Diet Soda vs Regular Soda | Which is Better For You?

One of the first things to go when “fixing”
a diet is that of sugary, calorie-dense beverages, especially the ones we all know and love. Sodas, pops, soft drinks or however you call
it, no doubt these drinks have a bad track record, to say the least. However, removing soda from one’s diet is
much easier said than done. We just enjoy the taste of sugar too much. To combat this, some health advocates have
proposed the use of diet sodas as an alternative. But are these no-calorie derivatives truly
better? Or, might they actually be worse? Let’s find out. Undoubtedly, the problem with sodas is its
sugar content, commonly in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Overconsumption of these sugars in general
can lead to a myriad of issues such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension,
weight gain, and obesity. But the key word here is “overconsumption.” Moderate consumption of sugars actually won’t
do much harm. After all, we use sugar for energy. But, the problem today is the fact that SO
MANY of our foods contain added sugars, not just soft drinks. Overconsumption is much more easily achieved
than ever before. One soda can itself contains roughly 40 grams,
or 10 teaspoons worth of sugar. Just drinking two soda cans per day results
in 320 calories all from just sugar. To deal with at least some of this, in comes
artificial sweeteners. Sodas typically use the artificial sweeteners
aspartame and acesulfame potassium, aka ace-k. Both are substantially sweeter than sugar
itself (180x asp 200x acek) while containing zero calories. Unfortunately, it’s been purported that
diet sodas have its own set of issues and aren’t good for you either. But when we look at the actual evidence, we
often come to a different finding. A key criticism of diet soda is its impact
on insulin. Since diet sodas are sweet just like sugar,
the belief is that it can also elicit an insulin response. However, since it lacks actual sugar, there
is nothing for the secreted insulin to metabolize. This purportedly can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can in fact lead to the
dreaded type 2 diabetes. A glaring issue if it were to be true. Fortunately, we have multiple research evidence,
and evidence as recent as July of 2018, showing that artificial sweeteners do not, in fact,
elicit an insulin response. It seems that insulin secretion is not closely
tied to taste of sweetness, but rather the properties pertaining to sugar itself. In the case of diabetes, one systematic review
of 17 related studies did preliminarily find an increased risk with diet soda. In fact, they reported that regular soda led
to an 18% increased risk of type 2 diabetes per serving while diet sodas had a higher,
25% increased risk per serving. But there were more adjustments made to control
for any residual confounding and potential biases in the studies. After further adjustment, the associated risk
of type 2 diabetes for regular soda reduced by 26% while diet soda’s association reduced
by a substantial 96%! Essentially, the data does not definitively
show an association between diet soda and type 2 diabetes. But the concerns didn’t stop there. There have been research showing other health
risk associations with diet soda, such as increased blood pressure, gut dysfunction,
metabolic syndrome, cancer and increased risk of stroke. It’s important to understand, though, that
these are only associations and not evidence of a direct causal link to any health risks
and diet soda. Many studies, especially ones on cancer and
gut dysfunction, only found issues in rat studies where the rats were consuming artificial
sweeteners at amounts multiple times greater than humans would ever consume. Human trials typically show no issue. Also, a potential explanation for these associations
is reverse causality. Instead of diet soda being the issue, it might
be that unhealthy subjects are more likely to drink diet soda in attempt to reduce their
sugar intake. This explains the higher incidences of many
of these health risks with diet soda consumption. And we do have data showing that people consuming
diet soda tend to weigh more and have higher BMI levels at baseline compared to those who
do not drink any soda. Even then, to reiterate, there are no causal
links, only association. With all this being said, which one is better? Regular or diet soda? As of now, the data points to diet soda being
better for you than regular soda overall. The reduction in the added sugars can have
a profound effect, especially for those that struggle with excessive sugar consumption. It’s still important to have a decent overall
diet and a healthy lifestyle in general. Just because you drink diet soda now doesn’t
mean you have the freedom to eat more elsewhere than when you were drinking regular soda. Like everything in nutrition, moderation is
key. It just so seems that diet soda has a greater
threshold. So, as long as you get the rest of your lifestyle
in order, feel free to enjoy any of your carbonated concoction from time to time. And while you’re at it, let me know what
you think about the soda battle in the comments below. Thumbs up the video if you enjoyed it and
share it with your soda-loving friends. As always, thank you for watching and GET


