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[Applause] growing up my father and I used to gather every Sunday night and watch football it was our time he was my mentor he was my best friend and I can remember this one particular Sunday he asked me a question he said Jay was the best player on TV and we had one of those TVs where you got to smack the side just to get a good picture so I said quarterback he said no said the running back no linebacker no I went through every position even him the kicker he said it's a guy in the stance who's led a barrier defeat him whether he said he didn't the time is up the money we gave up myself had misdirection misguidance and he's asking himself one question dad put his big hand he's a very big Italian man with raspy voice put her right on my shoulder and said Jay if you give yourself the opportunity to ask what if I was 12 years old I know what I could be talking about until 10 years later at the University of Arkansas I was a track and field athlete it's part of 1996 national championship team was cold rainy afternoon practice and I was at the end of the runway getting ready for my last drill as I sprinted down the runway I took off from the board I had to say fortunate experience put my foot too far in front of my body and as I came down my hip went that way my vertebrates went that way and my disc's went that way no it's a good thing I would have been a lawyer but we'll talk about that later but it totally disrupted my pattern my path would have wanted to be 13 surgeries later living in a body cast for six months I am officially the Six Million Dollar Man that question came of my mind several times either I was going to be a victor or victim I was going to be on the field arena Stan's clapping for somebody else so I jumped into something or I can serve others right into the fitness industry here I go gung ho shape people turn people make them healthy make them strong but I was I learned in this industry it's a complete lie exercise and diet makes you fat what I started to see is that the industry plays upon our emotions and I'm not going to let you off the hook I'm a three on the bridge a little bit here what you got to go you got to go with this see we all know the answers on how to be healthy and strong it's easy eat your vegetables and go for walks pretty simple so I mean identify with rush delivery t it's easy but they sell it on his infomercials they sell it on TV they sell it on the books why to benefit themselves seeing this is a service industry that's what I wanted to do but instead of this being a service industry you're serving them while you sit in the stands being sick and tired being sick and tired and there's four coaches that upset me in the fitness and diet industry I'm going to name these coaches the first one how about the industry leaders I love these guys did you know combined besides our chronic conditions going north each and every year obesity and overweight in America do really well it's over 70 percent now if you were to go to the drug-and-alcohol rehab check this out you don't walk in they say so tell me junior you know you're addicted to cocaine I'm not you're addicted to pain what we're going to do is there were a lot of fillers in your cocaine so we're going to start you off on a non GMO or Ganic gluten-free cocaine oh they don't do that they say why are you here now in the fitness industry we do it a little different and you got to figure out there's a reason why Ben and Jerry and Johnny Walker show up at your door late at night so who do you think a dietician will actually say what's going on who do you hang out with what's going on at home but they don't do that they swap this food for that food you eat this you don't eat this what you can eat dark chocolate that's another TED talk okay but let's face it if we're going to progress we not we need to regress if you want to know something about somebody got to get to their inside beyond their eyes in between their ears these industry leaders they treat the effects instead of the root cause about they're fired the next one's the labels don't ever go shopping with me please because when you go shopping with me I'll point out everything I love that Fritos are all-natural and rice krispie treats are gluten free now if you have celiac disease I feel sorry for you that's okay but gluten free is not a weight loss diet when did it become one I don't know dietitians can't agree in their argue with each other it confuses me the hell's going on in your mind so what do you do forget it I can't do it it's too hard no one's giving me the correct knowledge here's a correct knowledge you want to know a simple diet plan it's easy eat is if you got one day to live or there's a health scare see we all change when I say OOP something's going on but why don't we like that and don't come to me and say well sugar has been fruit has a lot of sugar I've never had a client to say 50 pounds overweight a lot of fruits and vegetables it doesn't happen it does in but that's what they do they make you fearful so you can stay in this stands and you don't know what's going on so let's be real quick thing eat is if you're sick pow you're fired let's go to the next one the facts I love these people you know those fads if you have a juice cleanse now listen geez you know there's good reason to drink fruit and you know but she knows people in your office they walk around they one they're on a juice cleanse they – they're like this day three they're on the ground give them an organic beer you will find then they're on the gluten-free air diet doesn't make sense then they're on the Haggadah to die and they get complain about everything and I love being interviewed in the media they called me a celebrity trainer I can't tell you something paparazzi TMZ and outside in my door they're not sitting in my bushes I'm not a celebrity my ex-wife may be in the bushes but nobody else's I don't have a movie role so if you call yourself that on Instagram I'm sorry you're not you're not a celebrity and if you're in my industry you're here to serve not be served I don't have a green room I don't have an assistant I don't have a glam squad I dye my hair but that's about it I have two almost 44 so you want to know what real diet here's what you do go to sleep it's not sexy it's not going to make me a million dollars but it is gonna what keep your hormones balanced Wow drink water oops Eve vegetables don't ask me for organic or not to tea vegetables have people around you that believe in you and give it's not gonna cost you any money so that's the diet plan but I got one more coach for you this is the greatest one see I grew up in the 70s don't start adding up how old I am we had tradition in this coach I called a non-traditional coach when was the last time these days that you actually sat with your family and eat you can sit at a table you can sit at a floor and there's a lot of benefits of sitting on the floor I'll tell you that another time but what about sitting and eating the same meal we don't do that anymore we do this we do this what I'm gonna do is they're gonna take a picture of eating healthy what really I'm a guru I know you're not you're screw getting back to tradition means getting back to what being a child when there was no rules your parents had to walk around if they do we'll talk later they didn't say you're doing well jumping jacks go open the bars a slide on the slide next step go nothing into that you're running around as a kid and having fun you wait small meals you ran around your had water it made sense but tradition went right out the window because you know why can't sell a book on it I'm Mateo a book about sleep it's easy there's a pillow go to bed but these coaches what they do is they create a barrier of entry and then you say I can't do and I give up I don't want to do this you're sick and tired being sick and tired we're going north like this we're going like this we wonder why so they're off the field and now it's you now here's one of the greatest things about life it's a guarantee you're going to lose it so what about living like you're going to actually die or having today be your last day if today was your last day you would not go to get a burger french fries and sit there and complain you would say okay I do this going to do this this and this how do you know where right now is not going to be the last time they breathe if the coaches out of the way or the for in this case it's just you Fitness isn't about a push-up it's not a sit-up it's not a squat it's not health and wellness or not about the food it's about the quality of life that you're having and the majority us we're not happy just going Amazon or jiu-jitsu 5,000 books you can buy right now then crease your life ten years ago I covered a man I threw dirt on him his last kiss on the casket it was at that point I said I will never give myself the opportunity to ask what if and I will never lie to people about what's going on with their bodies you want to train you want to do what the celebrities do they work on the strongest muscle it's a tongue could make a break war make a break love and make a break your success you need to start telling yourself you're worth it you know the answers to fitness walk eat is if you're sick and start living like you're going to die because one day you're going to look up and you're going to wish you did things to give more to yourself so it's before it's too late start giving my god bless you guys and thank you you


