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hey guys Jenny PRD registered dietitian and nutrition expert thanks so much for checking in this video is all about kidney stones and a few diet tips for you so first things first diets too high in protein can cause kidney stones why diets rich in protein can lead to a buildup of uric acid and there's a type of kidney stone made from uric acid so too much protein leading to uric acid leading to uric acid kidney stones the other one is too much protein in your diet can reduce the levels of citrate in your urine citrate is naturally Pro Health or proactive at reducing kidney stone formation so if you have too much protein you have too little citrate and therefore you can form kidney stones so that's too much protein in your diet how much protein you may ask there is a whole bunch of reasons for different amounts of protein based on your health status your skin your age your activity level and things like that so you can definitely talk with a registered dietician or even comment below and I can help you with how much protein you should have on your diet based again on your activity level and your weight and things like that to make sure you're not getting too much but protein is important for bone health and muscle maintenance and your metabolism things like that so you do need protein but how much right another one is sodium too much sodium in your diet can lead to kidney stones because what happens is sodium binds to calcium and then you can form kidney stones in the description below I'm gonna link my salt free cooking tip video for you it pairs different herbs and spices so you can make these delicious dishes salt free so again salt is necessary in everybody's diet however too much is not good the last one is taking vitamin C supplements how random right talk to your health care provider before you take any type of supplement to make sure that it is okay but what happens if you take too much vitamin C is that the amount of oxalate goes up in your urine so there's types of stones calcium oxalate stones that you could form so hopefully these tips were helpful make sure you comment below different nutrition topics you want to hear about give me a thumbs up as well as subscribe to my channel quick shout out to my fat to fit weight loss group on Facebook thanks so much for watching and stay tuned for more videos

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