Did insulin ruin bodybuilding? Yates & Levrone speak on their GH and insulin use

okay guys what is up Dominator here so in my last video I spoke about my biggest disappointment with bodybuilding these days and that's what the top guys barely compete anymore but we all know the real elephant in the room is the physique themselves these HGH slash insulin /foo baby whatever you want to call it the bubble guts they leave them looking eight months pregnant even when they're shredded down at sub three percent body fat it's unnatural man it's disgusting and it's been going on for way too long as we can see here with this picture of Ronnie I believe back in 2003 I mean this is the only way that the guy could possibly hold a vacuum because no chance of that beer belly being sucked in his ribcage has gone into permanent hibernation is nowhere to be seen even today we still see this shit now I would love to think that this pic of Dennis wolf is Photoshop because it certainly doesn't look like this should be real but when you consider that was taken from backstage the audience is behind him right then yeah it seems like whenever these guys hit a back pose these days they just forget about their stomachs and let it all hang out they all do it too it's not just wolf it's like you know they think that they don't even have to try to hold it in because their back is turned to us and we can't see it do you even comprehend angle bra so here he is again hitting a back hose not thinking about the poor people to the side of the stage who would be seeing him from a wider angle I mean this is just disrespectful man it's inconsiderate think about those fans who probably paid good money to sit this close to the stage and this is what they're rewarded with they have to look at this any time these guys had a back double bicep or a rear lat spread it's despicable man even guys you wouldn't normally associate with a bubble guy still have it like Dexter and full ninja turtle mode here with the protruding turtle shell abs even Jay Cutler was not immune to this piss ball you can clearly see a dad sticking out further than his chest here so many people like to say that Jay never had distension that bullshit he just hit it better than most it's true that for a math monster Jay was one of the best in keeping the gut in check big Remi now is in a similar boat and I hope and pray to God that he can keep it that way because unlike Jay who always had a wide and blocky midsection even if it wasn't very distended Ramy has an unbelievably tight waist for a man of his size so that's very commendable but I want to take it back to the beginning before the train completely fell off the track and here we can see the first indications of what was to come because make no mistake about it Dorian Yates was the first bodybuilding champion to popularize the wife allotted belly look and make this sort of waistline acceptable and this is of course the seminal 1993 mr. Olympia where he ushered in a newfound era of mass unfortunately however it looks like his waist also came along for the ride because bigger than ever before now true this is you know it's not really that distended here you can't call this a bubble gut by any means but it is nonetheless a blocky midsection right especially when you compare them to the man standing beside and flex wheeler in some of the very best shape of his life looking so much more athletic it's not even funny here in the a bandsaw I think flex smokes them many people praised Orion for his atom typos and truth be told I agree that each is one of the best math monsters to ever hit it but compared to more shapely competitors with smaller waist and better abs I don't really think he fared that well but regardless whether you love him or hate him you can't really fault Orion for having a bubble gut he never really did he did come and blowed it a couple of years but at least he never looked pregnant on stage like Ronnie did I mean by today's standard this midsection is positively statuesque but enough about all that because in this video I wanted to focus on the drugs specifically the HGH and influen because that's really at the heart of the issue so I actually came across an article on MD from not that long ago I believe it was published in 2015 or 2016 where they interviewed Sean Ray Dorian Yates and Kevin brownie and they asked some some pretty pointed questions about their drug use like what steroids did they take what were their dosages did they use GH or insulin etc etc and I would have preferred a video format so that we would have proved that it is really them but given the medium muscular development which is a pretty reputable and established brand in the bodybuilding industry I think we can safely assume that it is in fact who they say it is and not just some kind of fabricated impersonation but anyway I'll put a link to it in the in the description below it's a four part article so it'll take some time to finish but it's really pretty illuminating stuff and for those of you who have always wondered what these pro bodybuilders were taking this is a Reeth so yeah I gathered some quotes from there and this was what Dorian Yates had to say when asked about his GH use so he claims he started using it way back in 1991 I believe that the early 90s perhaps even the late 80s is when growth hormone first started gaining popularity and bodybuilding now I googled all over the place to see if Haney had ever used it because based on its size and that telltale split between his abs I would have to just say yes he did but I wasn't able to find any evidence one way or the other so this is pure speculation on my part so if you