Dietary Supplement Risks


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  3. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for vision, skin health, and bone growth. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in fat tissues and liver, and are released to bloodstream as needed. Because these vitamins are stored for long periods, toxic levels can build up and potentially cause toxicity.

  4. @MonsterBoy8813 Wow, your comment cannot be more ignorant. The FDA doesn't look to get rid supplement companies, just to regulate them. Plus, the FDA doesn't sell prescription drugs.

  5. One consumer group ? The list goes on and on ? We just don't know ? Don't buy generics? What a load of poop they spew. The only good thing said was" buy made in the US."…..CBS stinks.

  6. What a filthy couple of whores. Anything taken in excess can cause damage: Yeah man, I piss orange juice. Go to the Council of Responsible Nutrition's website for their list of member companies, Avon included! Yeah, we know what the coundil on "responsible" nutrition is: CORPORATIONS who want your money! Pieces of shit should be beaten to death! Those two TV bitches included!

  7. Die is right in the word Diet, I don't know how people miss that.

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