Diet Disaster

– Do you watch Grey’s
Anatomy or is it, like, too close to home? (laughing) Have you ever seen anyone die? What’s the weirdest thing
you’ve ever done on the job? – I can’t say. – Can’t say, or won’t say? – I can’t say. – Oh, you know I wanted to be a doctor. Played a lot of Operation, as a kid. But I got shaky hands, and I’m squeemish. And I hate science. Science sucks! You’re probably good at science. Is that offensive to you when people call you a “male nurse”? Cause I hate when people
are like, “She’s a female senator or like, a female athlete”. As if a woman is not
responsible enough to be a– – The doctor will be in shortly. – Okay, thanks. – Oh, see you didn’t
have to put on the gown. It’s completely unnecessary. – Oh, I don’t mind. How often do you get to
wear a g-string in public? That was a joke. (booming music) – I have high blood pressure. Can you b’fricken lieve that? – Yeah, no. – Apparently I have to start exercising and eating healthy which
is insane because of my youthful metabolism. – I mean, you’re 25, your metabolism slows down the older you get. – Yeah, if you’re white,
plus I’m not that old. Whatever, we are getting healthy. – I’m sorry, “we”? – Yes, “we”. I can’t motivate myself, I’ve tried. (bouncy music) (moody music) Also, I bought a juicer. – Are you calling me fat? – What, no, what? – I just say that to
people when they say dumb things to me it get um
to saying dumb things. – Hey, you like a guy who can hoverboard? – Are you calling me fat? – Is that gluten-free? – Are you calling me fat? – Are you calling me fat? – I can’t tell if I love that or hate that you do that. – Works every time. – But still, we’re going to get healthy. Get active, detox, do Crossfit. – I’m gonna stop you right there because that sounds like a whole bunch of stuff that I hate doing. – You’re going to love it. Okay, maybe you won’t love it, but you love me, right? And I need to do these things, so I don’t die. – We’re all going to die one day. – Okay, I’ll buy you something. – Rollerskates. – What, what is this, 1995? – Probably not, considering that I’m not, not born. – Whatever, all I’m asking for is a one-day, jump-start juice cleanse partner. – All right, buy me roller
skates and we have a deal. Shake it. – Eww. Fine, yes, deal. – Do you want a spinach or a beet base? – Actually, that’s gross. I don’t eat that stuff. – You just spit in your hand. Also, get off your phone, do something. – It’s somewhere, who cares? – Do you even know what a dictionary is? – Maybe we should go outside. – And do what? – I don’t know, take a
hike, do yoga, Crossfit. – Of the three options,
I hate yoga the least. – Okay, let’s go. Oop, don’t move suddenly. Oh, my God. – What are you doing? – Praying Mantis. – You look like an idiot. – No, I know. – Moving forward you should tell me when yoga is Hot Yoga. – It was detoxifying and that’s what we’re doing anyway. It’s all the same. Two birds, one yoga. – You’re not funny. – Yes, I am. – Welcome, friends, I’m Bertie, for those of you that may not know. All right, today we’re going to start off by standing at the top of our mats. Now remember, if this practice is too much for any of you, feel free to lie back and do Shavasna. – Night, bitches. – Izzy? Izzy? Izzy, you’re embarrassing me. – Now we’re going to start by breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. – Sorry. Sorry. – All right class, now drive your hands into the mat by pulling your hands away from the mat. – What? – Drive your hands into the mat, by pulling your hands away from the mat. That’s…hot. – I don’t understand what you’re saying. – Literally, the easiest pose in yoga. – Is it? – Yes, it is? – Are you sure? – Very sure. – Is it? – All right, now drive in. And pull away. Yes, good. – Are you happy? – You took a chance and you fell. Look everyone, she fell. That’s good, say it
with me, “That’s good.” (bell music) – Try to fly away. – Izzy, Izzy? Oh, sorry. Whoo, can’t stay here. We’re all sweating our ass. Whoo, sorry. Great job, everyone. – Please, return to your mat. Ma’am? – Sorry, ooohh. – Try to remain in the room. Don’t nama-leave. We all namaste here. All right. (bell music) – Oh, that’s the men’s… You’ve reached your goal. – Izzy, Izzy, Izzy. Let me in. – Juice, too much juice. – Let me in. Close the door, quickly. – Why you never told me you
went in a bathroom stall? Oh God, make it stop. don’t! (bell music) – We can never return here. – We need food, real food. Yep, I know what I want. – All right, you guys
need more minutes, or? – No, we’re good. I’m going to have the House Burger, medium with extra fries. And I mean, like, extra fries. Also going to have the chocolate cake. – And I’m going to have
Chicken Fingers, fries, and a peanut butter milkshake, please. – Ohhh, splurge day. – Are you calling me fat? – Oh, no. Oh, no that’s not what I meant. No, oh no. – All done. – Thank you. – Here is your order, extra fries, enjoy. – Oh my God. – Oh, it hurts. – So, full. – You have a fry. – What? – Sorry, excuse us, pardon me. Sorry, what? Okay. – Why did we come from the kitchen? – Shame, Izzy, I refuse to
look that waiter in the face. We can never return here… Go back, go back. – Sorry. – Momma’s gonna… Sorry, I know. We can never speak about it again. – I know. We can never come back
here, ever, ever, again. – Not going to say explosive diarrhea, but explosive diarrhea.


