DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: John Stossel vs. Skyler Turden Debate Nationalized Healthcare!

does it ever become lonely being so unpopular in your viewpoints yes alright welcome back to another edition of devil's advocate I'm your host here scholar and today we have a very special guest who has a very lengthy resume that he wanted me to read for me I worked at ABC 20/20 Fox News a lot of books so he's written you can follow him online at John Stossel dot-com and of course he has channels all over social media Stossel TV dr. John Stossel thanks for uh thanks for taking the time I'm not a doctor okay so Johnny it is we're gonna be talking today about single-payer health care this was I believe I by your request that's a hot button issue for you correct you're one of many okay right I know you fancy yourself more of a libertarian so not really like a populist sort of conservative I just want to make sure off the bat I'm not getting anything correct or misrepresenting your views yes I'm a pure libertarian okay so what would you say is your primary issue Dinos a libertarian I would presuppose being interested in human rights and personal liberties what would be your issue with what would be a vast improvement over a current health care system single-payer healthcare well by single-payer you mean the government just pays for everything well I think that's a bit reductive and oversimplification but a single-payer option where the government could provide an option for affordable health care for yea the most vulnerable among us let's go with that well I thought we have that we spend a trillion dollars a year on health care for the poor okay so that in your estimation why does not everyone have affordable health care in this country because when everything seems to be free it gets screwed up horribly and the only thing that works anywhere in any consumer transaction is it the free market and we're not even close that healthcare were already heavily socialized and you idiots want to make it worse I think that would be trick well we're only two minutes in out of the gate with a name-calling I wouldn't want wouldn't want to go in for a check-up with you as my doctor let me ask you um you meant that either no I'm glad we both agree on the free market right now if I'm not mistaken especially what's the repeal of certain policies from the Affordable Care Act from none other than the near President President Trump the free market doesn't seem to be working costs are going up you can correct me if I'm wrong there but if the free market is so effective and we're the most free-market health care economy why is there health care more expensive here as a percentage of GDP than like socialized countries all using because we invent stuff and we have a bureaucratic government that makes everything costs more already the only thing that really makes a market work is when the individual spends his own money in health care seven out of eight dollars are spent either by the government or private insurance companies and you can call them private but it's the worst form of capitalism because they're making decisions for all their customers and then well many people want to cheat them and so they spent a lot of time and money on paperwork trying to stop cheating and all that makes things cost more that's part of it the other reason is the rest of the world free loads off our innovation oh really how's that we invent the drugs then they copy them and use them we invent the best technology and that's expensive and the government makes it more expensive because it takes 10 to 12 years to get a drug approved sure well listen I certainly wouldn't dispute that more drugs are invented here and certainly under this capitalist economy that the pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money but well I don't really see it as a virtue and people's lives are at stake people's lives are always at stake and I'm really glad that when I'm in pain a pharmaceutical company may have invented something that'll make it better and if that costs more so be it yeah sometimes it costs an opioid addiction but whatever let's get to the libertarian side of things here you're all about you basic human rights and a second Amendment obviously a big freedom guy why do you not consider health care a fundamental human right as a libertarian take gun rights that's a right to be left alone and have a gun free speech is a right to speak sure right to healthcare means you're saying you have a right to force other people to pay for your care that's very different how is it different from say car insurance I paid for my own car insurance also incur insurance insurance companies are allowed to price the insurance according to your risk if I have a lot of accidents or if I'm just 17 years old they charge more if I'm a man they charge more because while we men think we drive better we get do get into more accidents right that's only just that's insurance but with health insurance because of your foolish politician friends you're not allowed to discriminate as they call it against women or people with pre-existing conditions that's not insurance that's welfare so you think would be fixed if we could I just wanna make sure I understand this if we be discriminate against women that's what would fix the current health care epidemic these insurance companies could charge women more because women go to the doctor much more often and incur far higher costs then insurance would be real insurance it wouldn't fix anything no sure well the reason to bring up car insurance is