Did you just grab my hair? [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.15]

Who wants to be exempted from work among you? Who wants to sleep through the morning? – What’s this now? / – There must be something else. They’re trying to fool us. I want to sleep through the morning. There should be something else. So here’s the second test. The desire for sleep test. I think I could win that one. Can I try right away? It’s Tuck Yourself In At Once. At once? You will throw the blanket, and if your body except for your face is tucked in, you pass. It’s advantageous to me. That’s… You have to throw the blanket. Nice. The first person to be in the perfect sleeping position will be exempted from work. Okay. The rock-paper-scissors game is important. – You can all practice once. / – Let’s practice. Practice is… Let me try. (Junghoon will practice first.) – Junghoon is going first. / – Good luck, everyone. (None of his business) This is fun. (He can watch and enjoy.) (Throwing) You’re so bad. – You’re so bad at this. / – Your body is too big. (He failed as he covered his face.) I think I can pass this one right away. – Go for it then. / – You have one chance. No. Let’s see. He could tuck himself in easily. He’s the most favorable. But I don’t think he’s doing so well with the blanket. He has a small body, but the blanket is too big. I’m doing it. Your face must show. How do I do this? Just try it. Throw it! (Finished) You’re worse than me. – How do I do this? / – It looks like you’re sleeping. How do you do this? How? (Agile Ravi) – It’s only one point. / – Look at that. (Even he failed.) That’s… I can’t throw it. (Seyoon practices.) (Amazed) – He’s cute. / – His arm is out. – He almost did it. / – He’s good. – Right. / – I did well. Your arm should be inside. You know I did gymnastics, right? – I don’t think that’s relevant. / – Is that relevant? (He did it the best.) That’s the best one so far. – Let’s decide on the order. / – The order. It’s the order. The first one to succeed will be exempted. – Rock, paper, scissors! / – Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! – He’s going first. / – I’m going last! – It’s tough. / – It’s one, two, three, four, and five. So we can’t do anything if Junghoon succeeds, right? Let me move the pillow first. If Junghoon fails, I’ll have a chance. Who’s going second? (Junghoon, Koravi, and DinDin) Why me? (Junghoon will try.) Good night! Nice. – I’ll get a chance now. / – It’s tough. – It’s down to your waist. / – It’s tough. It’s down to your waist. Why did you do that? (Criticizing himself) Okay. All of his upper body was showing. Get ready to work, Junghoon. It’s too cold. I can’t sleep outside. It doesn’t mean I have to work because I lost this one. Your foot is on it, Ravi. – No, it’s not. / – He’s… He can’t do it anyway. – He’s not going to make it. / – Stop it. We shouldn’t be practicing. – This is fun. / – Try the next game. It’s so fun watching. Control your power. – No! / – He’s… (It’s Koravi.) (It’s a mess.) I think he was too nervous. – We have a shot at it. / – Yes. – Yes! / – We have a chance now. I think it could come back to me. – That’s possible. / – I’m going to do it at once. – Watch your foot. / – Watch your foot. He’s on the line. Please… You’re done. What do you mean, I’m done? We need to put pressure on him. – Watch your foot. / – Your foot! (Putting pressure) (Taking a deep breath) Okay, I got it. Here I come. – Yes. / – Go ahead. – Good night! / – He’s not going to make it. – What? / – What is this? (He put the blanket on his head and charged.) I’m so annoyed! I’m so stressed right now. Measure my stress now. You look so happy. (He rolls his feet out of joy.) – He’s so cute. / – It’s too difficult! He’s cute. I think Seyoon could do it. No, he can’t. The chance is coming back to me. I think Jongmin can. – It’s tough throwing the blanket. / – I’ve prepared the beds of my children. The blanket is folded. – Where? / – No, it looks good. He’s good. – Good. You have to go now! / – Wait. He’s done. He lost his sense. Don’t falter. – One, / – Okay. – Now! / – two… (Will the father of two get his sense back?) – You have to go now. / – Now! Good night. (Delivering the blanket) You can’t sleep out here, sir. – You can’t sleep out here. / – I knew it was too cold. You went straight to bed after you drank. Oh, no. (I shouldn’t have drunk.) – Jongmin can’t do it. / – I’ll show you. – Watch your foot. / – Watch your foot. – I did gymnastics. / – You put your foot in! – Watch your foot. / – It’s in there. – You got your foot on it. / – Can’t I put my foot in? – No. / – Of course not. – Really? / – Don’t put your foot in there. You really don’t want to go to work, do you? – This is it. / – I think it’ll be my turn. – Your foot. / – It’s not in there. – Your foot. / – Good night! (One more round!) This is so difficult! – We’re so bad. / – It’s hard. – It’s so hard. / – I was the closest to winning. It’s tougher than it looks. – Do you want to try, Seonho? / – Seonho? If you pass, you’re going to work. If you succeed, it’ll relieve stress. I’m not that stressed. I don’t think he can. – Here I come. / – Yes. Good night. – What? / – That’s funny. Get him! Hey. What do you mean, you’re not stressed? You were so excited to be exempted! Who’s grabbing my hair? I got you. Seonho. He did it. How could you grab me by my hair? Isn’t that too much? – He grabbed my hair. / – That’s hilarious. – Starting now, / – Yes. Seonho will decide – who’s the closest / – Good. – to success. / – You grabbed my hair. Okay, so you have to be close, not succeed. – I think this is… / – I’m doing it. Yes. Good night. Come on! – I’ll finish it. / – I saw it. You were covered above your elbow. – His upper body. / – Half of his upper body. I’m going to finish it. This is tough. You should speak while you’re at it. – It’s a variety show. / – I’m doing it. Good night. He’s done. – He’s so bad at this. / – That was… – Ravi! / – But you always look at the blanket. He goes in as he’s looking at the blanket. – I don’t get it. / – You must want to watch TV. – Let’s see. / – Ravi. I’ll just not do it. This isn’t my game. – Right. / – It’s DinDin. Here I go. Yes. Good night! – Good night. / – Good night. – Good night. / – That was the worst. (DinDin is DinDin.) (His last cheap trick) – I think I did the best among them. / – Yes. – That’s… / – Hurry up. He’s as bad as me. (Sad) It’s so annoying. You’re so cute. I’m so bad at this. I want to put you in my pocket. He’s totally… I’m so bad at it. Is Junghoon going to win with that? This doesn’t make sense. – Watch your foot. / – Yes. – Here I come. / – Yes. Good night. Watch your foot. Go. (Will he have succeeded?) (He covered half of his body.) It’s half. He’s number one so far. – Really? / – Yes. – Well done. / – Wait. He’s not going to win, is he?

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