Diet Secrets for Living Past 100

Blue Zones areas are populations around the
world where people live longest. It began with a ten year project with National Geographic
to identify these pockets where people are either reaching age 100 at the highest rates.
They have the highest life expectancy or the lowest rate of middle age mortality. They’re
geographically defined and then demographically confirmed. And we found five Blue Zones. We found our first Blue Zone in Sardinia,
Italy up in the highlands. The Nuoro and Ogliastra Provinces and there we see a population of
about 42,000 people living in 14 villages. And there is where men live the longest. Normally
in First World populations like the United States for every one male centenarian there
are five female centenarians. But up in the highlands of Sardinia the proportion is one
to one. Our second Blue Zone we found in Okinawa, Japan, the longest living women in the world.
Highest life expectancy of any other population on Earth. They’re women over 60. They live
about eight years longer than American women. Largely devoid of heart disease and the cancers
that kill us. One of the more extraordinary Blue Zones is Ikaria, Greece, off the coast
of Turkey. Ninety-nine square miles. They live about seven years longer than the average
American but most interestingly they almost completely allude dementia. We found almost
everybody over 70 on the island and found only three mild cases of dementia. In America
with a similar population you’d expect to find somewhere around 20 to 40 percent of
people who are suffering from dementia. Then in Latin America the Nicoya Peninsula
of Costa Rica. And then finally in the United States the longest living population is among
the Seventh Day Adventist in Loma Linda, California. And they live up to a decade longer than their
North American counterparts. So I spent ten years traveling to these Blue
Zones around the world trying to explain why they’re living so long. And I realized at
about year six that none of these spry centenarians ever said to themselves at age 50, well gosh
darn it I’m going to get on that longevity diet and live another 50 years. They never
bought treadmills. They never called an 800 number to buy a supplement. Longevity happened
to them. In other words it was something that ensued from their environment as opposed to
something they tried for. First of all they were eating a high carbohydrate diet. About
65 percent of their dietary intake came from carbs. Most of those, of course, are whole
grains or beans. Beans is the cornerstone of every longevity diet in the world, about
a cup of beans a day. About 20 percent of their dietary intake was fats and most of
those were vegetable fats. And about 15 percent were proteins. They did eat meat on average
about five times per month so not a lot of meat. It’s mostly a plant based diet. About
90 percent overall of their calories came from plants. They tended to eat a huge breakfast.
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Nuts were the universal snack. People eating
a handful of nuts lived two to three years longer than people who don’t eat nuts. And
they drink water, teas, coffee – good news. A lot of antioxidants in coffee. And then
a little bit of wine. Those were the four beverages. Soda pops were largely unknown
to Blue Zone longevity all stars. The maximum average life expectancy for people living
in America today is about 90. So that essentially means if we can avoid all the avoidable diseases
like many cancers, most heart disease, many sources of dementia and diabetes, the average
person can reach about age 90. And in Costa Rica they’re doing it at a rate two-and-a-half
times better than we’re doing it in the United States with one-fifteenth the amount
we spend on health care.


  1. Plant-based diet, high carb, legumes, plant-based fats.  

    Another strike against the paleo diet. Not surprising, actually.

  2. I believe they also live extreamly uneventful life's tending to there gardens and not much else.
    I am sure they have no finacial debt.
    most probably do not even drive.
    if there a bean eater they live like a pension person even when they where young.

  3. Who the fuck wants to live longer then 80 ?!? Gonna be all old barely able to move. Fuck it I'll live a short but a great life
    * no regrets* 😂😂

  4. I used to eat a lot of meat then I saw how they were kept…and I thought what right do we have to kill other animals,……we think we are so advanced and poncy but really we are dirty killers

  5. All living things are related…who knew?

  6. I'm so happy. Everything he says that is common in their diet is what I love to eat. I love eating heavy carbohydrate based foods like bread and pasta. I just love the bland aspect of those foods cause the enzymes in my mouth make it taste savory af. And I love beans. Especially red! But I also fw with brown ones to. But I love meat too and I have thing for fish. Unfortunately I do drink soda pop. Shame shame.