because yes you pay for it but you are required to purchase car insurance I do appreciate you recognizing that particularly white males commit more car are involved in more Coxon so clearly not pulled over as often so I'm sure you've you've recognized that about yourself but you are by law required to purchase car insurance of course in in most states if you want to drive an automobile vehicle so why would we not apply that basic principle to to people's lives and healthcare the principle behind being forced to buy car insurance is that if any responsible person like save you crashes into me and I incur terrible costs and you don't have insurance I'm just screwed so governments I'm not saying it's a good idea require us to buy liability insurance sure and if people shouldn't have to buy casualty insurance that cover the cost of our own cars and we shouldn't have to buy health insurance to cover our own bodies sure I understand that in theory um I know capitalists often like to act as a socialist and students of people like like Marx and Lenin really live in Syria but it does seem as though you're living in Syria as opposed to the real world where health care costs if someone doesn't have insurance if they're not forced to purchase insurance it ends up being more costly down the line so if someone doesn't purchase health insurance and someone catastrophic happens we end up with the epidemic of the United States spending more as a part of their GDP right on health care not to mention the quality of care we'll get into that in a second don't don't get me wrong we'll get to that in a second but we spend more on average as a part of our GDP then places like say Norway or Canada and that's because a lot of people don't purchase health insurance it's because people don't buy health insurance the spending includes insurance and out-of-pocket costs I don't see how whether they buy health insurance makes a difference well if you don't see it and there's no explaining it to you let's move on to quality of care um with all this money going around obviously in choice and free market as you put it why is the United States have worse health care than places like in the UK it doesn't been ranked in the top ten I mean that's that's pretty empirical empirical according devil well says we have worse health care well if you look at national indexes and ratings according to people who use the health care the United States health care is not rated as highly as places like Canada and places a lot of single-payer systems so you know well studies by some smart some foolish people have concluded that we spend a ton of money and yet we die younger and the reason for that however compared say to Norway or Switzerland is not because our health care is inferior it's because we drive less we drive more we shoot each other more often and more of us are fat if you take out obesity and car accidents and gunshot injuries and deaths we live longer than people in most other countries if you take out the underclass in America the group of people who have been taught by the welfare state to become dependent who are often obese who don't take care of themselves well then Americans live longer than most anyone Wow that didn't take very long to turn around a national crisis and blame it on the vulnerable welfare recipients that was fast you think you think this is we're here at this problem right now because of people who need a leg up with Social Security no but I think the statistic about why Americans don't live as long as people in other countries is because we're fat we drive more and we shoot each other more often and because we have an underclass well I'm not talking about just a more I'm not telling mortality I'm talking about the quality of care as rated by polls polls after poll after poll shows people in other countries are more satisfied with their care than the United States for crying out loud I mean I think Michael Moore addresses Cuba people are more satisfied with their level of care than the United States how does that happen for the greatest country in the world granted with all the shootings and obesity as he just mentioned but let's go with the moniker greatest country in the world well why doesn't Michael moved to Cuba and track when he want when it went to get his stomach what's it called his intestines tied to lose weight he didn't go to Cuba for their heritage health care you went to a private clinic the Cubans claim their health care is better and they convinced usefully use idiots like you what well it's not true ice they lie about everything else why would wouldn't they lie about this so people like so we're towing Cuba and by the way I saw that I saw you did there I saw how you picked one country and chose to ignore the other it's very very good sleight of hand let's take Cuba out but the UK Canada people more satisfied with their health care than the United States doesn't that matter if we're talking about quality why do we not have health care that is to the standards of these people or particularly like in the Scandinavian countries when we have more resources in any country it seems to notice has fallen apart well you loved a lot of stuff together there but people in those countries say that they like their systems because when the pollsters ask them most people aren't sick and when you're not sick and you know that you'll just be taken care of you're pretty happy with the system when you are sick and say in Britain you get put in the emergency room left in the hall for two or three days and just read the British newspapers they say they're