can confirm below whether Lee Haney ever used growth hormone please share that with us but yeah to continue Dorian says that he used four hours a day but the games he made weren't very noticeable and I just wanted to point out first that the lack of a bubble got here go and watch him in the 1991 mr. Olympia and try to find a point where he looks pregnant you won't be able to that sort of thing just didn't even really exist back then so this is pre insulin days right so that suggests to me immediately the growth hormone was not responsible for the bubble gut or at least it's not the primary cause but we'll get more into that in a moment in 1992 he doubled his dosage of GH and started making some real game and that's interesting insight into his 1993 transformation there at the bottom I'll give you a second to read all that and to continue he basically explains that the reason he looks so much bigger in 93 is because he didn't over diet and was able to hold on to all the gains he made from the previous two off seasons so that's why it seemed like he had taken such a giant leap forward but now we get into the juicy stuff the insulin now Dorian says he only used insulin for his last mr. Olympia appearance in 1997 believe it or not you know this is what he wrote so anyway I think we can all agree that this was the worst shape you ever brought like he says he may have been bigger but he wasn't better he looked uncharacteristically soft in many shots and it certainly didn't help that his arms had mostly melted away due to his torn biceps and the torn tricep you separate just weeks before the show so you can't blame it entirely on the drugs but Dorian himself does imply here that his midsection became distended because of it and here he summarizes his lack of love for the splint so check pictures below of him from 1995 which was arguably his all-time best shape before he started messing around with insulin and note the difference in the conditioning compared to what we just saw from 97 Dorian directly blames the insulin for this and yes sad to say we do see that same lack of separation constantly today look at branch Warren and the way that his shoulders just kind of blend into his pecs as if it's all one muscle group no separation to be found in the back eater this guy is just like a big blob of muscle sure he's got great conditioning if you're talking about vascularity or that hard grainy look but where is the separation and the definition you don't see those finer details and the arms or the back like what used to back in the 80's and 90's and here's another example in just in content now let me preface this by saying I like this guy's physique a lot he's got great shape and proportions with the huge arms and delts and the slim waistline good quads so the guy's got a ton of potential but see you even AB de bra like how do you manage to have shredded glutes but not even visible apps this is truly a baffling phenomenon that you only see with modern-day bodybuilders I don't even get how it's physically possible to reach such low body fat that you can see striations in your butt but not even have a six-pack right so I would bet solid money that this is drug-induced because it simply isn't natural and based on what Dorian just said about the disappearance of crisp separation insulin is my number one suspect and maybe you just think that this is a badly timed photo and he's not flexing his abs nope because even in the admin side you can barely see anything it's like someone took a magic eraser and rubbed out his abs but that's okay don't worry man because as long as the judges get their fix of shredded gluteal still plays well it's truly bizarre some of the things that are happening in bodybuilding these days but back to Dorian because he's not quite finished so this is the crux of the argument for many a year for many years people attributed this bubble gut syndrome to growth hormone claiming that internal organ growth was responsible for the protruding stomachs but keep in mind that this growth is irreversible meaning that once your organs become enlarged they'll always stay that way there's no chance for them to shrink down again and if that was the case how do you explain guys like Kai Greene looking like he's about to give birth at the 2010 Olympia then being able to dial it in two years later in 2012 or how about the latest bubble gut mascot and roelly winklaar looking like he's carrying twins at the 2015 Arnold Classic then slimming down significantly just six or seven months later for the 2015 mr. Olympia if this was truly the result of internal organ growth then this would be impossible so I don't think it's the GH at least not mainly the gh rate it has to be the insulin as to why it's the insulin that's the subject for a whole nother video if you're interested in hearing how insulin causes pregnancy not literally of course when you get what I'm saying then let me know in the comments below and of course we can't discount the copious amounts of food as well Dennis wolf attributed his belly to the food baby he carries around because these guys are constantly forced feeding themselves trying to cram in as much calories and protein as possible you know this quest to get bigger and bigger it takes its pull right but I think if you remove the insulin and kept their diets exactly the same we see a lot less pregnant looking bodybuilders on stage that's just my suspicion okay but now let's listen to what Kevin the brownie has to say on the subject so Kevin claims that he never used GH or insulin prior to 1996 and I find this a little surprising because probably most of his competitors had at least tried