  7. I'm so happy. Everything he says that is common in their diet is what I love to eat. I love eating heavy carbohydrate based foods like bread and pasta. I just love the bland aspect of those foods cause the enzymes in my mouth make it taste savory af. And I love beans. Especially red! But I also fw with brown ones to. But I love meat too and I have thing for fish. Unfortunately I do drink soda pop. Shame shame.

  8. Really enjoyed this Thank You.

  9. I'm on the right track by being high carb vegan? Nice

  10. Time to get back to boiling raw red kidney beans for my diet.

  11. Im dont think that diet is everything. In Japan for example the oldest people life on Okinawa island. Maybe the genetic diversity of the people there isnt that rich since its an island, so all of them might have gens for a longer life.

  12. Blue zone areas are just tiberium-free, sigh. Get your facts straight.

  13. Blame Monsanto and the general laziness/stubbornness of Americans.

  14. COME VEGAN!! 🙂

  15. Great news indeed. I am tea drinker.

  16. I really respect this guy for pursuing his craft but it seems like his research is limited to food…which is quite strange considering food in general is the primary cause of human cell decay.

  17. And what about some less inbred zones?

  18. Much better video from you big think. I'll even give you a like (y)

  19. I think that guy on the ted radio hour included this on his program but then another guest on there showed how silly it is. At best you get a few more years which isn't nearly as dramatic a difference as scientific medical breakthroughs would be for extending your lfie span.

  20. I'm eating lentil/vegetable soup as I watch this.

  21. Click 0:00 repeatedly.

  22. Finally, Big Think does a good video!

    I was about to unsubscribe because of the ridiculous 'Thinkers' with vague thoughts on  'stuff' … 

    Keep it up.

  23. What does "maximum average" mean?

  24. Doing what healthy people do is a good start.  To take your potential to the next level, listen to the bigger truth, with @Gary High-Fruit

  25. TL;DR Version

    • Lots of carbohydrates (65% of diet), largely from whole grains and beans (~1cup ⁄ day)
    • Protein mainly from beans? Infrequent meat consumption
    • Fat (25% of diet) mainly from vegetable oils, also from snacking on nuts
    • Stay hydrated: drink water, antioxidants from tea, coffee, wine

    Presumably also regular cardiovascular exercise, not smoking, and staying the fuck away from soft drinks and other hedonistic non-food items that North Americans uncritically keep shoving in their faces.

  26. I like this video. The last videos sucked. more of this and of course more Bill Nye.

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  28. @Happy Healthy Vegan

  29. @Vegan Gains

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  31. Fish diets.

  32. Superb

  33. The tantrums thrown by meat eaters here are hilarious. I personally am happy for you all to eat meat. You'll die quicker and eventually we won't have to listen to you any more.

  34. Can anyone rundown this proplant, hvy breakfast diet in comparison to a lower carbohydrate, MCT and healthy fat diet which is also popular right now but also seems promising for their equally high nutrient value. I see nuts as a shared trait of both.

  35. Ötzi is proof that food or exercise wont guarante you live long, we all are victims of our genes. Period.

  36. aegean diets are confirmed to be the best for the body.. fish,tomatoes,olives etc have lots of healthy fats and vitamins

  37. But effort.

  38. Shit food lots of chemicals that is the problem

  39. Diet Secrets for Dying at 40, Look at texas.

  40. What is the basis for your assumption that the cause of their long average life spans is based on their dietary and lifestyle choices?  Your book will give people the erroneous idea that if they eat & live like these blue zone peoples they too will live to be a 100 years old.

  41. All the blue zone areas are coastal areas. Okinawa, sardinia, greece, cali and costa rica are all hot, coastal areas.

    I'd argue that the mere fact it's coastal regions that makes people live longer. The air is clean (due to wind coming from the sea), there is lots of sunlight (stimulating vitamin D and other health benifits), there is a prevalence of fish over meat (hence less bad animal fat).

    One may also argue that, living by sunny areas where there is the sea, there is a higher tendency to do sports and go swimming, while in northern america (for example) this is less accessible to the average person. This leads to a better lifestyle overall.