in crisis it distracted by you yeah it seems seems like you do you what you say distracted I say um sin li veiled argument so it seems like you're preying on fear here right doctors docile fear of the British newspapers fear of mortality rates being higher survival rates being on your left in the hallway and not getting treatment when I'm really sick you know I'm scared of that but you're you you're worth playing what 40 million dollars I don't think it's a problem it might might be a problem that the vilified welfare recipient who you addressed earlier might have to face but mister never pulled over doctor Stossel might not really need to be afraid of that so coming leaves a disingenuous arguments maybe at the door I'm think it's disingenuous you brought up England and Canada and they have great health care as long as you don't need it but if you need it you may be in the hallway for a long time and you made before you get care dinner on Paul assume that you have like a bronze statue of him in your in your study there I didn't run Paul go to Canada to have a procedure done Rand Paul his son did and he went to private clinic and Canada unlike the system proposed by Bernie Sanders and camel Harris allows competing private insurance and private medical practice and he found a good one for his particular problem and went to use it so I noticed a trend here you mentioned Bernie Sanders there Camilla Harris and then I mean esteemed very you know steamed members of the United States government now you mentioned welfare recipients all of whom would represent minorities in the country do you think it may be of a blind-spot that maybe your views in health care could be perhaps a little racist come on Harris reason has to do with this come on well it just seems the people that you're upset with right Kamal Harris Bernie Sanders obviously of Jewish descent welfare recipients tend to be people who are often minorities as your donald trump has pointed out seems to me your problems tend to be with people in minority classes no not not to my knowledge okay well not my donald trump no i didn't vote where am i voted for the libertarian who's a Gary Jones Gary Johnson that's right that's right no because you smoke a lot of pot and stuff I get it a lot of people wanted to Gary Johnson well good good good good for you I hope that you feel really good about yourself getting Trump elected voting for Greg Johnson I feel happier that it's Trump than Hillary although Donald Trump is a really horrible venal narcissistic immature dangerous person but I'm still glad he's president rather than Hillary you say that with a smirk what was that why you mean you mentioned all these negative qualities I agree with you on President Trump but then how is he better than and I wasn't a Hillary fan obviously I was Bernie all the way but I don't see how that's superior because to me you asked the very beginning what's my issue my issue is thomas jefferson's he said it's the natural progress of things for government to grow and liberty to yield in this country succeeded because the founders created an environment where most decisions were left to individuals and we grew the fastest and went from a poor place to the richest country in the world when government was less than 5% of GDP now it's 40 and constantly climbing and only doesn't eclipse the private sector because the private sector has been grown and Hillary would have made that worse her people would have smothered us with a million little rules and that really would screw poor people and minorities yeah seems to really be true in people and in places like Norway and Denmark and in Canada but it's always interesting to me that people point to Jefferson and he uses you know talking about Liberty growing and planting freedom a lot easier to do that when you're people doing your your planting and your soul tilling or slaves right the slavery was bad slavery is bad Jefferson was wrong about that but that doesn't make him wrong about everything and Norway does pretty well because they are a small country with a huge amount of oil yeah well I'm glad to hear you say slavery is bad at least we agree on that something that seems most Americans agree on and this is something I find curious considering that you're a libertarian and I know that you're not a big fan is you've mentioned of centralized government bureaucrats so it seems to me that you would at least be familiar with the precept of democracy 70% of American citizens want single-payer health care 70% why does that know why do we want to leave that in the hands of a few people in what the swamp as your folks call it why should they make a decision that flies in the face of what 70% of Americans want we shouldn't leave it in the hand of the swamp the best system is were in Jools pay for their own healthcare and doctors make their own decision about what they charge and I'm sure 70 percent want that and 70 percent including most Republicans support a minimum wage and nevertheless they're all bad ideas Wow there's a switch you're against any sort of a minimum wage I want to get back to health care but that's just yes obviously pretty uh pretty intense for no minimum wage at all I'm assuming this goes back to your disdain for members of welfare recipients well actually minimum wages were passed initially to hurt black people who were coming up from the south and competing with white laborers and so white legislators passed minimum wage laws to protect white people but the country grew fastest when employers and workers were free to make their own deal and that's the best