[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol Bae Suzy diet (INDO SUB)


  1. timbangan nya beli dimana??🙄🙄

  2. I will try this diet next month.

  3. @uuyminn what kind of scale is that?

  4. One question, how did you make your dressing? Please anyone let me know if you guys know the answer🥺

  5. That's more than what I ate today n I'm supposed to be on a diet to gain weight

  6. Did you have an exercise routine? (and if so what types of exercises did you do)

  7. Have you done some exercises while doing it?

  8. when i skip meal just once a day my mother makes me eat 2kg extra plus one glass of milk ……hahahhaha i know she is cute

  9. Did you gain weight after this diet please answer please

  10. I wish I could do this but my mom would probably force feed me

  11. Yall slim af but still losing weight 😫 WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS???? MY FAT ASS CANT RELATE

  12. Lmao I can’t even last an hour without food 😂

  13. People in the comments be saying that this diet is extreme or that this diet is considered starving
    But I eat like one meal a day or some days I eat nothing

  14. What scale were you using? :))

  15. Ayamnya kl ga ada microwave gmn kak?

  16. My mom serves food that I just can't say no to. I will never lose weight lol

  17. Nope for me

  18. Are you indonesian?

  19. Hi, may i know ur breakfast, lunch and dinner time? What time do u usually have ur meal??

  20. Can I use normal potato instead sweet potato?

  21. This actually healthier than most Kpop diets

  22. I want to eat 😝

  23. I would try this but I live with my Italian parents.. so it’s impossible

  24. I see all about how Asian families are gonna make u eat……IM HISPANIC.

    my mom literally yelled at me for ordering only rice and French fries -=-

  25. Asian family one time they be like: lose some weight. Look at the other “Asian girl” she so thin look at you.
    Asian family one time they be like: eat some food. * shoves rice into mouth

  26. I need this scale. Where did u buy it?

  27. Where did you buy your scale/what brand is it

  28. No joke this is a very food idea because you are not starving. This is a New lifestyle that promotes healthy food and potion control

  29. Как блин они так быстро худеют? Как твою мать. Я ем каждый день по 800 калорий и трачу по 750 калорий и блин за неделю ни грам не похудела. Тваю мать, как????????

  30. Can I sub a sweet potato with a regular potato?? I'm broke fam

  31. did you maintain it?

  32. What weight scale is that in the beginning?

  33. 象印。

  34. yall im asian and my mom dont even care if i dont eat 😂😂

  35. i’d love to try out these kpop idol diets for a few days but why must they all include sweet potatoes 🙁 i hate them

  36. I need vietsub

  37. I'm just watched IU diet .

  38. Me: eating regularly
    Parents:Stop eating too much

    Me: Eats less
    Parents:EAT YOU FOOD
    LIKE WHAaaaatt?????

  39. If you want to know something that sounds like the music used in the video sometimes by crush really good song!!!!!!!!

  40. Asians can't relate..

  41. 48? omg…im so so fat…64kg i think…ㅠㅠ

  42. It works when u only at home.

  43. What are the ingredients for the salad dressing you made? 😁

  44. 48.85kg —> 46,60kg😝😝

  45. K có phụ đề tiếng việt ạ 😥

  46. Üzgünüm ama bu çok kötü 5:50 its real patates

  47. yo I've lost 45 lbs since like March (not that impressive but still) and these videos motivate me so much

  48. when u want to lose weight but you’re living in Asian family.

    No rice for a day definitely a torture to me

  49. i think this is a good diet , it's not really extream like many other kpop diet , but i personally think eating the same food every day is kinda boring 😅

  50. I wish i had her body

  51. What was the exercise regimen for this diet?

  52. Photo fake

  53. I want too😣

  54. Did u workout or sth ?

  55. الدايت الحلو بس لو نخلي الدجاج مع الغدا والسلطة مع الفطور حيكون احسن🤙🏼

  56. the starting measurements are definition of skinny fat.. 18.9 bmi almost underweight with 23% fat

  57. I wanna try but every time when I eat a lot my parents will say “wow u eat so little” LIKE WHAT

    KSNXKSNSJSB problems when u have Asian parents

  58. I'm starting my REAL diet tomorrow.
    Breakfast: Literally nothing or one piece(anime fans?) of whatever mom cooked for me and my brother.
    Lunch: One spoon of my lunch.
    Dinner: nothing.

