Dietitian Reviews K-Pop Diets


  1. Ones I went down from 50kg to around 34kg in just a couple of days. I don’t know if my weight thingi was broke or anything, but it went down super fast. I also tend to lose and gain weight super fast, so I wasn’t that surprised.

  2. incomes triggered kpop fan

  3. Um… 1 click see bts

  4. Honestly I think they could eat whatever and whenever they want when they dance for 12 hours a day especially BTS.

  5. Jimin only ate one meal each day, he said that there was once where he only ate one meal in 10 days. But it's bad anyways.

  6. Honestly most agencies probably won’t listen to anything and still starve their idols

  7. She needs to keep in mind that these idols don’t really care for they’re health , they just want to look good/lose weight,and sometimes they do it bc they’re forced to be skinny they don’t really have a choice

  8. Sis Jin and diet are two things that just don't go together

  9. There has been a video recently documenting a trainees expectation. If you don't weight less than 107 pound you won't be signed. This is unhealthy for tell individuals and for shows like produce 101 the girls need to weight as low as 78 pounds.

  10. clickbait af don't buy it friends ily dont waste 11 mins 💜

  11. For Some Reason This Dietitian Is Really Pissing Me Off

  12. you have forgot a diet the IU diet

  13. Kpop is not BTS
    BTS is not kpop

  14. Saw BTS at tumbnail


  15. I swear every kpop diet has bts jimin or iu on the cover

  16. Lets be honest, we only clicked becuase we saw jimin and jin

  17. Well, she is a dietician. She remained respectful the whole video and gave good information.

  18. She'd probably be horrified if she learned more about what numerous kpop idols do on the regular to drop pounds — and how they're frequently applauded for "self discipline" within the industry


    5 intervals of matcha green tea.

    Snacks: 3 pcs. of gluten-free 떡 rice cake, 2 oz of non-gmo edamame or 2oz of organic wasabi peas

    Meals: unlimited tubs of firm tofu with kosher kimchi

    Desserts: 4 chestnuts and 1/8 cup of pureed Asian pear on 16 oz. bed of shaved ice

    Bon Apetit!

  20. I’m sorry but have u seen jineat

  21. Asa-banana diet is just morning banana diet. “Asa” is morning in Japanese

  22. Me: sees anything kpop related
    saves it to watch later
    sees it pop up on my recommended 100+ times
    finally watches it 6 months later

  23. Okay but what i got out of this was..

    The lady didnt butcher the korean names !1!1

  24. I am confused di jimin ate 1meal per a day or after 10days he ate a meal

  25. So…
    It's not clickbait, since they actually talk about what is shown in the thumbnail, if they didn't, that'd be clickbait.
    Also you should get used to people using Kpop and especially BTS for clicks, because that's just how it is. It sucks, but yeah.

  26. 99.9% Not a single soul will listen to this


  27. I can't even last a diet for 3hours

  28. Didn't Seulgi only drink soy milk for a really long time?

  29. We need more agencies like BBC that feed their idols properly

  30. I see it,
    I like it,
    I want it,
    i click it.

  31. Jimin’s “diet” was more of an eating disorder than a diet in my opinion

  32. You should have a dermatologist review the 10 step Korean skin care routine

  33. I stopped watching after 1 minute. Her speech pattern, I just can’t bear it

  34. Where is IU's diet?
    Tbh This is why I clicked on this videoXD (She's my ult)

  35. Ever heard of the seafood diet?

    Basically you eat whatever you see.

  36. just get 1500-1800 calories (for woman, 2000-3000 for men depending on the muscle amount) a day and you should be good for just a thin body. IF you’re working on muscles eat 2000+ depending on how fit you are. i myself am at a medium to tall height and 1800 or less calories is good for me because a large part of my day consists of not moving besides my 2 hour walk and maybe basketball. but my brother needs 3000 calories to gain weight because of all the muscles he has and the amount of exercise he does.

  37. where's jeon somi diet

    3 banana for one day

  38. Welcome to the world of K-pop where companies want their idols to be skinny as hell to be attractive and presentable! Hope you have a nice stay here!

    (Just joking about that last part)

  39. Momo’s diet:
    Nothing but one cube of ice for a week

  40. I would like to point out as well as this, most kpop idle management's require the idle to be 50 kg or less (equal to about 110 pounds, not exact butbits something like that) so it's not that they feel pressured, it's that it's a requirement. This doesnt go for all Managements, but I know it's at least like this for YG Entertainment (Blackpink's management)

    Just wanted to point this out not hating on anything 😊

  41. I thought seolhyun fried the sweet potatoes

  42. Jiminie and Jinnie is on the thumbnail! <3

  43. I wanted her to do the IU diet

  44. Oh yeah my diet is super healthy. It's called being too lazy to get up and eat until 7 pm,,,

  45. My future-brother-in-law will legit eat an entire carton of ice cream by himself. He’s healthily thin and exercises extra to make up for it, but still 😂

  46. I am 15yrs old and I weigh 43.5kg…..can anyone tell me thAt I should diet or not….

  47. I eat a slice of bread and an egg (or a really small bowl of ramen noodles) and a glass of diluted 10ml apple cider vinegar. small half cup of rice with little vegetables (or a single egg puff). I don't eat anything for dinner sometimes I eat a dosa(100 cal). My diet is really small but I feel enough. Still, I'm 65 kg. Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches. I used to walk for 30 minutes daily. Why am I fat? I have been having this diet for 2 months straight. Only reduced 1.5 kg. I feel discouraged when people lose weight with minimal effort.

