Diet for Higher Consciousness

Namaskar dear friends. Today I am very happy to introduce my colleague. His name is Dada Shiilabhadránanda. And he is a yoga teacher and monk and sannyasi and he is a practitioner for how many Dadaji? I’ve practiced for 43 years now. 43
years of meditation he is an inspiring figure. I always look up to him for
advice and inspiration and today he has agreed that he will introduce in our
platform of meditation steps. He will introduce the concept of yogic diet. in general you can say that yogis, meditators we try to follow vegetarian
diet. But vegetarianism is a very vague term. There are many kinds of
vegetarianism and we follow sattvic diet or sentient diet. Which means the diet most suitable for development of consciousness for spiritual elevation for sharpness of the mind and for physical fitness. So I would like him to
introduce step by step all the ideas regarding food regarding the preparation
of food consumption of food. And the effect of food order on the body and mind. By the way he has written a book It is a very clear scientific presentation
of this sattvic diet. That book is called Diet for health and higher consciousness. Diet for health and a higher consciousness. So I think he is a very good figure to present these ideas. I will give the stage to him and yes welcome to this new level of food for higher consciousness. Namaskar Today I’d like to talk about food or more specifically diet, as related to how it can help us for our meditation practice. According to yogic philosophy, this entire creation is the result of the interplay between that
Cosmic being or Consciousness and its own intrinsic creative principles. These three creative principles for easier to remember three forces of nature, can be described according to their effect of their qualification on everything in nature. Let me try to give concrete examples. The first energy expression of this principle is this we
call sentient energy. Sentient means that which brings lightness joy peace to the mind. The second energy principle or creative principle is mutative. Restlessness activity constant movement. And the third of these three forces is
static. As the word implies static is bringing decay darkness ignorance. So these three energies exist in everything. In ourselves, in nature and also of
course in the food that we eat. So Yogis who have experimented, you know, in those ancient days. There were no cell phones to send text messages no jet
travel. They didn’t have so many time bound activities. They experimented on their bodies and minds. And also on the food that they ate. And so they were able to categorize foods according to the predominance of one of these three energies within that particular food item. And so this is how the yoga concept of diet has evolved. In our body we have 73 trillion cells. Some of them last for as long as one year and some as short as four hours. An average a cell will last for 21 days. And cells are actually composed of the food which we eat. That’s why you’ve heard the common
phrase, “You are what you eat”. So every single biochemical activity of the body is performed by cells having different functions in different places of our body. So it is very important when we talk about holistic well-being, mental development, that the food which we eat is carefully selected. And so this is why in the yogic system the diet is based upon its effect. Primarily mentally and secondarily physically. So let us come to some examples of these three food categories. The first category is sentient. Examples of this food they are foods which are good for body and for mind. Grains, all of our grains such as
rice, wheat, corn, milk products, nuts seeds legumes, all of our beans, spices, most spices and natural sweeteners, honey, raw sugar etc The second category we call mutatative, that brings restlessness. May be good for body may or may not be
good for mind. Carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate and certain strong spices. Third category of food – static, which is not good for mind, may or may not be good for body but not for mind. Brings that static flow in the mind, laziness. And it actually may activate lower instincts of mind. So meat, fish, eggs. And because of their heating qualities in the lower levels of the of the body; onions garlic and mushrooms. So these three principle, these energy principles. You may understand them more easily with the analogy of a flower. When a flower is growing the plant is growing, it’s in the process of developing. It’s dominated by that movement that activity we say the mutate of energy. And when the plant manifests its beauty in the form of the fruit or the flower, then it is dominated by this sentient that
brings joy or happiness or relief to those who who see that beautiful flower. And with time the flower decay sets in the petals wither, the flower loses
its’ luster, its beauty. And that is the predominance of the static principle In that plant. So in this way we may understand even ourselves. For example when we are trying to wake up from the bed. We want to sleep longer we’re very
much dominated by static energy at that moment. In the middle of the day, we’re
moving so fast we can early sit down and compose ourselves because that time of
the day our energy levels are very high. Evening comes, the beautiful sunset
Twilight and go for a walk on the beach were dominated by that sentient energy
that brings joy and peace in the mind. So these are the three categories of food. But as the yogic science is very practical there are certain other modifications to these categories For example, in a cold climate where the
weather is extremely cold. Then the category of rajasika, the mutative category, second category. Those foods would not be considered anymore affecting restlessness in the mind because they give a warmth to the body
at that time. Also the quantity of food even a so-called sentient categorised
food; if we eat too much of it, it will not have good effect on mind and body. And third is the preparation. The person who prepares the food, they’re leaving their own mental imprint in the food which they are preparing. So it’s best. You know the the famous phrase of olden days that the best food is mothers food. Because of the love that she put into the food feeding her family. So when we are able to take that kind of food which is from pure minded people, it definitely has a very beneficial effect on the mind. It reminds me of a story when I was a new monk, new yoga teacher and I had been invited to dinner at the home of one of our members. He wanted to learn meditation, so I arrived and I started to teach him some of the meditation practice and the yoga
exercises. and the wife immediately went into the kitchen she was so much eager to serve me some delicious food. So after two hours of our practices we we came to the dinner and she sat us down and I mean it was like an ambrosial heaven. Seeing that the scents coming from the from the dishes and she began to serve
me with so much love and affection and the food was so beautifully assimilated
in my body. Next morning, early morning, the brother whom I taught meditation was so keen to meditate with me, we got up early, but I had such a nice feeling in my stomach and in my mind from the previous evenings dinner. So this is a very wonderful example I had about the effect of how food can affect our mind by someone who cooks it with love and sincerity. Another benefit of the vegetarian diet the sentient vegetarian diet as I mentioned earlier the effect of food on the cells of the body Each cell is made up of food from which we eat. So when we’re eating this type of sentient food the cells emanate their own radiance their only effulgence. That’s why you’ve seen halos around the pictures of saints or great spiritual teachers. Because their food and also their minds, through meditation, creates this holy orders this subtle vibration, which we see in the form of those those photos or sketches of great teachers. So throughout history if we look at the examples of vegetarians. we may find the greatest intellectual, moral, spiritual teachers followed vegetarian diet. Whether it was Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, Gandhi, Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin. There’s a whole list of famous people not only famous but renowned for either of these three qualities moral intellectual or spiritual. That can give some credence to the value of the vegetarian diet when it comes to its effect mentally and spiritually. So not many studies have been done so far about the effects of vegetarian diet. But one out of Arizona State University showed that there’s a general perception that vegetarians are more gentle more compassionate more considerate than meat-eaters. It’s such a subjective thing but somehow the the perceptions are there with rating vegetarians with non vegetarians. And through practice you will
see that the diet the sattvic or the sentient diet of the the yogic way of
life will increase your desire to meditate. And it will open your appreciation for subtle music, subtle art, subtle dance. And you will slowly and gradually begin to feel the joy of how food, properly selected, will enhance
every aspect of your outlook on life. and make you more mentally and spiritually developed. Thank you very much.