    It may seem too much but I have dealt with situations like these before so im used to it.
    And for my age my weight is too much, my sugar level is too much aswell so this is for the best:)

  59. Umm about the rice dose it have to be brown rice or any kind of is ok??

  60. So,..,..you don’t have to go hit the gym to achieve abs?

  61. I feel like trying this out too!!!❤️❤️

  62. My student life is so intense . I need to take 10 classes continuously from 7 am to 4 pm everyday expect saturday. And self study adds more hours to it😫
    And I need to eat heavy meal so that I can sustain during school hours😅

  63. What is height?

  64. I wanna fast for a week but I'm I have no self control and I need some encouragement

  65. Idk why, but I just like watching these videos of people doing extreme diets.

  66. This is how you get malnourished

  67. Can I have cottage cheese instead of chicken breast?

  68. Ciao anche io sono a dieta👍👍

  69. idols diets are never healthy (except for Wonho that dude is legendary), you can't expect to lose weight fast and not gain it back again as fast as u stop, you need to balance your meals and make sure to include all the nutrients ur boody needs.

  70. Okay how. I thought this diet would have lasted over the time span of at least a month, maybe more… but 5 days??!

    How you gonna get an INDENT in your waist after only 5 days??? .-.

    Your waist went from an average waist size, to “oh I just had some noninvasive fat removal work done, Susan”.
    Like seriously, the results are THAT NOTICEABLE

  71. People need to know that even though u loose the weight, it’ll come right back.

  72. Can I have two regular potatoes instead of sweet? I dislike sweet potatoes

  73. trying to diet
    Mom : cooks all the delicious foods in the world

    guess who's enjoying food now 🙂

  74. okay now i'm depressed
    i'm 11 and i weigh 2 more pounds than HER WTF

  75. Woow. This really worked. I lost 2 kg and I didn't work out at all. Actually I adjusted the diet a bit.. instead of sweet potatoes I ate regular potatoes and I skipped the milk because I don't like milk. But it's really good.. I've been on diets since forever that didn't work out. I was quitting half way through because they were kind of stupid. This is a little bit easier. I didn't really starve myself. So, for all of you that want to try it and lose weight pretty fast, that's a good one.
    (Sorry if I made any mistakes.. english is not my native language)

  76. did u do exercise?

  77. Enough koreans, enough

  78. Tbh that’s actually a lot for breakfast

  79. Around how many cal is this per day?

  80. 1day: 62, 6
    2 day: 60, 6
    3:60, 4
    4:60, 9
    6:60, 9
    7:60, 5
    I will sit on diet liteete another week

  81. my parents alwayy told me to do some diet and exercise but they always bought a lots food at dinner and told me to ate it sjskks

  82. I’d like to try this cuz it actually seems doable but I hate sweet potatoes lmao

  83. how does one make a salad

  84. Ha ha… ha

    I weigh more than her and im not even a teenager….

    What am i doing with my life….

    Why am i here?…..

    What am i gonna do?…..

  85. damm u already are suuuuuuper skinny, I would do anything to have a body like yours on the first day

  86. Let me tell you a trick …


  87. Ka bumbu untuk salad nya apa aja? 😁

  88. Bae Suzy never confirmed this was her real diet and the people who said she had it as her diet never had a source y'all are dumb

  89. Wtf have the Korean people with the sweet potato I don't understand it

  90. I'm currently on the meth diet

  91. did you work out

  92. what sauce did you use for green salad? thank you!

  93. I know this isnt related but….

    Damn did you see jimins actually extreme weight loss? I think its the most extreme diet of all!

  94. I want to lose weight BUT I live in a german household with four siblings and my parents who think I want to starve myself to death when I say I want to eat healthy smh

  95. Hold on let me try doing a push up
    Edit: tbh I think my rib cage is broken or something. I did it half way and then SLAM my lungs start jiggling and my ribs hurt I think I farted

  96. Can't help but wonder if her poop turned purple

  97. Will you yo-yo back to original weight?:( after eating normal again after

  98. Did you workout during this diet?

  99. I love when videos don’t have stupid long intros or none at all! Thank you for trying this, i think i’ll give it a try

  100. How tall are you?

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