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  2. 85% of the comments be like ‘are you calling me fat’😂😭

  3. Who is Ashley with?

  4. Oh my gosh Evan’s reaction to “are you calling me fat?” Is priceless

  5. "Have you ever watched greys anatomy?" Oml I love Grey's anatomy tho lol

  6. drive in and pull away at the same time! this is like life. impossible!

  7. 4:27 when the teacher tells you to peer mark papers, and your enemy is next to you.

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  9. 3:24..
    NiGhT BiTchEs!!

  10. Sexy ,

  11. I just noticed ashly dipped the fries in the milkshake

  12. Lol all that weird food has their stomachs churning

  13. I understand this is supposed to be both funny and important to make a point. But the question "are you calling me fat?" In an offended tone to make people leave you alone is rude. Thats one of the many reasons why people see the word "fat" as an insult. It isnt actually the word or the definition but instead it's the public discrimination and prejudice that is implied when using the word.

  14. Evan… EVAAAN

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  16. don't
    ……. im motivated im staying on youtube not going to study now

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  25. I once dated a nurse and I was so tempted to call him a 'murse' 😂

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  27. Emma is sooooo fuckin attractive like yoooo damnnnn

  28. IZZY * why did we come from the kitchen

    ASHLEY * shame Izzy. I refuse to look that waiter in the face we can never return here

    STOMACH * grr

    ASHLEY* go back go back

    IZZY* ok sorry I’m sorry she’s annoying I know

    ASHLEY * Mommas got a bowl movement where’s the bathroom where’s the bathroom

    ASHLEY* sorry once again this will be the last time pardon me sorry sorry we can never speak of that again

    IZZY* know we can never ever come back here ever again

    ASHLEY* Not gonna say explosive diarrhea but explosive diarrhea

  29. This girl is literally me

  30. “And I hate science. Science suuucks”


  32. “Don’t nama-leave”
    “We all namastay”

    “are you calling me fat?”

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  51. Meanwhile me sitting in bed. STILL eating brownies covered in potato chips……………………..

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    I hate science as well

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  78. I feel like when I watch Youtubers act most of them are really cringy, but Ashly is actually really talented. Her comedic timing is perfect!

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    “Oh no oh no”

  80. aRe yOu caLLinG Me fAt??

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    "Goodnight B*tches"

    I literally started checking on my chocolate bar😂

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  97. Unrelated: I used to not wear one earphone in the bathroom and sometimes it would drop into my period pad..

  98. I want to reply on a comment ‘Are you calling me fat?’ but literally every single comment is taken…INCLUDING THIS ONE BAHAHAHAHHA!

  99. Seriously, I just left the gym and then I see food. Like fries and chocolate cake, sounds amazing. But I should not. Also, I am really skinny so I can't say the "Are you calling me fat" thing cause apparently it offend people

  100. The stereotypicall girl I hate science

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