Discover Inclusive Active Aging: Flexibility

Next, we’re going to introduce flexibility
exercises. If your in a chair, or on assistive mobile devices, it is very important to keep your muscles limber. Flexibility is important for your range
of motion. Our next exercises. We’re gonna start
with neck exercises. Make sure you listen to your body. Taking your chin down to your chest, and lifting up a couple of times. And looking over at one shoulder. Back to the center. Looking over the other shoulder. Back to the center. Two more times. All right. Shoulders. So you’re going to bend your elbows up, and exhale, lower them back down. All the way up. And exhale down. All right. The Shoulder and arm exercises. You’re going to take your belt. You’re going to take it in one hand. Lift your arm up. Then we’re gonna reach back. We’re stretching the back of our arm, and
the back of our shoulders. All right, let’s change arms. Shoulder, Arm stretch. All right, next one’s the Chest Stretch.
You’ll extend your arms out. Kind of leaning back. All right. Next one’s the back stretch, the Upper Back stretch. You’re going to extend your arms forward. Palms up, if you can. Reaching forward. This is the Upper Body stretch. You can sit
down and do it or you can stand up and do it. It stretches the back of your
shoulders. So you’re going to extend your arms on the wall. You’re going to slowly walk your arms
up the wall. This stretches your upper back and
shoulders. Now we’re going to continue with our flexibility exercises for our lower body. We’re going to start with ankle circles. And lift your ankle up, and start rotating it in one direction. And slowly going the other way. A modification. You can.. place your foot in the belt. And help with the rotation with your foot in the belt there. Now, swap sides. Change directions. Now we’re gonna do a variation of the
Back of your Leg Stretch. Rather from the floor, we’re gonna do it from the chair. You’re going to place the belt around your foot, leaning forward. You can have your foot placed on the floor, or extend up. You’re gonna swap legs. You can place it on the floor, or you can lift it up. Now we’re gonna do a Thigh stretch. There’s a modification if you’re in the chair. Take your leg out to the side. Hey, Cheriese can you slide your leg back to the side like that. Yeah, that’s great. huh, that’s ok, that’s good. Or you can stand up next to the chair. Bend your knee You can hold on to your foot. Or you can keep that knee bent. This is stretching the front of your thigh here. If you can’t do it, you can use a strap. Place a strap on your foot and hold the strap back Now, let’s go to the other side. We’re gonna do the Hip stretches on the floor. You start lying on your back, and your knees, and ankles are in lines. Or your knees are bent. And you’re gonna gently take your knees over to one side, keeping your shoulders back on the mat. And on your next breath, go to the other side. If you need a strap, place you’re feet in a strap. Holding on to it, going from side to side. The same thing. This is for your lower back stretch. Your arms gonna be out to the side. You’re gonna take your knees towards one side, and look over your other shoulder. Yeah. This is a Seated Calf stretch. And it stretches the back of your calf. Pull the toes back towards you. Lower your leg. Lower your leg. Lower your leg. Keep it straight. Switch legs. This is the Buddy stretch. And it’s going stretch our lower backs. So one of them holds on to it, and leans back, lean back. And the other one holds on to it. And then they change directions. This is stretching our lower back.


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