system in your estimation what do you think yeah but you think the average wage would be higher if corporations had their way right now that a minimum wage I mean is that actually that's what I believe the economy would be so free and energetic and the animal spirits of capitalism would lift all boats most people would make more then why isn't that the case it returns to health care which is privatized which we have and we have insurance companies here we do not have a socialized system why has that not raised all boats when deductibles and premiums are going up and it's becoming on a for an affordable for the average American family I'm not seeing the free market really helping them out here doctor with your assumptions are wrong it's not private it's socialized how could it be private if seven out of eight dollars are spent by somebody else seven out of eight dollars where are you getting that statistic you mean seven out of a total dollars in health care in the United States are being spent by the government is what you're saying government and private insurance companies okay well okay so that still would if the vast majority of the seven out of eight would be private insurance companies that's still a private business model it's the worst kind of private business model it's the only thing that works is when you pay you make the decision and we see this now with health savings accounts where the government allows you to put some to say to pay your employees a certain amount into a savings account a medical savings account but they can spend as they want and John Mackey of Whole Foods tried this it was surprised to see the reaction among his employees they at first were nervous but then started to go to doctors and say hey doctor I really need that MRI or is there a cheaper place to get it and do I have to must this test cost $200 and the doctors often would ask well how are you gonna pay I'm gonna pay cash doctor would say really and you don't have to wait I won't have to wait two months until the insurance company pays me well then maybe $100 and they wouldn't even know where to put it because they haven't had a cash box in doctors offices for years but that system brings costs down and makes patients think which parts of healthcare do I really want a you understand this because you're not an old geezer like me but I get Medicare now I go to the doctor and nobody even talks about price I never asked the doctor never mentions I'm sure I get tests that I might not need because the normal price signals that make every other market work don't work in medicine so you are taking advantage of Medicare but you would be against for example Medicare for all which would seem like a common-sense solution that I know people like Bernie and and Cortese have proposed they should take mine away along with everybody else okay so let's say they but you're using it so obviously being facetious you're using Medicare if they're good the government's gonna hand out money if they're gonna give me a deduction for my mortgage I'm gonna take it and how would you compare your quality of care with Medicare versus private insurance companies would you say you're satisfied sometimes sometimes not I I don't see a difference between Medicare and private insurance companies when I go to the doctor the doctor doesn't ask who's gonna pay until afterwards right but you didn't mentioned for example a procedure maybe costing $100 or a few hundred dollars and you throw those numbers around what about people who cannot afford that you're suggesting to them would be hey just pay cash cuz I don't like Medicare I mean that's still very expensive what if someone has a catastrophic health care event what what if they get cancer I mean they can't pay for these things out-of-pocket you're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatment let's let's get real here right bro first the reason it's hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment cause they're getting very new and special care that didn't exist before and only because it costs a lot our companies willing to spend the billion dollars to bring that treatment or drug to market but secondly you've heard of Medicaid right we do spend a trillion dollars on poor people in America and as a libertarian I be happy to say get rid of that too because if we didn't have this behemoth government making all these decisions then private charities would step in and take care of the food and before we had this welfare system we had enormous numbers of Catholic Charities Jewish charities non-religious charities who took care of people we had 14,000 mutual aid societies and they were often racist it was White's helping White's Koreans helping Koreans blacks helping blacks but they knew better who needed help and who needed a kick in the butt most disappeared when government took it over but if government disappeared tomorrow private groups would spring in and do the job better well it seems like I'm hearing some conflicting evidence from you because you said before private charities were taking care of people before the government intervened but now you're talking about all of the expanding medical innovation that's taking place in this country since government intervention so so which is that or the big welfare state as you call it that we had more medical innovation or the government helping with this has it actually shown to to increase productivity and creating new drugs and life-saving medicine no it doesn't increase productivity innovation was happening just as fast or faster before now you could say some of