  1. One big thing he said that I can really identify with is the "We all know how to do it…." part.
    I truly don't understand how people have such a struggle with "dieting". Yeah, I totally get about emotional eating, or craving, or whatever – been there, done that. But once you decide to eat healthy and be as healthy as you can, food isn't such a big deal. Just eat real food, not something processed in a factory. Eat veggies and fruit, nuts and berries. Some grains, some meat and fish, eggs and dairy if you like.

    If you want to lose weight, eat less. If you want to gain weight, eat more.
    "Exercise" isn't rocket science, either, if you get right down to it. Just move more.

    Sure we can learn more about nutrition and exercise. BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO, and the worst thing is exactly what he said "make it too complicated, and then you don't do it".

  2. We are all dying to live.. He made us live as if we r gonna die, so that we can live with the truth that we are dying.. we no more need to follow the "fitness industry" please don't become vegan or become a non vegetarian for protein.. eat wat u want to start embracing what we have..

  3. Wow Jay !!! 👍

  4. you're amazing Jay!

  5. This guy is so ridiculous, lol. He's completely out of his mind for real.

  6. I was getting dizzy from him walking from one side of the stage to the other every 5 seconds.

  7. Diet is something temporary. We need a holistic philosophy that we can pursue throughout our lives. For this, we need to change our minds, because without changing consciousness, diet is just a mechanical habit. When we change our consciousness, we no longer need effort to eat healthy. Healthy eating becomes a pleasure. A healthy mind is a necessary condition for a healthy body. The body is a deadly machine, but the spirit is immortal. All these diets with complex names can be reduced to a few simple rules – eat a little and simple food, drink water, get off the table a little hungry because the feeling of satiety comes 15 minutes after eating. Follow these rules and you will not pay much money for nutrition consultants.

  8. This guy is a bit full of himself. He negates his achievements with his superior attitude; I wish a person of accomplishment like this would be less judgmental, dramatic. The great irony is that forces you to take on his critical eye; I just fell into his trap. Sad.

  9. His thesis is sound, but the title he chooses is just as bad as all of the quack influencers he rails against. Yes getting a good headspace is good, but exercise and sensible diet matters too. Stop with the click bait, bro.

  10. Yeah pro Jay as always ! Thumbs up

  11. Good Talk. Keep it up Jay.

  12. While I agree with the majority of this talk, I have to disagree with the statement that push-ups and sit-ups aren't important to fitness. If you want to be fit, do some push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and cardio (walking counts as cardio, but jogging or sprinting is a lot more time efficient), that's how you achieve a fit body. Besides that, though, excellent talk!

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