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  2. Just subscribed – your channel cuts right to the case, high level of facts and interesting content plus graphics which makes it easy to comprehend + helps me understand the body much more!! This will help me in my weight loss and healthier life. Thank you so much. Lots of love from Denmark ❤️

  3. Love your channel keep up with the good vids!💪👍

  4. Aspartame is actually evil. I’d take the calories over aspartame. Make a video on it please

  5. Pls make a video on how long to cut or bulk and should we progressively increase or decrease calories or just start with a no. And maintain it for a particular time

  6. Drink water=no preblems

  7. Water is better

  8. Diet soda has a natural sweetener which links to cancer……

    Just dont drink soda…..

  9. Great video man

  10. My favorite Soda is water

  11. Good video. I think it's funny when people think diet soda is worse than regular soda
    Diet soda is 0 calories and 0 sugar. It has no effect on insulin either because there is no actual sugar.
    What those people heard were just lies and propaganda by the media
    Think twice when ur told something. Think for urself
    Now of course, 2 much of anything (even veggies) is bad. So don't drink too much diet soda
    And of course, water is better
    But seriously if u have diet soda or even regular soda like once or twice a week u will live. Geez. Plus, live by the saying "as long as it fits ur macros"
    It reminds me of how Ted's mom in How I Met Your Mother yold him thay he is allergic to bacon and not saying please and thank you
    Be smart people 🙂

  12. If rather just not drink sweet stuff, being dependant on something is horrible feeling
    (Addictions I mean)

  13. Pretty dumb when you realize that cane and date sugar sweetened drinks with whole food ingredients are much better for you than the diet alternative.

    Dont like Pepsi? Why not go with Izze instead versus Diet Pepsi?

  14. whats the song playing in the background of this video? i love it its mad soothing …

  15. You sound like Jeff Nippard. Are you Jeff? JEFF?

  16. Just drink unsweetened tea. It tastes so good.

  17. If your thirsty drink water its not like you need the better taste.Or even tea or milk.

  18. I never ever drink coca cola again, ever

  19. whats your favorite sodas to drink? mines is orange, and strawberry Fanta, sprite, and cream soda.

  20. When I eat out aka(cheat meal (one every 2 weeks))I have diet soda because it has no calories)but I don't have it everyday because I eat healthy the other days does this mean I will get diabetes IF YOU'RE READING THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  21. I went from cocaine to diet coke

  22. People have been trying to demonize diet soda for years. End of the day, it's still better than regular soda.

  23. no soda

  24. A little soda is okay after training hard to replace electrolytes.

  25. I got a coke ad on this

  26. Is a coke zero diet?

  27. Diet Soda vs Regular Soda | Which is Better For You? Neither.

  28. So, diet soda triggers the placebo effect, making the body believe it’s receiving sugar when it truly isn’t. Gotcha!

  29. i have been drinking water only for 6 yrs, i am saving my sugar quota for chocolates

  30. diet is soda is worse so stick to drinking normal soda

  31. Anyone els drinking coke while watching this…

  32. which is worser for you

  33. Diet coke does not cause cancer. I have been drinking it for years nothing bad has happened to me

  34. Oh my lands you even included the references – I love this. Keep up the good work.

  35. So I dropped soda a few year ago and lost a part of my belly and about 20+ pounds and went from being callied (over-weight) by my doctor to being the proper weight for my age. But it took 3 years to achieve 0 drinks of soda a day.

  36. I cannot drink diet. 30 mins later I'm so hungry I feel like ripping down walls and doors just to get to the food. And it's usually sugary foods I crave. It amazes me how much it revs up my apitite. So yea, I stick with regular soda. (And for the record I drink on average 68 oz of water every day. So I do get my water intake)

  37. What if you drank 15 a day. I know someone who does…
    Edit: Diet soda.

  38. yay

  39. The only bad thing I have in my diet is Pepsi max

  40. Drink zevia. It's a soda sweetened by a plant called stevia. 0 calorie. It's also really good tasting

  41. Somewhere I heart that Aspartame can damage our brain. Do you know something about this?

  42. I love soda, but what helped me a lot cutting down was seltzer, especially if you love the carbonation like me it can be very refreshing especially ice cold.

