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well that's a piggy hopefully it'll be simple to heal but to get the right treatment you'll need to do some research gather some random information from the internet and then consider your insurance coverage deductible out-of-pocket expenses rehab schedule recovery time suggestions experiences your PTO and whether there'll be someone home to take care of you if you need help then think about those with regard to each possible treatment option and voila you've got your solution hmm well maybe you can skip all that and just go ask a doctor for a solution until you realize you should probably double-check that option and think about procedure reviews cost-effectiveness family history more random information from the internet what your coworker neighbor and grandma have to say and maybe even consult a second doctor which means extra costs extra time and extra confusion either way it's complicated confusing and can be even more painful than the actual pain but it doesn't have to be stop doing all this research on your own get wise or help and take an active role in your healthcare without being overwhelmed by the possibilities why is their health lets you connect all the aspects of treatment that matter to you like your insurance coverage financial situation and preferences like avoiding prescription painkillers and it answers questions like is this treatment effective proven and recommended and how would a doctor treat himself then the people like me feature shows you the treatments that fit your criteria the treatments that fit you with its continually expanding patient reported treatment reviews it'll show you the most successful treatment options and let you filter the results by clinical evidence treatment type and more making it simple for you to make the right decision without all of this there's already enough pain and medical treatment get relief with wiser health from wiser together

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