the government funding for basic research has sped innovation but that's a tiny percentage of what government spends on health care whereas most of their money go spending that if not on innovation right you say seven out of eight dollars is spent by someone else we're dedicating Medicare treatments the government pays for people and you would do away with that it paid for it ourselves yeah I'm sure you you would do away with that which seems like quite a bit of a roll of the dice with people's lives that if we did away with government it seems to me that your argument here and correct me if I'm wrong is if we did away with Medicare and Medicaid and we wanted to go back to privatization hopefully some Catholics and race racist Koreans would take care of it how about right yeah that's about right and obviously it's not gonna happen and it would take time before the private charities would step up but if the government had stepped up in the first place there would be vast private charities running hospitals offering all kinds of health care innovation think about the Great Depression how poor America was them vast twenty four percent unemployment people really had no money how many people star practically no one because there were all these private charities government killed them seems that more people were starving than without some kind of government intervention like if you look at the model Cities program or what we're doing now more people were starving in the Great Depression than today wouldn't you agree best I could do the research we found reports in a few states of 24 people who allegedly starved during the growth Great Depression I assume now nobody stars that's true now we're vastly richer nobody should start well there yes so that's that's progress and I'll be proof positive that government programs do work they do help fewer people are starving now because there's government infrastructure in place to make sure that they have you know a hot meal and clothes on their backs hooray well Thursday the opposite is true fewer people starve as the country got richer because private enterprise made us richer in spite of the welfare state okay so in spite of it it happened it correlates exactly to the increase of the welfare state but it's in spite of it because there's also private companies right is that good enough or ladies exactly the existence of the welfare state that didn't begin until the 1960s and health improved greatly in America before all this government intervention well right now you know I think something that's important we talked about the free market is that claims are often denied when you're dealing with insurance companies so unlike unions or workplaces where there's some kind of collective bargaining power there is no bargaining power with insurance companies so I get that you don't want the welfare state I get that you want to do a with Medicare and Medicaid but would we not agree that making it to where no claims are denied under the current system that that's fair no people would claim all kinds of stuff people people my age think that they're just getting back from Social Security and Medicare what we paid in that FICA deduction in our checks but but average we get triple what we paid in because we rudely refused to die and we keep living longer and I present this and in doing videos to old people in rich retirement communities in Florida and people say things like what you can't get rid of Medicare there goes my social life look people go hang out in doctors offices because somebody else will pay we're already going broke in America and this is just a recipe to speed it up so let me ask us to give you the floor little confused forgive me I'm not a doctor but let me ask you how would you solve the current healthcare crisis that sounds like you're not a fan of insurance companies but you're also not a fan of single-payer if if dr. Johnson talks a lot his way how would this work out what would you do you could wave your magic wand wow it's not a question I often get because it's just not gonna happen we would have big health savings accounts the tax law would change so that it didn't encourage employers to buy catastrophic health insurance for people that we would make our own decisions there would be a competing health insurance market and smart people would only buy insurance against the really big cost that they couldn't afford and most health care spending would be done the way we spend on our iPhones and food we paid for it ourselves costs would stop rising innovation would increase do you have any examples of this kind of a model working anywhere in a pragmatic sense no and no country as a pure free market system except poor countries and they are floor in a million way the countries often cited is single-payer like France Germany Switzerland are not they have private insurance and people pay out of their own pocket for a lot of things Americans don't realize that but the idea since Bismarck in Germany that somebody else should pay for your health care took over all the advanced countries of the world and it just grows and it just so you believe that everyone who agrees with that premise including all of well most of Europe 70 percent of Americans that people should share the burden of health care costs in your estimation what are they just are they just delusional like they're not I don't underst when it's overwhelming does it ever become lonely being so unpopular and your view yes oh that does okay so what would you say these really 70% of Americans in Europe who they all believe in the illa