Diet की मदद से Height Increase करे | How to increase height with the help of diet


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  2. Egg boiled hona chaiya ya normal

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  5. Hello guys!! i used 🌹Growth Boom pro grow taller supplement🌹 for 6months. I was 22years old and I got a height of almost 2.5 inches. I did not–see any side effects.✔️

    I did not do stretching exercises. But it worked for me. 2.5 inches is enough for me to be happy🙏. I advise

  6. Hi everyone…, I'm 19 years old. I used 6 pots "growth sinerama wmx♥grow taller supplement" of this product and I gained 2 inches taller.
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  8. Men 15+ sal ka hu Mera height 5.4 feet hen me Ar v barsaktahu? Mera dad 5.8 feet hen but mera Maa 5 feet hen. Reply me back.

  9. Nicevideo

  10. Thank you sir

  11. Very nice video sir yeah such hai esa karne se sachme height Barrti hai

  12. Height kaise badhaye

  13. Soyabeen kaun sa bhai ek soyabeen ka sabji banta hai wo wala ya phir jo dana-dana aata hai wo wala please reply me fast……

  14. Fuddu

  15. Hey, guys is it really true???

  16. Really nice video 😍😍

  17. Height 24 years tak nhi blki 18 years tak badhti hai

  18. i am 14 yrs old and my height is 5.1 and my mom,dad height is short🙁☹plz reply me.

  19. sir very nice video i am 17 years old and my hight 5.7 or muje or long hight chahiye

  20. Aap kisike comment ka answer nahi dete hoo

  21. i'm 15 year old my height 5.5

  22. Height nahi badhi to ?😔😦

  23. Sir egg boil karke egg white khayenge to chalega kya?? Please Rply me sir

  24. Sir my height is 6.2 ; is My age is 18

  25. faltu

  26. Hlo age is 20 …my height is 4.5…….can i increase my height ….sir plzz reply ….and plzz sir koi jhuti umeed mat dena plzzz sir ……

  27. 5.5 inch

  28. Sir mera hight 167cm hai age 19.6 hai kya hight badh sakti hai

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  30. Lol my height 6'6

  31. I m 18 yrs and may hight 5,4 plz h

  32. Koi aisi cheej btain Jo hum khaien 1-3 months Kai liye or us Sai height barhai please

  33. Sir ji milk or banana ek sath kha sakte he ya nhi subha or ande sam ko kha sakte he na

  34. Hey everyone. I have followed all the steps he says and I have even followed the diet plan for 5 months and I was able to grow by 2 inches. My age is 19…by the way for those who are not able to increase their height .. Do remember Height dosent matter. The type of person you are matters the most… Thank you.

  35. AGR na bdhi to

  36. Mera h 19 sal h and heigte 5.2 to Kya karu

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  38. 5se 6 kele tatti aani Band ho jayegi

  39. Kiya ande kache khane hai ya pake

  40. Banana subha khali pet mei khaye ya naste k bad

  41. R meri age 22 hai r mri height 5'4 hai mujhe aona height r bdhna h kya meri height badh sakti h

  42. Meri age 21 year hai or height 5 ft hai kuch btaiye na

  43. Sir may 18 sal ka hu air muji 2 Inch LAN hai

  44. Height badhe ya na badhe lekin apki awaz bahut khatarnak hai 🤣

  45. Nahi badti hai Mene 1 year use Kiya ghanta fark pda parday 4 🍌 banana our 2 eag

  46. kaise egg boiled /raw

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  48. Sab saalay ek duseray ka video copy kartia hai

  49. My years old 10 I am said

  50. Bai mere age 15 ha meri height 5ft6inc ha

  51. sir m 17 years ki hu aur Meri height 4 .11 h toh Kya Meri v height bade gi.

  52. Chutiya 5 se 6 waaa

  53. Hey i am 14 and mera heigth 5'6 hai kya ye normal hai

  54. Nice video

  55. Sir me 18 sall ka Hun mare hight 5 futt he app muje koe tareka btae ge hight bdahna ka

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  57. My 6.

  58. Kela aor ande milke jahr banya hai

  59. Thanks a lot for this helpful video..
    I've been using▒▒Growth Boom Pro▒▒height supplements for a few months now and I've won 2 inches more. I'm 22 years old . I will update results every month , its really works.. i would recommend everyone

  60. Great tips…thanks so much..
    I was 5'5" and now i'm 5'7"! but not in a few weeks, in 4 months..

    >>>Stretching Exercises + Growth sinerama wmx extreme Height Enhancer<<<…
    If you are looking for a solution that works to be taller, you should try it.

