Digital Health Conference Berlin 2019

This is the Digital Health Conference in Berlin. Mainly a German event, but it obviously has a lot of global aspects including those relevant for Russia. The room is full. It’s a packed conference and there’s only a handful of lawyers. Which means we’re either doing something entirely wrong here or absolutely right. It’s hopefully the last one. We are currently discussing the big challenges of digitalisation of the healthcare sector not only in Germany but also in wider Europe and globally. Including the regulatory landscape and changes in the applicable legislation, data privacy, IP protection and so on. From a lawyer’s perspective my key takeaway of today is that the entire market and digitalisation of the healthcare sector are developing much faster than the regulatory and legal landscape and so the question will be: will the regulatory and legal landscape be able to meet the future requirements in this disruptive market. One of the interesting thoughts I found was how to strike the balance between using and not using data. Because we talk a lot about how using data is a risk, but there’s also the risk of not using data.

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