Diabetes: Healthy Eating Guide – Reel Health #31

diabetes is a common and serious chronic illness and when poorly controlled lead to multiple complications although there are many medications available nutritional therapy or dietary modification remains paramount for good diabetes control in this video we will highlight to you some of the important concepts and principles about diabetes and nutrition how can those with diabetes eat well to help themselves hi Catherine how are you doing what you look so upset Wow I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and my daughter told me that to wash on my diet I really don't know what I should not eat and what I'm allowed to eat do I need a special diet for my diabetes no there is no special diet for diabetes you may have to modify your diet rather than change the whole diet there is nothing that you can't eat but the food that you eat has an impact on your blood sugar level so it's very important for you to know how different types of foods are going to affect your blood sugar levels so how do I know who should be on my plate well it's almost lunchtime shall we have our discussion over lunch okay all right hey Catherine what are you doing well since I've been told about my diabetes I'm trying to cut down on my rice intake people with diabetes should only be small and lots of starchy food such as rice Brad noodles and faster right I heard that it is even better to avoid carbohydrates but altogether no actually carbohydrates are foods that give you energy and should be included as part of a healthy meal plan in fact it should provide half of your energy needs besides starchy foods sugars are also carbohydrates and they can also affect your blood sugar levels the more refined the carbohydrate such as sugar the faster that glucose is released into your bloodstream this can cost in blood glucose levels to rise very quickly starchy foods on the other hand result in slower release of glucose resulting in a more stable and sustainable energy level which is better for appetite control well should I switch to brown rice I heard it is high in fiber so I can take more of it well you can eat all types of rice bran and white rice contains the same amount of carbohydrate but you are right in that brown rice provides more fiber mmm so should I include fruits and vegetables to increase my fiber intake I heard this purse contains a lot of sugar girl yes fruits do contain sugar but they are a good source of vitamins and minerals and fiber so they ought to be part of your meal plan as part of your carbohydrate portion in general most vegetables particularly the levy vegetables will provide fiber starchy vegetables like potatoes however contain more carbohydrates and can increase your blood sugar levels so this mean I can't eat potato yes you can but you ought to count it as part of your carbohydrate requirement the important thing is to watch the portions of carbohydrates you eat the total carbohydrate in a day and its distribution does matter counting carbohydrates is one way to control blood sugar levels the dietician can help you to calculate your daily carbohydrate requirements and teach your carbohydrate counting techniques but remember a healthy meal should also include some protein and healthy fats too I heard the protein food would not affect my sugar level right yes you're right protein foods like meat fish chicken do not contain any carbohydrate at all so they will not raise your blood sugar levels some foods contain a combination of protein and carbohydrate these include foods like milk and plant-based proteins such as beans Dao and lentils therefore if eaten to remember to count these as part of your carbohydrate intake so remember that besides rice bread noodles and pasta there are other foods that contain carbohydrates too / what if I skip some of my meal is it ok now actually establishing a regular eating pattern is extremely important for people with diabetes try to distribute your carbohydrate take consistently throughout the day this will help to maintain your blood sugar levels within the normal range and prevent those unhealthy peaks and dips in your blood sugar levels if you don't eat regularly and depending on the type of medication you might be on you may be at a risk of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level Thank You Carla for all the information I have a better understanding now yes so basically it is all about a balance down with OC I will have to adjust my lifestyle all right let it not be back with that hose learning to eat regular meals controlling the amount we eat and making healthy food choices can help you manage your diabetes better and help prevent other health complications it's important for your type it is control that you develop a sensible plan for eating and maintain a healthy diet if you're not certain about what you should be doing make an appointment with your dietitian today she can help you develop an individualized meal plan based on your eating preferences in summary carbohydrate foods include rice pasta starchy vegetables any form of noodles and bread but they can be a good source of vitamins and fiber ultimately portion control is important look up the foods which contain both protein and carbohydrates

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