systems based around shouldering the burden together of the costs they're just all wrong yeah they're all wrong and they don't realize that shouldering it together means over time innovation slows some people abuse the system and everyone is worse off eventually they realize it just as your folks in Venezuela are real is realizing that now oh come on oh that's just such a cheap trick you know that that's all people I say your folks and they point to the worst example of socialism fair criticism like I shouldn't have said I don't think I don't mean I don't know can you point to any mainstream American leftist politicians or figures who supported Venezuela or Chavez yeah Michael Moore you mentioned him earlier okay that's better I just saw this video of Bernie Sanders singing and the Soviet Union with his wife they went there on their honeymoon a little X said long believed in state planet yeah I'll admit the optics aren't good the masking that's going back to the idea of being a human right you know certain things are basic fundamental human rights as a libertarian you obviously believe let me ask you this what do you believe are fundamental rights in the United States let's let's not go global but what is a human right because I think maybe that's wrong or not we're missing each other that every person has a right to be left alone to have other people and the government not hurt them or take their stuff as a libertarian I do not agree with some of my pure libertarian friends who say that's all government should do I think we should also have pollution control rules as there's no good market incentive for me to have a factory that doesn't pollute your air on government steps in to take care of that and otherwise that's it those are right to be left alone and forge our own lives so things like police roads you don't think the government should be doing things like roads you don't use roads police is local government and you have people band together and say we ought to have a police force and again right not to be physically hurt or have people take your stuff that ought to be a basic right most are the big roads the best roads in America where we're built by private contractors people don't know that I'm here in New York City where everybody talks about the subway as an example government has to build the subways because it just no capitalist would find a way to make money yeah people don't know that most of the subways in New York City were built privately and then taken over by the government because the politicians were outraged they wanted to raise the fare from five cents to ten cents and now the fare is about three bucks when government runs it worse but the private sector will do a lot of these things better yeah what about the buses in New York that is a government some are and some are not okay most most are going and they're not so great it's impossible to get fired just about your bad bus driver Oh for a bus driver I was gonna say yeah as a passenger they can kick you off quite promptly Oh Penn Station they're a couple of times I don't see that happening very often but sure preneur is mostly immigrants started Vance Vance service to supplement the government bus service in parts of New York and the city and the bus drivers unions got the government to penalize them and in some cases ban them government doesn't like competition especially competition that serves people better for less so I guess kind of final a couple of questions here you mentioned having the right to not be hurt by someone else do you think that's a legitimate role of government correct physically okay so physically hurt so let's change that to okay it's the government's job to make sure that someone's not hitting you right with a baton or whatever before the gun laws got crazy out of control and we have the mass shootings that we have now in record scale but let's just say okay everything physically hurt scale oh yes things are not ah there's just more media coverage oh yeah well tell that to the victims of Sandy Hook and in Vegas and you know but hey different strokes I doesn't I wouldn't necessarily recipients all right so let's just change this to someone hitting you and assaulting you it's the government's right it's their duty their job a legitimate role for them to step in and protect you now change that person hitting you to for example a pharmaceutical company or an insurance company taking advantage of somebody denying a claim making drugs or services unaffordable so that that person is we're talking a very real physical harm facing death in the absence of fundamental health care yeah very different they're not hitting me they're saying I made this thing and you can't have it unless you pay me and they have every right to do that so how would you help these people who for example can't afford it people who can't afford this care and they're just okay your alternative for them to to die and decrease the surplus population I'm trying to understand how this works in a real in a real world setting people need health care some people can't get it what do you do with them two things will help one if you let the market work the prices will come down so they can afford most everything and secondly private charity will among people private area and that's where we go back to the new Koreans helping Koreans and the blacks and helping blacks and white to help and Weiss this is this is a john stossel utopia for America I just want to make sure that we're not getting why Americans are pretty generous I I gave a lot of money to Gerry's last year and I think we