Diet vs Exercise – اهمية الرجيم و الرياضة

What’s more important? food or exercise? Welcome back to my channel! and if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe to my YoutTube channel to receive new videos every Thursday an ongoing debate of I don’t like exercising, or I exercise too much. What’s going to give me better results? Diet or Exercise? All studies have shown, and a very recent study even that weight loss and reaching your goals relies 95% on your diet meaning, 95% of any result achieved at the gym, or through a sport, or any goal you’re looking to reach basically relies on food and diet and only 5% on exercise I’m obviously not trying to dismiss or discredit exercising and I encourage everyone to exercise whether at a gym or in the outdoors and I advise a minimum of 15 minutes daily to raise our heart rate and to walk even if at home as this gives us a 50% boost in results compared to not exercising at all so exercise is important and crucial but I’m answering a specific question of what’s actually more important my eating or my exercise to achieve my weight loss eating is key! because no matter how much we’ve exercised if our food wasn’t planned and we didn’t follow a plan that is serving our exercise goals unfortunately, we won’t have the results we’re after so this is the answer to the question people ask of can I reach my goals without exercise? yes and no. The answer is yes because of food being 95% but not so because we must maintain muscle mass because muscle mass is the key of burning first of all and second, our choices and decisions when it comes to food, become so much better for people who really exercise so if you really want to reach your goals you must merge the two together the result must be accomplished with food but, including exercise in our lives is essential for countless reasons because exercise and its benefits are countless such as maintaining muscle mass, strengthens our muscles and our bones and at the same time boosts our metabolism and our choices continue to be better the best tips and points that I can share with you in this video are; Drink a lot of water, so you don’t confuse thirst with hunger Consume a lot of fibre from fruits and vegetables don’t forget the healthy fats, and consume a lot of protein from your food whether you consume plant-based proteins or animal proteins this should be the base of your meals and if you feel like eating anything outside of your meal plan or to enjoy a treat meal or cheat meal don’t forget to check out my video on the topic of cheat meals and rewards that you treat yourself to once a week I’ll see you in the next video, Salam.

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