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  3. Buddha forbade killing animals, rearing animals for meat and even selling of meat. So if someone says that meat eating is okay then he is certainly partaking a food prepared in a way that goes against the teachings of Lord Buddha. More over there have been an immense number of Buddhas in the past other than Gauthama Buddha and all of them had life spans of 20 000 years to 80 000 years. And it is said In CHakkavatthi Sihanada Sutta that if a single person in a society engages in killing sentient beings the life span of humans would not increase to such a level. So even if Gauthama Buddha consumed meat no other Buddha did! But No Gauthama Buddha did not consume it either because a Buddha never breaks a tradition of other Buddhas.

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  8. I fully endorse the statement that satvik diet can positively influence spiritual development. But I am not convinced meat eaters are not compassionate. I have seen many meat eaters as much loving and compassionate if not more than some vegetarians who kill fellow humans to protect cows. As guruji has pointed out the subjectivity of Arizona university study, I wonder how such studies can be called scientific. Yes, let us promote vegan diet without having to judge others who may prefer non-vegan.

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    I really want to like this, it feels super healthy and emotionally good. My problem is that I have some severe ibs problems, which means that I can't handle complex carbohydrates without tremendous stomach pain. I've been doing the keto diet for a while, with mostly meats and fats. I've been feeling good with no pain, but I still don't feel like this is the best diet.

    Do you have any suggestions? Do you know people with similar problems etc?


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    Dairy products also are scientifically proven to be detrimental to health.


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    Is not the sentence "I have soul" is equal to "I have consciousness"?
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  47. I didn't believe any of this when I first heard about it, but on second thought decided that Indian people are definitely not stupid and I should have more respect for thousands of years of experience! So I tried it. After two years of sitting zen in Japan, I could really tell the difference in my body and mind! Wow! For the better! If you want a smoother, happier mind and life avoid these black foods: all foods in the garlic and onion family, all foods in the nightshade family: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, red, green, and yellow peppers, chilis, all meats and fish- everything in the animal kingdom. And if you are practicing any type of tantra, avoid vegetables that grew below the ground. Try this out one by one, for yourself, and you will be surprised at how different the texture of your mind becomes. The kinds of thoughts and energy that flows thru you will really change a lot. We have economic and kindness reasons for avoiding meat, but from the meditators view, you are eating pure terror when you eat animal products. They died a violent death to feed you. Is that non-harming? Dairy is a question. Since in India it came from cows naturally, yogis did take it, but here in the west, so much violence is done to cows to get dairy products that you may want to avoid that. It's up to you. I was really most surprised by how adding onion and garlic to my diet, after years in India without them, immediately increased raging sexual desire. It's so useless, why feed it? My stomach and body just did not want them at all and made that known very quickly! Experiment for yourself, like I did. See what happens. Be very sensitive to your own energy flow and the type of thoughts that arise. PS: it takes a few days to get stuff out of your system.

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