who have done well in life want to help people and will well how would you explain in the rich just keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poor and the middle class is disappearing if that's the case that all those assumptions are wrong the middle class is disappearing because more of them were becoming rich the rich are getting absurdly rich mostly because the stock market keeps going up but the poor aren't getting poor the average income has gone up not as much as the rich but it's gone up plus where people have access to things like iPhones which make their lives better created by capitalism yeah perfect isn't one of the choices yeah that's great yeah people now have addictions to their phones because of capitalism and we see that as a success I don't know that I would agree with you any closing thoughts on on socialized healthcare where people can go to hear more of your arguments if there's anything that you would like to leave people with that have gotten incorrect because I want to recap I think that healthcare is a human right I believe in not letting people die and being compassionate and you just want people to buy health care and if they can to died have that about right you can final word final word is that I congratulate you and that even though I have a hunch that steven crowder is behind you um you get me going in this process get me worked up secondly every week I make a short video that does a much more articulate job than I've done today arguing these points and I hope your listeners can find that and where would they find that I don't obviously I want to be generous here with the with the plug's council stossel TV just google it Stossel TV Stossel TV and that's on Facebook YouTube and John I also believe just that john stossel dot-com and what was it what was your PhD and what was that dr. Stossel no PhD I already sort of waste of money for most non-intellectual people like me okay so not dr. stossel john stossel dot-com thank you very much this has been devil's advocate Skeletron your host we provide the information you decide we'll see you soon guys thank you how do we get out and I hope you enjoyed the segment we've done it quite a few times believes it's the fourth or fifth time and you know it allows us to really shine a light on the the alt-right a conservative right whatever they want to call themselves today and you can hear arguments from both sides watch one of these videos playing a box next to me subscribe hit the notification bell so that you'll be notified of any future installments and yeah we're really hoping to get on YouTube bread and just waiting for green light from what just skate so we're doing pretty well


  1. We explore the dark side of SJW arguments with the great John Stossel. Today we discuss healthcare. What arguments were the most persuasive? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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  18. I like that question "What is a human right"? The answer is too simple for most people to grasp. The right to be left alone to do as you please as long as you are not infringing on the rights of others. This simple concept (if adopted) would eliminate most of government intervention in our lives. We only have rules because a few are required to enable a civil society beyond that, the rest are forms of oppression. You don't have a right to healthcare because it would infringe on the right of the doctor to spend time with his family. Let's do the desert island scenario. A doctor a boat mechanic a farmer and an emam are stranded on a desert island. Who among them owns the doctors time? Who owns the boat mechanics time? The answer (if you are able to think clearly) is everyone owns their own time. The only way healthcare as a right can be accomplished is through force.

  19. Our health care system is so clogged up with government intervention that it is amazing anyone can afford it. The government dictates what must be covered, they don't allow private hospitals or doctors to advertise their prices, they mandate excessive documentation which all get in the way of the normal free market forces which would bring prices down. Why is it the governments business which drugs get on the market? "My body My choice" isn't that what the abortion advocates cry? Why doesn't that same mentality prevail when it comes to what I put in my body? The answer is that if they allowed you to make your own decisions regarding health care the AMA and its lobbyists would be out of business.

  20. And what's the point …this is a complete waste of time ….why would anyone watch this?…ok I love Stossel๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Dude this character is exactly like my piece of shit cousin

  22. Satanic tattoo

  23. Man I almost missed the Coexist tattoo!! LMMFAO!!!!!!

  24. Gary Johnson?? lol Hes not a libertarian.
    Im surprised thats who he voted for, I would have thought rand paul.

  25. Please do one of these with Dennis Prager lol

  26. Omg, had me at the coexist tattoo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. and in my OPINION, the cost is going up because of the the GOVERNMENT PAYING, WHY would THIEVES charge more if they COULDN'T GET IT?

    SADLY LAUGHING MY ASS OFF, 10'S OF YEARS MY ASS! getting "drugs" approved, fuck all they do is PAY TO GET THEIR SYNTHETICS on the streets and wait for the out come. And here in the AMERICAS, THEIR IS ((NO)) MONEY IN CURES!
    Dude their are ALL KINDS OF NATURAL REMEDIES that DON'T involve [email protected]

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