Diet & Rheumatoid Arthritis


  1. very impressive! Veganism is our future. It's so clear to me.

  2. Interestingly I have got RA albeit only mild. I've been veggie since childhood and vegan for 20 years. I do not know about RA and meat eating as I do not eat the stuff but I have found that coffee, strawberries, raspberries and cocoa will be bring on an attack. I have the hereditary type. My father was totally crippled by it. Mine is manageable and I don't take the drugs for it – just pain killers

  3. I wish I was young we would get on well together

  4. Your immune system can start attacking your own tissues (joints, nerves, gut, thyroid, etc) for various reasons.
    Shifting to a low-fat, whole plant-based diet as much as possible is helpful because:
    1) It reduces proteins that can match with your bodies tissues.
    2) It provides anti-inflammatory phyto-chemicals to suppress pathogens and the immune system.
    3) It provides antioxidants to reduce damage from immune system's attacks.

    Mine is just starting and deviating from a vegan diet by including dairy triggers inflammation.
    A leaky gut and persistent pathogens (possibly in a biofilm) may be involved.
    To reduce the risk of an auto-immune condition, avoiding processed foods
    and products derived from animals grown in unnatural conditions requiring the use of antibiotics which breeds super bugs.

  5. Just beware guys peanut butter cause arthritis. any kind of peanuts.

  6. by the way watch out for broccoli it can cause arthritis as well.

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  8. holy crap! Ya know, I've worked in health care my whole adult life and it seriously makes we want to PUKE when I think about all the false medical information the schools indoctrinate their students with! It's just a sad flippin' shame!

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  10. Any thoughts on the so called auto immune protocol diet "AIP"? It happens to be paleo, but other than including animal foods, it advocates a diet devoid of certain foods as they are said to trigger auto immune disease. they exclude legumes, nuts seeds, all grains, rice, corn, nightshades, coffee, cocoa, alcohol, sugar etc. I wonder if there is any truth in that legumes and gluten free grains causes, triggers or worsens auto immunity. I wish it is all bogus so that all can eat legumes and be well.

  11. FACT it does Matter what you eat– I have done this my whole life– I would stay away from Starbucks and coffee and SUGAR, and dairy along with Wheat, and anything processed or preserved. Chicken and broth is good.

  12. great video.
    lol at the end 😀

  13. Cure you RA with a vegetarian diet, truth !! its a food allergic reaction ! plant protiens all tge way , you can heal your body!

  14. I got this, but why do a lot of health professionals and some well known dr's on YT stand by using chicken/beef bone broth to heal arthritis? It's confusing.

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  19. maybe you can help me out here or anyone else here who may have any insight- im 26, just gave birth to my first biological child and almost immediately after having my baby i got RA. Ive been over 6 months now and im so confused as to what i could do to help the pain because ive been vegan for two years now. i do consume sugar here and there so im thinking maybe cutting that out completely may help but what else can i do before taking a prescription? thank you.

    oh, also, i considered wearing baltic amber jewelry, good idea or no?

  20. Blessings to you.

  21. Okay okay, everyone says don't eat sugar, dairy, nightshades, gluten, now meat? So….eat water?

  22. animal uric acid inflammation in joints n muscles,sweets also

  23. vegans need to avoid some legumes,my finger joint gets red n grows when I eat peanuts n green lentils

  24. im going thru a bad and depressing divorce, i took prednisone, worked great, started having chicken winds/bread stick, pizza, in in 4 days, it didnt work anymore. i KNOW the food did this. I'm back on plant based

  25. In my opinion, I think different things work for different people… Honestly it sounds like a lot of confusion but whatever works for you!! 🤷🏻‍♀️✅

  26. 🚫CUT OUT SUGAR ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  27. some one help i have bad arthritis .can someone make me a vegen diet menu please help

  28. Sticking to the autoimmune protocol diet makes pain and burning stop. That diet allows meat.

  29. And the winner for most annoying voice goes to…🤣

  30. I know animal products in general contribute to inflammation in general because I have muscle spasms and inflammatory response to bone spurs in my vertebrae when eating it on a consistent basis. However, I do not get RA from animal products in general, it is ONLY when I eat anything to do with cow milk, namely milk and cheese do I get pains (mainly in finger and knee joints) so bad even over the counter meds don't work. I stop the dairy consumption and it COMPLETELY disappears permanently.

    I still don't know whether this is the protein I'm allergic to but since there are people out there with soy, nut and gluten allergies (all high protein sources) I'm gonna go with that still.

  31. Amazing info and optimistic – just strange that it is not a knowledge that you hear from your normal doctor ……

  32. Must be the cheese, and yogurt, because I don’t eat meat.

  33. meat heals arthritis

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