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hey everyone so today I'm going to talk to you all about supplements this is probably the most highly requested video blog posts I get messages all the time about you know what kind of supplements do I take how often do I take then how much do I take then I do have a blog post that I will link below for you that kind of summarizes what I take and when I take them but I just wanted to do a video and kind of show you all the different things that I take so to begin I would say let's start with pre-workout I usually take this about 30 minutes before my workout so usually I make it here at the house and I'll jump in the car and drive to the gym and just drink it on my way to the gym there are a few different kinds that you can take they're all c4 and I used to take only this one c4 ripped this one doesn't have creatine in it however within the last year I've been using the c-4 pre-workout and then see for original it literally says original longhairs and I actually thought for the longest time as these were the exact same like one was just like an older version and one wasn't but that's actually not the case so if you don't know what what pre-workout is it pretty much is something you take before your workout that kind of gives you that boost of energy helps with muscle endurance helps with you lifting more lifting heavier it kind of does whatever the ingredients say that it does so if you just look at the ingredients on the back and if it says explosive energy blend that's obviously the caffeine so most pre workouts have caffeine that grabs beta-alanine which increases your I would say like your training volume so you would just train a lot more you have to it's like that itchy feeling that you get when you take pre-workout that's because of beta alanine so when your face feels like it's tingly it's normal it actually allows you to complete more reps I believe from what I remember it has to do with hydrogen ions but we won't get into that so that allows you to do more reps there's also caffeine obviously for obvious reasons there are also a lot of studies that show that caffeine helps maximize your you know your workouts and your exercises see what else is there there's explosive energy blend which yeah it gives you a lot of caffeine yeah then there's creatine and that is why I took ripped for a really long time because it doesn't have creatine I'm kind of scared of it for a lot of women it makes you retain water for a few hours and if you take it over longer periods of time obviously you feel a little bloated so it's kind of nervous to do it but I honestly think that it's only if you take like over five grams of creatine these pre-workout only have one gram you should always check to see how much they have for purchasing and like I said like I thought these two were the same like original and then like just the pre-workout explosive energy and this one obviously said on the front with creatine nitrate but it actually like I took this one day and I felt so much more like tingly and hyper versus this one that was like that strange it's the same thing like why would I feel differently when I look on the back and it actually has more of the explosive energy blend so that is why but yeah creatine is important for endurance as well and like for Sprint's to and stuff like that it also helps you lift heavier it kind of from what I remember it like acts is ATP so ATP is energy in the cell so when your cells flooded with ATP and creatine it's extra energy so that's why when you take pre-workout you're like you're ready to go out like no I'm screwing with you like you're ready to so I think that's 30 minutes of foreign workout and that's it all you do I do not take more than one scoop a day because I would be just like flying off the wall I only take this one I'm lifting I know some people who like to take it you know before cardio if they're feeling you know pretty lazy and like they just need some energy but I only like to usually take it when I'm lifting and I try not to take it everyday just because I don't want to like become dependent on it but pretty great okay so next let's talk about BCA there are a few different brands that I use I used to use one up nutrition this is the BCA is like for women and it's got glutamine and collagen in it which is why I love it so much and it's like a yummy watermelon flavor and I only drink that because anything with collagen I was like all about but I also drink the extent BCA's and I have literally every flavor they're delicious blue raspberries probably my favorite I love grape I always took the 90 scoop of the grape pineapple is good strawberry mangos goes into that green app is actually delicious but yeah so what I do is I drink about I'll put a scoop in my water bottle this water bottle actually just like at 32 ounce actually I'll probably do this skip and a half usually because it's got a lot of water in it but I drink it actually during my workout you can drink it during or after I just find that like sipping on it throughout my work out kind of like energizes me and like she makes me feel good so you're not familiar with what BPA's are they are various chain amino acids that pretty much increase the rate of protein synthesis so your muscles can you know get what they need and then it also decreases protein degradation so that's why I sip on it throughout the workout kind of gives your muscles what they need if I'm also craving for meat sweet and that you mean it kind of curves your and you can never go wrong with BCA's like it's not like bad like drink it a second time during the day for not working out so like sometimes I'll put it in a cup and you know like sip on it at night it's kind of sweet also it prevents you from getting sore like it's kind of like that's weird you still get sore bits like not as sore as what you would be because your muscles have what it takes to recover now because you're giving them what it takes you're giving them that supplement and yeah it's just like a stiffness I would have to call it like if you have like a really intense leg day workout you're not really like super sore where you can't move but like it you're like stiff like you feel it ah but you're going to be able to work out you know two days later or whatever instead of being off the whole entire week so that's what's important about BCAAs uh that's why I have a really hard workout I'll step on an amine as well not just during my workout or after my workout in this summer it's really nice to like make popsicles out of them like just go ahead and mix it and put in like a popsicle mold like that's what's super tasty treat my boyfriend keeps like a whole picture of BCAAs and his furnish like already made and he just like pours it throughout the day so that's also a smart smart thing to do but he drinks a lot of them I don't drink as much as him but I would definitely say this is like the most important supplement that you could take okay so I would say that the next important thing would have to be protein so BCAAs and protein powder should be in your pantry or covered all the time I drink beverly international UMP I think it's delicious for protein powder I have cookies and cream rocky road chocolate it's all delicious and you can even bake with that I bake protein bread with it and it's awesome however when I am at the gym and I know I'm like not in the mood to mix protein powder with water like sometimes I'm just not in the mood for that I'll go ahead and bring a premier protein shake with me and those are already made where is it this you all have