  61. Maine aapke video follow kiya Larkin koi fayda nahi hua 7465083378

  62. Me chamar nhi huun

  63. Just using Growth Sinerama wmx extreme, I gained about 12 cm height without any stretching exercises. I'm 23 years old and I haven't seen any side effects. it works, highly recommend

  64. bhai plz bata do raat 7 ya 8 baje exercise karna thik he ki nai

  65. Chutiye

  66. Does Ashwagandha has any side effects on body ?

  67. Egg raw or boiled

  68. Spelling of balanced is wrong 😂😂😅😅

  69. Fasporas se bhi vaddi ho skti h

  70. As specialist, I believe Mobotallor Secrets can be great way to achieve the height that you desire. Why not give it a shot? maybe it will work for you too.

  71. Good video

  72. Video dekhe se phle jo jo comment padne aiye 😜 oo lok like toke 😋

  73. Eggs paka ke.khana h ya aisy he kacha reply zaror krne cmnt me nenche thnk you!

  74. Thanks​ for the advice FactIndia
    Thank you for your useful video, I want to share my own positive experience. .
    I've used🤜🏻growth sinerama wmx extreme🤛🏻grow taller—product 7 months of this year.

    Really it worked for me. I gained 7 months, 2.5 inches tall. an expensive product, but I would recommend to those who want to get.

  75. Kitne day tak seban kare

  76. I see a lot of people keep on talking about Mobotallor Secrets. But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried using this grow taller secrets?

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  78. m 14 yeàr ka hun

  79. Vai agar Mai PROTINEX khau to Mera hight barega Kya, please reply

  80. Madarchoad kuch bheje salaa proteins increase our height

  81. bhai Kele ke bad ekadam Anda mat khana Kyunki Jahar ban jata hai

  82. Chl foot mc bhoki jnda kese mrji so jao height would increase protein per body weight and carbohydrates 5000 ta monthly budget h tho hojao tall nhi tho ma chud vao

  83. The video is the best as it gave me a very good experience about Balence diet and even have many good tips

  84. Meri height bahut choti h

  85. I am 18 years old and 4feet 8 inch only kya meri height badh skti h ? Please anybody tell me

  86. Try karunga bhai

  87. Sir meri height 4f6 inch hai sir kya 5feet 8 inch ho jayegi pls agar mai achi dite lunga jisame calcium vitamin aayran mineral ho aur running karunga stretching exercises aur latakna ye sab karunga to 5 feet 8 inch ho jayegi pls replay pls pls pls replay

  88. Acha hai

  89. Papa ki hight achi ho or ma ki hight kam ho to kya gaand mara le

  90. Fir kya kare btaooo

  91. Kitni video banayega ek hi bana na

  92. Mere perents ki hight kam hai meri Hight badh Sakti hai

  93. Mai 19 saal ki hun kya ab mera hight badhega??

  94. Hey I'm pure vegetarian 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  95. Bhaiya Meri age 24 hai
    Aur ap bole jb hight badhti h to hummare sharir me dard hota h ye mera sath aisa ho rha h

  96. Aur ap jo diet btaye h mai sab khana shuru kr diya hkn

  97. I`ve only used this technique “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) for a month and have received recognizable height increase. I have a taller good friend and he recognized the progress in my height also. He was actually 1.5 inch taller than me before but now, our height is similar! .

  98. I`m just another small individual who wanted to get bigger, now i`m truly happy. I was 158cm after using this process “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it). I gained 5cm now i am 163. Here`s what you should know. Just believe that it will work so you`ll have what you desire as if you have uncertainties regarding the product while making use of it, you will not obtain great results. .

  99. I though its impossible to grow taller using this process “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) and its just depend upon the genetic, however I was like I will give it a try. I am now an inch taller after finishing my first lesson! I also consume lots of milk with it I think it helps! .

  100. I`ve started out making use of this method “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) three months ago. My height is originally 5’8 and now it reached 5’9. Then I stooped, but now I am gonna give this another go…. hopefully I`ll acquire 5`11, you must look and learn it. .

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