    Stress may also play a part, as it may be that these coastal areas in particular have a less rigorous approach to work (this may be why these coastal areas in particular have higher life expectancy than others)

    just my 2cents

  42. Quality of life over quantity my friends. I'll take my meats, candy, and sodas everyday of the week over a life of just veggies.

  43. LIVE AS LONG AS YOU CAN! Use prana, aether, the most organic as you can, mono-atomic gold, and meditation. -_-

  44. Weird though, our ancesters hadn't anywhere near that high percentages of carbs in their diet… I always figured we adapted to our surroundings as a species, hence relatively high fat diets, average amount of protein, relatively low carbs and a lot of green leaf vegetables and nuts (amongst seasonal veggies and fruit). I believe more and more that sugar is our biggest evil and that we should be eating very natural (duh) and with intermittend periods of ketosis. Would really like to know how that compares to this explanation. Is the diet in this video really the greatest cause of their longevity? More "science behind the beans" please.

  45. Vegan.

  46. The average American does not reach 90, as he stated. Its actually 80. He misspoke there, or simply got the stat wrong. Anyway though, go vegan for the win!

  47. Manuel, ditto. It's more likely because they have low stress, high leisure, densely social, multigenerational community lifestyles.

  48. so no mention of the quality of the food, water, air and life? I know very well the first blue zone cited and I can tell you it is little to none polluted, the water is mineral mountain water, the main food – i mean vegetables, meat, cheese are almost home-made cultivations, rich of all the substances they should have and it is certainly not the stressful life we live in the big cities. There is really no surprise they live for so long.

  49. Now I don't want these Oreos 🙁

  50. This data and the inevitable coding of these peoples' genes are going to be astronomically beneficial in the future.

  51. To bad your genes will kill you way before you even reach 90.

  52. I think we all know deep down that the diet mentioned in this video is the healthiest diet.

  53. Based on this, I should be dead yesterday.

  54. Go vegan, bring the future.

  55. Well hell, I'm already doing the big breakfast, smaller lunch, smaller dinner, the nuts, water, tea, coffee, wine, no soda, very little meat.  Should be ok, unless, of course, I get run over by a bus – or nuked.

  56. That could be just good genes in those limited blue zones. What about just the 10th upper percentile. Much bigger population, better data.

  57. Could it be simply a selection bias ?

  58. The best diet is the diet you will stick to. #healthcaretriage

  59. So that's why women live longer, they eat more nuts.

  60. Nutrition is honestly common sense. The issue is convincing people to replace cheap, processed garbage like fast food and soda for more expensive, less instantly-gratifying alternatives. I wish fresh whole grains, fruits, and vegetables were more easily accessible

  61. Costa Rica is the happiest country according to happy planet index.

  62. So its our processed foods and sugary drinks. That's what I gathered from this video


  64. So, how did you exclude genetic effects? What if the genetic pool in that zone is responsible for the longevity…

  65. Excellent summary.  Thank you for posting.

  66. "Not a lot of meat."

    Well, I guess I better can those bodybuilding aspirations if I want to live a long life.

  67. This guy has the same voice as Saul Goodman.. Haha..

  68. I didn't see the research saying that meat is bad. They eat meat 5 times a month. There is an enormous difference between some meat and no meat at all. I already eat like that and I am not a vegan. I guess I will outlive any vegan who eats no meat at all and prefers their protein from  cancerous supplements, as I will outlive anyone who says "I only eat protein, wheat is for sissies and fatties". ^_^
    Have a magnificent day!

  69. Modern longevity research could drastically alter these demographics.  In 50 years, 100 may be as common an age to reach as 70 is today.  In 100 years, there may be a lot of 150-year-olds walking around.