seen this on snapchat and it's the story I love these these are seriously amazing so freaking good and they like make the best desserts too but yeah so you can buy some volca Costco or you can buy them in like a Kroger or Walgreens wherever Amazon also hasn't they're not regretted but then once you buy them you can refrigerate them and you serve them cold but there's 30 grams of proteins only 4 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fat so and it's 160 calories and that's like some smaller macros I mean it's like a lot of protein for like a little 11 else protein shape so definitely recommend I love vanilla and bananas and cream yeah so I drink protein powder immediately after my workout or at least within 30 minutes of my workout so if I know I'm not going home to eat a meal I will bring a protein shake with me to the gym I actually most days bring a protein shake with me regardless just think it's protein whey goes straight to your muscles and it's just you know it's important to like give your muscles protein right after a workout so those are the two protein shakes that I drink there are a few other like random things that I wanted to share with y'all just in case I take a probiotic every day I love these two brands c-cool Tyrell so I guess three in one complete formula or renew life I got this from Amazon this is like kind of expensive but I have seen them at Costco in like huge bowls so I mean when you're taking one every day it's like kind of important to to find a deal this is expensive but probiotics are super important for gut health and you know keep your regular healthy floating all that good stuff speaking of keeping regular yeah we're talking about that we're going there we're going there I shared this with y'all before but dr. Schultz is intestinal formula number one there are different numbers this one is number one it's pretty much an all an all natural pill it's very subtle it's like not bad like if you are doing like a low-carb day or if your car cycling and sometimes all that protein like stops you up I just like pop one like at night and it usually just does the trick and it's not like ratchet at all it's like pretty natural and fine trust me we're all good we're all good it'll be fine but yeah so if you're having problems with that I definitely recommend a probiotic and then that intestinal formula as well and I'm pretty sure that same brand also has a good cleanse if you're feeling that a few things that I just enjoy in general if you haven't heard of either fair life or carb Master definitely get some in your fridge I actually like Kroger brands carb master better than fairy wise I think the macros are better in the Manila mmm I could like to drink this stuff if you mix this with protein powder it is seriously dope Joe sixty calories per cup zero grams of fat three grams of carbs and allowing grams of protein and a chocolate tastes like chocolate milk too so usually what I like to do is I mix a cup of vanilla card master a scoop of protein usually I'll do vanilla because then I'm going to add this to be fit to it PB fat peanut powder and it's two tablespoons and it only has four grams of carbs and one and a half grams of fat so that's amazing like if you've incurred me peanut butter you don't have that in your macros this will do the trick plus it's like kind of tastes better in a shave like powder versus like putting actual peanut butter in what else do I like I love quest protein chips I'm actually going to go get that hold on I love much protein chips they're so good I actually don't like the bars I know I um something about the stevia like I'm very sensitive to the taste this to do and I think things taste extremely bitter with CVS so these quests protein chips are just amazing like if you have a craving for chips these will just like put them out it's 130 calories 4 grams of carbs worms of fat and 21 grams of protein so good I don't necessarily eat protein bars a lot I try to get my protein naturally or just during your protein shake mostly because there are just like other other macros in it I'm really not feeling and like if I eat it like I'm not going to feel full like sometimes like a protein bar will have 20 grams of carbs and I'm like wow like I just ate that three bites when I could have had an actual meal and that wasn't even that tasty but I will say my favorite ones are oh yeah one bars I'm going to eating those for years I've gotten all my family and friends on them they're just like all delicious all the flavors I also like power Crunch Bars that's kind of like a nice little dessert I don't mind the optimum nutrition cake bites are pretty they're pretty decent for like a nice little sweet tooth root it's got a sweet tooth stuck pretty much does the trick for me and I'll usually eat one like not all three but I try to stay away from protein bars just so that I can get it either naturally or just from a shake if the shakes easier laughing one of my favorite things I love to make all the time that you see on snapchat actually not all the time because I can't always citizen to my macros so when I can Kodiak power cakes man all this is good good so copy I got it I got that from Costco I mean I mean I'm pretty sure like I think Target now sells it and you can get out like normal grocery stores I think or Amazon but um this is just like a crazy good deal at Costco and it came with three bags in there um but yeah if you love pancakes I usually do this some sugar-free syrup so for 1/2 a cup it's 190 calories 2 grams of fat 30 grams of carbs with 5 grams of fiber so it's 25 grams net carbs and then 14 grams of protein so for like a pancake pretty amazing like I'll make this like post-workout when I really want all those carbs in my body and then just like put some peanut butter on it mmm so stinking good so good you ever created thank you and I think that is it yeah I touched on everything a lot of people also ask me about fat burners I don't take fat burners because I feel like it's more like a shirt short term thing versus long term like I try to do this like all year round so like be fit and like maintain a healthy lifestyle so yeah there are times where I'm like cutting and shredding but like I don't necessarily want to take a back burner I will say that Beverly International products are really great and I've heard really great things about the lean out these are fat burners I believe you take it with every meal stimulant free metabolism sport I've never taken a fat burner so I don't actually I don't know I don't know but I literally bought this for this video to show you so that's cool but I don't I don't know very much about it I mean I wouldn't say go ahead and take it I would go ahead and do your research and look at reviews and make sure you cycle on and often because you don't want your body as you can dependent on it but yeah that's all I got so these are my supplements if you have any kind of questions at all let me know I'm not a pro by any means I literally just do this for fun I just do this because I like to like be fit and challenge myself and yeah so hopefully you enjoyed this supplement definitely get those BCA's they're amazing and yeah if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below see you


  1. I freeze the premier proteins and then sit them out for about 15-30 mins (or defrost a bit in the microwave) and eat them like ice cream. I also sprinkle Flavor God Chocolate Donut or Gingerbread cookie seasoning on them. Thank me later.

  2. Great video, Grace! You're a babe & I love your personality! 💕

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