growth hormone before this but then again we're talking about one of the most genetically gifted individuals in history a guy who only needed four months to get ready for the mr. OH when most guys prepared year-round but anyway Livonia agrees with Dorian and that the gains he made while on GH insulin were all qua quantity and not quality he was heavier and still managed to win that show because let's be honest flex wheeler wasn't in his best shape either but the next year at the 1997 Arnold's he wasn't so lucky this time it threw off his conditioning so badly he dropped to eight which was as low as placing ever so that's the picture there on the left and the one on the right is from the 1995 Olympia one of his all-time best showings and again note the glaring lack of separation and definition in 97 he's pulling a branch Warren with the shoulders just using into the chest there's no clear split between the front else in the pecs like what he usually has and his abs also look disappointingly washed out and we barely see any striations in the inner chest this to me is the most telling example of how insulin use ruins a bodybuilders physique it's not just the bubble guts guys it's the smoothness the way it blurs out the separation and definition this is an almost universal effect you see today even when they come in really dry and ripped you don't notice as much detail on bodybuilders now like what you used to be back in the 80s and 90s that level of Polish is just sorely lacking yeah yeah lastly I wanted to just briefly mention Lee Priest as well he wasn't featured in that MD article but he always has been one of the more outspoken pros when it comes to his drug use in fact we participated in another segment with Tom Klatt called backstage secrets of professional bodybuilders revealed so you can google backstage secrets of pros it will come up on YouTube it's like a it look like it's divided into three parts each over an hour so it's pretty long and lengthy but the golden needle here he does some video interviews with six top pros and they've pixelated two faces and distorted the voices although they did a pretty shitty job trying to cover up their identities because you can clearly tell the first guys Ronnie Coleman the second due to their and Baker and Paul to Leslie's in there as well so there's not a very differently do a very good job trying to conceal their identities but anyway so Tom asked them a lot of very specific questions about their drug use and everything and I talked very explicitly about it so it's really fascinating stuff but it's pretty long and it gets a little boring at times and I still haven't even watched the whole thing but anyway Lee was the only one who agreed to have his face shown so say what you want to go to him but the guy's got balls that's gussy right he was still competing at this time because I believe this video was taken back around 1998 just after the Olympia at least that's what forums on the internet will tell you and Lee admits he was taking too I use of growth hormone for the past six weeks leading up into the show which isn't much by the way if you recall Dorian said that he was ticking for IU's back in 1991 and then 8 in 92 so Lee was barely using any and you can bet he wasn't messing around insolent eater and it shows look how much sharper he lives here compared to livonian flex especially in the lower body now this might not all just be due to drugs right you know guys come in different conditioning and different shows whether you know you nail it or not but in any case the blonde miss was seriously underrated when it comes to the wheels probably because everybody was too fixated on the world class guns probably the best of all time but he had some really good quads and cast to his conditioning looks great here and I still need to finish watching the interview with him but I don't believe he ever took insulin so in conclusion I think what bodybuilding needs in order to return to the glory days is to ban the use of insulin it's made these guys bigger but at the cost of a lot of things you know like now we have bubble guts we have them looking too smooth no separation so it's just not worth it now in practice banning this could be very difficult as unlike anabolic steroids it's actually legal so you can walk into your local pharmacy and have them write your prescription for it because Thyer diabetics needed to live so I'm not sure how they could enforce it I'm not even sure that it can be detected but the bottom line is that the IFBB needs to stop rewarding guys who look like this so that we can go back to champions looking like this all right homie thanks for watching as always feel free to leave a like and subscribe for more if you enjoyed I also love to read your comments especially on a subject like this in which I'm admittedly not the subject-matter expert so let me come clean with you guys I'm not a chemist alright I'm a 30 year old lifetime natty and I don't engage in this game of chemical warfare so that's why the video was titled as a question rather than a statement because I can't claim with absolute certainty that this is this is the case I can only infer and draw conclusions based on what reputable sources like Dorian Yates and Kevin Baroni have to say so it would be very interesting to hear what those of you who are playing the drug game and who personally experimented with GH and insulin have to say on the matter do you agree that insulin is the greater of the two evils here please share with us in the comments below but until next time I'm the commentators son and often I'll be back


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