  70. @MagCynic i follow evidence and logic. All I'm saying is the information presented here are least fallible. There will never be a perfect diet

  71. I think this has a lot of merit, but genetics was completely left out of this. I would have felt better if it had been approached with an acknowledgement of the limitations of the magical lifestyle.  It's not going to cure you of Alzheimers.  It won't stave off Multiple Sclerosis.  It will probably add health and years to your life, though, so it's not a waste in any sense, I'm just saying…

  72. like they have in movies- where a human can live longer by machines and DNA- and eating healthy a jellyfish can live well i heard 100 yrs+ maybe longer if they mix that with human DNA we could live to 200 yrs of age- but that's just science fiction maybe for now or forever. as far as we know it.

  73. has anyone heard of this? mixing resin with metal- and mixing- plastic resin and glass together. to make new elements that haven't been existed yet by putting them together like a jig saw puzzle for new things in the future working them out by numbers and order for which the are in.

  74. maybe this could work mixing lemons oranges and apples in a blender and making a fruit smoothy out of it and eating almonds could make you live longer- working out from in example 0-0-0-1-1-0-1-1-0- that's just example off orders you can eat them in. like eat lemons with lemons- apples with apples then tick it off your list and see if that does improve, in order you can eat that at i think of ways that i can make myself live longer as well.

  75. I'm pretty sure genetics plays a big part too.  I'm rather healthy, but whether I like it or not, I'm already going grey (and have been going grey for the last few years) and I'm only 30 years old.

  76. Beans and nuts?? Wont those give you too much uric acid?

  77. Anecdote: I've eaten beans about 300 days a year for the last 30 years…my cholesterol is ~120  I never gained weight at the typical 20-something age and I still (at 36) get carded before I buy the occasional bottle of red wine.  I LOVE beans.  

    I eat about 5 pounds of dry beans, cooked every week. Beans, greens, grains, FRUIT, and vegetables.  Hence my username.

  78. I appreciate that you are sharing these tips to eat healthier with everyone. Thanks! Debbie

  79. Okinawa eat about 70kg of meat a year

  80. why the thumbnail looks like a fuckin boob

  81. You forgot vaccinations! Don't put chemicals into your body. Try your best to stay away from chemicals.

  82. It's not that simple… Obviously, for example the coffee we drink is different to the coffee they may be drinking etc we have added preservatives and mould issues with our foods. But this is a great start!

  83. sorry vegans, but 100% vegan societies doesn't exist because they are not sustainable.. for example, on Okinawa people eat a lot of fish and on Sardinia a lot of good cheese..

  84. Lol you people clearly have a hearing problem. Learn how to LISTEN. High carb diets. Pretty much to opposite of what science tells us these days. Which is Interesting to say the least. These people prove science wrong. By eating a high carb diet, Vegetable fats and they DO eat meat. They just don't eat a TON of meat. They drink Tea, coffee and wine. In other Words they are clearly NOT vegan. I repeat NOT vegan. In Ikaria for example they eat eggs, they drink goat milk, they eat greek yoghurt. Now IF you somehow think that's being vegan I've got some bad news for you. It's NOT being vegan. Period. Yet these people will most likely outlive you vegans. What does that tell you? They're clearly doing something right that the rest of us aren't. Including you vegans. That's the facts. By the way 2 out of 3 Ikarians will live well past their 90s and I for one am very impressed.

  85. Hope people who stuck with paleo or Atkins diet watch this video

  86. So to clarify by carbs, he was referring to natural one's found in beans, legumes and the like, not your refined rice, breads and pastas.

  87. Put the Pop Tarts and Mt.Dew down!!! (/ • 0 • )/

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  89. You left flax seeds.

  90. LOMA LINDA CALIIII!!!! Woohoo!

  91. Bullcrap

  92. I drink water and eat beans everyday

  93. God has the last say … God holds the keys to life & Death …. God is the Breath of life ,,, Surrender your life too JESUS tht ye may hve Eternal life Amen

  94. Guy's a BS artist, most of the Blue Zones have higher meat consumption than the average American's diet.

  95. As I remember it from similar research on these populations, two keys were really tight social networks and lots of walking. No sports for adults, just lots of walking.

  96. Terrible advice.

  97. Highest meat eaters live the longest. Hong Kong, Japan etc. Beef is most nutrient dense food. Feminists spread endless lies.

  98. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  99. Thanks for sharing with us the diet secrets for living past 100 years.

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