  43. None, just because it says no sugar doesn't mean squat. It's not sucrose that makes us fat but it is fructose. All artificial sweeteners have fructose . In fact anything that taste sweet is because of the dangerous fructose our liver can't process fully. Have you ever seen a skinny person drinking diet coke. No, these artificial sweeteners also make you crave carbs like cake, biscuits ,croissants etc. If you really want to be pure health , you have to quit anything sweet and develop a savoury diet. Plus , we should only ever drink water. If we humans were kept in a zoo and our lives prolonged for revenue I guarantee our keepers would not give us nothing but water. Even coffee and tea are serious. Have you ever stopped to think should I be drinking another species milk. No other animal does. Plus no other animal cooks it's food and ruins good bacteria by warming the food. Humans have got it so wrong about nutrition and what we should and shouldn't eat. Watch THAT SUGAR MOVIE. On Netflix. I was once 150 kilos. Now I'm 76 kilos 3 years after quitting sugar ( alcohol sucks ,but it's the deadliest sugar that has fermented and needs to never be consumed again.) I didn't do much exercise except a treadmill in the beginning to get me motivated. ps throw the scales out.Good luck to anyone who watches Damon's THAT SUGAR MOVIE . It changed my life through understanding food better. Also you need to watch. Food Matters and it's follow up hungry for change. Do it, you will experience shit for about a month but after that you will feel so good. Sex drive flourishes, motivation comes back and the bonus is, that when you do taste sugar it is so fucked gross. Sorry about language but black Ceylon tea is a great way to quit. Try not adding a teaspoon of sugar but extra milk for lactose sweetening. But remember, sweet tasting is temptation towards death. I'm here if you have any questions. Let's together make people aware of the dangers

  44. Artificial sweetener (aspartame)

  45. Which is better? You've meant which is worse

  46. water.

  47. Both


  49. In an effort to revive consumer interest in its flagging Diet Coke product line, Coca-Cola launched four new “exotic” flavors in January 2018,1 in slimmer, redesigned cans.

    After reportedly testing more than 30 flavor combinations and talking with 10,000 people over a two-year period, Coke introduced Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and Zesty Blood Orange, which took their place alongside original Diet Coke, its formula unchanged. Given the can design, flavors and marketing, it is clear millennials are the intended target for the new beverages.
    This is how Coke reacts when its sales start lacking :
    "OK, we'll just make it TASTE BETTER…! To hell with making it healthier !"

  50. Diet pop vs regular pop you mean?

  51. love the music

  52. Do you know if I can consume diet soda on keto diet

  53. Watching this while drinking a diet Dr.Pepper

  54. Glad I discovered your channel through Channel Crawler.

  55. So I'll stick to the good old coca cola

  56. I'm drinking diet Coke as watching this

  57. Doesn't matter which is more unhealthy, diet soda suuuucks, would rather not drink soda at all…

  58. Drink water.. easy

  59. Diet drinks are the worst.

  60. Nahhh water is better

  61. diet soda imo. if not than explain my 200 pound weight loss.

  62. None

  63. Just do what I do. Soda on cheat day and a diet soda pass each week.

  64. Thank you for being the first honest review of diet soda

  65. i love my artificial sweeteners nobody can stop me!!!!!!!!!!

  66. For a month now I cut all sugary drinks with Diet Coke and have been going to the gym and eating abit healthier, basically eating a salad meal at least once a day. In one month I went from 185lbs to 169lbs, the few muscles I do have are starting to show through my tighter skin especially in the abdominal area. Diet Soda helped me cope with my sugary addiction to drinks, which before I would drink maybe 3-4 cans of coke a day, it might not be the healthiest drink out there but I will say it is far better than just drinking plan Soda.

  67. 18% increased risk per serving. You must have gotten something wrong.Because after 6 cans I would be more than dead.