  48. She didint even get deeper into this, apparently Jimin ate one meal to some amount kcal like 500 maybe a day for 10 days… I don't know which one but if it was there (on internet somewhere many times ) then there should be more research about this one to make sure you share info as it was shared by the owner

  49. H.U.B member only drinks americano and no food at all. That's the most extreme diet i've ever heard.

  50. i do the popular .. whats on my housemates shelf diet 😀 ..

  51. I thought she had an accent at first kanxks

  52. I feel smart because asa is morning in Japanes 😎

  53. Im a simple girl. I see jin and jimin and i click

  54. Summary: it's unhealthy

  55. it's good finally seeing a professional reviewing idol diet, because many fans *not all of them* that look up to them. Follow their diet, not knowing it's unhealthy. So this can be their information what's right to follow and what's not.

  56. My diet

    1/2 a Cup of oats and an apple

    Sunny funny fitness workouts

    A boiled potato + a salad + boiled egg

    20 Minute run

    Almonds and berries

    Chicken breast+ avocado toast

    Gabriella whited full body workout

    I lost 10 kgs in 1 week

  57. I wish she reviewed the one where you only drink 3 glasses of soy milk

  58. What she said is so true I am a kpop fan the thing she said "I feel those kpop stars feel pressure to look a certain way in a short amount of time" I mean it is so sad that our Idols eat like that its not healthy..

  59. I think intermittent fasting is so much easier than those diet

  60. Thank you for explaining this, it really helped me knowing what to eat and what to do. And you were really respectful and really, mature? It's really strange to say that but there are a lot childish people talking about kpop hehe. THANK YOUUUU

  61. Is it the Sims music?

  62. When I saw the Paper Cup Diet, I had never heard of it before, so I assumed that they would eat the cup.

  63. Lol they really had to bts in this for views try the suga diet 😂

  64. i had to speed up this video

  65. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Put BTS on the thumbnail
    and then get all of the views

  66. Who else thinks that she is full of it?

  67. the banana diet is litrally what my friend has everyday!

  68. I have eating problems I don’t know how to listen to my hunger thingies

  69. That Banana Diet works 👏

  70. Man I wish these stars can just do IF or keto or something, so much easier and satisfying to stick to and really work too…

  71. It’s not really there choice what they have to be honest.

  72. I eat one bowl of cereal per day… lol

  73. But she didn't actually review Jimin's diet 🧐

  74. I'm going to try the banana diet for a few days if this gets like more than 20 likes I'll let people know how it went.

  75. Imma try banna diet for one day idk haha sounds kinda good but maybe with to Snacks instead

  76. I don’t think she knows what the after debut diet:you eat whatever you want and eat even more when it comes to jokbal

  77. When theyres like 19282919 kpop groups but you use bts for clickbait

  78. I have Abs.
    A- A
    B- Big
    S- Stomach

  79. Taehyung diet:think Happy thoughts while eating, you won't gain

  80. Great tips thank youuu!!!

  81. Is IU's diet a joke….how can u forget her diet plan ?!?!?!?!

  82. I hope Bom can eat all the corn she wants now

  83. They should go Vegan.

  84. Im asian i can handle no food for a week

  85. I saw Jin and Jimin I click 💜

  86. Yeah ok but isn’t nobody gonna talk about how stunning she is?

  87. My stomach is a black hole so I don't have to count my calories….

  88. They target is not to be healty
    But to be Thin!
    As Thin as Possible
    No judging here, but that's the truth

  89. im now recovering from an ed and i would like to share my diet from when i was undergoing my ed

    6:30am = meal rep drink// 203cal

    11:00am = meal rep drink// 203cal

    3:15pm = one small apple = 78cal

    6:30pm = sometimes skipped or ate whatever my mum made just so it didn’t look like i was starving myself

  90. These are all eating disorder diets…

  91. I was really waiting for the IU diet .

  92. using jimin as an example makes me sad because its not a diet its an eating disorder and there has been many occasions when he has fainted due to not eating enough

  93. me with an eating disorder:

    …haha I do that

  94. Do people really believe Jin only ate chicken fillet for a whole year? Come on guys, he is the founder of "Eat Jin"…

  95. You actually might not lose weight on this it depends on your body type and thyroid etc. but that doesn’t make it healthier

  96. dietitian that looks like anorexic LOL

  97. So I saw the Jimin diet which was eat nothing for a few days and I tried it just because he tried it 😛

  98. Did you ever hear
    The good the bad and the dirty

  99. I didnt looked at the thumbnail

  100. Lmao butthurt people be like
    why is bts on the thumbnail? You could have kept our faves

    Sometimes you gotta face the facts 🙂
    BTS is popular
    BTS has the biggest fandom

    It isn’t because BTS represents the KPOP industry, it is because they are popular.

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