Dietary Supplement Consumer Video Series: Healthy Habits of Supplement Users

true or false people generally take dietary supplements as just one component of a healthy lifestyle true year after year survey data demonstrates that people who take supplements are more likely than non supplement users to also engage in other healthy habits while you should figure out what works best for you in terms of healthy living there are some core habits that virtually everyone considers smart choices for a healthy lifestyle they include trying to eat a balanced diet not smoking visiting the doctor regularly getting a good night's sleep maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly so let's look at the data to answer the question who is more likely to engage in healthy habits people who don't take supplements or people who do take supplements supplement users if you aren't among the sixty-eight percent of american adults who take supplements consider this even if you try to eat a healthy diet which you should it's still easy to fall short in getting all the nutrients you need from food alone vitamin supplements are a safe and beneficial way to fill those nutrient gaps and as you've just learned people who take supplements are generally health-conscious they take supplements as just one of the smart things they do for their health remember dietary supplements are just that supplements to not substitutes for other healthy habits so talk with your doctor or your nurse practitioner or some other trusted health care practitioner and find out which supplements are right for you it just may turn out to be the first step towards the healthy lifestyle you want to achieve if you want to find out more about the diet supplement consumer visit us on the web or follow us on twitter

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