyana' is passe but 'mindfulness' is great! That's 'intellectual' Indians for you.

  77. Deva & Miten = Smug Chumps.

  78. Looks like she is on High!😃

  79. Deva premal miten how can you say that Mantras are adopted by hinduism? HINDU SAGES CREATE THEM YOU MORONS!

  80. Deva Premal is ignorant lady! Utter nonsense she barks!

  81. Thank you for pointing out that there are also white Hindus or Buddhists, Bharathyans, that love the Hindu culture more than their life, are fighting for Bharat and never get tired to defend it.

  82. It is more important that Hindus take pride in their culture first before fighting to reclaim our honor from others. The biggest challenge that Hindus face is to reassert our vedantic roots and demolish the fake identity cast on us thru a morphed history of our India that was authored by frivolous historians who had no understanding of our cultural roots.

  83. Please address non English speaking Indians. This movement can't succeed at unless all hindu are involved

  84. Ironic?
    Yoga was codified in Punjab/ Sindh and gangetic Hindus are claiming appropriation????

  85. We Hindu should preach Hinduism in the whole world.

  86. Rajiv Malhotra has done some unique and brilliant works ! I would say the one word which can define Hinduism or essence of Hinduism is Yoga.

  87. ✌️

  88. All religions deny that they are religions. Doesn't matter if you talk to Hindus, Muslims or Christians they all have the same speach: " We are not a religion"
    And if you want to clasify as Hindu phobia the fact that people dont want to be put under your mental concepts and labels thats your problem.
    You are so good analizing other peoples egos but what about your own. In the fact that you are saying this is ours and not yours, you only show you dont even really undertand your own principles. May be you should look at evolution of contiousness in whole humanity instade of trying to look down on westerners.
    The satisfaction and smile on your face while you expose your razionalized explanations shows nothing but the fact that you have a long way before you understand real yoga.
    Keep calling yourself Hindu, keep reinforcing you braod minded identity, best of luck in all your next incarnations, you have a long way to go.




  92. Omg

  93. Wow

  94. All yoga meditation mantra belong to India

  95. Living in Europe and practicing yoga my observations are similar. Initially those Europeans get completely absorbed in the practice and the philosophie of yoga. They genuinely believe that they can outsmart the Indian dharmic system and attain enlightenment in a couple of years.

    Ones they realize that it is not possible for them their egos get into a deep crisis. They either stop practicing yoga and go back to their old ways or they incorporate their learnings into a business model. Adding Hindu dharmic thoughts into their existing professions or becoming yoga teachers or even gurus.

    In all this process Hinduism finds little to mentioning. When asked about the origin they often claim it is universal knowledge.

  96. Thank you to ma'am for doing what fucking Indian couldn't do.

  97. India. Americans are mostly shy and feel scared to speak up.

  98. Islam and Christianity are satanic.

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