  68. Diet soda is good if its sweeted with stevia though? Right?

  69. So because everyone's body is a bit different I can only speak for myself here. But I was able to wean off of soda by first replacing it with Apple Juice, then I started drinking coffee with a bit of cream and sugar. Now I only crave black coffee. I'm the real MVP here because I am no longer a slave consumer to these companies and drink natural bean water. :3

  70. Now these studies make sense, cause I’ve been the same weight for 10 years and I drink 2.5L per day. And I’m 68 and in perfect health!🤔

  71. diet soda with mcdonald's thats where 25% come in. lol

  72. There is one thing i hate about studys they are like:" yeah it doesn't affect you in that way………
    Me:" Sighs in appreciation "
    Study:" but they might cause type 2 diabetes "
    Me:" looks terrified "
    New study:" oh don't mind him it doesn't affect you "
    Like please give a definite answer or shut up.

  73. diet soda causes diabetes*
    You became the thing you swore to destroy

  74. if you don’t like drinking plain water, non sweetened sparkling water is great

  75. just use carbonated water with stevia artificial sweetener rather than aspartame…. plz look up Dr berg on youtube


  77. This man just said everything I wanted to hear. Loved the video.

  78. I used to drink a 2 litre or more of diet cola daily. I had all sorts of stomach issues that immediately vanished when i stopped drinking it. I'd highly recommend cutting it or limiting it. I still have it once a week without the stomach issues though i could cut it completely

  79. If I were you I'd skip sugar and aspartame to be sure. No diet coke and other artificial trash food.
    Studies are obsoleted and reversed every other month in the field of nutrition. Unless there's overwhelming evidence like alcohol damaging your brain it doesn't matter much.
    Also the sugar has to be counted vs your total carbs. Meaning bread, rice and potatoes are effectively also sugar when broken down.
    Not only is it counting towards your daily energy total but inhibits stored fat burning for hours by releasing insulin.

  80. I don't like to disclose my own personal undertakings. But I used to drink a steady stream of diet sodas as a smoking cessation bridge. Others thought it was because I just really liked sodas. I also tried to use it as a form of auto-suggestive NLP(Neuro linguistic programming) in school.

    …another reason I hate psychoanalysts.

    Now it's out there…

  81. Diet soda is worse for many reasons but the main big one is because it gives addicts the illusion/fake justification of now being able to drink a bunch of soda because "0 calories" "no sugar"
    Regular soda in small to moderate amounts is fine if it's not making you enter a caloric surplus (consuming more calories than you burn) when you're trying to burn some fat

    What's bad is getting addicted to the "feel good feeling" of drinking soda and drinking it too much and can't go a day without drinking 6 cans or bottles

  82. I’m confused. Is it actual 0(or 5 what ever) calories or is hit “hidden” calories and it will stall weight loss?

  83. I am on healthy calorie diet and i use 7up diet 🙂

  84. diet coke tests awful

  85. most helpful video on this issue

  86. So…which is better, regular soda or diet soda?

  87. Just Drink The Real Thing.

  88. Well don't use soda everyday, yeah it taste good but once per week is fine, is like smoking one cig per day nthg will happen.

  89. Watching this while drinking Coca Cola Light, to justify my craving. lol

  90. Diet

  91. I’ve been drinking water only for 4 months now. If I were to ever break my streak it would be on regular soda for sure.

  92. Also sugar can mess up your teeth

  93. Drinks sugary stuff

    Dopamine: i am about to end this whole man's career

  94. What about energy drinks with the no sugar, no calories ect. They give me so much fuckin energy, but I'm not sure if it's good for me. It's better than drinking the regular monster drinks I'm guessing

  95. Actually regular sodas better. Just don't drink more than one can of it per day, diet soda is full of toxic chemicals that will kill you fast.

  96. Today I learned about it in science

  97. I’ve never had diet coke

  98. I was drinking Diet Pepsi when u said it’s 25% more fat then the normal Pepsi.and so,I threw it off because I thought, it was better then the normal,,now I don’t even know why it’s called diet… pepsi wow man that sucks!……

  99. does anyone else pronounce “FRUCTOSE” FUCKTOSE?😂

  100. I drink too much pepsi max when i have it like 1,5 L in a day then i get DIARRHEA

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